I used to mod for JKII, JA, SWBF, and SWBF II. Formerly Majin Revan.

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PR-0927 Jun 28 2015 replied:

Ah, damn. Alas.

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PR-0927 Jun 28 2015 says:

Will the next release be 1.0? Meaning, any chance we might get another pre-1.0 release soon? xD Dying to try out EotH and the PA (those Secutors and Bellators are gorgeous).

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PR-0927 Jun 14 2015 replied:

I don't agree in the slightest. For one, there is a difference when you tell the truest fans that the stories they've been reading aren't the story. That wipe is awful. They could have inserted stories in without trampling on the biggest EU stuff, with ease.

Second, no, they didn't burn books - but they put a hiatus to all material being published in the TruEU world.

Third, that's not ridiculous. The SW franchise was in a financial struggle and a social waning until EU books salvaged it. In fact, Lucas himself acknowledged this as what allowed him to even launch a PT to any kind of popularity - it served as a great litmus test. Moreover, I stand by my comments - the masses should not have a say over the hardcore. They're not as invested.

Also, don't pretend like it's a "few." Many EU books made the NYT Bestseller list, TV commercials aired to promote not only the Shadows of the Empire campaign, but the NJO, toys were made and sold in most toy stores depicting EU elements (even the stupid Sun Crusher thing), nearly every SW video game (which are always among the most popular games in the entire gaming industry) includes or substantially uses EU elements, and there even now exist hundreds of communities of thousands of angry EU fans lobbying Disney consistently. Is it a minority? Yes. Is it a tiny minority? Absolutely not.

I would agree with your last statement if Disney didn't put a moratorium on TruEU materials - for that alone they've lost me. Besides, I don't believe in having "alternate" universes or stories - only one unified canon. I won't be following their Fake Star Wars nonsense.

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PR-0927 Jun 14 2015 replied:

No, they could have. The Thrawn Trilogy was widely seen as the Episodes 7-9. Whenever rumors spread about new movies everyone expected that series to be the focal point, and LucasFilm itself commented that while there wouldn't be such a series, if it were, The Thrawn Trilogy would have been a viable contender. Regardless, it's not hard to make a reasonable estimate of the most followed series by analyzing book sales, toy sales, and community chatter. Hell, the FotJ series used a poll on the official SW website to determine the name of Darth Caedus. That's a false argument to say they couldn't have made a series of movies based off the EU (or without materially-violating it).

Strictly adhering or retconning aren't the only options at all either - minor modifications or a different story altogether (which didn't trample on the biggest EU stuff - galaxy is a big place) were more than feasible. If DisnEU and their new pretender movies to the franchise were able to stay within major bounds of existing EU, I wouldn't have an issue with it - go ahead and make a new story up with new characters. Nothing wrong with that. Plenty never covered. But to **** on an entire legacy is something else.

And so what if the viewers hadn't read everything? There are myriad easy ways to have new folk acquainted with new stories and characters. So many franchises have dealt with this issue more gracefully without forcing newcomers to read anything. Many of those franchises even created new stories - but they didn't discount prior stories as "not canon" (look at Marvel - it legitimized all prior stuff as canon as a nod to loyal hardcore fans). What Disney did was lazy, greedy, and insulting.

Moreover, I think the elite hardcore minority always, in every franchise, deserve the bulk of the voice and control - they're the ones who truly care about the franchise in question, who have kept it afloat, and who have invested the most time/money. Yes, you should pander to the minority. It's both grateful for keeping a series alive and a reward for loyalty. It's just. Raw capitalist concerns ought never trump that.

Especially when the EU was official canon. It was the official story. None of it was fandom. Mark Hamill starred in advertisements for novels. George Lucas wrote prologues to novels. Billy Dee Williams lent his voice/acting to the games.

And who said anything about being caught off guard? The moment Disney acquired LucasFilm I was furious, because I expected these kind of shenanigans. My heart sank when the announcement of more movies came - the movies are hardly the best part of SW - the books and games have always been superior. I expected Disney and J.J. Abrams to make a mess of the best franchise on Earth.

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PR-0927 Jun 12 2015 replied:

O.K., that's not true. It's an often-repeated statement, but it's absolutely false. Leland Chee did a great job keeping the majority of EU consistent in continuity. The overwhelming bulk of stories were well-written as well (Shatterpoint, Outbound Flight, KotOR, The Thrawn Trilogy/Duology, etc.). In-universe retcons de-canonized absurd things like the reborn Emperor and Waru anyway (and Chee helped direct this).

The PT and Disney's new movies are only possible because of a resurgence in popularity of SW due to the EU (it was a waning franchise until the early 90s). Extraordinarily insulting to the loyal fans, authors, and to Lucas himself to wipe it clean (and Lucas did a damn decent job of staying consistent to the EU, regardless of what people may incorrectly think). They bit the hand that feeds.

