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Total War: Rome II

Game review - 1 agree

Ugly unit and building card tiles, horrifying bugginess and unoptimised graphics (well, once, before the Emperor Edition), still broken and frequently crashing multiplayer even after the inglorious Emperor aka Sega deemed it worthy to fix some of the singleplayer issues... also visually inferior to Attila. The only advantage over Attila is that it is set in a less threatening, less intimidating and yet more epic setting, the rise of the Roman Empire.

Cons and issues:
- bad DLC policy, rationing content
- a new DLC pack to revive a dead horse instead of porting a full campaign of ancient Rome over to Attila
- still tends to be buggy
- crashing multiplayer
- game settings sometimes reverting back (really?), seems to be a safety switch to fix the game after it has crashed but well, CA is to blame for it crashing in the first place
- no full total conversion moddability, no campaign map editor

Rome II is playable now. The base game has more factions to choose from than Attila or Warhammer too. Some issues were fixed. Recommending it only when it's on a huge sale. Well... as of now... €54.99 for the bare, base game is not justifiable at all. It's been more than four years since the release of the game too. What the heck is going on?


Total War: Attila

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Sightly unit and building card tiles, a challenging threat from the East, visually stunning compared to Rome II overall, last yet not least, moddability. The only thing it truly lacks is a huge campaign following the rise of the Roman empire, an official campaign ported from Rome II. Yes, some modders are developing total conversions dealing with that missed bit, it may take years to see such big mod campaigns up and running though. (The only good modded campaign available at the moment is Imperium if you're interested.)

Cons and issues:
- spawning of Hunnic hordes is unimaginably unfunny and imbalanced
- no total conversion moddability and no map campaign editor
- chasing armies around the map is a joke when no agents are present
- standard reinforcement range issues
- sadly, just like most Total War games, not all factions are available to play, and there are no secret unlocks either quite unlike in vintage TW games (yeah, mods make it possible, nonetheless, this is about CA doing it officially)
- just the usual overpriced, downsized DLC rant (DLC/x-packs should be about entirely new content developed exclusively after the game has been finished, not about eternally locking or intentionally cutting out and rationing content already present in the base game, content which remains unplayable after so many years the game has been out for)
- so soon after Rome II came out
- personally, Attila is better than Rome II, however only generally, as Rome II beats Attila thanks to its more ancient setting but is buggier and worse overall in many aspects

Also, Attila multiplayer mode seemed to be much stabler while the multiplayer matches of Rome II crashed on certain turns like clockwork and had to be wound a few turns back, often to meet another CTD several turns later. Yes, Attila was almost entirely crash-free except for standard TW crashes (for instance trying to use the interface when it's processing AI turns, not a biggie, and not something completely unpredictable).


Plague Inc: Evolved

Early access game review - 2 agree

Grossly imbalanced, very hard even on lower difficulty levels, unless you can guess developer's intentions or properly learn the properties of the plague you are dealing out to the unsuspecting victims. Almost a steep learning curve. All of which leads to the main problem: unintuitivity and accidentality of this indie gem. The moderate amount of mutation traits is what seems to be lacking as well. When it comes to pros, Plague Inc. tends to be fluid, engrossing and sports multiplayer, moddability, well-rounded scenario editor and a rather decent amount of content (plague types and scenarios, not the number of genetic traits).

Cons and issues:
- failure by design, fails forced upon you by design, when you fail just because one well-isolated country can't be infected (plague type fail)
- hard even on lower difficulty levels, and very easy to fail especially if you don't follow the "correct" way of spreading the plague around
- way too moderate amount of genetic bonuses
- random mutation, which makes it a pain to strategically control the plague
- ugly pop-up boxes instead of side notifications
- visually lacking, and with so little 2D graphics, it could easily be enhanced more
- everything is locked behind unlockables which makes multiplayer slightly riskier and less enjoyable (excluding co-op)
- no multiple plagues in singleplayer games and scenarios (not a comp stomp, just a scenario with multiple AI plagues in it)

No idea about the price and whether it is fully justified, still, this indie game is quite enjoyable and captivating enough to buy and play.


Total War: Warhammer II

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A diamond in the rough, not as polished as it may seem. Greatly optimised, more than the first Warhammer. With the arrival of Mortal Empires, it is quite rich in pronouncedly distinct races and factions, yet still expensive (counting the base game, all DLC packs, and the expansion-like sequel). Moddability adds a whole new dimension to the game; mods are the only reason why the game series is worth buying. Yet...

