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Cossack-HD Jul 20 2015, 2:37pm says:

Will there be any improvements for detail textures on static lighting? Static lighting looks like **** in Misery (inconsistent pixel density and other problems).

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Cossack-HD Jul 15 2015, 10:34am replied:

DX11 may have positive impact on performance - it helped to get more FPS in CoP according to several previews. But this might only help those with weaker GPUs, but there's hope for processors though. CPU usage is the biggest issue with X-RAY Engine today.

It's not graphics card, it's CPU that runs at 100% on single core while GTX980 GPU chillin' at 40% at 1440p with graphics maxed out (FXAA, no MSAA).

And it doesn't matter if you have high clocked intel i5 with GT680 or super overclocked AMD-8350 with GTX980 - I tested these very different systems and got very similar result - 30 FPS at very intensive locations, both CPUs run one core at 100% and other under 50%.

The engine can't handle that polycount and devs are planning to reduce it in DC without much of visual downgrade.

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Cossack-HD Jul 13 2015, 6:57am replied:

More like "DooM & Quake BACK-Up Pack ver. 1"

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Cossack-HD Jul 4 2015, 1:38pm says:

I might come back to Misery if someone does these 2 thing:
1. Fix instant weather change when ingame hours changes (add option to have less weather cycles but normal weather switching god dammit!). I love that point in 2.2 changelog about instant weather change on save load though.

2. Where is that "green Zone" texture pack I saw information about some time ago? To me, Stalker's atmosphere needs that contrast between beautiful scenery and horrible things such as mutants and anomalies. It just doesn't work if both scenery and situation are equally depressing - this doesn't match up with GSC concept either.


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Cossack-HD Jun 10 2015, 2:36pm says:

I tried to enjoy this, the graphics and atmosphere are nice but... Why push GldSrc engine? If you want to make a show off, create a benchmark that will lag like crap, dont make a game that lags like that!

Seriously, I'd rather play Paranoia 2 with same visuals quality as the original mod, Paranoia 1. But nope, we **** the engine up with modern effects and overly heavy content that makes the game lag like crap because pre-fetching doesn't really work, and then it all runs on single thread on an engine from late 90s! In 2015! With graphics from 2008!

Same mistake as Lost Alpha - both tried building their sportcars with old engines - it all looks nice but the performance is bottom! Regardless of hardware, both games lag like hell (atleast LA doesn't usually drop below 30 FPS, while Paranoia 2 usually simply LAGS). Such developers are Ubisoft of modding community when it comes to optimisation.
And then there's Final Release v 1.1, the only difference I noticed is that the game crashes slightly later.

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Cossack-HD Mar 4 2015, 3:48pm says:

I suggest to add FPS limiter when VSYNC is off. 300 FPS is way higher than any modern screens' refresh rate.
I cap my FPS at 66 for 60 HZ screen to avoid screen tearing.

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Cossack-HD Mar 4 2015, 7:12am says:

You need to do something about those lags. Prefetching should be a good solution.

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Cossack-HD Mar 4 2015, 5:54am says:

You should pack the game files into *.pak files. It would improve the performance and it will **** the hard disk a lot less.

Until then I will play P2 using Ramdisk.

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Cossack-HD Mar 1 2015, 3:52pm replied:

WAT. How did I miss the release? I though I was subscribed to that page.
PS: I'm big fan of the first Paranoia mod.

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Cossack-HD Feb 21 2015, 6:32am replied:

Never use MSAA in LA - it's GPU killer :D

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Cossack-HD Jan 23 2015, 1:48pm replied:

Quote:can you guys find a way to optimize the game a bit more? my computer should be able to handle the max settings and i wanna play it so badly at max but for some reason it lags soooooo bad T_T. i cant wait for a new update or anything :D

The engine is old and many of new graphics features are inefficient. There are many settings those can't be used unless you've a really expensive PC. Reminds me of mods with overly increased grass density/draw distance - people switch grass density slider to the right and the grass gets 100X times denser (denser than in reality), then people complain about ultra poor performance, on their 200 FPS Battlefield machines :D

Some settings make graphics ~30% better but FPS gets twice as low :D
MSAA is very GPU hungry (reminds me of the MSAA used in Metro games) so it's better to try using other AA options in GPU drivers.
Sun shadows are CPU/GPU hungry; they sure make better visuals but it's not worth it IMO.

