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RSS I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019

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H N Y F K J 19

~ I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019! ~

The Christmas contest went incredibly well this year

Look at that, we are already in a new year again... Time goes fast that it's almost scary. As most of you know that I make news about game, but there haven't been so many lately mostly because I'm moving to a new place that's still under refurbishment. So it's not much I can do about that.

But yeah this year Christmas contest went well I must say! I really appreciate you guys follow the competition rules and ask me if you need help with something and don't do the opposite as some did for the first competition when the group opened for the first time. So more contest will come later on!

~ Winner of the Christmas contest will be selected ~

Winner of the Bronze ticket contest will be selected at 18 January 2019

Winner of the Silver ticket contest will be selected at 19 January 2019

Winner of the Gold ticket contest will be selected at 20 January 2019

The Bronze TicketThe Silver TicketThe Golden Ticket

What I'm going to do in 2019 I have no idea, but I need to be done with the apartment before I can continue the work here and some other things that's still on hold. What's going to happen in 2019, I don't know, but as I say all the time "I'll take care of things as they come" So happy new year guys!

ST K J18

Ismo.gd - - 1,658 comments

Happy new year Dimitri! May success and happiness get you! :D

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CptIstvanofArdeal - - 2,364 comments

Hmm i need to prepare my champagne tonight i bought a bigger one this year.

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Fulger100 - - 1,273 comments

Happy new year!

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Axonis - - 944 comments

Happy new year everyone!

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Argeomer - - 5,582 comments

Happy New Year! May all of you eat a lot tonight! WE GO BIG TONIGHT! and also WE GO BIG IN 2019!! All of you stay strong and keep it up! Go and achieve your dreams!

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AnimeLoverForever - - 877 comments

Happy new year to you all! ^_^

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Templarfreak - - 6,722 comments


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BioDestroyer - - 2,858 comments

Happy New Year!

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SebaZ_16 - - 307 comments

I know it's a bit late. But happy new year to everyone here!!
Lets make 2019 a year worth to be remembered!

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Felix-Argyle - - 444 comments

It's quiet out here... *tumbleweed passes by*

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