All I want to do is rig models 24/7 in blender. Ah it would be a dream come true. I'd have so much fun!

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Ark_ Mar 21 2014, 12:09pm replied:

Except you don't have to have the sub for the entire time you are developing, you can sub for a month and the continue to use that version of the engine. If they release an engine update that you want you can just sub get the update and then unsub again, they even say so on their forums.

Plus your math is off, if you sold that many games at that price you would have made $86,175 after full sub and royalties (not counting extras like distribution costs.)

+3 votes   article: Unreal Engine 4 Released
Ark_ Mar 19 2014, 7:07pm replied:

Just that Solitude refuses to die.

What you guys have got so far looks neat, one thing I would suggest looking into is rendering the text with the psps native font, it will look so much crisper.

+2 votes   game: Solitude Reborn
Ark_ Mar 19 2014, 5:29pm says:


+2 votes   game: Solitude Reborn
Ark_ Mar 12 2013, 9:15pm replied:

If you miss me kiss me!

+2 votes   member: Ark_
Ark_ Mar 12 2013, 9:12pm says:

wh, who?

+1 vote   member: Samuk
Ark_ Jan 31 2013, 5:12pm says:

Haha :) That is awesome.

+2 votes   media: 2x4b 523p
Ark_ Nov 11 2012, 9:17pm says:

Another Arky huh, Our numbers grow stronger, soon we will have the power to do stuff but still lack the motivation and thus do nothing differently from now. Huzzar!

+2 votes   member: Arcones
Ark_ Aug 15 2012, 7:31am says:

Looks awesome :D

+1 vote   article: Debut Teaser Video!
Ark_ Aug 4 2012, 11:48pm says:

Oh cool a Michael Jackson anime.

+1 vote   media: lesson time..
Ark_ Jul 27 2012, 4:25pm says:

Lighting needs work ;)

+2 votes   media: Haters gonna' hate
Ark_ Jul 23 2012, 9:50am replied:

Its been popular for way way longer than a month It just seems a new mass of people have stumbled onto this, and ofc that means it only came into existence when they discovered it.

+2 votes   game: Faceless
Ark_ Jul 4 2012, 7:54pm says:


+2 votes   article: It's great to be here!
Ark_ Jun 29 2012, 10:13pm replied:

Yay :D

+3 votes   member: hogsy
Ark_ Jun 28 2012, 9:07pm says:

Oh Hai ^^ and np thanks for the add.

+3 votes   member: CrazyOldTeenager
Ark_ Jun 28 2012, 8:54pm says:

The lightning needs more variation, right now it's pretty close to just being full-bright. You have HLBSP so why not make use of those colored light maps? Also lights aren't pure white, giving them a slight hint of yellow is the essayist thing you can do to make your level feel more atmospheric. The textures seems to clash a bit as well.

Personal opinions and such, your mileage will most defiantly vary I'm sure ^^.

+2 votes   media: Little spice to warehouse
Ark_ Jun 26 2012, 6:34am says:

I can definitely feel the Moon Base Alpha inspirations in this. :D

+2 votes   game: Routine
Ark_ Jun 26 2012, 5:56am replied:

Because a tool that uses floppy disks is much more cool than one that uses SD cards ;).

+3 votes   article: CAT
Ark_ Jun 23 2012, 5:41pm says:

That lemon better be for a lemon cake!
Other wise I might think your saying I'm sour :<

+3 votes   member: hogsy
Ark_ Jun 14 2012, 8:04pm replied:

Oh and to add to that a psp build is still quite possible to release. Not by me or the other members of the team of course, but by anyone.

Getting a basic version up an runing on the psp is quite doable. The assests for the pc version are the same ones the psp ver was goning to use. The QC code makes use of features that the pc version had that psp engine didn't but I ifdef most of those making a psp build compile quite easy (note I may have missed a few toward the end as things got more hectic and more work was droped on me *excuses*)

Most of the engine work I done on the PSP engine was glorified UI stuff, like the menus, server browser(still online and working it seems too :o), hud, Native psp fonts.
Now that was just my bit, before that others like Downsider, xlink, crowbar added other features but I believe other PSP quake engines offer these features now as well.

