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C&C Paradise

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Space Marines Fan Group Warhammer 40k

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C&C Generals Lovers

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Hi and how are you
What's going on with you ?
You stopped dropping by , i hope there is nothing wrong

čoskoro dovidenia

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Marek33 Creator

Hi, and don't worry, there is nothing wrong since I'm very busy these days.

Do skorého videnia!

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As you say


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Hey Marek how are you in your life and such
I hope things are well with you and i hope you are not mad at me for having fought some in the recent past

Just dropping by is all and hope to hear from you

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Marek33 Creator

Thanks for asking I'm doing great and sorry for a late reply, but I was on a vacation where I don't have access to the internet.

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I wonder how was your vacation there and if you met cute girls and such other fun , maybe you'll tell about it sometime
Now i remember you told me you were going in a vacation in the first place

I'm happy our cool talk is still here

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I think you guys are amazing especially you Marek
Beats me why but is just that feeling
Someone cool shows :D

I also played Far Cry 1 , 2 and 3 but liked 2 mostly , it was more realistic to me the Africa setting and the mercenary system and the cars plus the protagonist illness
3 I liked for the hunting and plant gathering but being tropical just like the first it felt more like a revamp of the first

Never tried the fourth in the Himalayas but might do it one day

I wish you well

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Marek33 Creator

Thank you very much! I'm honored to see things like this saying about me.

Also, I think that Far Cry 2 is a great game, but it has a lot of wasted potential. Especially in comparison with older builds, especially the pre-Alpha build and maybe even the beta. Far Cry 1 has mods and that's the reason why I love it. Then there is a great weapon system, very good sounds and graphic was awesome for the year when it was released.

I wish you well too!

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I only speak the truth Marek
You are welcome (:

I think is because Far Cry 1 is the oldest and the most re-worked game compared to the others
Could not get much into it , the enemies were finding me too soon and I was dying often but as a first timer open world FPS story the game was sure was a blast when it came out

See you around

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Marek33 Creator


That's definitely true. Modern Far Cry games (after the second part) have so much potential which was mostly wasted. I played Far Cry 3 with mods and it was disappointing. It was still a good game, but not a good Far Cry game. Far Cry 1 was a hard game and that's one of the things which I love about it. It's not easy like and other game in the series. Even Far Cry 2 on Infamous is easier than Far Cry 1. However, I think that Far Cry 1 mod: Catalyst Aftermath is even harder than original campaign. Singularity is also a very hard mod, but my favorite is Catalyst Aftermath. It's almost like an expansion pack for the Vanilla game. This thing also applies for Singularity mod.

Alright, see you sometime in the future.

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You can see me as often or less often as you like Marek :P

That's good to know
Well , I don't go farther than knowing about the games themselves , I never played mods for it
You seem to be a lot into Far Cry and played all there is for it which is great Nice to meet a fan of another game for a change

I'm mostly in the RTS area : Age of Empires 2 , AOEIII , Dawn Of War Soulstorm , as well city building games like Banished , then 4X games that happen in space like Endless Space , Distant Worlds , Star Ruler etc and then RPGs i played a lot of them more than i can mention here

In the FPS area I'm mostly with Unreal Tournament and sequels and I can say that for UT 2004 I played almost every mod there is for it

Not much into realistic army games that I think are more for you boys haha but i did play some Call of Duty titles too

I stopped gaming since recently I began 3D modelling for a project of mine , you can find it at my profile and at my mods area

Might try the fourth Far Cry one day for sure

Nice sharing stuff with you
Talk with me anytime you want
I just stumbled here when i found the PC Gamers group i think

Nice to see you are a Warhammer fan too
Regarding that i have things i know to share but regarding Far Cry lore not really
I just know is about some man stranded on an island that looks for his wife or something and fights mafias

The praise i can give Far Cry of course is that is Cry Engine based which is still a scream even to this day and yes i played Crysis 1 and 2 too but mostly liked the second

Sorry for the big reply :D
I talk much when i find someone nice to talk with

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Marek33 Creator

I know. I just wrote that because I don't want to copy the phrase “See you around” from you.

Most of the mods I know, but there are still some which I haven't played. And not all of them are great so I don't play those which I don't like or they are not so great like others. Those which I mention are the best of the best for me. Together with Matto series, K9, ProjectX and Classic (I hope that I don't forget on something, but maybe I did).

RTS games are a great. I like and play Dawn of War 1 with expansion packs, Company of Heroes 1 and Command & Conquer Series (all of them except the C&C 4). Dawn of War and C&C even with mods. For those games are so many mods that there is not really even needed some RTS game in the next six years (in C&C its maybe even ten years).

