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Cossack-HD Sep 10 2014, 10:34am replied:

I have no problems running this on Origin BF1942. Please make sure your hands grow from the right place.

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Cossack-HD Sep 9 2014, 12:43pm says:

Any chance to add (optional) extra monster spawn?

+1 vote     media: Autumn Aurora 2.1
Cossack-HD Sep 5 2014, 11:04am replied:
Quote:i have installed the patch but every time i try to start the game it says "Cannot open file fsgame.ltx.", i've tried to copy STALKER: SOC to alpha directory but it didnt work, it shows only black screen, HELP??? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

Maybe patch had been installed to a wrong folder.

People with fsgame.ltx related problems should really give infos about size of their installed game (partial installation?), which folder the game and patch are installed to (different folders?) and if there is fsgame.ltx in the main game folder.

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Cossack-HD Sep 5 2014, 3:52am replied:
Quote:Cannot open file "fsgame.ltx". Check your working folder.

1. Make sure you downloaded all 4 parts to same folder, and then unpack first archive (which starts chain reaction of unpacking the following archives automatically).
2. Try installing the game to non "Program Files" folder.
3. The download might be currupted, try to redownload the game.

I hope this helps :)

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Cossack-HD Sep 1 2014, 1:53am says:

I guess you may get game less stable if you add in too many timers. I mean, for each timer you need to use pstore, or it will be forgotten by loading a savegame. You say saves get broken because the game can't handle that many values.

You need a timer to know when blowout should start.
Then you need a timer to know how much of that weather should be shown.
Then you need a timer to know how much of another weather will be shown.
Etc etc.

I don't know how your blowout timer system looks like, but if you could use ONE timer for ALL blowout sequences you could save some resources.

I mean, you should not start one new timer for each sequence, instead you make a timer system where NAME of sequence (timer description) is just PART OF TIMER. So timer will tell WHAT and when should happen, and when a script does what needed, it also starts SAME timer but with another time and description.

+3 votes     media: Testers are NEEDED.
Cossack-HD Sep 1 2014, 1:14am says:

Nice! I see you keep working on the mod :D

The yellow HUD is really hard to read on such background :S
Can you make it green - opfor style? You've opfor weapon/hands models anyway :D

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Cossack-HD Aug 29 2014, 10:55am replied:

Basically X-RAY SDK lets you to:
1. Create levels (merge pre-made object parts together) (.level)
2. Add characters, objects to levels (.spawn)
3. Import .object files to Actor Editor, modify (set up animations, bones and hit boxes) and save as .OGF (basically that's the way you convert 3ds max models to STALKER).
4. Edit particles using Particles editor.
And many more things...

+5 votes     media: Lost Alpha SDK soon!
Cossack-HD Aug 29 2014, 2:09am says:


I guess you don't have any idea about how complicated X-RAY SDK is :D You even need to look up WIKI to know how to free-look (left mouse button+right mouse button).

They have new tools in LA X-RAY SDK though, but I don't expect it to be as fun to use as other games' SDK.

Still great news for people who know how to use X-RAY SDK, or for those who have patience to learn.

+4 votes     media: Lost Alpha SDK soon!
Cossack-HD Aug 27 2014, 1:10am replied:

Read description

Quote:You do not need STALKER to run LA, Stand alone Release.
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Cossack-HD Aug 25 2014, 3:03pm says:

I always make "hard saves" - quicksaves get broken more often. People say the game can't pause itself intime to make quicksave sometimes, thus it's better to make saves using main menu - everything is still and ready for record.

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Cossack-HD Aug 22 2014, 12:39pm replied:

It's not question addressed to me, but I'm quite sure Dezowave always needed people who work with models and animations.

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Cossack-HD Aug 21 2014, 11:28am replied:

Well, it's not full version.

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Cossack-HD Aug 20 2014, 12:04pm replied:

Сделай так, чтобы монстр, которого переманили, был бессмертным в течении 5 секунд, а потом взрывался - тогда на него будут сбегаться враги и получать дамаг. Получается альтернатива pipe bomb из Left4Dead :D

+1 vote     article: Need your ideas!
Cossack-HD Aug 19 2014, 12:22pm says:
Quote:Switching to SSD's and later to a RAM Drive made the difference and now I enjoy the extra graphics features and 5 second reload times.

Damn, I've 16 GB RAM. I gonna need to repack game files (remove all default game ones which are replaced by Misery) and pack everything back to db archives to get everything in suitable volume :D
That would help with non SSD/RAMDISK computers too :D

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Cossack-HD Aug 19 2014, 12:16pm says:
Quote:I was kinda hoping you could tell me of ONE single game without bugs, glitches and problems :D

Everything can be "problem" if user is stupid enough :D
And everything can have glitch/bug for exactly same reason XD

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Cossack-HD Aug 19 2014, 11:29am says:

1. Enemies glow so you can see them in dark.
2. Enemies are scared and flee when hit by crossbow (Skyrim style, poisoned fear arrow ****).
3. Enemies are pushed back as you shoot at them (good for holding them back).
4. Quake 3 Team Arena protection shield thing.
5. Teleportation to save-room (when everything is too bad).
6. Add friendly turrets you pay money for!
7. Friendly apache helicopter? (Costs alot)
8. A "poison" for crossbow arrow that will make an enemy agressive to everyone? Skyrim **** again.
9. FUS RO DAH (OK, no more Skyrim)
10. Revive fallen teammate.
11. Some spell that will make enemies slower? Or everything becomes twice as slow but players walk speed and shooting speed?