Stable high FPS > graphics.

Also X-RAY loves high clocked CPUs since the multi core support is very limited. 3-4 gen 3+ GHz i3 CPUs should be enough for very high settings I guess.

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Cossack-HD Jan 17 2015, 8:12am says:

Quote:I played this a few times and lately my fps dropped to 15-18! I mean i have a GTX 750 and i know that isnt the best gpu but it has to handle this game easily right?

You probably entered an area with large amount of NPCs (Bar, or Darkvalley bandit base). The AI is CPU heavy. In some areas I have 60+ FPS but in others FPS may drop to ~25. It's very inconsistent. Lowering r_geometry_lod values and r2_sun 0 reduce CPU load in many cases, I usually use those commands to gain FPS when it gets low.

Aaaand never use MSAA options unless you've high-performance GPU - those are heavier than maxed Metro LL on 1080p without MSAA.

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Cossack-HD Jan 9 2015, 2:44pm replied:

Didn't you notice that zombies appear on same place where scientists/guards were in cut-scenes? It's kinda obvious that the zombies are the personnel of the complex.

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Cossack-HD Jan 8 2015, 2:37pm replied:

Quote:why is everything so bright???

I've this problem on R2. People say "r2_tonemap_middlegray 0.5" command in console fixes it, but it doesn't help me.
I don't have that problem on R3 (DX 10), only on DX9.
Try disabling sun shafts (r2_sun_shafts st_opt_off), because if it's not tonemap related, it might be a shader problem.

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Cossack-HD Jan 4 2015, 1:48pm says:

First of all, thank you for the game!

Now to the stuff that makes the game better (constructive critics!) :D
In the overrun game mode, sometimes the enemy NPCs get stuck in a strange place of the map and the wave never ends.
Map Trapped, easy difficulty, zombie type. Never could get further than wave 8 because of that bug.
Map City, after some time fast headcrabs spawn above the game area (NPCs aim for something in the air but can never hit it).

Please just set time limit for each wave and if the time limit is exceeded make those NPCs die.
Or set a timer for each NPC (if it lived for 2 minutes and never hit player it should die).

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Cossack-HD Dec 29 2014, 6:16am replied:

Quote:Hi, why is there no EAX support for ac97 built-in chipsets planned for Developers Cut?

I heard that the sound system for STK was made using advanced hardware, thus EAX doesn't always work properly with ac97.

But I had working EAX on some STK mod with inbuilt conexant audio (Lenovo G555).

BTW, a real sound card like Sound Blaster will improve sound quality significantly (both in games and simply for music). But most people give up the quality of sound.

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Cossack-HD Dec 23 2014, 4:34pm replied:

Quote:But For my oppinion tesselation is something that worth of spending time.

In my opinion, it's better to spend time on making the exising stuff better than switching to something new while the old stuff isn't done fine.
Graphics are good (some models and textures arent't though), the AI and game design are far less advanced than the current DX10 renderer.

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Cossack-HD Dec 22 2014, 10:49am replied:

For people like you, 11 is just another number. DX11 doesn't make graphics better, it's a tool for programmers to build the graphics on.
Now, implementing DX11 to LA engine will take another half a year (oh, without SkyLoader it will take forever) and it will be pretty much pointless since DX11 only has ve-ery few improvements compared to DX10. "Soft shadows" and "tesselation" are not worth time neither efforts you need to port DX11 to the engine, and they will improve the visuals far less than new fine-tuned weather and other bits of content.
Ultimately, DX11 won't harm, but it's like the last thing on priorities list just because it's not worth it.

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Cossack-HD Dec 6 2014, 3:52pm replied:

Quote:i got a question, does this have the same storyline as shadow of chernobyle with more content and missions too?

More like "SoC inspired" storyline that becomes more and more different as you play further through.

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Cossack-HD Dec 6 2014, 11:56am replied:

Quote:I have a 5870HD vid card. Is this too old for DX10 renderers?

