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Gleniv 20hours 33mins ago says:

This mod still alive ?

+1 vote   mod: 1985
Gleniv Sep 15 2014, 11:37am says:

I remember this mod was fun back in the day. Although playing against ai was kinda derpy cause all the would do is send for at guns and rarely produce tanks (although it is still the case with 90% of CoH mods it appears as though blitzkrieg has fixed it) I kinda wish this mod was still in development I seem to remember having a lot of fun.

+2 votes   mod: Cross of Iron
Gleniv Dec 12 2013, 1:09am says:

I can't change the resolution it crashes immediately after they've been changed.

+1 vote   mod: The Forgotten Ones
Gleniv Dec 7 2013, 8:49pm says:

I can't join multiplayer games with my friends. If I invite them it tells them They've been invited but can't join and vice versa.

+1 vote   download: CoH: Modern Combat - Patch 1.017
Gleniv Jun 6 2013, 9:22pm says:

I just got done playing CoH 2. I got to say Eastern Front is so much better then CoH 2.

+6 votes   mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Gleniv Nov 25 2012, 12:23am says:

This doesn't work for me when I host multiplayer it wont let my friends join me but random people can I also can't join their games

+1 vote   download: Blitzkrieg-Mod v4.6.1.1.
Gleniv Jul 5 2012, 1:14pm says:

Okay got the install to work but now it says it cant find hl.exe and I made sure it was installed to the Half-Life folder for steam

+1 vote   download: PARANOIA v 1.2
Gleniv Jul 4 2012, 8:50pm says:

It doesn't work for me every time it gets to the NPC it says source file is corrupted and wont install D: any one know how to fix this?

+1 vote   download: PARANOIA v 1.2
Gleniv Dec 31 2011, 1:35am says:

For some reason after this download I get error when trying to host or join a game where it says unable to join player's game any one else have this error

+1 vote   news: Season Special: The Rise of the Snowmen
Gleniv Nov 30 2011, 6:14pm replied:

It is possible to carry a M2 just probably not going to be as accurate. Only way I can see an M2 being used is if within the squad there is an mg team.

0 votes   media: US Marines
Gleniv May 4 2011, 5:53pm replied:

It's not that hard not every one celebrating his death most of us just don't care

+3 votes   download: MApS we had
Gleniv Apr 5 2011, 5:21pm replied:

It would help a bit if I didn't need a translator oh well at least there is pictures

+1 vote   mod: Forgotten Hope
Gleniv Apr 2 2011, 11:08pm replied:

I dont either i really wish someone would reply :(

+1 vote   download: FOOK2 - 1.2 Data Files
Gleniv Mar 7 2011, 4:37pm says:

I can elaborate my since I tried to install this every time I launch Fallout3 it soon after crashes. Fook and summer 2.8 are the only mods I have. Also do i need the other fook2 1.0 to play this is my first time with BSA files

+1 vote   download: FOOK2 - 1.2 Data Files
Gleniv Feb 1 2011, 8:46pm says:

The file is corrupted for me :(

+2 votes   news: OF2 - Stadium Demo Release
Gleniv Jan 28 2011, 10:45pm says:

I'd like to give a positive view of this game but its broken for me launching in single or multilayer causes it to crash. It's a shame the developers of this mod have moved on it still needs many fixes and this is one of them. Truly it is a shame due to the fact that it can't be played I can only say download at your own risk. Hopefully maybe *fingers crossed* they may decide to patch it

+1 vote   mod: Forgotten Hope
Gleniv Jan 28 2011, 10:25pm says:

My game crashes after if I load up any missions

+1 vote   mod: Forgotten Hope
Gleniv Jan 28 2011, 9:12pm says:

Is this mod avaliable for download any were cause i can't find it

+2 votes   mod: Experience World War 2
Gleniv Jan 26 2011, 1:12am says:

Can i keep it please ill feed it and love it :p

+2 votes   media: OF2 - Houndeye
Gleniv Jan 14 2011, 8:59pm replied:

I don't think they are based on fallout wikia and files collected on in the game the Enclave had bases throughout the United States. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't The FO2 Adv mrk II power armor the same as the Remnant power armor in FONV at least in design.

+1 vote   mod: Whirlwind War: The Iran Iraq Conflict
Gleniv Aug 22 2010, 3:30am says:

Were did you get the idea for this? they look cool

+1 vote   media: Moving In
Gleniv Aug 21 2010, 11:29pm says:


+1 vote   media: Digital Painting Forestfire
Gleniv Aug 20 2010, 1:12am says:

why are there no servers did the mod die or something cause I was hoping to start playing it again

+2 votes   mod: Situation Outbreak
Gleniv Aug 20 2010, 12:29am says:

I cant get it to work says SetupArrayProps_R: array prop '(null)' is at index zero

+3 votes   download: Hammer Deluxe - Version 1.03
Gleniv Aug 19 2010, 7:21pm replied:

Well his mod probably was good. However I think because valve ***** up their **** rather then fixing it this is for most people unplayable because they cant even get into the menu screen. Oh well dame it valve stop killing good mods !!!

+2 votes   news: Deep Resonance is here. More or less...
Gleniv Aug 19 2010, 1:40pm replied:

that's nothing i have a mod that's 40.8Gb

+1 vote   mod: Deep Resonance
Gleniv Aug 19 2010, 1:05pm replied:

Will you still be working on it as time goes on. I mean, you could probably iron out the bugs and release patches and updates over time. With the mod released you kinda have time to get some stuff ironed out and possibly fix the bugs. I hope you do finish working on it and fixing it at the same time I hope valve fixes their **** ( you continuing work on this is more likely to happen then them fixing it ) Oh and I can't download the mod for some reason

+2 votes   news: Deep Resonance is here. More or less...
Gleniv Jul 25 2010, 7:48pm says:

I find it funny how most of you guys say he copied this. I don't recall fighting antlions with a gun on their heads and drills on their legs. Matter of fact don't even think Valve ever made that into a concept cut from the retail version of the game. As for a way to differentiate them from the others you should put a symbol.

+1 vote   media: AntHack
Gleniv Jun 30 2010, 3:36pm says:

It works you gotta put your shortcuts for the mod into steam's game library then it'll launch no problem

+1 vote   news: Source 2009 Engine Update
Gleniv Jun 30 2010, 3:33pm replied:

I found my own way to fix it load your shortcuts to steam's game list and it'll work

0 votes   mod: FakeFactory Cinematic Mod
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