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Jakkar Sep 23 2014, 10:17am says:

Intriguing. Your pitch sounds a little idealistic/poorly founded. I'm concerned potential team members might be turned off by how unlikely the project sounds.

How are you in legal terms to remake an owned IP like this?

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Jakkar Jul 24 2013, 12:46pm says:

I look forward to seeing this drop in price. Too close to the psychological cash barrier of £10 to splash out without some heavy recommendations. It's a lot of money for a 2d topdown indie shooter. For an indepth RPG or a larger project I might think otherwise, not because of what you had to put into it but because of what I can expect to get out of it.

I wish you luck and hope you make a decent profit despite the high debut price.

+2 votes   game: Splatter
Jakkar Jul 24 2013, 12:44pm replied:

Agreed, it comes across as a little desperate, a little slimy, and it was good to call it out - but you might do so privately rather than directly beneath the description ;)

I appreciate the civil feedback from the developer below.

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Jakkar Aug 10 2012, 10:39pm says:

The finest deathmatch I've ever played. Fantastic audio in particular made it the most tense experience I've had hunting and being hunted by other players, in ruined cities where every step would echo down forgotten alleys and toxic sewers. Combined with a vastly superior bullet penetration system to mods like Counter Strike, you could often take down an enemy by listening to him moving in the room above you, and unload a few magnum rounds through the floorboards from below, to a gratifying splatter of blood raining down through the ceiling.

If anyone would like to try to play this again, perhaps using an old HL install and Hamachi, do contact me.

+4 votes   mod: The Wastes
Jakkar Sep 29 2010, 5:12am says:

Nothing. Let's be frank, he took someone else's simple, obvious idea, crudely cartooned it to life, ignored it for over a year, then ****** up repeatedly. It's fun because of the player's imagination. The minimal design and development Notch has put into the game generally only gets in the way of that fun.

-4 votes   news: What Indie Developers Can Learn from Minecraft
Jakkar Sep 7 2010, 7:48am says:

I'm sure a lot of players would love to have the vaguest idea of when you -hope- to have Upgrades and Stashes re-enabled. I understand that as a modder, unpaid work must come second to other responsibilities, so I'd not be surprised if the date slips - but an indication of intention would be very helpful in my decision of whether to hold off on Redux, use Redux as a foundation to tweak myself, or play it now =)

For the moment, those two removals really turn me off, as this will be my first playthrough of CoP, after a lot of SHOC and CS.

+1 vote   feature: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat: Redux v1.0 Feature List
Jakkar Jul 24 2010, 5:31pm says:

This.. isn't Firearms. Looks like firearms, sounds like firearms. Isn't firearms.

Most of the weapons are pointless due to the lack of realism - the crowning quality of a gun is simply how many bullets it can fire rapidly, due to the ridiculously low damage/resistance to flying lead possessed by these brave soldiers.

The maps are very dull - simplistic and with not nearly enough cover and concealment to make things interesting.

Bullet penetration seems nonexistant.

Weapon accuracies are unreasonably perfect.

Sniping requires absolutely no effort.

Explosives are massively underpowered.

Smoke grenades are too thin, hazy and the cloud is too small to be useful.

+3 votes   mod: Firearms: Source
Jakkar Jul 22 2010, 2:00am says:

Horribly pointless. Godawful animations for no good reason, forcing the player to 'perve-jog' instead of either walking or running, with a freakish hunch in the shoulders, leading into a gameworld defined by invisible walls.

Perhaps it doesn't help that I got stuck as soon as the first two 'zombies' appeared - because after sneaking past them and returning to my car (finding no other route) only to find I can't interact with anything or go anywhere, with invisible walls at every point I could discover and no hint on where to go..

I returned to the two zombies, snuck up, touched them, ran infront of them with my flashlight shining in their eyes.

No reaction. They just stood there, without any active AI =\

-1 votes   mod: Flesh
Jakkar May 20 2010, 6:42am says:

Thankyou once again, Gibbed!