From FPS there is mainly Far Cry 1, Metro games and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Also, old BF, MOH or COD games were great, but most of them haven't been much good after 2010. Battlefield lost mod (and bot) support, COD disappointed me with many changes in MW2 and MOH has a short and linear campaign. Also, MOH Airborne was a very short game.

That mod looks interesting, but the HD remake of that game was a fiasco (as far as I remember). However, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD remake was terrible, that's for sure, but the original game is perfect from every point.

I will, but I don't really much talk to people in their profiles. Mostly by PM because it's much easier and that person will see it immediately when she (or he) sign in.

Well, Far Cry 1 is about a former marine called Jack Carver which is sent to protect the Val which is a news reporter. Later in the game you could find out how it is, but I don't want to spoil it here. Also, the enemies are mercenaries and not Mafians, but that's OK.

Crysis 1 is a great, but mostly a short game. Crysis 2 has disappointed me in a lot of things. Especially how they downgrade it and change a lot of things before the release. Also, the story doesn't make any sense, so I don't even complete it.

I don't want to write more things because it would take me a lot of space on my profile, and of course time which I haven't got as much as I have it last year or last two years.

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You can use any expression I use too Marek (:

Wow I so like it you talk a lot just like me

Those mods you mention for Far Cry 1 sound good but I never even heard of them . Good to know . If I ever get back in the game i'll know who to ask :)

A lot of Soulstorm myself too with a lot of mods
Company of Heroes 1 I played as well , it was quite long ago and COH 2 which is really good . In this RTS type I also played some Blitzkrieg 2 and Men of War
CnC 3 I liked the most and my fav are the Scrin , I don't know much about the older CnC games but there was a Renegade really long ago and Tiberian Sun that I think I played in the past but don't remember much from it
About CnC 4 believe me I tried but they ruined the gameplay and this is known too I think . Nuff said
What I liked is Generals with Zero Hour , it sure needs a sequel

Unreal Tournament 1 , Quake III Arena , Return to Castle Wolfenstein ( the first game ) , Sniper , Medal of Honor , Star Trek Elite Force 2 , Delta Force , even Counter Strike but never quite liked it , Half Life 1 , Doom 3 , Bioshock 1 and Infinite , Bulletstorm , Borderlands 1 & 2 , Serious Sam all of them , COD Black Ops 1 , Goldeneye 007 ( an old FPS but good at the time ) , Deus Ex , Deus Ex 2 , No One Lives Forever , Dishonored , Rage , Battlefield Bad Company 2 , Tribes , FEAR all of them which i really liked too and even more I can remember now

3rd person ones too like Max Payne that I liked a lot , all three of them , Mafia 1 & 2 , Assasin's Creed just 1 & 2 , Velvet Assasin , a bit of Metro 2033 but could not get much into it , STALKER really not my style , Fallout 3 , NV and 4 I gladly played instead

The AOE2HD is a fine welcome but they ruined the game by imbedding Steam but the widescreen support and better looking graphics was a nice welcome

I liked all HOMM series especially 3 of course and VI is really good too
An RTS i'd really like to become a HD version would be Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds that I really liked too and i'm glad it has a revamp mod going at least
LOTR Battle for Middle Earth 2 is also a really good game and has a cool mod called Edain , I gladly played and of course I played more RTS titles but the list would be too big here haha

Then there is the RPG area and horror games area but will share about them a next time

I check my profile all the time I sign in and answer all comments , i'm attentive and aware like that
Sure you can PM me but usually more known people PM me
I'm more like publicly talking with anyone at anytime and PM is more reserved for the personal but you earned any PMs you wanna send me Marek :)

Aha thanks good to know . Sounds good
I just remember those guys , the enemies in the game called like that because someone mentioned they are mercs hired by the mafia or something like this , must've read it on some site or from the game data I found perhaps

I memorize things well but with time I forget where I heard or seen that . It must be my age taking a toil on me lol ( i'm 28 ) Btw if 33 means you are 33 , is nice to see someone my generation here (:

I liked Crysis 2 more than the first , don't know why but it was more clear to me what to do in the game
There is also the third that I heard is good

Time is what we struggle with every day Marek
I always wish I could have more of it to be able to do all I plan every day

I wish you well

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Marek33 Creator

OK, thanks!

I can write a lot, especially when it's something interesting.

You welcome! Far Cry 1 has a lot of great mods.

