It is long time passed since original Stalker got me bored too much. I feel a bit sick now about it. Though, it has adventurous atmosphere and what is more important for me - post-soviet design.

So, forget about the original plot. Imagine you have never played S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Now imagine that this is not a mod. A new game, with absolutely new story, absolutely new idea of the loneliness in the abandoned world. Imagine new characters and small dramas. If you want to experience new story that will cause your memory to bring you joy from flashback into a time you saw Stalker for the first time, than you should wait till this thing will come out.

I promise to you all to make a new unforgettable story and what is more important for me - new game.

The work is frozen.

I've uploaded the latest build on the stage the mod was frozen.

Team members:
Vora_bat: Chief, skinner, mapper, modeler, screen-shots and video maker, and scriptwriter, and designer, e.t.c
KZEN: mapper

Part of weapons is presented by Eye for an eye (WIW) mod-team

So, what about maps?
- Start Map - 100% Done
- Cordon - 100% Done
- DarkScape - 100% Done
- *info lost*
- Garbage - 100% Done
- Agroprom - 100% Done
- Bar/Wild Territory - 90%
- Military - 100% Done
- Dead City - 90%
- NII Chemic - 90%
- Pripyat - 70%
- CHAES - 30%

Most of the resources and models belong to GSC company.

Mod Deleted

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