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I will say this first and last, MOD DB is only used as a hosting site. To see the latest information about DaC please read the first post in this thread:
Total War Centre
In that thread you will find a bug list, some extra information regarding features, a full changelog of work done and work included in the next patch, the most up to date pictures of new units and much, much more.

Divide and Conquer is the biggest Third Age total War submod of all time. After all these years we finally got a release again. It contains tons of new factions, units, scripts, 2d and more! Many might have played it already back in 2009, it has been in developement for over 4 years now, but that was a very uncomplete release by a completely different team. With an almost completely new team Divide and Conquer restarted the work almost 2 years ago and this is the result. Lots of new factions, units, scripts and 2d, all made and tested by experienced Total War modders.

Full Feature List:
  • All these factions AND NO MORE:
  1. Shadow of Mordor
  2. Remnants of Angmar
  3. Shadow of Mirkwood
  4. Easterlings of Rhún
  5. Haradrim Tribes
  6. Haven of Umbar
  7. Orcs Of The Misty Mountains
  8. Khazad Dum*
  9. Kingdom Of Gondor
  10. Principality Of Dol Amroth
  11. Northern Dúnedain
  12. Kingdom Of Rohan
  13. Vale of Dorwinion
  14. Dunlendings
  15. Vale of Anduin
  16. Dominion of Isengard
  17. Kingdom of Dale
  18. Breeland and the Shire
  19. Erebor & Iron Hill Dwarves
  20. Blue Mountains Dwarves
  21. Realm of Imladris
  22. Thranduil's Realm
  23. Grey Havens of Lindon
  24. Galadhrim's Realm
  25. Enedwaith
  26. Variags of Khand
  • Almost 200 new units!
  • 100% new ui, menu and faction symbols
  • A unique campaign map
  • Hundreds of exiting scripted events with unique event pictures and description!

* Dwarves of Khazad-dum campaign IS NOT COMPLETE. The game will crash, we DO NOT suggest playing as them!

For all the change logs, known bugs and useful information head to our thread at TWC:
Divide and Conquer

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen. Lend me your ears!

You all love to read Changelogs so here is the link to the live log that we update every so often:

Version 1

However, if you don't like Dropbox or are just too damned lazy to click the link then this is the update that was added this very day. Enjoy!

####### Update 3: 21st June 2016 #######
Graphic Design:

- New look for Lorien's Yavanna's Chosen, Sentinels of Cerin Amroth including upgrade and upgraded Lorien Lancers
- All factions now have unique city square flags
- New look for Lindon's Falas Lords bodyguards - courtesy of Arioria
- Upgraded Swan-guard (amroth BG) now have capes, a wing amputation and fancier lances
- New look for Windriders of Khand
- Denethor now has a unique battle model
- Brathor of Bree now uses the Dunedain General battle model
- Alternate (much more detailed) battle model implemented for Aragorn
- New look for upgraded Ered Luin Swords, Pikes and Orchunters
- Re-done the visual upgrade of Ered Luin's Azaghal's Tomb Protectors
- Erebor Axethrowers now have a visual upgrade look
- Erebor's upgraded Halberdmen, Vault Wardens, Axemen and Crossbowmen now all have a new look.
- Upgraded Erebor Dwarven Warriors and Axethrowers now use a different shield (the red 'Iron Hills' Dwarven shield)
- Completely re-done visual upgrades for Ered Luin's first tier units: Warriors, Shieldbearers and Scouts. Deliberately lighter and less 'professional' looking appearance
- Khand's Household units have been given a brand new look along with a new name.
- All of Khand's Variag units now have the new flags on their backs.
- Khand Captains now use the original 'pre-archer' look of the Variag Nobles. The shield was just too good to waste.
- Changed the appearance of Khand's banner carriers to match the new Nomad unit look
- New look for Thranduil's Realm bodyguards
- Heavily modified Gondor Osgiliath Guards' look.
- Much better quality heads for Dol Amroth Generals
- Upgraded Royal Swan-Guard bodyguards now have spiffy "new" helmets
- Poison cloud gone but the morale effect remains for poison arrows.
- Balin now has a unique battle model
- Added weapons from King Brian's mod to some of Erebor's units. Swords and a new shield for Royal Guard. Much better looking weapons for Mattocks. New axes for upgraded King's Axemen

Bug Fixes:

