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Long ago, by the powers of Oden, I was planted.
The realm of the gods was at first most happy at my arrival and festive were the days of youth.
However, in the later years, some of the gods, being envious of Oden, attempted to kill me.
From the most base of my roots, to my highest boughs didst their blows upon me land.
They split me and carved me, but I refused to die.
With each blow to my side, I grew stronger, and with each blemish on my trunk I became all the more beautiful.
Now, I stand before you, O mortals, for the wrath of the gods did not amount to anything.
For as I do stand, my roots now extend to the deepest depths of hell and my boughs reach the heavens themselves.
Now, as to my identity. I am what is known to most men as the world tree.
I am the Yggdrassil.

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✮✬✯ Happy New Year 2016! Uoruta-fenikkuso ( ) ✯✬✮

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Are you the Lead story writer for the SAO game for argus?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Uoruta-fenikkuso Creator

Yes. How may I be of assistance?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Uoruta-fenikkuso Creator

This is one of my favorite Hatsune Miku songs.

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Uoruta-fenikkuso Creator

Freedom to be yourself is the most freedom that any man can provide to his fellow man.

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Uoruta-fenikkuso Creator

(of a role or status) existing in name only.
"Thailand retained nominal independence under Japanese military occupation"
synonyms: in name only, titular, formal, official; More
antonyms: real
of, relating to, or consisting of names.
relating to, headed by, or having the function of a noun.
(of a price or amount of money) very small; far below the real value or cost.
"some firms charge only a nominal fee

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hey man where are you?
it's been (2Mo/20Da)since you leave here!

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"Until some time in August~"
Sooner or maybe next month I think Uoruta-San will return.

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Uoruta-fenikkuso Creator

Dear citizens of Moddb,

I regret to inform you that begining on the 20th of June at 1 pm, I will be on leave until some time in August, So this is good bye for a while.

Ja mata ne!

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Uoruta-fenikkuso Creator

If all sin is equal, and all men are sinners, why then do we not see all men as equals?

surely there must be a logical answer from the nominal Christians.
How can God love us all and hate Gays, or Muslims et cetra.
do not get me wrong, I do not hate God, (actually I have a really hard time hating any body) I detest those who will not explore the possibilities that maybe their ideas are wrong. I call it Ignorance, though there may well be a better word for it.

This is what I think on the subject, if I am wrong in my arguement please tell me where and I will rectify the post. thank you for your input and good day.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

all men are equals i mean the dali llama, the presidant, the pope, the muslim leader man all have to visit the little boys room dont they?

whats nominal Christian?
God doesnt hate anyone Hes probobly just really dissappointed by peoples choices gay strait whatevs, we all do bad things.
ignorance is rampant in every nation and person no manner the believes...

i have put alot of thouht into being gay and i think it is wrong but i dont know why gays and straits make such a big fuss over it since it just seems to be another kind of perverasion.
that was my input. i am sorry its probobly awkward since i just joined a couple day ago and dont know you at all but you seemed like an intresting person. hope you arent mad or weirded out by me :) good day to you too

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Uoruta-fenikkuso Creator

your thoughts are valid, and here I will reply to your questions/ be a grammar Nazi and correct some misspellings.

So the word nominal means: (of a role or status) existing in name only.

so when I say "nominal Christians" I mean that they claim to be christian but they do not act very Christanly. (eg: claiming that Jesus loves us all, but then going out and picketing against gays, rockers, feminists, et cetra.

now for the correct spellings: strait refers to a body of water straight refers to up right or heterosexual.

probably not proboly.

matter not manner

and beliefs not believes.

and no I am not mad (I seldom get mad at any one)

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