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Kingdoms Collide release is here! Come join in the action.

Posted by stenchy on Mar 12th, 2010

Kingdoms Collide

Kingdoms Collide announces it's first beta release! It's a little rough around the edges, so be gentle but constructive with your feedback (we want lots of feedback). It's a proud accomplishment that 2 guys have gotten this far with their very first mod in only one year. Hopefully it's the beginning of something great.

Also join up with other players in our IRC chat, #KingdomsCollide on the Gamesurge network.

Or follow our development on the links below:

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RKotern Mar 12 2010 says:


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pol13 Mar 13 2010 replied:

A manual written by one of our playtesters

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Awesome_ninja Mar 17 2010 replied:

wow, I didn't knew like 4/5 of stuff O_O! Great job.

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Cybio Mar 12 2010 says:

Great =)

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Worldwideweb Mar 13 2010 replied:

yeah, already downloaded and installed (but not played yet, that's the next task^^)

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D3V1LISH_SNIPER Mar 12 2010 says:


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lethal_vortex Mar 12 2010 says:

2guys o.0? very nice dling now:D

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NightSage Mar 12 2010 says:

Wow great!

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OriginalPerry Mar 12 2010 says:

Wtf. My DL just froze at 63% and i had to start it again :/

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Turj Mar 12 2010 says:

Not a good mod, not a bad mod.
The graphics and effects are pretty nice, the gameplay seems sweet.
The only problem i have is the melee system. Not as good as described, it's far from the effectivness of PVKII or AoC for example.

Also what is the point to do a 3rd person view if you cant even aim with your spells and with your bow. I thought there will be an ironsight thing or something like it but no.

Keep up the good work, there are good ideas around this game.

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pol13 Mar 13 2010 replied:

"The only problem i have is the melee system. Not as good as described, it's far from the effectivness of PVKII or AoC for example."

Kingdoms Collides melee system is very involved and id urge you to stick with it as it takes a long time to master (trust me a good swordsman can b unstoppable with any sword). Watch this video if you want to learn the basics.

The same goes for aiming the bow and spells it takes practice and just use them for a short time and you will begin to hit targets just by "feel".

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Turj Mar 13 2010 replied:

Thanks for the Youtube tutorial.

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izzysinz Mar 13 2010 replied:

i must agree i do feel the 3rd person view detracts from the immersive feeling the game has.

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rellik_pt Mar 12 2010 says:

lots of fixes need. but its a cool mod

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SweatbackSTEEN Mar 12 2010 says:


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Torabi Mar 12 2010 says:

Lovely! Can't wait to try this.

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maniacmoop Mar 12 2010 says:


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zelfire Mar 12 2010 says:

Ran horrible for me bad fps dont know why

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rellik_pt Mar 12 2010 replied:

all maps are badly optimized. i get 10fps in some maps with more that 18 players

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egpheel Mar 12 2010 says:

yay! downloading :D

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SolidFake Mar 12 2010 says:

downloading now, playing tomorrow, we'll see ;)

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coolestcats Mar 12 2010 says:

Cool, im downloading it right now, looks good

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GeneralMonkey Mar 12 2010 says:

This game isn't good at all. The combat system is slow as hell, one swing can literally take up to 4 seconds, which gives your enemies enough time to move. Most of the stuff is already confusing from the start, as nothing is really explained, you just have to select weapons and spells and magically know how to use them, such as how to assassinate some one with a dagger or how to cling to walls with it. Not to mention there is no ironsight for bows, so you pretty much have to aim with what your gut says. Oh, not to mention in half the maps the spawns are screwed up so you die when you start and you wont even be able to play. Matches are also really quick so you won't even get enough skill points to get many spells such as a fire ball or something, so you hardly even get to use those.

While this game has good ideas they weren't incorperated properly yet. I do hope that the next beta will be better. And before you guys start flaming me, I am aware that this is a beta, and don't say "Oh you should figure it out on your own!" because really, its not really welcoming and encouraging for new players to just have to figure everything out on their own with not even the slightest clue on what to do with certain weapons or to be expected to know how to use everything.

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kylo Mar 13 2010 replied:

sword swings take 1 second. max.
"have to use your gut for spells/bows" by gut do you mean skill and practice?
the game does need a manual, i believe someone is working on one now

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Zedrion Mar 13 2010 says:

you are wrong! this mod is one of the best i have ever got my hands on. its their first release its going to have bugs so dont be stupid! i am looking forward to more updates. keep up the great work guys. it would be kewl to have a mod like this but instead of humans have mechs fighting ^^

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Murdouken Mar 13 2010 says:

The graphics and effects are really nice, and the gameplay seems like it's a GOOD START, but it doesn't seem completely finished yet. The melee system has ridiculous delays, and you can't really aim because you have to stop moving. There is also that annoying camera jump when you attack.

The ranged weapons and spells are pretty good though. Good job so far, but it still needs a bit more in my opinion.

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pol13 Mar 13 2010 replied:

The player stopping when he swings is there to stop sword wielders from becoming unstoppable juggernauts, you have to learn the trick of predicting were you target is going to be when you stop moving, note it will also stop the player your hitting movement as well if you swing is on target.

We are still trying to find fixes for the animation jump as this is a problem with source engines full bodied 3rd person anims.

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Murdouken Mar 13 2010 replied:

I understand the sword stopping thing. I think it'd be better to have people with weaker swords and still be able to run around though.

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Holysniper Mar 13 2010 says:

Congrats guys!

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Auth3ntic0 Mar 13 2010 says:

At last. What took you so long ;P?

