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uk_john May 13 2011, 8:22pm says:

Like most overhaul mods that muck around with scripts, this mod is broken. I installed 1.05 and the 1.5.03 patch, making it the latest build and while Nimble now hangs around under the bridge near where you heal him at the start of the game, the mod says Fox is wounded and is being attacked by Mutants at the army base!

It took a long time to clear the base, and there was no Fox, but there is a fireproof container with Strelock info. Without Fox, the main quest cannot be continued, and there is no mention in the readme of this fireproof container you find at the army base and how to access it or who to give it to,

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R .Rebalanced. v1.2
uk_john Mar 14 2011, 9:26pm replied:

I have finally managed to download it, and so far it's very good!

+1 vote   mod: Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
uk_john Mar 10 2011, 10:15am says:

Having this up on a paying site is ridiculous, and obviously nobody is seeding the torrent for it either, so as far as I am concerned, however good this mod is technically, it's a dud because I cannot download it unless I jump through lots of hoops or pay $9!

+2 votes   mod: Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
uk_john Mar 9 2011, 9:36pm says:

Quite simply, my Daggerfall replay will wait for this mod! :)

+1 vote   news: Version 0.197 Released - Dungeons!
uk_john Mar 9 2011, 10:30am replied:

Doesn't matter, there are no seeds!

+1 vote   mod: Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
uk_john Jan 18 2011, 5:01pm says:

Will wait until the end of Jan for this mod and i9nstall the game for the first time. This mod seems awesome, so I do not want to play any of Paraworld until I have this mod as part of it! Won it on ebay a week ago for £2.50!

+1 vote   mod: CEP (formerly known as SEASMOD)
uk_john Aug 22 2010, 6:53pm says:

@ArtistPavel you have not answered the question about people that have 1.4.3 and why you have not just made a 1.4.3 to 1.4.4. patch or at least telling what changes have been made to 1.4.4. versus 1.4.3.

I have a fully working game with 1.4.3 I am not going to download over 700mb and install 1.4.4. without knowing the answers to the above.

+1 vote   download: STALKER Complete 2009 1.4.4 .exe [recommended]
uk_john Mar 18 2010, 3:28pm says:

Keep up the good work Blitz, good to see the marketing spreading - this mod deserves it!

+1 vote   mod: SRt3 Mipmap 2014
uk_john Mar 5 2010, 4:27pm says:

Double click on sleeping back or right click and click on USE and the sleeping bag just disappears and doesn't activate.

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
uk_john Feb 20 2010, 2:03am says:

I have downloaded this and the patch and just started playing - the graphics are beautiful and already noticed the guy you save with the med kit going after a dog and actively going after another dog - I have never seen that before. he normally just walks back to camp!

Surely though, with a mod like Faction Wars you need to get permission to use the Dynamic News Service feature from the AMK 1.4.1 mod and edit it to work in your mod! Then we would have a game like Clear Sky, hearing about battles and calls for help, etc!

Can't say to much about the mod as I have just started a new game with it, but the fact you give a new player a shotgun tells me this mod makes the game harder! :)

+1 vote   mod: Faction Fronts
uk_john Feb 19 2010, 2:18pm says:

I have CTD now everytime I try to go into inventory once I have talked to the barkeep at 1000 Rads. I need to go into inventory to put the Stalker suit on that he gave me! Until I can get into my inventory I am naked and cannot continue the game!

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
uk_john Feb 17 2010, 5:54pm says:

I am using 1.43.2 and notice the anomalies are changed. Jellyfish have +2 bullet protection and Wrethed (I think) has no benefit just +0 health and minus 10 on rupture, bullet and one other.... Stone Blood gives you 0+ health and +2 rupture - that's it. No radiation listed on any of them.

The only other mod I have is one that allows quests to be finished any time, which would have nothing to do with anomolies...

Other than the above, this is the best STALKER SoC mod by far!!

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
uk_john Feb 16 2010, 1:31pm says:

If you weant to know about the game balance an gunfight features go to the forum and check the first 'Question' Post.

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Reloaded
uk_john Feb 16 2010, 12:19pm says:

As posted on the forum - not enough information. Understand Weather and Shaders, but what does 'changing spawns' means? What does 'Gunfights' or 'Game Balance' mean? You seem to rely on catchphrases rather than information.

+1 vote   news: What's next ?
uk_john Feb 13 2010, 1:35am says:

Audio in French!!!! Not English!!!

+2 votes   download: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Extrem Mod 1.5 Beta
uk_john Feb 10 2010, 3:06am says:

I am sorry, but I don't like the light or the weather and so will be uninstalling this mod. Don;t know if you had to do it to make the stealth work, but even when I choose the option to have clear weather all the time, it is still so dark in the shade I need to turn my light on! Light is just not like this! I had to use the clear weather all the time, because with the recommended weather option at 10am it was almost pitch black and at 7pm it was brighter! Also, I am sorry, but heavy thunderstorms do not make it pitch black like its 3am. It gets dark, yes, but not pitch black.

Even when you're in the sunlit area of a clear day, there is a dullness in the light. It is not proper sunlight.It's like looking at the world through polarized sunglasses!

Given the world is more dangerous (whole noobie camp killed by Army attack (Wolf and other main characters should always survive as far as I am concerned, like important characters are in most games), it is ridiculous that I can get killed in 4 seconds because I have to put my light on when it is 2pm with a regular thunderstorm going on, in order to see!

In effect then, the weather and light is all out of whack, and I can only believe it has to be that way for your stealth programming to work.

+1 vote   news: L.U.R.K. 1.1 Update #2
uk_john Jan 11 2010, 5:41pm says:

Hope the mods not dead! :)

+1 vote   mod: Gothic Reloaded Mod
uk_john Nov 3 2009, 9:07am says:

Can someone tell me how the trader beds work?

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
uk_john Nov 2 2009, 8:51pm buried:


I successfully installed the mod and patch, but during the winrar copying of the main mod gamedata folder, I got a message saying file notc copied because of corrupt file in:


With the corrupt file being:


Although the game plays, I am worried the game will crash when I get near this item. Any advice?

Other than that, the main thing I have noticed is no better suit in attic of village house, a puny gun given and higher prices for rifles/shotguns and enemy AI that seems just as accurate and and yet move around faster making them hard to hit.

So I ask for the 1,000th time, why do you modders like to make the game harder rather than just better??!! Is better alone not good enough? Or is there a belief, that is killing PC gaming in my opinion, that only hardcore players get to play PC games and the rest need to go to console?!

-5 votes   download: L.U.R.K. RC 1.05 Full Version
uk_john Mar 8 2009, 7:48am says:

Do you need the 900mb 'Final Continue' before this 'Final Installation'?

+1 vote   download: SanAndreas ReTextured 3 Final
uk_john Feb 25 2009, 12:18pm says:

Worked fine for me,installed 2.0 then 2.1 to make sure, have already seen the viper and a couple others driving around - they sue are fast, even when driven by NPC's!

Someone needs to do something like this for GTA III. There are dozens of cars made for it, but you can only download them individually and they all need different utilities to install and a lot of them cause problems! What about an installer like this mod for all those GTA III cars, etc?

+1 vote   download: Ultimate GTA vice 2.1
uk_john Sep 28 2007, 7:26pm says:

I have 1.6 and I installed and on the start screen I have the normal screen with 3 roman choices, should I not just see one as you say it is unified with your mod?

+1 vote   mod: Terrae Expugnandae
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