SAGE/SAGE 2.0/GoldSRC/Source engine based games coder/designer/Particle effects Artist. Just call me Mark. Glory to Arstotzka!

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I have windows 8. Does it support 3ds max 7 or 9? Because in the export progress, it is corrupted.

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Oh hello Mr Gunship
Where are you?
What's up from evolution?
End midsummer is near my friend.
Just Evolution

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Man i wish that you win 10000000000$ on the lotery
or give you half of my money from the lotery XD

You are the nicest ukrainian man i met(i only met 4 XD)

AND for generals evolution now,Questions and ideas
-Will you add the campaign full motion videos from the original ZH?
-Will you get the unused content from zero hour to the game?
Here is a site for the unused content for generals:

-Will every faction gonna get naval units? :3
-Will you add new factions for RC3?(ideas:Russia,Japan,Europe,Austarlia)
-And for the finale question:Will the mod gonna a campaign or a mini campaign?(camapign=at least 7 missions,mini campaign-at last 6 missions)
And will you make the aircraft carrier a unit for usa?

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Gunship_Mark_II Creator

Oh, thank you c:

Don't think we'll do full motion videos, and the campaign itself, rather we'll have a singleplayer/coop mission pack called SpecOps, which can be accessed through menu.

As for unused content, don't think so, we'll try to be as vanilla as possible.

Naval stuff is still under question, it won't be implemented untill RC3, it's too much for for rc2.

No new factions, sorry.

SpecOps will replace Campaign, Crysis Coast is an example of what you can expect.

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Thanks for the respond,I hope you have a great day(And win the lottery XD)
And i understand
And how the generals and upgrades gonna work?
Are the generals gonna have only tactics or will have units too?
And i have an idea for upgrades:
Unit buildings(war factory,barracks,airfield) will have an expansion upgrade
-For barracks=armory upgrade(put upgrades for all infantry)
-for war factory=optimization vehicle set(reduces the cost and builds faster all vehicles)
-for airfield=helipad
Ranger + armory= new flashbang grenades(will be used only for infantry)
Missile defender + armory=new laser pinpoit rocket launcher(used only for tanks,aircraft and buildings)
pathfinder + armory=new silencers(will not reveal him when he shoots)
Colonel burton + armory=new HE grenades( he will use them as well as the missile defender)
Biohazard Tech + Armory=NEW CHEM SUIT(he will not die by nuclear or toxic radiation)

Humvee +OVS=NEW tow missile
Crusader +OVS=NEW laser crusader
PALADIN +OVS= new laser paladin
Ambulance +OVS= NEW clearing turret(clears toxics and nukes)
Tomahawk launcher+OVS=NEW longer rocket
Avenger+OVS=NEW DETECTOR(detects stealth)
Microwave tank+OVS=NEW TARGETING SYSTEM(he can emp tanks too)
Sentry drone+OVS=laser cannon

-Chinook + helipad=becomes the assault chinook(where the soldiers from inside can attack others)
-Commanche + helipad= new Laser weapon(the laser weapon replaced the gattling cannon)
Raptor +helipad=BEcomes the king raptor
Stealth fighter + helipad=NEW Super explosive rockets
Aurora bomber + helipad=SUPER SPEED

GLA soldiers
-rebel + armory=NEW anthrax weapon
-rpg trooper + armory=New stinger rocket(replaces the rpg)
Hijacker+ armory=hijackers uses knives to kill people
Angry mob + armory=NEW AK 47 AND MOLOTOVS
Jarmen kell+ armory=New C4(he uses to destroy buildings)

gla tanks+OVS=SUPER SALVAGED(all gla tanks have this,makes them uses toxic and be super salvaged)

CHINA soldiers
Rocket trooper+armory=NEW EXPLOSIVES
HACKER+armory=becomes HEROIC
Black lotus+armory=NEW AIRSTRIKE BEACON

China vehicles+OVS=NATIONALISM(vehicles get stronger)

China aircraft
-MIG+helipad=nuclear rockets
-Helix+helipad=Nuclear bomb(The nuclear bomb is ready....Hahahah)

I have more ideas but i think this is good

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hey gunship how to add half-life source to source sdk as a game?

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Gunship_Mark_II Creator

Half-Life : Source source code is not publicly available, you can't add it.

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never mind i found how but now i need a map developer do you know a map developer that can help me in my mod?

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Gunship_Mark_II Creator

Nope, sorry, i am searching for one myself.

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Oh, I am a map dev! Also, my good friend foxdimi is one too.

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