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DreamOo Mar 13 2010 says:

to be honest:
beside the glitches and bugs a beta normaly has got, the archery system does not work out in any sense. if you take a look at pvk II, you´ll see that you´ve got a crosshair, but still many difficulties with aiming. so i dont care about the graphics that much, unless the melee system needs some hard work.
hang on guys, its your first release, so it should not bother you that much... ;)

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DuckSauce Mar 13 2010 says:

This could do with a lot of work, in general I like the style of it, but there's way too many spells for one. I can imagine one good spell for each element would do alot better than 4 for each. But maybe that's me.

I didn't like the melee system at all, no one blocks besides shield users and the way blocking is implemented isn't very good in my opinion.

I found the approach of bows interesting, personally I think it's odd to for third person bows with no crosshair, but I managed to get a good grab of the shooting and it's a fearsome weapon, especially consdering no one except a shield user or two can block your hits.

Magic was kinda annoying, I was FORCED to use the non quick switch so I could see what magic I was selecting and wielding, although the switching didn't work very well, even when trying to do it calmly, sometimes it just wouldn't switch ending me up with the wrong magic or with a bow instead of magic, or the other way around.

All in all, I can understand your desire for a release, now you'll have lots of feedback to go on from lots of different people, if you use that effectively, I'm sure this mod can eventually be one of the best mods out there!

So yeah, decent release, but definitely needs alot more work, keep at it!

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stenchy Author
stenchy Mar 13 2010 replied:

^ Great example of constructive criticism. Legible and formatted well. Take note people :D

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DuckSauce Mar 13 2010 replied:

I decided to give it an another go and I started liking it alot more.

Weapon/Magic switching, you're doing something(getting hit, un-doing a bow draw, etc) and it will completely ignore you trying to switch weapons/magic.

Two fixes for that, either allow it to immediatly switch at all times, or have it remember the last switch you try to do, then when it can switch it will do that.

Another thing before I forget, is the "ready" fire fireball thing, if I ready a fireball I get burned for damage as long as it's active, but when I switch back to another weapon(sword for instance) the effect is still active and hurting me but I can't throw a fireball in that state. Then if I switch back to fireball it stops burning and I still don't have a readied fireball.
So the problem is your hp gets burned away for no good reason.

Hmmm, now we're on the subject of those sort of things, one of my mappers(Alt`) mentioned that apparently in one of the maps that has water, there's also water underneath the map, which he said is a hit to perfomance.

I played some more with melee, noticing I could "headshot" with melee I started getting alot better at that. Blocking is still unused in large battles, can imagine it being usefull in smaller battles though.

On the "buy" menu, please add (x) behind everything, with x being the points cost. The localization system is well capable of that.

For magic I'd really like to see what magic I have active somehow. Additionally I don't see that much point to all those different imbue's and different spells. If you'd narrow down the spells per element to 1 or 2, then you'd get a lot more specialised elements, some support, others defense, other offensive and other improving your general combat for example. Leveling would become redundant and you could just handle it like it's done with the weapon points(I think you always get 12 right?) that way everyone can specialise but still not be disadvantaged for not being better than someone else.

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pol13 Mar 13 2010 replied:

Thankyou for the constructive criticism, we have been finding that many people when they give it another go get used to the concepts and uses of different skills and weapons. We hope to implement many of these things that you have stated.

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Newbez Mar 13 2010 says:

very few servers...

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JohnnyMaverik Mar 13 2010 says:

Looking forward to giving this a go

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TheUnknownM Mar 13 2010 says:

We love you
cant wait to play it :D

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scubahunter Mar 13 2010 says:

I'm super glad for you guys! Releases are great! Job Well done!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gurra300 Mar 13 2010 says:

looks good, and does not look like source graphic :O really detailed swords and armours :P

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iopzx Mar 13 2010 says:

THERE is a game called RAkion. they have a nice melee system.

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TheUnknownM Mar 15 2010 replied:

is it a mmo/rpg in moddb?

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Jakkar Mar 13 2010 buried:


A PVK/Age of Chivalry clone without any combat depth, packed with thoughtless piles of flashing special effects of little apparent worth.

Looks like a loveletter to a more action-heavy World of Warcraft, moves similarly, plays like a headache distilled into a third person strafe-em-up with swords that don't need to actually connect with the enemy to hurt them.

Judging by their emphasis on anime/cartoon visual styles and overblown effects prioritised over any depth of gameplay, I don't imagine this one will see much improvement.

Bring back Dystopia D:

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Jesternz08 Mar 13 2010 says:

Looking great, congratulations with release, will have to try it, likely at a lan sometime.

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koddak99 Mar 13 2010 says:

I would play it :D if convict gaming (worst clan ever) didn't run the game.... i got banned for nothing :D I asked them for proof... it might be because i called the leader a **** when i used to playtest with him for ZPS...

Love Gothic <3

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rellik_pt Mar 14 2010 replied:

make a server then and stop insulting the other members.

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ViolentCrimes Mar 17 2010 replied:

Gothic why was it you were kicked out of ZPS playtesting besides you never showing up. That is right it was because your buddy Dr Badtouch who dos attacked the playtest server and tried to use it against the developers of zps to get himself unbanned since he was globally banned. You think the word **** bothers me I have been called worse by alot better people then you.

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DigitalySane Mar 14 2010 says:

The master-sword needs balancing and master-bow cause that's all that everyone uses.

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devldie Mar 15 2010 replied:

no, you cannot by perks with those weapons which makes them balanced imo

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D3V1LISH_SNIPER Mar 14 2010 says:

downloading it:D

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