Silent Escape is a first person shooter game, which events are unfolding parallel to the Half-Life 2 story. When situation in Сity-17 started to get out of control, the scientists had organized the plan of "Silent Escape". It was designed to save people’s lives and bring them to a safe place. The problem is that everything went not quite as planned...

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jjawinte says

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Been playing so many other games over the last year+ that I haven't played any Source mods except " Grey " ( +7 ) and " Cry of Fear " ( which I was sorely disappointed with ).

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this mod ! Played it x2. No mod is perfect by any definition, but this one painlessly popped me right back into the HL2 'verse again and it was good to be back. I'm not going into pro's and cons, 'cause I'm not that friggin' fussy. Over all, a wonderfully planned and executed project.

Thank you Pro-Bones for reminding me of how much I love Source mods !


SPY-maps says

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Pro Bones, thanks for this great mod.
it is really one of the better ones! i loved the firefights, nicely pased and hard, (but not TO hard for those who don't like challenging firefights!).
there were some small issues, for instance a ladder that did get stuck and didn't fall so i could climb up it, but after shooting at it it did fall anyway. the mapping was in some cases a bit blend, but never bad or dull. and the models that are added to this mod are insanely well made, really great work!!

all in all, i give this mod a 8/10!
and that is very high for me.

thanks, and you will have worked like crazy to get this one done in one year!!

a fellow mapper/modder,


_LSh says

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Начну с того, что мне ваш мод понравился. Он содержит в себе многие элементы за которые нам полюбился Half-Life 2.

Однако, в нем есть те вещи, которые лично мне не очень понравились, например, мод слишком стремительно развивается, не дает оглядеться.
Локации сделаны качественно и приятно, и не возникают нарекания в плане логики.

Отдельно хочу заметить грамотный баланс сражений, из-за чего сражение при сохранении своей динамики не кажется сложным. Отсутствуют арены c волнами врагов, которые мне не нравятся. Единственное, что немного не понравилось, это то, что не чувствуются разница в сложности сражений на протяжении всего мода, и многие (не все) сражения с комбайнами похожи, но эти пункты не критичны.

Новые саундтреки неплохо вписываются, но можно было бы добавить более электронных, опять же, не критично.

Понравились, опять же, всякие скриптовые сценки, которые вносят небольшое разнообразие.

Успехов в будущих проектах!



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This is a really good appreciated mod, because it's build with a simple but precise layout, the locations are great and transmit one powerful environment when we playing it, as when we found ourselves in Dark forest, thats a very inmersive part.

I loved to start in City 17, and proceed outside of there.

Overall this mod has great scenarios and the combat is allways entretaining, maybe the puzzles are not too much hectic or difficult but is great for me to have those simple but nice puzzles.

The last part is well done but i feel the devlopers wanted to depend quite a lot on the cutscenes to transmit the context, in my opinion that's better if the player actually makes those situations happen and doesn't depend that much on the cutscenes...,

This is a mod you definitely try, as i think we found less and less mods of this kind, so go on and try it!

This seems to have an open possibilty to continue, so i hope if there's another part would be great and entretaining as this one.


deadrawkstar says

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I gave a 8 and here's why.
The mod was really well done, i have to hand it to the mappers, who must have busted their *****. The maps are greatly detailed with just the right amount of clutter. I never got lost for more than a couple minutes either.

I had a few bugs/glitches that weren't experience breaking so its no big deal. Another thing I really like about this mod was the sense of urgency I got from all of the combine coming at me. The custom voice acting and face posing were both on par with the mapping.

I would have liked to see the scripted events be fluent instead of blacking out to a screen to load a new level. It ruined the mods flow for me. And if the mod would've had just a little more polish into it, and some more work done to the story, this wouldve been a definite 9.5 or 10 out of 10.



AniCator says

May contain spoilers - 2 agree

A very nice mod, level design was very solid but the mod lacks flow and some of the sections are rather short. Like the train level could have used a lot more work (I was kind of excited for this level).

There were some minor glitches in the mod but nothing bad really.

Good times! Give this mod a try people. ;)


bad@chaos says

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Other than some broken English and a few really minor bugs Silent Escape was a pleasure to play. Levels were well designed for the most part. Although there wasn't much custom assets the levels were well decorated and full of detail. The scripted events were also creative.
There were a few disappointments with the mod. The enemy placement was very predictable. You are almost guaranteed that if you open a door there's going to be a Combine directly behind it. Other than a few scripted events the Combine were rarely on the offensive and mostly just standing in place waiting for you to show up and murder them. The another flaw with Silent Escape was the abrupt ending. Instead of some kind of huge battle it was just a linear shooting gallery.


nero73 says

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Очень даже не плохо.


Royal.Arch says

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mikester459 says

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Really liked this mod, the mapping was awesome, the gameplay i thought fitted perfectly but could use some patching up here and their but all in all i give a 10/10

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