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.illogical Dec 3 2010, 9:57pm says:

How have I never seen this before?

Looks amazing.

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.illogical Nov 17 2010, 2:07pm says:

"Spy sappin my companion cub"

+12 votes   media: Obviously
.illogical Nov 17 2010, 2:05pm replied:

I shall pose a question... Where is this set? :P

Looking great, cant wait.

+1 vote   news: Med.Release #05: Dniepr To L4D2
.illogical Nov 17 2010, 1:51pm replied:

"Xibit, Pimp My Gun."

+2 votes   media: Randomized Skins
.illogical Nov 17 2010, 1:10pm says:


+1 vote   news: Frozen Synapse is coming to Steam in 2011!
.illogical Nov 13 2010, 3:06pm replied:


Night vision looks good, though.

+1 vote   news: Who, What, Where, When, and not very-much Why...
.illogical Nov 12 2010, 5:01pm replied:

And when they show us the .rar file size, we begin to know a little more about the stage their at

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.illogical Nov 10 2010, 7:04pm says:

I like what your doing, but can only suggest a little more colour, or texture to help differentiate the various elements of the buildings. Nonetheless, I'm really looking forward to seeing this progress.

+1 vote   news: I'm back!
.illogical Nov 10 2010, 7:00pm replied:

hence the word more, I would suspect so

+1 vote   media: In the shadow of Russia
.illogical Nov 7 2010, 6:05pm says:

I like the idea of no firing from the hip. the movements and animation looks fab.

+1 vote   media: Beretta Test
.illogical Nov 5 2010, 10:39pm says:

Gratz on having the release date set, guys. Well done on making this happen.

+1 vote   news: Good Evening, Subject(s)
.illogical Nov 4 2010, 1:11pm says:

Whoa. That trailer is amazing.

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.illogical Oct 27 2010, 6:45pm replied:

What he said

+2 votes   media: Promoshot
.illogical Oct 27 2010, 6:43pm says:

Holy capowow. That's amazing.

+3 votes   media: Promoshot
.illogical Oct 24 2010, 2:52pm says:

Holy **** that looks real.

+1 vote   media: Photorealistic CRYENGINE 2
.illogical Oct 23 2010, 9:43pm says:


+1 vote   news: Updated Sanctum Demo!
.illogical Oct 23 2010, 9:40pm says:

I can say i never played the original non patched version, but really look forward to playing this version - of which is in the process of being downloaded.

Congrats on the release anyway, fantastic job just to get that far but the level of support you appear to be giving to the fans and players is really good! Great job!

+1 vote   media: 1187 Patch 2 now up for grabs
.illogical Oct 23 2010, 9:23pm says:

Looks fab and will have to get my hands on 1187 when I get round to it. Grats on the release. Now i can keep an eye on Mortewood again :thup:

+1 vote   news: 1187 + Release = Mortewood Is Back!
.illogical Aug 7 2010, 11:42am says:

Looks stunning.

+1 vote   news: August Update
.illogical Jul 28 2010, 2:38pm replied:

I larvv it

0 votes   media: Another Chamber 08 Screen
.illogical Jul 27 2010, 11:16am says:

watch out, valve.

+1 vote   media: Portal: Awakening Teaser Trailer
.illogical Jun 14 2010, 8:55pm says:

looks ace :thup:

+1 vote   download: KF-Constriction V104
.illogical Jun 12 2010, 10:08pm says:

I personally prefer it without, but thats not to say i dislike it with it

+1 vote   media: Color Correction Test
.illogical Jun 10 2010, 4:43pm replied:

he says it is 9/10, originally, then adds "actually, just for being... I'm choosing to break the rules and add a point" and then makes it 10/10.

I can only agree with the review. top class mod

+2 votes   review: OutPost 16
.illogical May 29 2010, 8:52am says:

Sould be more of a purr than a roar, unless your really revving the **** out of it.

+1 vote   media: Orange Box Alpha Footage
.illogical May 14 2010, 7:17pm says:

right click, view original, set as wallpaper :thup:

+4 votes   media: NH2 wallpaper
.illogical May 14 2010, 7:16pm says:

sends shivers up my spine. seriously.

+2 votes   media: Nightmare House 2 screenshots
.illogical May 5 2010, 9:19am replied: +1 vote   media: HUD Concept
.illogical May 4 2010, 9:37pm says:

Cant say I am a massive fan of this, like most, a more simple, clean, minimal yet sophisticated and different HUD is needed. I may make up a mock to propose an idea or two?

+1 vote   media: HUD Concept
.illogical May 1 2010, 2:58pm replied:


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