- Dwarven Mortar shot now hits numerous enemies (and is quite devastating)
- Tarnost is now needed by Gondor for victory, not Dol Amroth
- Orc Raiders properly tagged as Light Infantry
- Angmar no longer starts with garrisons of Snaga Archers
- Khand's Household Cavalry and Variag Windriders voice quote changed to 'Light Cavalry'
- Tweaked the Dorwinion Regent units' shield textures so they should no longer display the 'Orthodox cross'
- (Finally!) Fixed the Orc units that used to shout in vanilla Med 2 German accents, like Warg riders.
- Dunedain Cavalry and Wardens now have voices for Imladris
- Fixed double recruitment entries for Tulkas Faithful
- Fixed Peasant Axemen's shield textures
- Border realignment for Argond
- Dunland Chief, Beorning Chief and Heir ancs now move to the correct person upon death.
- Changed voices of Gondor Fountain Guard and Wardens of the White Tower
- Removed the 'can_formed_charge' trait from a lot of units where it didn't really belong: Horse archers, farm-trained militia cavalry and most cavalry which don't use a lance or spear to charge with
- Faction leaders get a big, hidden, authority boost to stop the desertion in the late game.
- misty Berserkers restricted to the MM
- Bree, Dunland, Khand and Dorwinion all have ancs to select the next heir
- 'X Leader dead' message now gives all leaders their correct title.
- New sprites for all new look units
- Slightly different look for Khazad-Dum Generals and Captains

New Units:

- Harondor Mercs (Gondor, Amroth, Harad)
- Druédain Mercs (Mercenary for Wildmen, Gondor and Rohan)
- Noldorin Guard (BG for The Half-elven family only)
- Corsair Blackguards (Umbar)
- Gûrveleg (Lorien)
- KD roster: Dwarven Volunteers, First Legion Bodyguards, Dwarven Sentries, Dwarven Engineers, Hithaeglir Beast Hunters, Legion Deeping Guard, Legion Axeguard, Legion Shieldguard, First Legion
- Mounted Thorn Crossbowmen (Dorwinion)
- Khandish Kataphracts (Khand)
- Shire Militia (Bree)
- Pinnath Gelin Cavalry (Gondor/DA)
- Black Númenóreans; Temple Knights, Temple Guard (Mordor)

Stat Adjustments:

- Very slightly (generally -1 to armour, melee and missile) reduced the stats of Elven mainstream basic units
- Reduced the unit size of Rhun's, Gondor's and Rohan's bodyguards a little
- Cavalry now mnore effective in auto-resolve
- Increased the unit size of Angmar's Scourge Raiders and Witch-realm Marauders
- All Harad units movement speed increased very slightly
- Slightly reduced the defense of Khand's Household Cavalry and Variag Windriders. Both units are now tagged as Light not Heavy cavalry.
- Very slightly reduced the unit size of most elven medium-tier units
- -1 to armour of Gundabad Shieldguard and Black Uruks of the Mountains
- Dragonslayers of Ered Mithrin now have the Dwarven movement speed penalty
- Anduin, Dunland and Enedwaith lightly armoured units, as well as all of Umbar's Corsair units, now have a slightly faster movement speed
- Reduced the replenishment rate of Dunedain Steelbowmen and they are no longer available immediately upon building the requisite buildings
- Reduced the unit size of Bree, Khand, Dorwinion and Harad bodyguards.
- 'Swapped around' the stats and recruitment of Dol Amroth Squires and Dor-en-Ernil Lancers. The latter looked much more heavily equipped and the former and now they better match up with their foot counterpart too.
- stat tweaks to Pikemen. Reducing Attack and Defense Skill and trying to get a smoother progression through the tiers
- Anduin's cavalry units are now very slightly faster
- Stakes removed from lower tier units but Spearmen's 'spear_bonus_X' universally improved for all.
- Balchoth now more expensive and slightly worse in melee, Clansmen now more defensive and with higher attack.
- Added 'Druid' to a few units (Morale raising chant), Temple Knights, Mountain-Orc Hunters, Scourge Raiders, River Elders, Tribal Axemen, Dragonwrath Cultists, Troll-men of Harad.
- Minor stat tweaks for the units shared by the three dwarves: BG, Militia, Warriors, Halberd, Pikes
- Begun the process of editing the custom battle stats. All units will ocst their campaign cost. They will only increase in cost by 10% of that cost after you have selected 5 of them (basics), 4 (elites), 3 (uber), 2 (BG) - All orcs will be 1 more than that and all elves and dwarves will be 1 less. It is at least an attempt to 'fix' custom battle.