Soulstorm vanilla was mostly a disappointment, luckily there are a lot of great mods. COH 1 is a great game, but I don't have much time for it, also I'm not very good at it so I first need to learn it and later I will try all of those great mods which I'm tracking. I haven't played COH 2, but it was a disappointment for some people and others saying that it's great, so I don't really know if its good. I played Blitzkrieg 2, but that was some time ago and I don't remember it much. Some time ago I was thinking about getting Men of War, but I need more time for it since there is a lot of games which I want to play. C&C is a great series. My favorite series is Red Alert (especially the second part). Also, Generals are great. Renegade is probably the only one which I haven't played. There are multiple unofficial sequels for Generals and they are created in RA2, RA3, Generals Zero Hour and even in C&C3;.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a great fps and it's probably the first fps game with sprint which I like. Counter Strike was originally a mod and it was so great that it became a game. I was never a big fan of it, but I admire that it deserves that respect since it was created on old, but very powerful Gold Source engine. Half-life 1 is one of the best fps, but I don't much like the second part. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a great fps, but it doesn't have bots and mods so I was really disappointed with that. I played Delta force 1 Xtreme and it was great, but I don't remember it much.

Max Payne is a legend for me and especially the first game. Max Payne 1 has one of the best stories in a game ever. Only Mafia 1 has better. Mafia 1 is a legend and one of my favorite games ever. Assassin's Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood and Revelation are a great game. After that it goes down. Maybe AC4 is great, but I still haven't played so I will see.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is the best in the series definetly. Four parts are good, but the third part is way better.

I personally don't play much of a horror games, but I think that Amnesia and Slender eight pages are a good game. Especially Amnesia which is a really great game. Slender eight pages were an interesting game, but it has cheesy jump scares and surprisingly enough when I played it I was never shocked. At Amnesia, I was shocked multiple times.

I check mostly my email for replies and most of the time also my comments and sometimes my profile. With the new version of Moddb there should be comment notifications right here on Moddb which will be definitely great.

I don't have much time for that since I want to make some videos and especially I really want to make some long reviews for games, but I need to wait for Moddb staff when they fix it.

No problem.

They are mercenaries hired by the Krieger, which is doing something (you can see some things in the first camp in the first mission) and he needs mercenaries for protection.

No, I'm not 33, but I don't know what should I add to my name so I choose 33. Username Marek was not available when I want to join and also number 3 so I choose 33. It's strange because now it has some different user which joined this year.

Crysis 3 is short, but it has some very good things. However, my favorite is the first part and also, I like some of those new modifications which are coming.

I wanted to release some video last week, but I still don't have time for that (and that game with mods don't want too much work with me so I need more time for that).

I wish you well as well.

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Sorry then
I hope you will share your age with me too now that i given away mine but if you know stuff that old like the oldest games i mentioned , you must be past 25 at least

Sounds about close similar choices that i had too with the games
Yup , forgot to mention RA 2 & 3 i also played , esp liked RA3 expansion

When i got my first PC was about when Max Payne 1 was out and it sure was amazing to play it on a brand new of then 750 Mhz Pentium III with 512 RAM and a 256 MB video card if i rem right , it was a strong PC for its time and i remember the first time i installed Max Payne and it was raining , " Dang what graphics and place ! " It remained memorable for me but story wise is too dramatic . They were too harsh with him having lost everything in his life and such but..a story needs to be a story

I'm not a horror fan myself but i had to try this genre so i won't have nothing to say when it comes to a discussion about this genre or horror game titles
Is not my favorite , i mostly am with both sci-fi and fantasy equally but for cultivating tastes more , is good sometimes to try something outside usual range of things . This is what i done , i played for a while or even just once any game i could find for my general culture but few from all those remained my only favorites

RTS i remained with Age of Empires 2/HD , RPG i think The Witcher is the best RPG i played and like , FPS UT 2004 of course and 4X would be Distant Worlds , little else i play now , not even have them installed because 3D modelling which i realize day after day that is more interesting than i thought and wish i could begin earlier but is better late than never

Ah cool you are a reviewer , i'm not good at that but i did vote maximum any game i found and liked among some doing out of favor for their creators . I only voted them 10 because why bother ( at least for me ) thinking the bads and goods about it . To me is more simple : i either like that game and play it or i don't , label it ' Not for me " and move on .

You are doing a good job if you are reviewing them Marek

Forgot to mention Darksiders , a really kickass game with a sequel but a bad port at least the first . Would recommend it

Likewise . Please visit me at my profile next time or in PM so i won't take over your page lol

Toodle oo !

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Marek33 Creator

Don't feel sorry for that. Some people add the year of their birth to their accounts, but I choose it because I never know what kind of name should I put on an internet.

Alright, I send you a PM.

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Mine is perhaps more unique because is symmetric , in the mirror it would result the same and then i used some custom fonts thx to someone that pointed me to a site

Talk to you there then

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