Minecraft is a first-person fighter/sandbox construction game created by Mojang AB.

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Minecraft is a small building game that looks like it will be very boring at first glance. You look, and you see blocks, you see animals and you see people building dirt houses. Without knowing the mechanics, it cannot be understood.

However, once you play, you can suddenly see why people enjoy the game.

Minecraft is portrayed as a building game. You put blocks down and build things, which is reflected in the only easily accessible free version.
Minecraft is NOT simply a block building game. It is a crafting game, a learning game, a gathering game and overall, a survival game.

Minecraft comes with no aim. It simply lets you do what you want, which is why it is such a diverse game. Some use it to create beautiful masterpieces in architecture, while some use it to fight blocky creatures. Some even use it for both, creating entire cities, while fighting off the creatures of the night.

Minecraft has a form of beauty about it, and shows that every time you explore the world. It also doubles the beauty with a second dimension, used for fast travel in the real world. These both show a harsh contrast of design, but are both amazing in their own ways.

Even as you read this, there is likely more being added to Minecraft, as it builds up the gameplay. It is supposedly alpha, and supposedly worth £8-£9. I however do not believe that. A simple start-up of a Minecraft world outweighs even major commercial game's quality.

When you hit that buy button, you are paying for a final release, that will continue to grow. You are not paying for an alpha. To call it alpha is simply insulting.

Not many games can have original gameplay, art style and good community interaction. But this game, despite originally being a Infiniminer clone, pulls it off in ways that words simply cannot describe. It has such a diverse genre, it cannot be summed up in one sentence.

That alone is why Minecraft is such a brilliant game, and why it will be popular, years after it is finished completely.

I bought an Alpha copy of Minecraft a few months ago, and I've logged more hours on Minecraft than any other game I own. Highly recommended.

A great game. I love the survival mode. This game gets better with every update. KEEP IT UP NOTCH!!!

I'd rate this as OVER 9000 if I could. This game is easy to start with (if you look at the wiki for crafting information), but extremely hard to master. I'm still discovering new techniques and mechanisms.

Many people hate this game for its bad graphics until they actually get into it. If you ever get bored, try designing: boat elevators, minecart stations, drowning traps that transport the loot to one location, sprinklers (to stop fire), seaports, a base in The Nether, a minecart system that uses the Nether to move between continents, lighthouses to keep you from getting lost, traps that use falling blocks with torches, artificial biomes, underground tree farms, an "artificial mob spawner" (giant underground room with no light, until a switch triggers redstone torches), factories made from real mob spawners, rollercoasters, a mine that uses a grid of tunnels to maximize the amount of ore found, underwater bases made of glass, houses made of ice, a checkerboard (alternating Obsidian and Cloth with other blocks as game pieces), a giant connect-four board (using falling blocks), and your own inventions!

This game is good for anyone who likes sandbox, building, survival, adventure, horror (:P), or teamwork (multiplayer) games.


Great game, it has come a long way since alpha!

At first, looks like a simple, poorly made game.
Then when you play it you start finding out about stuff and learn about crafting and then you make a cozy house & sh.t.
Best played on easy or higher. Because there will be monsters outside and you will be anxious inside your house & ****
After a while you wont even notice how you will expand your house and it will turn from cozy house to huge mansion with mining shaft.

Exploring caves is getting scarier, cave noises made me sh.t bricks when I heard them without knowing about them but thats a long story.

After finding obsidian blocks, you can make portal to the nether dimension where you will **** bricks too, from these weirdass sounds.

Survival mode is superior compared to creative. Creative is like playing with cheats. In survival it takes time to chop down blocks. It's like break blocks > craft tools > break more blocks > etc.
Oh and also you can't know building recipes without looking them up in the internet.
Years have passes and Mojang doesn't care about this.
But still creative mode is pretty fun. It allows you to build anything you can imagine.

And by the way, Notch is laziest f..king dev I have seen in a long while. And what I hate even more is that most minecraft fanboys are annoying 6 year olds who treat Notch like some god, not seeing all the mistakes he makes.

Minecraft is, in my opinion, the best Sandbox-Adventure Game currently in the gaming market. Though still in Alpha, Minecraft is able to combine the freeness of an infinite, open world to do what you please with a set of simple "life goals," namely: creating a successful mining/spelunking operation to obtain iron & diamond (the two most prized ores in Minecraft), kill monsters, bravely explore the Nether (Minecraft's "hell"), and make the most beautiful, stunning, impressive home you can imagine. Heck, you can even make a whole metropolis if you wish.

For those that don't know, there are 2 versions of Minecraft: Classic & Alpha. Classic is the free version (v0.30), and includes both a Survival Test Mode (which includes an early version of the current survival mode, as Survival Test turned into Indev, than Infdev, and finally, Alpha) and Creative Mode (where you have unlimited blocks, no monsters or health, and can just BUILD). Alpha currently only includes Survival Mode, which is the mode most see in the internet media, and which is the current, up-to-date version of Minecraft. Both Survival Alpha & Classic Creative have Multiplayer modes, so you can build and/or survive right along side your friends.

As Minecraft gets closer to Beta, and then completion, there will be even more things to do, more things to craft & build, more things to hunt & gather, and more fun to be had. Survival will become more difficult, putting more limits on you & making it slower, more focused on surviving (like the mode's name implies). Creative will be re-added & updated for Alpha (no one knows when, currently), and will allow to build what you wish without the limitations of Survival. Even more game modes are likely to be added in the future, too.

Minecraft's only limits are those of your imagination. If you have an open mind and a large imagination, you can create great things in Minecraft. So long as Creepers don't blow it up, of course.


Awesome sanbox feeling.
Do whatever you want to whomever you want at all times!

Very high rated game would recommend this to a multitude of people of any age. This games features building, killing, blowing up things - this is one action packed game that never gets tired

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