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tr1ckst3r Aug 8 2008, 1:26pm says:

what happened to the website? it's not working for me!
(im starting to play dystopia once more!)

+1 vote   mod: Dystopia
tr1ckst3r Jul 10 2008, 5:38pm says:

this looks BA
anyone played sniper elite? will you make it like that game? pretty fun for poeple who loves sniper games. they make you include distance, wind speed, heartbeat, "holding breath" stuff like that lol.

+1 vote   mod: Sniper Division
tr1ckst3r Jul 10 2008, 5:35pm says:

do we need CSS? or could we just use HL2

+1 vote   mod: Police Brutality
tr1ckst3r Jul 10 2008, 5:32pm replied:

i think you have a good idea. already made though for a game called Prey i think. never played it but they have what you're thinking I THINK lol.

+1 vote   mod: Opposing Force 2
tr1ckst3r Jun 3 2008, 7:25pm says:

just wondering.. even if ur stealthy
wont the guy who got killed tell them in chat that he's there?

+2 votes   article: Firearms: Source Weapons Showcase: Beretta 92FS
tr1ckst3r May 30 2008, 1:15pm says:

if only the melee gets as intense as the one in the trailer.

+1 vote   article: Age of Chivalry v1.1 Review
tr1ckst3r May 18 2008, 11:27pm says:

is the vent special or something? jk :P

+1 vote   media: Iron Sight fonctionnal
tr1ckst3r May 18 2008, 11:23pm says:

all these models are so awesome
are these from SC ghost or what?
are these things gonna be used in anything?

-1 votes   media: Tank Fire
tr1ckst3r May 18 2008, 11:22pm says:

this looks awesome.
and i was just playing SC 10 seconds ago.

+1 vote   article: StarCraft - Sons of War: Latest Developments
tr1ckst3r May 14 2008, 7:21pm says:

this looks awesome.

+3 votes   article: Experiment 04 Media Update
tr1ckst3r Apr 30 2008, 8:35pm says:

game reminds me of metal slug a bit lol

+1 vote   game: DDF: Side scrolling shooter
tr1ckst3r Apr 21 2008, 10:24pm says:


+1 vote   article: Penny-Arcade : BASW Update #3
tr1ckst3r Apr 14 2008, 10:11pm says:

why wasnt there a news post for this?
or was there??

+3 votes   mod: Ether
tr1ckst3r Apr 14 2008, 10:08pm says:

so is this going to be like DODS gameplay?
as in keep spawning?
or something like a round based, like cs?
explain! :D

+1 vote   mod: Resistance & Liberation
tr1ckst3r Apr 14 2008, 10:07pm says:

only thing that was bothering me was the crawl speed
is that regular? it just seemed a little fast to me

+1 vote   article: Resistance and Liberation News: 4-12-08
tr1ckst3r Apr 11 2008, 6:44pm says:

i live in TN hmm..

+2 votes   article: Iron Grip: The Oppression concert
tr1ckst3r Mar 28 2008, 10:52pm says:

seems odd. so do u just stare at a black screen while listening to ur headphones?

+2 votes   article: Have you ever wanted to be blind?
tr1ckst3r Mar 24 2008, 7:52pm says:

looks good. i should play hl more

+1 vote   article: Some weapon models
tr1ckst3r Mar 6 2008, 6:15pm says:

force lightning.

+1 vote   media: Confederate Leader
tr1ckst3r Feb 11 2008, 8:02pm says:

no flaming.. interesting :P
looks awesome cant wait

+2 votes   article: Firearms: Source Website and Other Updates
tr1ckst3r Feb 10 2008, 9:43pm says:

he really looks like someone from hills have eyes.. :O!

+1 vote   media: concept01
tr1ckst3r Feb 7 2008, 8:59pm says:

download by utorrent, will take 4 weeks :O!
meh, nvm it went down to 5 hrs :P!

i've been waiting for this for a long time!! yay!!! my blocking skills will fail though.

+1 vote   article: PVKII Beta 2.0 Released!
tr1ckst3r Jan 30 2008, 8:41pm says:

try using firefoz instead of IE8, mozzila owns.

+2 votes   article: Project Valkyrie Public Beta v1.0 RC1 is Released!
tr1ckst3r Jan 22 2008, 6:20pm says:

hmm... no comments.. interesting

played this once, was pretty cool, i wish i could get it on my computer.

+3 votes   game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
tr1ckst3r Jan 21 2008, 7:52pm says:

i have a toy gun of this... lol.

+1 vote   media: DC-15 A
tr1ckst3r Jan 21 2008, 7:51pm says:

sweet, awesome job! i only see 1 picture though,the blue and white clone trooper... it seems there are more, but i dont see any?? :O?

+1 vote   article: Clone Wars player models
tr1ckst3r Jan 19 2008, 11:18pm replied:

well not too much :D. still hurts if i said "we have legal consent to take over your mod" right? but i dunno. changing names would just stop a lot of flaming?? when i think about a sequel or "source" i just think of the same team making it...

+2 votes   article: Firearms 2 Media Update! 01/18/2008
tr1ckst3r Jan 19 2008, 4:51pm replied:

no seriously, i think just changing the name would fix alot of things. But when you say "we have legal consent" it just sounds horrible! I mean, if someone said "I have legal consent to take your babys" would you just accept that? change the name for everyone's sake please! good luck with your game though.

0 votes   article: Firearms 2 Media Update! 01/18/2008
tr1ckst3r Jan 18 2008, 11:51pm says:

this game looks great, i remember though, long ago, when i went to the firearms site and it was down... bit of resentment..

Firearms 2 There has been a great deal of speculation as to what Firearms 2 is, what it is about, why it has formed, who it was formed by, and what a gamer can expect from it. This project was from its conception formed because a dedicated few firmly believed that they could lead the name of Firearms to become something more that it previously was.

ahh... yes there is..

+1 vote   article: Firearms 2 Media Update! 01/18/2008
tr1ckst3r Jan 18 2008, 11:46pm says:

looks awesome, but i was never a space arena type person

+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence 3.0 Feature: NGM Corvettes
tr1ckst3r Dec 5 2007, 7:17am says:

yeah, killing zombies was easier with a knife for me... and somethings wrong with hitboxes or guns or something when fighting terrorists.. bullets just seem to fly right through!

+1 vote   article: Don't be Paranoid about wasting your time with this one
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