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[FH]Gorgutz May 21 2015, 5:50pm says:


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[FH]Gorgutz May 18 2015, 4:16pm replied:

You obviously haven't read the Gotrek and Felix series! Gotrek is quite the slayer... c;

+1 vote   media: Gotrek's typical day off
[FH]Gorgutz Nov 27 2014, 9:06pm replied:

Any chance of easter egging some Underhell stuff back into the new version of Nightmare House 2? (;

Also glad to see you're working on Dangerous Rays! :D

+2 votes   news: Nightmare House 2 - New version is coming
[FH]Gorgutz Oct 18 2014, 9:02pm replied:

This became a game? Lmao. xD

+2 votes   member: Sakura┬áMatou
[FH]Gorgutz Sep 14 2014, 5:13pm says:

My favorite town to chill in actually!

I stole the Argonian's house and started storing massive amounts of Moon Sugar and Skooma in there. Eventually I was strong enough to overthrow and take the Dren Plantation for myself... Mwahahahha! >:D

+4 votes   media: Chillin' in Pelagiad
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 30 2014, 8:44pm replied:

About to sneakily raid the Merc base? :D

+1 vote   media: MP5A3
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 29 2014, 9:18am says:

Can't wait to see this on the Early Access page! :D

+4 votes   news: Dangerous Rays is Greenlit !
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 23 2014, 9:53am says:

I'm honored that you accepted. :33

+3 votes   member: Sakura┬áMatou
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 5 2014, 10:15pm says:

If this does get greenlighted, scratch that, WHEN it gets greenlighted. Will pre-orders be available there as well? (Plus access to all the dev builds.) :D

+1 vote   news: Dangerous Rays Greenlight Launched !
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 2 2014, 7:26am replied:

Haha, you must have me mistaken for an active member on the Warsword Forums, I am not the creator of Warsword Conquest, you'll have to speak to del.

+1 vote   member: [FH]Gorgutz
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 2 2014, 7:26am replied:

Oh haha, sorry I'm not even active on my own profile, but sure, shoot me your Steam!

+1 vote   member: [FH]Gorgutz
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 2 2014, 7:25am replied:

Haha, I'm honored that you accepted. :33

+1 vote   member: [FH]Gorgutz
[FH]Gorgutz Jul 31 2014, 9:21am says:

Well, I tried looking everywhere in the current comments but can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem. So I just recently installed this mod along with New Vision. However, even though I get the Nihilum Main Menu, it still loads the original default Deus Ex campaign. ._.

Edit: Aaaaand I just found the ReadMe, scratch everything I just said. Now to enjoy this. :D

+1 vote   mod: Deus Ex: Nihilum
[FH]Gorgutz Jul 11 2014, 5:52am says:

Warband just updated with workshop support just awhile ago. I would love to see your mod on the Steam Workshop!

+1 vote   mod: Warsword Conquest
[FH]Gorgutz Jul 10 2014, 10:11pm says:

Really glad to see MxThe on your team. He and his team have made an excellent Half-Life mod, Underhell, and expect great things from you guys working together!

+1 vote   news: [DEV DIARY 8] Alpha 14, new gameplay content coming !
[FH]Gorgutz Jul 5 2014, 1:41am replied:

Read the Gotrek and Felix series. Specifically Trollslayer. That's their job. If you actually know anything about Warhammer lore, you wouldn't be complaining.

+1 vote   mod: Warsword Conquest
[FH]Gorgutz Jun 16 2014, 8:21am says:

You got on PC Gamer's Mod of the Week, congrats.

+4 votes   download: Hopelessness: The Afterlife
[FH]Gorgutz May 16 2014, 10:19pm replied:

That would be awesome. The Ork from Dawn of War 2's campaign was a pirate Ork. :D

+1 vote   mod: Warsword Conquest
[FH]Gorgutz May 16 2014, 10:17pm replied:

And with repeating chainguns of Dwarven fury.

+1 vote   mod: Warsword Conquest
[FH]Gorgutz May 11 2014, 11:56pm says:

I actually saw a Goblin take on a full Ork during an Arena, I couldn't stop laughing.

+2 votes   media: Size Doesn't Matter
[FH]Gorgutz May 9 2014, 9:55am replied:

And scratch what I said, full version is now available on ModDB too. :D

+8 votes   download: Warsword Conquest beta bug fix
[FH]Gorgutz May 9 2014, 6:53am buried:


For people that don't know, the NEWEST Warsword Conquest is on NexusMods, don't apply this patch over the old demo from ModDB!

-6 votes   download: Warsword Conquest beta bug fix
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 20 2014, 10:46am replied:

Oh nope, its not. Couple more days because there's bugs.

+3 votes   mod: Warsword Conquest
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 20 2014, 10:45am replied:

God I hope its uploading to the servers today... ;-;

+2 votes   mod: Warsword Conquest
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 19 2014, 5:15pm says:

One more day. :')

(If all goes well)

+3 votes   media: Braganza's Besiegers
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 18 2014, 5:43pm says:

God, seeing a Warsword Conquest update had my heart stop for a second. Glad to see an update, but my high hopes thought this was a release. xD Juuuust a little longer...

+4 votes   media: Leopold's Leopard Company
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 15 2014, 10:15pm says:

Well, if someone really wants to make it work, they can just fix it up I guess.

I'm just glad that this is the first upload I've seen since Kizzy left that actually put in an effort in showing images of the world.

+5 votes   download: Our Universe (Neo_minigan's Worlds V2.0)
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 12 2014, 10:04pm says:

Darn. *Goes back to looking at screenshots*

+1 vote   news: Release date postponed !
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 10 2014, 10:33am replied:

A Perfect Dark remade like Black Mesa did to Half-Life would be pretty amazing in my opinion.

+1 vote   mod: GoldenEye: Source
[FH]Gorgutz Mar 21 2014, 10:17pm says:


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