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.illogical Nov 10 2010, 7:00pm replied:

hence the word more, I would suspect so

+1 vote   media: In the shadow of Russia
.illogical Jul 28 2010, 2:38pm replied:

I larvv it

0 votes   media: Another Chamber 08 Screen
.illogical Jun 14 2010, 8:55pm says:

looks ace :thup:

+1 vote   download: KF-Constriction V104
.illogical Jun 10 2010, 4:43pm replied:

he says it is 9/10, originally, then adds "actually, just for being... I'm choosing to break the rules and add a point" and then makes it 10/10.

I can only agree with the review. top class mod

+2 votes   article: OutPost 16
.illogical Aug 15 2009, 1:56pm replied:

got to :)

+4 votes   media: Thompson Demonstration
.illogical Jun 5 2009, 9:52pm says:

looks great, nice job

+1 vote   media: Rotterdam
.illogical May 24 2009, 5:53pm replied:

deadmau5 for the win

+3 votes   member: R0b
.illogical May 24 2009, 5:51pm says:

this may be a random comment, but I think it looks like a really good map. top job

+1 vote   media: Dm_Complex_A1
.illogical May 24 2009, 5:43pm says:

looks hawt

+3 votes   article: Second-Breath Media Update # 1
.illogical May 19 2009, 9:12am replied:

i second that

+2 votes   media: Screenshots
.illogical Apr 29 2009, 7:09pm says:

i only just heard of this mod and considering its only got 16 members watching, 17th is surprising. what is this number based on. i should find my generals cd

+1 vote   media: Thank you!
.illogical Apr 26 2009, 4:25pm replied:

migght just be the heat distortion, no?

+1 vote   media: Official In-game Images: GDI
.illogical Apr 26 2009, 4:24pm says:

buildings looking great. nice textures... on everything! KUTGW

+1 vote   media: Official In-game Images: GDI
.illogical Apr 26 2009, 3:18pm says:

great sketch/concept art

+2 votes   media: Concept art by DamageINC
.illogical Apr 26 2009, 3:13pm says:

why dont i have max payne 2 damn it

+2 votes   article: Boiling release
.illogical Apr 25 2009, 6:22pm says:

i think the textures need to be more 'gritty' with some more dirt on them i say...

+1 vote   media: Mutants Anubis Battle Tank - Screen No.2
.illogical Apr 25 2009, 3:24pm replied:

nearly here too. that is awesome, just perfect.

+1 vote   media: Stalingrad chuch
.illogical Apr 25 2009, 3:20pm says:

great conceptual drawing, very nice drawing indeed

+2 votes   media: Mobile Infantry Trooper
.illogical Apr 23 2009, 1:04pm says:

sweet, looks pretty darn amazing. seems like fun to me

+1 vote   media: BAMF Unit Profile: The Shogun Battlestar
.illogical Apr 20 2009, 5:45pm says:

congrats on the coder. good luck with this mod, hope to play it one day.

+1 vote   article: We have a coder!!
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 2:48pm says:

full screen and this looks great.

+1 vote   media: Bunker Screens
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 2:46pm replied:

I thought i had given it an 8... not 7.5, didnt slide it high enough i guess.

+1 vote   article: The Eye of the Storm
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 6:05am says:

looks great!

+1 vote   media: Church Screens
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 6:03am replied:

i do thik this is looking nice. what ddragon says about good mods tend to = short, thats because they spend long time on getting it to make it really good, but suffer from shortage of levels.

+1 vote   article: Mid April Media Release
.illogical Apr 20 2009, 5:36pm says:

Looks hawt. I want. Why did i uninstall generals/zero hour

+1 vote   media: ECA Jagdmammut Tank Destroyer In-Game Screenshot
.illogical Apr 19 2009, 7:01pm says:

this looks sick. like the good kind of sick. not the dirty brown, lumpy kind.

0 votes   mod: NEOTOKYO┬░
.illogical Apr 19 2009, 6:27pm says:

As dec previously said, the idea is sound. Also, I agree about the use of the flashlight, its ok for parts, but not everywhere as it has many restrictions.

Also, for me personally after reading the story, it could be fantastic, with new weapons and various new technologic equipment and all. But i think that where the story starts should be 2 and half days before you say, so when you escape the combine. I think escaping the combine and finding a way to re-establish contact with Julia would make for a good part of the game rather than jumpin in after you have already escaped.