Text Changes:

- Tarnostian Guard renamed to Dor-en-Ernil Footmen
- Their most royal lords, the Prince Adrahil and Lord Imrahil, both have fitting Biography traits
- Unite The clans requirements now found in the Great Clan Hall of Alcfud and the 'Wooden Crown' Anc held by Yagthak of Dunland
- Moot Wardens renamed to Moot Pikemen
- Name changes to BG of Thranduil and a pronunciation guide added to all Sindarin units
- New identifiers for Ered Luin and Erebor (Nogrod X, Tumunzahar Nobles, Gabilgathol Hammerguard) and (King's X and Royal Guard)

Gameplay Changes:

- Merc clean up; every merc that remains is there on purpose now. Changes:
Lorien Warders can now occasionally be hired from Lothlorien (Elves, Dunedain and Northmen).
Bow Quendi mercs are now cheaper and replenish slightly more frequently.
Ithilien Ranger mercs are now more expensive.
Beornings can now occasionally be hired from the Anduin Vale (Northmen, Dunedain, Elves and Dwarves).
Dwarves can now (correctly!) hire Vale Outriders from the Anduin Vale.
- Saruman is no longer locked
- Auto-resolves now favours overwhelming numbers more (2:1 or greater)
- Imrahil BG changed to stock BG but with +1 armour
- Angmar can now recruit Rhudaur Axemen
- Dale, Dorwinion and Rhûn can now build Longboats but only in a few select regions around the Celduin and sea of Rhûn
- Dunland and Enedwaith get some of the others' units after the barracks event and after they have unity. The units chosen are aimed at filling in holes of the others roster (Enedwaith has gained cavalry and armour and Dunland has gained javelins and ambush - only 5 units are crossed over and some have AOR anyway)
- Gleowine is dismounted now
- Harondor has smaller starting rebel garrisons now
- The BG of Harad have been made faster
- New forts
- Settlement mechanics have again been tweaked; cultural difference leads to larger unrest penalty
- Edoras is no longer an invasion target
- Barad Harn is not owned by DA in the turn 1 auto
- Ulairon added to Dol Guldur (Wraith General)
- Goblin-Town now only starts a level 1 Barracks not level 2. But added a few more units to it's starting garrison.
- Dor Lhingvar now starts with pre-built Paved Roads.
- Changed up the rebel garrisons of Gynd, Balorn and Tharonogst and added an additional rebel ambush nearby
- Changed up the composition of the rebel army in the Druadan Forest north of Minas Tirith
- Camel Archers have been removed
- A few misc changes to a few factions starting units and custom bodyguards: Thorin now has standard Dwarven Noblemen, Dale's Vidusith now has Lake-town Pikemen, Dorwinion's Forthwin now has Vintner-Court Knights.
- Most Erebor units now have upgraded Iron Guard as unit officers (the original Dwarven Officers are now mostly just used on Khazad-Dum units; they fit the colour scheme better)
- Most Lindon units now have Falas Lords as unit officers
- Ered Luin Nobles now use the correct animation when they're a unit's officer
- Thranduil now has Elvenking's Guard as his bodyguard unit
- Methrast has a larger garrison
- Watchtower costs lowered
- Military academy now gives retrain cost decrease
- Training cavalry gives a bigger bonus to the HB guild
- All dwarves have more authority
- Lindon victory conditions changed
- A host of Anduin specific ancs properly added; some are come of age, some are regional and two are based in cities.
- Lindon no longer need to defeat Mordor, Umbar no longer need to defeat Lindon
- Fiefdom barracks in Minas Tirith, Dol Amroth and Tarnost(Gondor only). Dol Amroth get slower replenishment than Gondor.
- Moved the roaming Haradrim Wastes rebel army inside An Karagmir


- All new Khazad-Dum units have BFME voices
- Several minor unit voice changes for the Elves
- Rohan units now use voices from BFME2
- Anduin's Eotheod units and Woodland Hunters also use the above voices
- *All* Orc units now use voice quotes from the BFME games

Major Changes:

