I am a level designer currently at SMU Guildhall. I am graduating in May and currently looking for work. Please visit my homepage to see some examples of my work. Thank you.

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Introducing Leviathan
Unreal Tournament 3

Introducing Leviathan

Leviathan 0 comments

Hey everyone! We here at I'll Form The Head Studios just decided its about time we started to pimp this new game of ours, being that we are almost finished...

Unreal Tournament

Public Beta News

MonsterHunt: Team MH Edition 2 comments

I apologise to everyone who was waiting patiently for this. I tried to make a news post about it yesterday, but everytime I tried to submit it, the ModDB...

Unreal Tournament

New Screenshots!

MonsterHunt: Team MH Edition 0 comments

Hey everyone, I just added 3 screenshots of the brand new, nearly finished, Hunt Objectives Menu. They are in the image gallery (if you havent already...

Unreal Tournament

More news & Beta release date set.

MonsterHunt: Team MH Edition 0 comments

Whoops! Its been a little bit since I updated here. Ill be honest, development over the summer months has been slow to non-existant. Thats due entirely...

Unreal Tournament

Entering Alpha Phase! (29/05/06)

MonsterHunt: Team MH Edition 0 comments

Well, its been 2 months since my last newspost here. Ive been working hard in that time on TeamMH and I finally have it to a point where I can begin testing...

Another Update

News 0 comments

Well, its been about a month since my last update. So here is whats going on: I havent had a chance to work on it in the last week and a half due to personal...

Unreal Tournament

Update! (29/03/06)

MonsterHunt: Team MH Edition 1 comment

Well, since nobody has commented on anything yet, I will either assume that nobody cares, or that nobody is taking me seriously. Fortunately, I take me...

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