"We just have received word that a group of terrorists took over the Lonely Weapons Laboratory near Seattle. No more information are currently available. The CEO of Lonely Weapons, Fuzzy Mcgee is currently missing and we have not been able to establish contact with the terrorists. Your main objective is to infiltrate the laboratory and find Mcgee. Find information. I want to know who is behind this." The third person mod, Half-Life: Tactical Espionage Action puts the player in the role of secret agent Frank Johnson. His mission? To stop evil!

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Very original!

It felt kinda awkward playing in a third person view.

Wow this is fantastic, the gameplay is very similar to Splinter cell, Objectives, Stealth, Well designed environment, just awesome .

I might not have completed it yet but im sure it'll be awesome! anyway could you add a backup weapon and Ammunition?

Nice to see something different from the HL Mod community!

Loved it! At some points I was about to break my keyboard. LOL!



It felt alot like metal gear (witch I love) However. The game was clunky and felt like it was missing something. also the custom models were hard to find I liked it but it had lacking stuff like disapearing enemys, and also barely any custom models.

Not my style, and definitely challenging, but it is well detailed and the amount of work put into it shows for itself.

I'm just not into stealth games, and the amount of deaths and frustrations kept on mounting until I shut the mod off in anger.

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