Besides, even if all of the above was not true, who is to say DisnEU is going to be any good? Their works have been very sub-par by all accounts so far. The decision was made due to corporate greed - nothing more, nothing less. Easier for them to maximize profits and attract new/younger fans without having them feel "left out" of stories already told for decades.

TruEU reigns.

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PR-0927 Jun 12 2015 says:

[Ignore, please. Comments keep getting posted in wrong places.]

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PR-0927 Jun 11 2015 replied:

Oh, O.K., I see.

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PR-0927 Jun 11 2015 says:

[Ignore, please.]

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PR-0927 Jun 10 2015 says:

Seems the official name is the Interdictor-class. The Dominator was just one ship of the class:


Great job on the mod BTW, I'm constantly on the edge of my seat for more updates. It's nice to have a refuge from Disney's...evil. TruEU will always reign.

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PR-0927 May 5 2015 replied:

Actually, I think OP is dead wrong here - the SSD is like longer than the planets they get built around! Everything is definitely extra-large in scale.

So I'm all down for you guys scaling stuff even tinier!

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PR-0927 Apr 21 2015 says:

Completely fanon, right?

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PR-0927 Apr 21 2015 says:

Completely fanon, right?

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PR-0927 Apr 2 2015 replied:

Oh, O.K., sounds good!

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PR-0927 Apr 2 2015 says:

I so very much enjoy this mod, and I can't wait until it's complete! I'm sitting here checking ModDB obsessively hoping for a new release. Perchance have you guys already announced when the next iteration of DotR will be out?

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PR-0927 Apr 23 2012 says:

Hooray! I'm going nuts waiting for this mod's completion - it's exactly what the SW fan community needs! No good SW RTS games in years...


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PR-0927 Apr 23 2012 says:

This mod is phenomenal. My only complaint is the limited maps. I was hoping for some more massive ones.

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PR-0927 Mar 16 2012 replied:

And you would be...?

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PR-0927 Mar 16 2012 says:

Phenomenal mod! I've been waiting anxiously for this for quite some time. I always wanted a modern war version of CoH, and you guys delivered.

Seriously, this is professional-developer quality. From one retired modder to you amazing modders - job well done!

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PR-0927 Feb 26 2012 says:

Dragon Valley! Influenced by BF2?

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PR-0927 Dec 17 2011 says:

This mod is precisely what I've been wanting since Generals first came out. Exactly what I've been wanting. Very pumped!

+2 votes   mod: C&C Generals: Visual Reality Mod
PR-0927 Dec 5 2011 says:

Voted for mod of the year...geez. You need to be a game developer, dude!

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PR-0927 Sep 23 2011 says:

I'm a veteran modder, and even I have to retain myself from saying "when will this be released?"

I saw this mod a while back and was instantly excited, when it was first announced (on the SoaSE forums, actually).

And you guys have not failed us. This is one of the best-looking mods I have seen, ever, for any game. Such attention to detail and immersion.

Thank you for making a Halo mod, and I eagerly await its release!

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PR-0927 May 13 2011 says:

Half of these are from Halogen. You aren't the only one. I'm curious to see if they are going to acknowledge it...which they should.

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PR-0927 May 3 2011 says:

As a guy who used to be heavy into modding, I know that the following question is annoying, but I cannot help but ask it: any estimate of when this will be released?

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PR-0927 Apr 1 2011 says:

April Fools?

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PR-0927 Jan 27 2011 says:

Whoa, this way too non-canon for me to enjoy. It looks interesting, but a lack of canon is my weird pet peeve. Sad times to stop tracking this mod.

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PR-0927 Jan 22 2011 says:

I beg of you to rename this weapon to what it is - a DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle. I used to mod SWBF/SWBF II with an extreme obsession with making everything as canon as possible (formerly known as Majin Revan, in case you ever played any of my maps). LucasArts thought it'd be fine to make up random weapons that look identical to other weapons, and to re-purpose soldiers and vehicles to their liking (starfighters with machine guns, TIE Fighters with proton torpedoes, etc.).

This is the page on Wookieepedia regarding this supposed "E-11s:"


And here is the real weapon, with the same appearance but CORRECT name:


The above was used for long-range purposes as well. This mod is looking downright phenomenal, and I'd love for it to be very canon, of course (me being a canon junkie). I got so obsessed with the canon-ness of everything (especially for the maps I made) to the point that I memorized clip counts and all. Yes, that obsessed. But I knew my stuff.


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PR-0927 Jan 6 2011 says:

Oh my...!


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PR-0927 Jan 4 2011 says:

The above idea is super contrary to Star Wars canon. I beg of you to not pursue such a route. The two phases of armor were, for the most part, not even used at the same time.

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PR-0927 Dec 26 2009 replied:


- PR-0927

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