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sapdude1 Aug 16 2013, 6:32am says:

oh god that excalated quikly

+1 vote   news: Monthly update for July, 2013
sapdude1 Jul 10 2013, 5:38pm says:

I'm wondering why dont you make a an improved version of this game and put up for sale it's so good i played it for hours

+2 votes   game: Naev
sapdude1 May 29 2013, 10:19pm says:

aw yeah im so looking forward to this coming out the graphics are good the gameplay is creative its a postapocalyptic minecraft survival sandbox game preety good

+2 votes   media: New gear
sapdude1 May 26 2013, 4:13pm says:

it doesnt seem to work on 64 bit or something like that but i can't play any tips to solve this or something

+3 votes   game: Endgame:Syria
sapdude1 Apr 26 2013, 8:39pm says:

wow this seems preety exstensive thanks

+2 votes   news: Monthly update for March, 2013
sapdude1 Mar 22 2013, 9:23pm replied:

you can add that to the mod community on steam see who will download it

+1 vote   news: We're Hiring! Join the NMRiH team!
sapdude1 Feb 20 2013, 7:06pm says:

hey Dimitri i see that you released a patch for my graphics card thanks for such a quik fix

0 votes   game: STORM:Neverending night - Foreword
sapdude1 Feb 17 2013, 6:52pm says:

is this game dead

-4 votes   mod: Hypovolemia
sapdude1 Feb 14 2013, 8:00pm replied:

same problem here i can't get it to work

+1 vote   game: STORM:Neverending night - Foreword
sapdude1 Feb 14 2013, 7:57pm says:

wohoa this game just crashed on me the second i opend it up and it loaded wow uh the music looped and windows is giving me error messages i just reinstalled it thinking that it will help i have yet to see but uh yeah some definite bug fixes needed

+2 votes   game: STORM:Neverending night - Foreword
sapdude1 Jan 27 2013, 1:19pm says:

uh when is 2.5 coming out
i still only have 2.4 and im just wondering

+2 votes   game: UFO: Alien Invasion
sapdude1 Jan 21 2013, 7:07am says:

i was playing the demo and i thought it was good but you know no direction or anything really

+1 vote   game: Pioneerz
sapdude1 Jan 21 2013, 6:34am says:

is it dead

+2 votes   game: Celestial Impact
sapdude1 Oct 27 2012, 8:18pm replied:

when i saw this commet i just immediatly went what!!!!! no way and downloaded it on my android thks
!!!!!!!!! :)

+1 vote   game: UFO: Alien Invasion
sapdude1 Oct 27 2012, 6:43pm says:

i would enjoy it more if you could add update the graphics and a cover system where you can tell your troops to actually take cover also add some more customization to your troops that be preeety cool but everything else is preeety fun i enjoyed very much veryvery much , just annoying how im getting my *** handed to me by the aliens when i play it on hard....... :)

+1 vote   game: UFO: Alien Invasion
sapdude1 Sep 30 2012, 1:44pm says:

hey valve is it true that you guys are uh thinking of making a console and the steam on tv is just a first step hhmmmmm is it true

+1 vote   company: Valve
sapdude1 Sep 26 2012, 6:24pm says:

can you guys make a type of tutorial video for this for new poeple like me who dont wanna read if thats okay if not whatever its all you but il like that if you guys did this

+1 vote   game: Epic Inventor
sapdude1 Sep 17 2012, 6:05pm says:

you guys need to improve the conectivity and the bleeding thing is okay but make the bandages more frequent in spawning also thats it for now until i find something else that needs to be adressed

+3 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
sapdude1 Sep 15 2012, 11:47pm says:

it like xcom but free and a little bit better i just dont know how to us the production thing i have a some work stations but no production idk how to use them

+1 vote   game: UFO: Alien Invasion
sapdude1 Sep 12 2012, 10:41pm says:

it needs a serious update cus it cant go up to 1600 by 900 well otherr stuff thta need to be fixed

+1 vote   mod: Proyect-Z
sapdude1 Sep 10 2012, 10:09pm replied:

its an error you go, to steam folder and you find the config file then delete it

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Master
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