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Heroes of the Storm

Game review - 1 disagree

Addictive, funny, looks great, sounds even better. Lots of possibilities for team work, lots of different tactics to chose from.


Half-Life : Residual Life

Mod review - 1 disagree

Better than average HL mod.

Pros: nice level design, attention to details in the first part of the game. The transit zone in the beginning is stunning to see on this engine.
There are some small gameplay related surprises.

Cons: reused design ideas of HL, OPFOR and BSHIFT. No clear story progression - you just wander around completely pointlessly, and then - sudden ending, as if the mod wasn't finished.

Conclusion: mod without any idea, but with great content. I usually play projects which have somewhat good idea but but execution, here I see good execution but no idea (story-wise) whatsoever. There's literally less story in this mod than in DOOM in 2/3 of the mod.



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Solid tactical FPS. On of my most favourite games of all time.

It's like Call of Duty 4/Medal of Honor 2010 made in Red Orchestra style.
Weapon handling is realistic and satisfying. Hip-fire "accuracy" is based on where you point the barrel - there is no increased spread when hip firing, but the weapon barrel isn't connected to the center of your view, it's called free aim - best seen when you use laser sights. And of course you can and should aim down the sights make accurate shots.
Overall, great game for casuals as well as for hardcore ArmA-like people - you get to see how real firefights look like and why 2 people are needed to safely throw one grenade into a doorway (because if the throwing guy isn't being covered, he can get shot when he has no firearm in the hands).


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Game review

****** campaign.
Infinite enemy respawn is back from singleplayer.
Obvious enemy spawn triggers in SP.
****** sound design.
Slightly improved graphics but overall graphics style is just GREY.
****** music.
Shotgun is more effective against heavy armor than sniper rifles? YOU W0T M8?
Weapon sounds are very similar to each other.
Some silenced weapons sound like some weapons without silencer, WTF.
****** multiplayer with lags even at 4/4 bars connection (good luck finding a good server).
9/10 of people I hear on voice communication are growling - not possible to understand a thing.

Render quality: Low -> Normal -> High -> Ultra -> Native.

The guy who named those presets is a retard, here's how it's supposed to be:
normal = native, all above is downsampling.

Coop is fun for a while, but max 2 players in survival - Activision are too greedy.


Battlefield 4

Game review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

Too much useless stuff, still laggy in 2015, too much chaos.

I played BF4 on high end PCs with 144hz screens with super smooth network (10 ms ping), and you know what? It doesn't feel smooth with all that stuff either.


Battlefield 3

Game review - 2 agree

Fair, fun and realistic weapon balance (you know what to expect of guns if you have idea about their differences IRL, SCAR-H in BF3 is ******** though), sometimes very tight tactical gameplay, different maps, different play styles, high overall flexibility, weapon and vehicles unlocks, amazing sound design, pretty graphics.


Military Duty

Mod review


Promising at first with really nice visual design, several small level design flaws, but later followed by annoying game design decisions.

Big momma fight? Cut her HP in 3. You fight it as long as in original HL, but all that time at one single "arena", and soon enough it's swarming with baby-headcrabs. By that time you may have about 6 AR grenades and 5 hand grenades - doesn't seem sufficient for a boss fight, especially after you spent them 20 minutes ago, right?

Alien Grunts spawning a meter behind you? Nice touch. Don't forget that you need to put dozens of AR shots in its face, or 2 very accurate Python/Desert eagle shots which are very scarce. Or play on "normal".

Mod creator says "Play game on Hard"? Because author knows where every single monster spawns, thus he does 180 noscope to a recently teleported monster and thinks it's too easy? NO, you don't know where they spawn. Play on Normal. Hard is HARD.

Levels overloaded with high polycount resulting in stuttering here and there? Add headcrabs those jump at you as the game stutters, while you have 20 HP left after the boss fight? - the ultimate ragequit combination.

Fix it up and it's worth 11/10, because voice acting is even better than in OPFOR, new custom models and textures look GREAT and this mod has a lot of potential. Otherwise it feels like quite well made Release Candidate version.



Game review

Basically, realistic Counter-Strike with expanded possibilities.

Weapon handling works like in Red Orchestra.
No annoying stuff what so ever.
Teamwork is most important.
PVP and COOP game modes.
Very well balanced.

Free DLCs with new game modes/weapons/maps and graphics/sound updates.


Base Defense

Mod review

STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)

Mod review
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