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Skizzo @ Fallingliquid

Superb map design.
Of course, being the original such an amazing place, helps. ;-)
Man, I've never seen so many bathrooms in one single house!

Oh, and it works beautifully on Mac, too!
(mine is Early 2009 iMac with Radeon HD 4850, OSX 10.6.8)

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Skizzo @ Precursor

Very good mod, way above average.
Awesome map design (as good as Valve's), fun gameplay. Brilliant soundtrack.

I have only one complaint: I missed some weapons.
No Magnum? No crossbow? And, above all, no Gravity gun? The GG would have made this mod twice the fun.
I'd give this mod 9 if I had more weapons available.

Still, one of the best HL2 mod I ever played.

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Skizzo @ Combine Combat

******* jumping puzzles. Even more ******* airboat jumping puzzles!
I gave up playing after my Nth attempt to (airboat) jumping some kind of bridge.

Too bad: this mod had a good idea, but the gameplay was flawly executed.
Without the jumping puzzles, this mod could have been really fun; those puzzles killed the fun for me. YMMV.

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Skizzo @ Infestation

This must be the second worst HL2 map I ever played. B-o-r-i-n-g.
Map design is acceptable, but gameplay and fun-factor are non-existent.
The map ended when climbing the ladder after "blowing-up" the reactor...
is that all?!?
Maybe it was interrupted because unRARring the archive it said it was corrupted... anyway, it's not worth DLing it again - waste of time.
It smelled bad since the opening sequence: an elevator going down while the team names were displayed - again, BORING.

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Skizzo @ Causality Effect

Nice ideas, but poor execution: gameplay is sometimes confused and/or meaninglessly hard ("invincible" helicopter, Antlion Guard who cannot be hurt by shooting at it...), and the ending is pointless. Yes, you have four endings, but there's no clear connection between your actions and the outcome.
Technically good, but kind of "kiddie" gameplay (more action than brain).

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Skizzo @ Light Pollution

Nice map.
Original map design/style, fun gameplay, well balanced difficulty.

Not the best map around, but very well done for a beginner.
Worth playing (I did play it twice, on Normal and then Hard).

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Skizzo @ Half - Life 2: Calamity

Very good! TRY IT!

Map design from good to excellent, fun gameplay, balanced difficulty, good quantity of ammo and stuff (I hate maps stingy with ammo: in an FPS you're supposed to shoot a lot, after all!), you get (and use) all the weapons, and you get the GRAVITY GUN!
I love the GG, and I can't understand maps that don't use it; it really adds up to the gameplay and fun.

Only minor complaint, the ending is somehow... lacking. And a little confusing.
Aside that, one of the best HL2 mod I ever played: highly recommended.

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Skizzo @ Wivenhoe: The fall of Ravenholm

Map design just average, difficulty not well balanced, a good "horror" part (although brief), and a most diappointing ending. Really going nowhere.
And it has nothing to do with Ravenholm.

Worst part is the beginning: you start with just 1 (ONE!) health point, and you have to evade guards and turrets. Pointlessly sadistic and not fun at all.
If the designer wanted to scare people off his game, he did.

I'd say it's a waste of your time, but YMMV.

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Skizzo @ Drainage

What a disappointment.
With such high praise and a 9.3 vote, I expected a top notch experience.
Instead, I got nice designed maps, several dead ends (areas going nowhere and with nothing to find), and a gameplay from mediocre to average.
Not really bad, but no real pleasure either (especially after having played thrilling maps like Strider Mountain or Mission Improbable).

It looks like my tastes are different from the average ModDB player; to each his own.
Bottom line: try it out for yourself, but don't set your expectation high.

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Skizzo @ Strider Mountain

I just finished this mod, and I gave it a full 9!

It is the most extraordinary HL2 Mod I played so far. The amount of work, details, ideas and fun is just amazing.
Saying it is HUGE is not enough. It is like a long story, full of twists and turns.

It is like "Half-Life 2 Born Again" :-D

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Skizzo @ Strider Mountain

I'm still playing it. This mod is HUGE!!!
I have been playing for many hours, and I'm still at Garrison, barely a fifth of the whole trip. This seem as long as a full HL2 Episode.

Despite some minor quirks (voices, animations), this is high quality stuff. Gameplay is very good, map design goes from good to excellent, difficulty is just right.

I'm planning to give it a 8.5 vote. :-)

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Skizzo @ CALL IN

Really nice mod!
Longish, too! You think it's ending and, no!, it keeps on going.

Great map design, good gameplay, and having a storyline helps in setting a mood.
Good work, thank you!

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Skizzo @ Lost Squad Spring Media Update 2/3

Wow, this looks awesome! :-o
(especially the View from 3rd floor)
Great work!

Regarding the forum, I think possible user feedback could be helpful (you know, looking at things from outside gives a different perspective).

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Skizzo @ Gateways

Thanks! You rock! :-)
I'll try TGFT and I'll comment soon.

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Skizzo @ Sity

The could be the most boring mod ever (IMHO).
Stressful jumping puzzles, and then a slo-motion section? (that made me nauseated) WTF?
Good way to kill the fun and make the player give up.

This mod seriously needed some playtesting.

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Skizzo @ Gateways

It was original, fun and thrilling...
but the ending is odd (or I got stuck): in the last level, after falling down with the airboat, I can't get past that room. There seem to be a door, but no way to open it.
Is this the end?!?

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Skizzo @ Slums 2

Good mod. Very good map building, flow and gameplay (and some nasty surprise! :D ).
Its only drawback, it's repetitive: rooms, basements, staircases, rooms, staircases, roads, basements...
Anyway, I had fun! Thank you a lot! :)

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