- Harad stat overhaul - much more aggressive at the cost of armour and defence stats. Muhad Tribesmen are now tier 2 and come after the barracks but overall more elites are available before the last barracks level in a limited capacity. Costing has increased and availability has decreased quite drastically.
- ANIMATED BOWSTRINGS: This is not possible for Horsearchers, Dwarves or Hobbits but every other unit now properly knocks their arrow.
- Removed the old Germanicus5 Battle AI and implemented the improved Battle AI from z3n's Skynet AI mod.
- Khand now takes Imlad Carnen as a turn 1 expansion
- New look for Thranduil's Realm's Hir en-Ech, Hir e-Beng and Hir e-Lang using Shurshun's movie inspired Mirkwood Elf models.
- New look added for Thranduil's Realm's Elder Guard and visual upgrade added for Elder Pathfinders
- Dunland, Breeland, Dorwinion and Khand now have a Royal Family Tree
- Khand's Variag Nobles bodyguards are now horse archers.
- **** Khazad-Dum Campaign ****
- Victory condition UI has been updated. I have gone for the simple, yet effective, option; it now just shows your fancy faction banner.
- Global faction standing scripted changes have been removed. (all factions hate enedwaith, good likes good, evil likes evil, good hates evil) Hopefully this will stop the relations resetting despite being at war or being at peace. It may make some oddities though so please report any wierd diplomatic changes.
- (Potentially) controversial faction colour changes - Moria: Dark Grey with Darker Grey border, Mordor: Dark Red with Black border, Khand: Burnt Orange with Black border, Gondor made more cream than pure white and Isengard made even darker black. Campaign selection screen updated to match
- Siege equipment is now more expensive with a substantially higher upkeep. All Siege equipment replenishes much slower now. Dwarven equipment is not that different in cost to basics now. They are set apart by their abilities.

Divide and Conquer Version 0.5 Installation Guidelines

Divide and Conquer Version 0.5 Installation Guidelines

News 40 comments

A small news segment with new info and installation guidelines again.

Feature Videos

Feature Videos

Feature 2 comments

Just a small information snippet about the feature videos now available on Youtube.

Sons of Durin and the Lonely Mountain

Sons of Durin and the Lonely Mountain

Feature 7 comments

Second Bio for the original factions of Third Age Total War.

Shadow of the Maia

Shadow of the Maia

Feature 16 comments

First Bio for the original factions of Third Age Total War.

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Divide and Conquer Version 0.5  - Part 1

Divide and Conquer Version 0.5 - Part 1

Full Version 110 comments

Part 1 - Installation Information and general information in the description below.

Divide and Conquer Version 0.5 - Part 2

Divide and Conquer Version 0.5 - Part 2

Full Version 15 comments

Part 2 - Installation Information and general information in the description below.

Divide and Conquer Version 0.5 - Part 3

Divide and Conquer Version 0.5 - Part 3

Full Version 27 comments

Part 3 - Installation Information and general information in the description below.

Divide and Conquer Patch 0.52

Divide and Conquer Patch 0.52

Patch 38 comments

Patch 0.52 - Installation Information and general information in the description below.

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Will there be more custom battles settlements?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

has any1 played as an orc faction besides mordor? if so wich is the most difficult to play as, played mordor and steamrolled everything eventually since my armies are huge and the units can be replenished easily. Also arachir can you do an orc campaign walkthrough? that would be awesome and tx for the awesome mod!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

People say Angmar is hardest, haven't tried it myself. I'm currently finishing my Misty Mountain campaign, and i find it very easy. I'm at around turn 90 and have destroyed Vale of Anduin, Lothlorean Elves, Imraldis Elves, Thranduil's Realm, Dale, Dwarves of Erebor and Khazad-dûm. I thought the campaign was going to be hard since you start with so many enemies, but all my enemies were too passive. Only Dalesmen put up a real fight.
Btw i believe Arachir is going to be doing an Angmar campaign next, there was a vote and i think Angmar won.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Angmar are by far the hardest orc faction and i think Shadow of Mirkwood follow a close second.... maybe i'm wrong but Angmar are the hardest.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will Legolas get his own campaign map model? I forget what it is called strat model i think.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will you add scripts like mos submod.Like the beacons of gondor or counter invasions??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Galudirithon Creator

No. DaC has always been about more units and factions and MOS is the scripts submod.

Reply Good karma+4 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


version 1 isnt out yet right? If not will it be out when you finish your KD campaign arachir?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Approximately within 2 weeks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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Everything was good. But the patches made my game crash everytime i try to open it now.

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