Well ive been a member of the community for a while and tried my hand at various SDK's and modding tools but have never quite picked it up due to a lack of time and partly motivation. I have an understanding and can create maps for most games but im no modeller or 2d artist that shits hard :P

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Snake-Eater2k6 Mar 31 2008, 6:46am says:

The Pistol from Halo 1 is the worst weapon ever modelled and slapped into a game. Its ridicuously overpowered and has the same accuracy as the sniper rifle :| ..... WAT!?

+2 votes   poll: From the signature weapons listed, which one is your favorite?
Snake-Eater2k6 Mar 30 2008, 2:04pm says:

AWP FTW! - Only n00bs cant use it and thats why people hate it...... B00M HEADSHOT!

0 votes   poll: From the signature weapons listed, which one is your favorite?
Snake-Eater2k6 Feb 27 2008, 9:09am says:

Absoloutly, i agree. The more creative the universe it takes place in, the harder it becomes to keep the gameplay original and entertaining.

+3 votes   poll: Honestly speaking, I'm attracted to mods that have:
Snake-Eater2k6 Feb 23 2008, 3:31pm says:

That is absolutly quality, well done !

+1 vote   article: First Tests With Parallax Mapping
Snake-Eater2k6 Jan 8 2008, 7:46am says:

A cracking tutorial, easy to follow and productive. Great work

+1 vote   article: Black & White 2 Mapping Tutorial(By Kays)
Snake-Eater2k6 Dec 20 2007, 12:48pm says:

holy ****!!!, that is not the unreal 1 engine and it would have been wank on source. It mite be an in house engine guess we wont know for a while, or maybe we'll never find out!

+1 vote   game: Duke Nukem Forever
Snake-Eater2k6 Dec 18 2007, 6:27pm says:

omg if it actually does come out, that would be so unreal!

+1 vote   article: Duke Nukem Forever + Teaser = NOW
Snake-Eater2k6 Dec 2 2007, 6:18pm says:

HELL YEA! Ive been waiting for this for years!

+1 vote   article: PARANOIA is released!
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 30 2007, 7:22pm says:

Good Point ambershee.
Definately waiting for the download !

+1 vote   article: Version 1.5 Progress
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 27 2007, 4:03am says:

Yes a release ******* AWESOME!

+1 vote   article: Digital Paintball Source: Alpha 2!
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 24 2007, 6:52pm says:

This is gonna rock hardcore!

+1 vote   article: More media!
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 22 2007, 6:47am says:

Shizzle sorry i didnt know!

+1 vote   member: Snake-Eater2k6
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 21 2007, 1:01pm says:

Hey guys im working on sorting out the banner atm ;)

Also today I've started work on a new dungeon just as a little introduction for the group, something to whack onto the site.

+1 vote   group: Oblivion Mods/Total Conversions
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 21 2007, 12:46pm says:

This is old school :P As joker says its a good thing to see that these games have at least still got a fan base!

+2 votes   article: The Winter War - Soviet Assault in-game shots
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 19 2007, 10:03am says:

ahhhh buddy, sweet as! (Thumbs up) Things look as if they are coming along nicely, keep up the good work.

+1 vote   article: Long-awaited update
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 18 2007, 3:28am says:

This is certainly a capable engine but well just have to wait and see as to what it can do and what people can do with it.

Crysis has features built in that todays most upgraded pc's dont even have yet making it future proof for at least another half a decade, and is probably what everything else will be compared to from now on.

+1 vote   article: Introducing the CryENGINE 2 Developers Group on ModDB!
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 16 2007, 5:25pm says:

These rock kudos on this creative submission

+1 vote   download: TF2 Demoman Dicebomb
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 14 2007, 5:38pm says:

im not working on anything at the minute but am inspired to do something

+2 votes   group: Source Developers
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 14 2007, 11:23am says:

Keep up the work buddy your a one man army!

+1 vote   article: DAWN OF THE DEAD - New Screenshots
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 14 2007, 10:38am says:

Ive only ever been to one game event and that was the Golden Joystick awards back in 2002 just after the cube had come out :P I remeber playing the resident evil remake and thinking,........ i need one of these.


the nievity of youth, of course at this time i just wasnt aware about proper pc gaming!

+1 vote   article: eGames expo to start Friday in Melbourne
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 14 2007, 10:15am says:

Like jiffy says its great that your listening to us, the genreal mass of modders an' all, and v4 is coming along nicely. Everyday i log back on and thrs new things happening, v5 in the pipeline ? ;)

+1 vote   article: Mod watch is back
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 14 2007, 10:10am says:

an adrenaline geared masterpiece you say AWSOME! thats what i wanna hear is there any confirmation on the release date yet?

+1 vote   article: Paranoia
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 14 2007, 10:07am says:

Christ this dates back to june! like joker said, a good indication of whats been achieved up till this point is still comparatively unknown.
They may have been upto much more behind the scene's and btw post those exclusive screens up ;)

+1 vote   article: Paranoia
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 14 2007, 8:15am says:

Koroshiya_Ichi , i myself study socialism, politics and government it wasnt detremental to the article in any way but perhaps you just need to incorperate it in different ways , ie not to whack it all in the first paragraph :P

Like youve done in your recent comment :P
and kudos to you for 2 reasons:
A)good article
B)you got to play the beta demo before all of us guys ;)

+1 vote   article: Paranoia
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 14 2007, 4:38am says:

Ive been watching this mod since its conception and it rocks!
Nice article btw even if the first paragrpah was a load of babble

+1 vote   article: Paranoia
Snake-Eater2k6 Nov 5 2007, 10:32am says:

Like previously stated, why must there always be a strict yes/no answer when it comes to the voting on this site. I understand thats the point of a vote but its more like a referendum than a vote, when you vote you have a choice.
I personally dont think that mods are the best games but there are many that are better than a retail game, it would have been nice to say that without the need to leave a comment stating it.

+1 vote   poll: The best games are mods
Snake-Eater2k6 Oct 24 2007, 7:07am says:

I honestly didnt think that was going to happen, this mod was up to such a professional standard ( well in my opion ) and you guys were churning out some great stuff. You will be sorely missed, but now you guys know you have talent why not put together something else???

+1 vote   article: RIP NightFall
Snake-Eater2k6 Oct 5 2007, 5:37am says:

... if you can map beter than lets see it, post us up some of your amazing maps :| good work guys i love this mod :D

+1 vote   article: Release: The BattleGrounds 1.1b
Snake-Eater2k6 Jul 18 2007, 2:15pm says:

They look really great, but i think they might look better on a higher spec machine perhaps. It looks like its in a low resolution is all! If im wrong then im wrong,.... my bad

+1 vote   article: Steel Samurai
Snake-Eater2k6 Mar 22 2007, 3:58am says:

CS : S is now a fully fledged stand alone game and has been since 1.6, if you didnt notice they do sell it stand alone for £20 at any game shop numnuts

0 votes   game: Counter-Strike: Source
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