Third person horror adventure designed for Half-Life 2. No weapons, no fighting. Only means of survival is to run or sneak past the monsters.

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It was the longest mod I've ever played. Yeah, graphics were very out-dated, but I'm not a graphic *****.

Story was kinda cliché, however was also fun to follow. Puzzles were great, and the atmosphere in the intro made me to go this far. It never repeats itself and I never got bored.

I love Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame and other horror series, so I could see the many inspirations.

I'd like to see a more polished story, but I think that'll be in the next game.

Thanks for your effort, I just finished a great mod.

The mod reminded me of Silent Hill Shattered Memories, obviously. Puzzle solving was good and I shat bricks at one part.

I don't like the controls, gameplay, feel, or look. It does have good finished quality to it though.

Very good job, an excellent silent hill similar mod!

A very unique HL2 mod.

I enjoyed playing this; It took quite a long time and was crafted quite perfectly. Not very scary; but just eneough to make your heart pound while being face to face with a moster.

I write this review to be helpful, although I doubt you'll enjoy what I have to say. Also it has been a while since I played the mod, so bear with me.

A decent idea but uneven execution and a serious lack of consistent feel. The level design felt very uneven, with some environment pieces fitting in fine whilst others looked some what unfinished. The main gameplay mechanic seems like a last minute decision since both, 1. you can only turn of your flashlight by crouching, and 2. you have to cycle through every monster to see their perspective, meaning even if you just want to double check real quick, you have to repeatedly cycle through. The camera angle is a bit frustrating, and while the player might not be shooting, that doesn't mean you can have their main view be blocked by the character they control.

If anymore comes to me I'll update this review. I applaud the main concept (it's why I loved Silent Hill: Shattered Memories),but I've got some issues with the final product.

Forget about the game, listen this soundtrack! :P

i crapped mine pantz


king_jessum says

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8% and why? NO WEAPONS!

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