I ran Call of Pripyat on DX11 practically maxed out on HD5770.

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Cossack-HD Dec 4 2014, 12:35pm replied:

It's a newer build and weather/shaders are edited by a new team member which was working on build-o-like weather/graphics mods long before.

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Cossack-HD Nov 30 2014, 5:34am replied:

Quote:The view through the scope bobs and weaves so much it's impossible to aim.

I'm not sure about the Dragunov sniper rifle, but view bobbing for all other scoped rifles reduces dramatically if you aim for a longer time. I guess, that may depend on the character skill too though.

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Cossack-HD Nov 29 2014, 9:19am says:

All that stuff about Stalker trademark, 1:1 game world based on real geography...

1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is GSC's trademark, Stalker is non-GSC trademark, for the old film I guess. Stalker Online aka SZONE - another (******) project made in Russia (MMORPG), can use that name in Russian (Сталкер Онлайн). So the trademark is not a big deal - there should be ways to register something like "Stalk The Zone" or "Zone of Stalking" :D

2. 1:1 real Zone in the game will be boring in most cases. It's great idea for Pripyat and the NPP (though game design will be very difficult), but the rest of the Zone is bare landscape with villages lying long from each other and some military objects (Woodpecker, etc). That means that it would take too much time to travel.
1:10 real Zone (reduced distances between remoted interesting objects) is much more playable, enjoyable and still is realistic enough.
But it's still much easier and better for gameplay to make a game world with designer-decided geography.

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Cossack-HD Nov 13 2014, 2:38pm replied:

Quote:Can somebody knows why it works well in La+1.13 Patch(max setting) and why La+1.2-1.3 patch work ****(8fps,no body,slove quicksave,performance error,no body)?
My PC: NVIDIA gt750,8gb DDR ram, intel core i7

Maybe you didn't restart the game after applying max settings, so they were never used on first patch. New settings affect the game only after you restart the game.

Grass shadow (CPU/GPU), MSAA (GPU), SSAO (GPU) are the most demanding graphics options which should be disabled in most cases.

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Cossack-HD Nov 9 2014, 4:58am replied:

That "bug" is nothing but faulty AI. It happened in the original game in different places too - the NPC is trying to attack the source of a hostile sound, but instead of going by a path, they aim through geometry objects to where the sound was heard and move around like crabs. An NPC on second floor might point his gun towards enemy on the first floor. What you saw was the same situation, but instead of floors you had an outdoor area and an underground.

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Cossack-HD Nov 8 2014, 8:25am replied:

Try switching render maybe? I heard there were some problems with particles on some renders.

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Cossack-HD Nov 1 2014, 6:05pm replied:

Quote: I suggest you get to work on porting it over, and if you're too lazy, at least leave the resources and the ability in the game so the community can fully fix it.

OGSE added CoP detectors to SoC months ago. Autumn Aurora 2 has simplified CoP detector system that works purely on scripts. It's all there, but no one yet added the detectors to LA, just because IT'S NOT AN ISSUE.

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Cossack-HD Nov 1 2014, 5:23pm replied:

CAPTAINJAPAN, developing such a large project in free time is very, very difficult, even if you re-use the content. Why didn't GSC make Shadow of Chernobyl just as big as half of LA or not even less? It's too hard? "Stop crying GSC, you just have to do your job!" Oups, they closed the game development department :/

Porting the detectors would take another weeks of work and testing - it's much more important to finish what was already done.
The biggest problem of the game is lack of content on the levels. It's too wide spread. It's better to focus on making few things perfect than chasing too many goals at once. You now tell that LA lacks the artifact hunting from CS/CoP. Ofcouse adding such a complicated feature will fix all the existing problems!

Apart from greater amount of NPCS, devs better fix the broken weather management, slow particle processing on R1 and non-working steep parallax on r2.

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Cossack-HD Nov 1 2014, 5:17pm replied:

Quote:Why can't you guys just remove that scene which happens in the Marshes

It's already removed in the upcoming fourth patch.

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Cossack-HD Oct 31 2014, 11:43am replied:

If you killed Sin before that, don't go to the mine. Come back to Bar instead.

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