So all in all its quite doable with what was released with the pc build, its was just the degree of polish that held back the PSP build.

+3 votes   game: Solitude
Ark_ Jun 14 2012, 8:00pm replied:

Problems in the team, people just seemed to leave with out much announcement. At that point their was still quite alot of work left to be done and about 2 people to do it all. We also felt we couldn't release what we had because the polish and quality just wasn't up to what we felt people where expecting or deserved. Still I really wanted to get at least something out there, hence the big push to release the PC Alpha. The PSP alpha was to come later hopefully after we got some more help from the pc build, escencly I had to code things twice once for the pc engine and then again for the psp, add on too that the restrictions of the psp as a platform. I manged to release three patches for the PC Alpha after that I called it quits myself.
Welp that's it from my point of view.

+2 votes   game: Solitude
Ark_ May 4 2012, 5:59pm replied:

Or maybe just maybe they where having a bit of fun?

0 votes   media: Close Enough
Ark_ Apr 28 2012, 8:48pm replied:

Crytek weren't under GPL restrictions, just saying.

Cleaning up the source is admirable tho.

+1 vote   media: Conscript Teaser 3
Ark_ Apr 26 2012, 10:59am says:

Back of everone else, just back off.
I got this one, get your own :P

+1 vote   member: BlackholeBuffer
Ark_ Apr 23 2012, 10:44pm replied:

Well you could use a simple light blocking brush to create a simple shadow ;)

+4 votes   media: In case anyone wanted to play piano
Ark_ Mar 25 2012, 10:32pm replied:

Same here, I remember watching this a long time ago but I forgot the name. Remember it from the picture instantly tho.
Thanks for linking me to the name :)

+2 votes   media: Oban Star-Racers
Ark_ Mar 21 2012, 8:50pm says:

Yay Miku :3

+2 votes   media: Laptop
Ark_ Mar 21 2012, 8:47pm replied:


+4 votes   media: Future?
Ark_ Feb 22 2012, 4:35am replied:

Yup that it is :) Please excuse the horrid camera movement and the misaligned textures, I ran out of time :/ .

+2 votes   member: Ark_
Ark_ Feb 21 2012, 11:26am says:

Fire in the hole, Fi fi fi fire in the hole!
Terrorist win, FIRE IN THE HO, FIRE Fire in the hole.

+2 votes   article: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Key Contest
Ark_ Feb 19 2012, 7:01am says:

Looking good but the cut of the arm seems too clean (bar the blood :P).

+2 votes   media: I need a hand... Ho ho hooooo...
Ark_ Aug 7 2011, 2:18pm replied:

^ That.
But anyway that makes the show atleast 75% awesome then :P (Can't comment on Hidamari Sketch as I havent seen it).

+1 vote   media: Nichijou
Ark_ Dec 26 2010, 10:59pm replied:

Huh, That would be a render, this tut is to show one way to get the model into Quakes .mdl format.

+1 vote   article: Importing models in to Quake
Ark_ Nov 30 2010, 4:18am replied:

Well seeing as the "pain" part is in caps I thought it would bring emphisis to it and people would realise it was a joke (as in its spelt wrong on purpose, in case you didnt realise that).

It seems that shot miles over you head then.

0 votes   article: Solitude Update: 43
Ark_ Nov 10 2010, 5:25pm replied:

I never said you didn't ;)

+2 votes   member: unknow5763
Ark_ Oct 23 2010, 6:44pm replied:

It doesn't matter why they want the code, if they ask for it you must give it.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Update 4.5.5
Ark_ Sep 16 2010, 7:20pm says:

Looking forward to this :)

+1 vote   article: Oasis 1.1 countdown: Dialogue System, Voice Acting and Localization
Ark_ Aug 26 2010, 1:55pm says:

Looking nice

+1 vote   media: NZ:P Small update.....
Ark_ Jul 24 2010, 6:34pm replied:

Read the rest of what I said, I said its too high poly for some thing that flashes across your screen and takes up a small percentage of screen space on the ground.

+2 votes   media: ready or not!
Ark_ Jul 21 2010, 4:59pm says:

Too high poly and hi res for something that's just gonna flash across you screen when thrown and take up a tiny amount of the screen when on the floor.

