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[FH]Gorgutz Apr 18 2013, 5:14pm says:

If anyone really needs such information, why wouldn't they go to the Wiki? I really wish Kizzy was back to moderate things like this..

+9 votes     article: The First Day / Beginner's guide on Minecraft
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 16 2013, 12:06am says:

I can hear the scuffling and moaning grow louder! Can't wait to survive in this latest build.

Since you guy's are close to release, what's an ETA on getting Steam sorted out regarding keys and availability on the Store or even an "Early Access" option?

+6 votes     article: RC3 internal build vids! RC3 internal build vids!
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 1 2013, 10:15pm says:


+3 votes     media: Chaos Undivided
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 1 2013, 3:20pm says:

Any chance of getting a small "update leak"? :P My little goblin leading huge Ork armies pretty much captured a good portion of the map, been playing this mod for... Probably a year now.

At least an ETA on the release would be nice, I understand that your team is working hard, but this is personally my ONLY favorite Warband mod out there.

+2 votes     mod: Warsword Conquest
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 1 2013, 1:20am says:

This is obviously an April Fool's joke, guys. :P

+3 votes     article: Happy April! :)
[FH]Gorgutz Apr 1 2013, 12:42am says:

Its really nice to see an update! I'm quite excited for decapitation and the Chaos faction. Always been quite a Khorne fan too.

+5 votes     article: Warsword Conquest Easter News !
[FH]Gorgutz Mar 29 2013, 5:21pm replied:

I guess its normal.

Works fine!

+1 vote     game: Kenshi
[FH]Gorgutz Mar 29 2013, 5:14pm replied:

I actually checked it out. About to install it on my non-steam Kenshi, however the "mod" file is being detected as a Windows movie file, so that's confusing me.. o.o I'll let you know how it goes I guess.

+1 vote     game: Kenshi
[FH]Gorgutz Mar 25 2013, 2:48pm says:

I found it entertaining to see a starving bandit limp towards a group of Holy Empire units that I looted earlier. It was like seeing a zombie chase towards a group of defenseless survivors.

A Zombie mod would be interesting for a game like this, but there's a zombie mod for just about anything, so no worries, right? xD

+1 vote     game: Kenshi
[FH]Gorgutz Mar 25 2013, 2:40pm replied:

In case you guy's missed one of the posts.

If you go to Steam's Settings, then join the Steam Update Beta, you will be able to use your original key. (At least mine worked.)

+1 vote     game: Kenshi
[FH]Gorgutz Mar 14 2013, 1:55pm replied:

One does not simply, "find" Herobrine.

+7 votes     article: 1.5 REDSTONE UPDATE RELEASED!
[FH]Gorgutz Mar 5 2013, 11:43am replied:

I've been seeing the same problem for other pages on the site since you've released 2.1 o.O

+1 vote     download: [RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 2.1!
[FH]Gorgutz Mar 2 2013, 5:08pm says:

Oskutin! You're an amazing mapper! I remember playing your maps on Garry's Mod. :3

+2 votes     media: Something
[FH]Gorgutz Feb 28 2013, 9:38am says:

I can imagine a gamemode or two with these...

Will you be adding levels that require a Biosuit to cross certain areas/be in a certain room?

+2 votes     media: Biosuits Concept
[FH]Gorgutz Feb 14 2013, 8:16am says:

Well this makes a neat birthday gift. Releases on my birthday. xD Looks like a great mod!

+1 vote     media: Vietcry - Release Trailer
[FH]Gorgutz Feb 12 2013, 2:44pm says:

By being a hardcore Skooma and Moon Sugar dealer to those addicted Khajiits. You start small in some Argonian's basement, then eventually you take over the Dren Plantation for a real business!

+3 votes     media: How to prevent players from getting rich?
[FH]Gorgutz Jan 29 2013, 12:35pm replied:

I'd also like to see an ETA, been waiting for RC3 for a couple months now! Bring on the zombie horde!

+2 votes     article: The Continuing Adventures Of..
[FH]Gorgutz Jan 25 2013, 11:36am replied:

To be fair, these aren't Medieval times. I don't see units shooting their SMG's conveniently in a Wedge formation.

+3 votes     article: Half-Life 2: Wars Beta 2.0.6 Released
[FH]Gorgutz Oct 30 2012, 2:22am replied:

Then don't? No one is forcing you to purchase this skin pack. .-.

+1 vote     article: Halloween Charity Skin Pack on Xbox
[FH]Gorgutz Oct 25 2012, 7:33pm says:

All the new sound effect frighten me, especially the spiders crawling around.. ;-; They did a great job re-composing everything.

+4 votes     article: Minecraft Pretty Scary Update!
[FH]Gorgutz Oct 23 2012, 8:34am says:

I'm quite compelled to see more in the coming updates! :D

+3 votes     article: Paper Flowers
[FH]Gorgutz Oct 11 2012, 7:46pm says:

I'm going to agree with |Yucca| here. But hey, all things start somewhere.

+4 votes     media: Anvils
[FH]Gorgutz Oct 9 2012, 3:46am says:

I'm very excited to see the new build! :D

+2 votes     article: Picking the brains of PZ’s newest recruit
[FH]Gorgutz Sep 30 2012, 10:05pm replied:

If you've noticed on the main menu after launch, if you take the time to read it, CPU's aren't available as of Beta 2.

+1 vote     article: Half-Life 2: Wars Beta 2.0.0 Released!
[FH]Gorgutz Sep 21 2012, 6:07pm replied:

He promised his soul and to not fulfill the prophecy.

+2 votes     media: Say cheese!
[FH]Gorgutz Sep 15 2012, 4:13am replied:

"medve", you are extremely ungrateful.

+25 votes     article: Black Mesa v1.0 released
[FH]Gorgutz Sep 5 2012, 10:03pm says:

This is great news! :D

+7 votes     article: The Ascent of RobertJohnson
[FH]Gorgutz Sep 3 2012, 10:30pm says:

I hope Valve screws the Steam Greenlight, and rams this mod right into Steam, approved, no questions asked.

+4 votes     article: Community Update!
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 28 2012, 12:10pm says:

AWESOME! Time for creepier dungeon designs! :D

+1 vote     media: Preview of more decoration blocks to come
[FH]Gorgutz Aug 28 2012, 12:09pm says:

When I thought they couldn't make the game any more scarier, they bring in a new boss and intelligent AI that wants to suffocate me with a block of wool.

+21 votes     media: Hey there, I think you dropped this
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