Just look at perk list in game called Crimsonland. And play that game (careful, it's addictive!). Fire bullets those penetrate everything, faster reload time, more ammo in clip, poison bullets, radioactive aura around player (that makes every enemy near player lose health).

+2 votes     article: Need your ideas!
Cossack-HD Aug 18 2014, 10:48am says:

Is this new weapon or a replacement for some old (glock)?
Does it shoot fireballs? :D
P.S.: I love old HL/OPFOR weapons and I don't like anything beyound that. Classic gunplay is the best.

+1 vote     media: New Blaster Model
Cossack-HD Aug 17 2014, 2:24pm replied:

You chose another weapon that will be used as scrap. Look around in the repair menu.

+3 votes     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Cossack-HD Aug 17 2014, 8:19am replied:


Windows has full support for OpenGL.

+3 votes     mod: Sven Co-op
Cossack-HD Aug 17 2014, 8:19am says:

Please keep working on this. It's fun to play this alone. It should be twice as fun playing it with friends.

And what about trying to put this on GreenLight for free?

+1 vote     mod: Base Defense
Cossack-HD Aug 17 2014, 5:30am buried:


Guys, just wanna say, AK-47 doesn't exist. What you call AK-47 is either AK or AKM.

Mass production of original AK (known as AK-47) started in 1949. While real AK-47 was a test weapon produced in 1947 for field test; only about 2 thousands of real AK-47 exist - it never was a mass produced weapon.

I look forward for more advanced recoil system when barrel and crosshair are bumped up while shooting so you need to compensate by pulling mouse down (see Day of Defeat: Source). I can't remember any zombie shooter where shooting wasn't just "point and shoot". You've a chance to make shooting more unique in the genre.

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Cossack-HD Aug 16 2014, 6:57am replied:

Disable sun rays or switch to DX10 if you play on DX9.

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Cossack-HD Aug 10 2014, 3:20am says:
Quote:Good day, dezowave, maybe you know about that, but when I try to exit the game, it exits and then I see only black screen and I can't do anything and the only solution is to reboot my pc.
P.S. It happens only when I use dx10.

Try CTRL+SHIFT+ESC instead of exiting the game and then stop XR_3DA.exe process in the task manager.
That's what you do in Windows 8 :D

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Cossack-HD Aug 9 2014, 11:36am replied:
Quote:Is there any way of rectifying or improving upon the old X-Ray engine issue of stuttering and pausing in the game, as it seems to happen a lot. I remember a while back a guy had tackled this issue in COP, but I'm not sure what this mod was called. Thanks.

Welp, a way of fixing this is increasing A-Life radius in alife.ltx, but it causes bugs since engine cannot think about what a thousand living things have to do to each other in real time.

I wish someone made normal prefetch that would load all models and textures for all A-Life related objects (NPCs, weapons) to RAM. The game will be RAM hungry, but it won't have lags.

I've 16 GB RAM and I can RAMDISK the whole game and all lags will disappear, but I'm too lazy :D

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Cossack-HD Aug 8 2014, 7:55am replied:
Quote:What r1, r2 and r3 renders mean ? Is there a relation with DirectX 9 and 10 ?

r1 is (very) simplified DX9 (doesn't work on DX 8.1 cards because r1 uses few dx9 level shaders, still looks like DX 8.1) No one has DX 8.1 cards nowadays so you can call r1 DX 8.1 - no one will check if it's really 8.1 or 9.0 (but it didn't work for me on dx 8.1 card 6 years ago so I know the Truth!)

r2 is usual DX9. It uses all DX9 feautures.

r3 is DX10(.1). It has few extras compared to DX9 (MSAA, wet surfaces), plus it has some feautures those were supposed to work on DX9 (Steep parallax doesn't work on r2 in LA, looks like a bug). R3 seems to be best choice for me.

r__geometry_lod 0.4 will reduce LOD distance for geometry and raise FPS alot BTW.

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Cossack-HD Aug 6 2014, 4:10pm replied:
Quote:BUG..AFTER NEW PATCH i have BUG after taking BOROVs documents , game CRASH TO DESKTOP!

I took the documents recently. Didn't have any problems.
Playing on R3.

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Cossack-HD Aug 5 2014, 12:33pm replied:
Quote:this bug happens when u try to help wounded army mans when u fight on streets of Pripyat city ...

Don't even try to help dem traitors!

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Cossack-HD Aug 4 2014, 2:15pm replied:

Try unpacking 2nd patch's all.spawn file from gamedata.dbb archive to to gamedata/spawns folder. Rename gamedata folder under patch 3 installation and rename back when all is ready.

Can't say if it will work, but it might be worth trying. The game may become unstable and future save files may become broken.

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Cossack-HD Aug 3 2014, 1:07pm says:
Quote:If we have to keep starting a new game, it would be nice if you uploaded a freeplay save file.

I second this. Or I think it should be done in a different way - an OPTIONAL single script that enables all infoportions when player starts new game. That results in automatic completion of all story tasks and unlocking all levels. Player will start as rookie with basic equipment though...

Where's Freeplay Start mod adaptation for Lost Alpha?..

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Cossack-HD Aug 3 2014, 1:04pm says:
Quote:Vincent Vega was working on it (r1 weather) and it was supposed to be after 1.3002 patch. And right now its 1.3003 patch.

They said after second patch, they didn't say before third patch.
1.3003 came after 1.3002, what's the problem? :D
P.S.: I wanna play with updated weather myself...

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