With that said it is a nice texture.

+2 votes   media: ready or not!
Ark_ Jun 30 2010, 12:29am says:

Looks like the barrels are hollow? If so having them caped would be better poly wise.

+1 vote   media: Chaingun
Ark_ Jun 26 2010, 3:18pm replied:

LordHavoc said that anything he writes is going into DP for general use unless a NDA blocks it or its a crude hack he doesn't like, so the important parts will be open source and this game will be able to take advantage of the new features and optimizations that are made. Thats why I chose it as an example project. Any way I don't want to derail this article any more and I didn't mean to bloat the comments this much.

+2 votes   article: New person, new art, new ambitions
Ark_ Jun 26 2010, 2:15pm replied:

I should have linked to that as well but I was trying to show that the engine is being used in a commercial game as well.

+2 votes   article: New person, new art, new ambitions
Ark_ Jun 26 2010, 12:35pm replied:

Theres nothing wrong with the Darkplaces engine in fact its really good. Check out its using Darkplaces. Plus its open source so that could have been what swayed them to it.

+3 votes   article: New person, new art, new ambitions
Ark_ Jun 1 2010, 4:54pm says:

Congrats on getting some nice media coverage.

+1 vote   media: GraviNULL in PC gamer
Ark_ Apr 13 2010, 7:11pm says:

Looks nice, best of luck and tracking.

+1 vote   game: Black Days
Ark_ Apr 2 2010, 7:45pm replied:

How about no, sorry but if you want to know its there to read.

+4 votes   media: Forklift
Ark_ Apr 2 2010, 8:44am says:

Guns are important as they add to the player immersion, but we cant go all out on the just because there arnt that many (ar,smg,pistol, plasma pistol, plasma rifle, shotgun, needler, rocket launcher, energy sword that's most of the weapons and there are quite a few there).

We dont know how many people will be on screen in one area at the same time or with what view model. That is why we have to strike a balance, to make sure its playable under a wide range of conditions.

So we cant go all out on the polys, as for not making them look low poly, that's hard because we don't have normal mapping and even if we did it work take up an insane amount of the ram (we have about 24 megs left after the xmb takes its slice).

The other thing to take into consideration is the size of the psps screen, try to imagine the scenes scaled down on to that, now a small map prop is not gonna have a huge screen presence so it is well worth sacrificeing some detail on it to achieve a faster draw time.

Thanks for your feedback and I hope I explained our point of view clearly.

+4 votes   media: Forklift
Ark_ Apr 1 2010, 8:24pm replied:

@ monsterbasher1233: Nice comment, even better if you check the time it was posted and the time of your first post ;)

+1 vote   article: Solitude: Update #36
Ark_ Feb 26 2010, 3:39pm says:

Great fun, so many ball puns :)

+3 votes   article: GraviNULL a1.0 public alpha released!
Ark_ Jan 16 2010, 10:38pm replied:

Yea, Mirrors Edge is great as it is. Dont get me wrong this mod looks good but I cant say that his is how Mirrors Edge should have been.

+1 vote   mod: JUMPER AND THE CITY
Ark_ Dec 22 2009, 12:31am replied:


+1 vote   article: Solitude: Update #27
Ark_ Dec 17 2009, 9:06am says:

I like it. Im still testing it all out (great fun).

+4 votes  
Ark_ Nov 29 2009, 6:43pm says:

Nice work, im liking the look of this engine. Also its nice to see a game that features dragons, and playing as a dragon is great. So keep up the great work :) . Needless to say im tracking.

+1 vote   article: OpenGL 3, Holo-Comps and Demo-World
Ark_ Nov 5 2009, 7:58pm replied:

Mine doesn't crash but I get terribly slow speed like 9 kb/s. even from the other mirror for epic site.Its like being back on dial up.
I plan to leave my pc on all night to get it.
If you still cant get it download by tomorrow pm and I will .rar it and upload to send space for you if you want.

+3 votes   download: UDK
Ark_ Oct 15 2009, 11:29am says:

I'm certainly liking the summary of this mod, sounds good so Im going to track.
Good job on the cinematic physics, I briefly messed around with it and it will be great to see it in a mod.
Best of luck.

+1 vote   mod: Hangover
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