Just my thoughts, either way, keep it up, this has potential

+1 vote   mod: VAKinc: Testing Grounds
.illogical Apr 19 2009, 3:04pm replied:

that was great, one of the best mods i have played with great gameplay, with multiple bits do do with great level design. short but sweet, would love to see more. everyone talks of lag, i only got an incy bit at start up... nothing i would have commented on normally, just everyone else was talking of lag. but i recommend this mod to anyone whos a fan of half life. I want more!

+3 votes   mod: Project 25
.illogical Apr 19 2009, 2:21pm says:

i would love to see more chapters too.

+3 votes   download: Project 25
.illogical Apr 19 2009, 1:54pm says:

downloading... :)

+2 votes   mod: Project 25
.illogical Apr 19 2009, 1:15pm says:

amazingly detailed once again. great custom models there

+4 votes   media: Bumpercars
.illogical Apr 19 2009, 1:13pm says:

thats really quite amazing, the detail and atmosphere here, perfect.

+3 votes   media: Bumpercars
.illogical Apr 19 2009, 1:12pm says:

that concept art is fantastic

+4 votes   media: environment concept
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 8:26pm says:

this looks fantastic, now why have i not downloaded it yet?

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 6:55pm says:

the gibs are awesome, the portal gun, sexy, slicing and dicing them zombies, very sexy, this mod, epicly sexy

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Dev Video 4 Finally!
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 6:16pm replied:

i know this, and i know they are making more episodes. what i was trying to say however, was that for the first episode it would have been nice to have been that bit longer. It just happened too quick if you know what i mean? But still, it was great fun and a pleasure playing

+1 vote   article: The Eye of the Storm
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 6:14pm says:

this looks fantastic, game play trailer looks great. cant wait for more

+1 vote   mod: FarCrysis
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 6:10pm says:

this does look great, good luck and i hope to see more

+2 votes   mod: Codename: Dead Bird
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 1:28pm says:

I would have to agree too. still better than i can do

+2 votes   media: Church Screens
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 12:36pm says:

I enjoyed this, the story did portray itseslf great though, gameplay was nice and i loved the bonus maps. pitty it was short, but episodes are being produced, not a full thing. When all episodes have been completed, it would be good be if they were all put in to one, to make a longer game.

+1 vote   mod: Eye of the Storm
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 10:13am says:

this looks great, the refracting texture is B-E-A-utiful

+1 vote   media: New 'refract' texture
.illogical Apr 15 2009, 10:11am says:

Downloading, and from comments, i think i can safely say before i have even played this it will be good. vidds, images look great. looking forward to ep2 and i havent even done ep1 yet :)

+1 vote   download: Eye of the Storm episode I full 1.0
.illogical Apr 14 2009, 6:56pm says:

concept are that looks like a great photomanipulation to me, right?

+2 votes   media: Environment concept
.illogical Apr 14 2009, 3:29pm replied:

i agree with callinstead, the poster is all i would change, make one yourself and put it in place is what i would do

+2 votes   media: Impression
.illogical Apr 14 2009, 3:26pm says:

the atmosphere given off here is emense, looks fantastic

+2 votes   media: Apartmentblocks + Courtyard
.illogical Apr 14 2009, 3:22pm says:

fantastic mapping design

+1 vote   media: Destruction
.illogical Apr 14 2009, 3:21pm says:

makes me go wow, beautiful

+2 votes   media: Destruction
.illogical Apr 14 2009, 3:20pm says:

everyone always has to compare dont they. Its a real place with each persons interpretation.

It looks good, i would make it more gritty though, keep it up.

+1 vote   media: WIP-Levels
.illogical Apr 14 2009, 11:04am says:

Just chucking a few ideas out there:

Extreme Zombie Carnage too - 10,000 kills (or is that OTT?).

Help Me Mummy! - Run away from zombies for 10 minutes (without harming one and obviously staying alive, whilst screaming for your mummy! haha)

R.I.P - Be killed by a Zombie (no one wants to die, but a simple achievement)

So yeah, thats just my 5 cents.

+1 vote   article: The Mortewood Plaza - Working Achievements. (Updated 26/01/09)
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