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Ignatz 23hours 47mins ago says:

The mod is really great and I'm enjyoing it a lot (day 700+), but I will try to point out the most annyoing bugs I've spotted.
1. Some cities and castles need to be revised in siege mode. Your troops won't climb up the siege tower in thie Haringoth Castle, the city of Zendar and one of the Aztec cities floats in the air, your troops tend to block themselves on ladders sometimes (Hierosolyma, one of the Mithirdian castles). Attacking the simple aztec square forts can be hillariously easy, you can run past the defenders into the single building in the middle and enter it. This will teleport you to the inside of the castle when you finish off the "remaining" defenders and well, you've won!
2. The customized troops won't equip some stuff properly. For example, if you give better armor to your ranged units, then they may spawn without ranged weapons!
3. Parties have much trouble navigating through sea and tend to get stuck at some points. It is especially annoying if you gave your vassals some fiefs in the New World, it also causes the Mithridian Empire to be very impotent defenders, once their army boards their ships, they mostly get stuck at the shore of one of the numerous islands. Sometimes you can't leave your colonies, because your ships are just gone (i.e. the option "set sail" in the colony menu is missing).
3. Swadia gets steamrolled by everyone.
4. Kingdom of Noregr owns everyone in the north and has OP unit roster. Their units are fast, overall decent and easy to train, so they come in big numbers, the Noregr Veteran Arches is the best example.
5. Managment of your cities doesn't work. The growth is mostly low and the plague tends to hit your fiefs very often. Despite numerous efforts, I wasn't able to raise the population of Praven above 1000 heads. Even with 100% religious uniformity and huge influence of craftsmen in the city council!

+1 vote   mod: Nova Aetas
Ignatz Oct 11 2015 says:




Crimea river

+8 votes   media: russia vs children.
Ignatz Oct 11 2015 replied:

I'm also really glad that you're still working on it guys!
This mod has SO MUCH potential!

+1 vote   news: Website and updates
Ignatz Sep 27 2015 replied:

Tell that to your GF and share the results, k?

+9 votes   media: I love watermelon <3
Ignatz Aug 29 2015 says:

Hi there. Would it be possible to include the MSBS assault rifle in your mod? IIRC this gun is already being used in COD:Ghosts so you could maybe import it somehow? I've found a 3D model using google without bigger problems. This gun would be also really lore-friendly since it is a polish desing and Ukraine and Poland share borders;) MSBS is designed to be easy in maintenance and repairs, it's compact (bullpup) and can be modified with a range of attachements, so it would be nice alternative to the OC-14 Groza. Regards!

+2 votes   mod: Misery : The Armed Zone
Ignatz Aug 20 2015 says:

Hi there. I would like to say, that playing as rohan is imho too difficult at the beginning (I'm always playing on vh/vh), you are economically ruined and even gathering your weak starting forces into 3/4 stack army is impossible since it will totally drain your economy. Normally this wouldn't be a huge problem for me, but you know, Isengard will invade you with a full stack of medium and high tier units in like second or third turn. I'm seasoned TATW player, but this is a bit too much to bear for me, the only unit that is able to charge into flanks or sides of uruk-hai units and do some damage are the bodyguards and you get 16 of them with each general vs 120+ Uruks.

+2 votes   mod: Divide and Conquer
Ignatz Aug 15 2015 replied:

I'm going to give it a try. Thank you very much!

+1 vote   mod: Divide and Conquer
Ignatz Aug 14 2015 says:

Hi there. I've downloaded the mod, installed the M2TW+Kingdoms+1.05 Patch, then TATW 3.0 both parts + patch and lastly all 3 parts + patch of DAC.
Aaaaand I can't start the game via desktop shortcut (TATW DaC), because "kingodms.exe" cannot be found or something similar. I'm still able to start the game with vanilla TATW shortcut or the batch file in the mod's folder.
This bothers me more than it should. I'm afraid that some scripts won't start properly with this situation (MoS had to be started with it's own shortcut to get all the new stuff working IIRC).

+1 vote   mod: Divide and Conquer
Ignatz Jul 24 2015 says:

Oh the memories... I've heard the new update is out. I suppose it's time to blow the dust off my KOTOR 2 cover and install it this one more time, but this time with you mod, that looks just too good to be true.

Why there is no KOTOR 3, what have we, poor sinners done, that we got yet another MMO aimed at 12-years old kids with big mouth and rich parents. If I would have another chance to meet Bastilla, Carth, Mandalore, HK (forgot the numer meatbags. 47?) then I would buy the game immediately.

Anyway, I will download the mod when I will come back from the holidays.

+2 votes   mod: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)
Ignatz Jul 24 2015 says:

This mod is getting better with every update!