+1 vote   news: Download the Just Cause 2 mod tools!
Jakkar May 5 2010, 11:57am says:

This has a lot of potential - do you have anywhere I could join in some discussion, and have some input? You've got my head swimming with ideas - like a time-cycle that swaps darkness and light akin to day and night, the goal being to survive the nights against the poltergeist while he cannot exist during the day, except in dark places.

Varied objectives, such as car keys, medical supplies, vital repairs that force players to randomly attend different areas outside their comfort zone, traversing areas ideal for ambush..

.. too many ideas. Give me a forum or chatroom! =)

+1 vote   news: Demons Vs Humans - Stalked by a demon
Jakkar Apr 30 2010, 8:48pm replied:

Thanks, Pavel - I managed to find the information myself, but remain grateful. Would you happen to know he name of the composer?

+1 vote   mod: Clear Sky Complete
Jakkar Apr 28 2010, 6:15pm says:

Ahoy there, Pavel - I installed CSComplete straight away, without really playing ClearSky Vanilla, therefore I don't know whether the menu music is new, or the original tune. Did you add it?

+1 vote   mod: Clear Sky Complete
Jakkar Mar 13 2010, 3:12pm buried:


A PVK/Age of Chivalry clone without any combat depth, packed with thoughtless piles of flashing special effects of little apparent worth.

Looks like a loveletter to a more action-heavy World of Warcraft, moves similarly, plays like a headache distilled into a third person strafe-em-up with swords that don't need to actually connect with the enemy to hurt them.

Judging by their emphasis on anime/cartoon visual styles and overblown effects prioritised over any depth of gameplay, I don't imagine this one will see much improvement.

Bring back Dystopia D:

-7 votes   news: Sweet Sweet Release!
Jakkar Jan 8 2010, 6:54pm says:

Poor beached right-angled ship. How will it ever get away? To be splashed with nuclear reactor coolant as well! Cruel fate!

+1 vote   media: Roman Beachhead
Jakkar Nov 9 2009, 3:10pm says:

I'm stunned. This is unexpected and impressive work. I wish you luck and truly hope I get to play this oneday. I've little I can do to help, but I can clean up writing in English, provide English voice recordings and provide some 2d artwork.

+1 vote   mod: Stalker (The Zone)
Jakkar Nov 8 2009, 9:57am says:

Ho there, clone. You love zombies too? *grins*

I used to be a contributor/moderator for the Brainbread and No More Room in Hell mods, for HL1 and HL2 respectively. I'd enjoy hearing more about your ambitions for this project, although I imagine it's dormant for now given the half-year silence.

+1 vote   mod: DEAD ZONE
Jakkar Jan 26 2006, 5:27am says:


Where the hell have you been anyway, sir xyvik? Ah yes, I changed my msn. Bugger.

I'll email you my new address now, it would be nice to regain contact.

'tis nice to see the Sith War continues, and having played the demo of Empire at War, I've no doubt that it will be excellent.

+1 vote   news: Your Fleet Awaits, Commander
Jakkar Oct 12 2005, 8:08pm says:

G'day to ye!

May I ask what your MSN address is again Xyvik? If you could send it in a PM I'd appreciate it. Recently got me new PC and a fresh hotmail account, and I currently sit on hotmail as Jakkar @

I would like to have you once more on my list, even if you're too busy to talk much :)

See ye'

- Jakk

+1 vote   member: Xyvik
Jakkar Oct 11 2005, 7:22pm says:

Very good Xyvik, another news update. It's nice to see a friend at work here.

+1 vote   news: Rise of the Bastion
Jakkar Oct 4 2005, 11:04am says:

Burn it. Burn it now!

+1 vote   news: Its alive
Jakkar Sep 28 2005, 8:03pm says:

I await the HL2 version... Perhaps, it could be hoped, they will license Source with it's well set-up multiplayer, moddability and physics for their retail version?

+2 votes   review: The Ship review
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