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PuddingDeity Dec 22 2014, 4:05pm says:

I didn't expect the Hutts to have the coolest fleet, but I'm starting to think they just might.

+4 votes   media: Hutt Planechanga
PuddingDeity May 12 2014, 8:28pm replied:

Agreed. I knew this mod would be amazing from the moment I heard the menu music. I thought Youmu being its launcher icon might have been a coincidence. But once I heard Fall of Fall was the menu theme too I knew it wasn't.

+2 votes   mod: Gekokujo
PuddingDeity Mar 28 2014, 3:58am replied:

Damn, now I'll be distracted by all the pretty explosions during battle.

+5 votes   media: Improving
PuddingDeity Mar 8 2014, 5:47pm says:

I can already say I love this mod largely due to your armor and weapons which are very high quality and show a great attention to detail, particularly the plate armor. Plate armor in many other mods has something that looks weird about it, but this just looks amazing.

+3 votes   mod: AGE OF CHANGE II
PuddingDeity Mar 5 2014, 12:02am says:

Ah.... quality plate armor. Always love seeing that because a good deal of it has something wrong with it.

+4 votes   media: Black armor set
PuddingDeity Feb 6 2014, 9:14pm says:

My immediate reaction to this was "Wait what". I never expected to see this.

+5 votes   download: Hiridia: Ungovernable Lands - Beta
PuddingDeity Jan 20 2014, 4:59pm replied:

Actualy, there were female warriors in feudal Japan called the Onna-Bugeisha. So that's not innacurate at all.

+1 vote   mod: Gekokujo
PuddingDeity Jan 18 2014, 8:00pm replied:

I do agree with this. But this is definitely a welcome change, I don't particularly like it when all the women are ugly-halfway averageish either. Even in the middle ages there were beautiful women I'm sure.

+4 votes   media: New Female Faces (0.7)
PuddingDeity Jan 11 2014, 10:30pm replied:

How is it ********? If they did recreate the others then that would mean that anyone with Doom 3 could pretty much get the first Doom for free.

+1 vote   mod: Classic Doom 3
PuddingDeity Jan 3 2014, 10:48pm replied:

The last update was 4 years ago, there's pretty much only a 0.000000000001% chance or so that this might actually be active.

+1 vote   mod: Greased with lovin
PuddingDeity Dec 31 2013, 6:28pm says:

IF this is WIP I can't wait to see the final version

+4 votes   media: Detonator WIP
PuddingDeity Dec 27 2013, 12:19am replied:

If you plan to play this then you need to learn real quick that this DOESN'T follow the official lore.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot group 1
PuddingDeity Nov 20 2013, 8:03pm replied:

I definitely agree, especially if it reactivated corpse gibbing as well

+2 votes   download: Brutal Doom v19 Mutators
PuddingDeity Oct 24 2013, 6:02pm replied:

It isn't, but I fail to see how that stops you from using them. I don't mean to use them historically I just mean to use them because they look good, certainly better than a single Kanji character on a white background. TO be blunt that seems a bit boring to me, especially compared to the other heraldry you have up there.

+1 vote   media: Some new banners for the factions
PuddingDeity Sep 29 2013, 4:14am replied:

Judging by the mods thread,posts by Revan seem to show there MIGHT be a release of the mod in an unfinished state.But he can't promise he'll go any further.

+2 votes   mod: Hiridia: Ungovernable Lands
PuddingDeity Sep 17 2013, 5:32pm says:

This is amazing,not only do I like the gameplay,but the music!The music!I don't need to say anything more than the fact that it's Touhou arranges.I thank you, fellow Touhou fan, for creating this amazing mod.

+2 votes   mod: Gekokujo
PuddingDeity Sep 17 2013, 5:01pm says:

Some real Japanese clan banners could be nice as well.But I've never made a banner before, so great job on making new ones at all as far as I'm concerned, especially since they're really high quality.

+1 vote   media: Some new banners for the factions
PuddingDeity Sep 2 2013, 4:22pm says:

How I view free to play is that that's what it should be,entirely free to play,but with encouragement to pay for certain things.Take TF2 for example,I'm fairly certain you CAN get any item for free in TF2,but you can also buy items to get them much faster than you would normally. Pretty much I think that a free to play game should give you options to pay for things you would want,they should make sure you know,but it shouldn't be held over your head all the time,that just makes it un-enjoyable.For instance Mabinogi is,I think,rather terrible about it.Any time certain EYE colors and HAIR colors are locked because you haven't bought them is just stupid.

+4 votes   poll: What do think about free to play games?
PuddingDeity Jul 31 2013, 1:02am replied:

My first choice will be assaulter,It's balanced with weaponry,can take damage well and carry a lot.It may not be that good with medicine,but since it also has the highest damage resistance,and lowest damage penalties of the other classes I wont need it as often.

+1 vote   media: Make your choice
PuddingDeity Jun 12 2013, 6:00am says:

Will all of the useful interfaces,such as radar(Do snowspeeders have radar?It's been a while),altitude and whatnot be functional?

+1 vote   media: Snowspeeder interior - front
PuddingDeity Jun 12 2013, 5:50am replied:

So?Guess what most people call it and will recognize it as?A hoth turret.Not everyone is obsessed with total accuracy you know.

+1 vote   media: Hoth turret 2 (cylinder turret)
PuddingDeity Mar 4 2013, 8:23pm says:

I think all the other ship's captains will be jealous of how awesome this one looks.

+1 vote   media: Ravenger Class Pirate Cruiser
PuddingDeity Feb 21 2013, 11:40pm says:

HK-47....the enemy just lost all hope.Not that they had any,Revan made sure of that.

+2 votes   media: Screenshots
PuddingDeity Feb 21 2013, 11:25pm says:

I may have never played Myth,but this makes me want to.

+2 votes   mod: Myth : Total War
PuddingDeity Feb 4 2013, 4:46pm replied:

That IS an awesome idea.

+3 votes   news: Sergeant Kelly's Pack - January Update
PuddingDeity Feb 4 2013, 4:27pm says:

Definitely has a Mass Effect feel to it.

+1 vote   media: Hero music - Mordin
PuddingDeity Jan 26 2013, 1:53am replied:

I completely agree,this is how it should be.But oh god,as soon as I read "Worth the wait" all i thought of was the non-existant Half Life 3

+1 vote   media: Stealth info (display)
PuddingDeity Jan 26 2013, 1:31am replied:

Awful?Well,yes.But creepy as hell to.

+1 vote   media: Camp radios + new ambience
PuddingDeity Jan 21 2013, 1:48pm says:

Middle ground?No,I'll pressure him into revealing his stash THEN execute him.

+2 votes   media: Please dont' kill me!
PuddingDeity Jan 21 2013, 1:47pm says:

Everything sounds good,except for one thing,the wastes are a bit of a desert,I'm not sure but to me it seems like it would be very hot there.SO how would it snow?

+1 vote   news: Fallout 3 Reborn V11
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