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Game Review on Oct 25th, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

"Silent escape" caught my eye because of its nice-looking screenshots and my hunger for some simplistic action. Although it does deliver on the action, the rest is just...average. Some maps look fantastic and have some very good design behind it, but there's little originality to be found. This is not a huge issue, I had more problems with the use of invisible walls and the extremely linear maps which offer no strategy throughout the game. For your next game, please avoid using invisible walls because they kinda break the 4th wall and put you straight out of the action. Another the plus is the great sound design. The new sound effects (like the "penetrating bullet sound") are great and the music is very good as well.

As I said, "silent escape" does deliver in the action department. The maps are neatly designed and are mostly fun to play. There's however little to no variety in gameplay styles (except for the very end, which is also the coolest part of the game) and the action tends to get repetitive, but since the shooting feels good and the maps keep you entertained I'm willing to let that one slide. However, the game is very short (like 1-2 hours). But it's free so this is not really a big deal.

Also, I was really disappointed in the story and characters. I know that "silent escape" was not meant to have a great story but a little more effort in creating believable and likeable characters would be nice. The "twist" near the end is very bad since the characters were forgettable and had no personality whatsoever. At the end, I couldn't remember the names of the main-characters and the "emotional scenes" were just confusing because of this. This is personal though, others might not mind the non-existing writing.

Overall "Silent escape" is a fun little game I did enjoy till the end. However it isn't anything special and I probably won't play it again since there's no replayability so I'll rate this a 5/10 meaning it's an Average game.

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