+2 votes   mod: Alternate Balance Expansion Mod
Ignatz Jul 22 2015 replied:

As the old indian saying says...
"Even an unloaded bow shoots once a year"

+1 vote   media: Star Wars: Luke and his lightsaber
Ignatz Jun 12 2015 says:

I think the driver run the red light on accident and tried to pull back... right into the biker.

+1 vote   media: Drivers!
Ignatz Apr 28 2015 says:

Human ghetto corgi

+1 vote   media: SWAG Pro
Ignatz Apr 27 2015 replied:

So... If this would happen to you, then you would lend your friend a helping hand?

+1 vote   media: Soooooooomwheeereeee over the rainbowwwwwwwwwwwwww
Ignatz Apr 2 2015 says:

There was a man who really took good care of his body. He lifted weights and jogged 6 miles a day. One day, he took a look in the mirror - yes, he was a bit vain - and noticed that he was tan all over except for his *****. So, he decided to do something about it.

He went to the beach, completely undressed himself and buried in the sand, except for his *****, which he left sticking out.

Two old ladies were strolling along the beach, one using a cane. Upon encountering the ***** sticking up over the sand, she began to move it around with her cane, remarking to the other lady, "There's no justice in the world."

The other lady asked what she meant.

The lady with the cane replied,
"When I was 20, I was curious about it.
When I was 30, I enjoyed it.
When I was 40, I asked for it.
When I was 50, I paid for it.
When I was 60, I prayed for it.
When I was 70, I forgot about it.

Now, I am 80 and the damn things are growing wild on the beach and I'm too old to squat!

+7 votes   media: Here's a thing
Ignatz Mar 2 2015 replied:

They're all hax0rs sent to ModDb by Iluminati, you can't cover the truth forever. I know. We know.

+1 vote   media: . . .
Ignatz Mar 1 2015 says:

With all that hype regarding the HL3, I can only say, that whatever they are going to do, they will produce the next Duke Nukem Forever. You wan't the hype?! You can't handle the hype!

+2 votes   media: Half Life 3 : Retirement
Ignatz Mar 1 2015 replied:

You bastard! you gypsy bastard! How can you have only "+" karma sign!
I call hax!

+5 votes   media: . . .
Ignatz Feb 25 2015 replied:

If you're using steam, then unsuscribe the mod in the workshop, restart steam and try to play. If this does't work, then change then try to change the name of the mod folder.

+1 vote   mod: Full Invasion 2
Ignatz Feb 25 2015 says:

This mod only needs one thing to be perfect. Optimization.

+4 votes   mod: Full Invasion 2
Ignatz Feb 22 2015 says:

It seems that I'm too lame to play it.
I'm constantly getting stuck on way too many missions (I'm rarely getting killed, but I've very often no clue what should I actually do at given moment), now I'm just going to "put the mod on the shelf" and just wait for the next Blue Planet.
Dang it.

+1 vote   mod: Shadow Genesis
Ignatz Feb 20 2015 replied:

1. Roll the tube out so you get a strip of paper.
2. Cut the strip into a square.
3. Cut a square in the middle of a square
4. Cut 6 smaller squares near the central square.
5. Cut 6 even smaller squares near the every small square.
6. Repeat point 5 infinitely
7. Congratulations you've created a Sierpinski Carpet. It has no area, so it has no surface, therefore it has no surface that could get dirty. But it's still a physical object, so you can use it to clean your bottom (remember everything is toilet paper if you're brave enough).
8. Problem solved, drink some beer for further enlightment, just as I do.

+3 votes   media: What would MacGyver do?
Ignatz Feb 19 2015 says:

Who else is wondering, how the next ME is going to be like? ;)

+5 votes   group: Mass Effect Fan Group
Ignatz Feb 18 2015 says:

In the good, old IL-2 Sturmovik game, it took actually more bullets to take down an IL than a T-34.

+3 votes   media: How to build IL-2...
Ignatz Feb 18 2015 replied:

Black gold?
You mean afroamerican jewelry?

+1 vote   media: ..
Ignatz Feb 18 2015 says:

You shall not spank!

+2 votes   media: Gandalf the Grey (50 Shades edition)
Ignatz Feb 16 2015 replied:

Freedom knows no borders.

+9 votes   media: ..
Ignatz Feb 3 2015 says:

The italian version of Mr. Clinton is called Berlusconi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

+2 votes   media: BILL
Ignatz Feb 3 2015 replied:

My friend told me once, that if I would like to enertain my younger cousin, then he knows a great internet show for kids, with cute animals and rainbows etc.
Following his advice, I googled the "Happy Tree Friends" and decided to see one episode for myself.
It wasn't certainly that what I expected.

+3 votes   group: Humor, satire, parody
Ignatz Feb 3 2015 replied:

It's internet.
It is also a site for gamers.
For nerd gamers to be honest.
The girls that are here can't wear mini skirts. You know why?
Because their balls would get cold.

+19 votes   group: Humor, satire, parody
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