... its cons and issues, still:
- no tax gauging
- no region gifting
- no puppet states, no liberation (only the Chaos hordes have it, and it's half-baked, can't seem to be able to create more than one tribe? iirc)
- the trade system across different races is wacky and wobbly
- no naval battles (yeah, Warhammer is all about land battles, why not talk it over with the IP owner and change it just for this game?)
- barely any distinct factions of the same race to choose from, and most of them are eaten up and locked behind the DLC, for instance, can't play as Skaven in the Old World, my rats had to swim to get there
- balanced and imbalanced at the same time; the issue of archers across races (OP Wood Elves versus Sea Archers on sea versus Normal Archers versus Bad Archers of greenskins for example)
- reinforcement range antics continue on and they still suck; settlements can't be besieged now immediately after disembarking (even when the army had full movements points, supposedly). Other issues such as having enough movement points to besiege (the movement arrow is all yellow) but not be able to do it because of lacking that 1% or less than 1% of M-points (which translates to one turn wasted, strategically), or that broken movement gauge which says 50% does not equal 50% most likely because it is an inaccurate floating point value (because you can't strike a fortified camp after using up 50% of your movements points, at least here)
- aye, you barely receive 4 races, 8 factions in Warhammer II, and probably still more than in the base, DLC-cut Warhammer I game (when you exclude all the races and factions from DLC packs, excluding free Bretonnia as well)

Having to wait for the Norsca to arrive in Mortal Empires is not an issue, having to wait for one single new lord to play a new, "different" faction is a problem. It would be better if we got a big set of Lords and their factions of the same ilk as those in the base or expanded game instead of one or two just to play another faction of the same race. Rationing the game content like this is terrible.

Recommending the game? Yes. Recommending to wait for some more free packs (such as Bretonnia) to justify the buy? Yes. Recommending to play it with mods? Yes. Recommending to buy the whole series (all DLC)? Hell no, unless you really want to, or unless CA adds more content (more factions of the same type to select from) or fixes the goddamn overpriced, downsized DLC.


Assassin's Creed Origins

Game review - 1 disagree

It's an epic game, riddled with bugs, forced arena combat that doesn't allow you to choose your own equipment (Kensa can fight using a bow but you can't?) and pay2win in singleplayer games (low value micro-DLC, just like Bethesda's paid mods initiative).

Cons and issues:
- forced combat scenes and arena fights that don't let you use your own weapons instead of ubisoft's crap
- no map filters (by category; shops, camps, etc.)
- no individual HUD/GUI settings (there are only presets)
- forced photo mode (what the hell) that is not turned off by default (Photo Mode is off in the options but community photos still show up as the first filter and prevent painless fast-travel), no, the feature is not the problem, the real issue is you can't switch it off utterly and permanently without always filtering the map, and yes, the photo blips were blocking fast travel points (had to hover out and over to fast-travel)
- forced social/pseudo-multiplayer that can't be safely opted out
- still very buggy, just not buggy like AC Unity was, just buggy in its own way, assassination prompts are worst when sometimes they don't trigger at all in the bushes when not moving at all (moving while hidden helps it trigger), loot appears below the ground making it irretrieveable, even one instance of a captain vanishing into thin air (probably died from rebels in the area, which didn't count as a kill, or something else)
- arrows are gone in the Rome boss fight, reloading last objective doesn't help (thanks to the retarded ubisoft team who can't reset the scene and the goddamn ammo), and naturally can't be aborted either as it is a main storyline quest (which should be retractable nonetheless) <- yes, if you play on Hard, an empty quiver on desync is a serious handicap
- being on fire on a ship (not a boat) kills you in less than 2 seconds (must be a bug, on land it takes a fair deal more than a few seconds)
- no way to equip and customise aya
- the game lacks minor, miscellaneous quests and story-supported assassination contracts, that sort of thing, in addition to side quests. Like Witcher Contracts in Witcher 3, which were properly embedded in the story (well-narrated)
- the RPG system is not half-baked but is not quite full-baked either, can't buy back items, can't craft weapons and armour (only some utilities/improvements levels)
- the parkour system is a little weird compared to recent AC games and takes a bit to get used to, running was tweaked too much
- other issues such as loot casually disappears after death, can't complete objectives carrying a rescued person on your mount, sometimes it makes sense to put them down on some bedroll, but sometimes it doesn't make sense at all and the quest stage should be auto-completed just fine even when riding with that other person mounted not dismounted

Nah, the above bugs are not insignificant bugs or glitches such as animals standing vertical the wrong way like they occasionally do. They are gameplay-breaking bugs, however small or annoying.

The setting, Egypt, is beautiful, the world is huge, music enchanting, the combat fluid and graceful, and the RPG system and an adequate amount of side quests is a rather welcome change (makes the game longer and enriches it in a few ways, gives a reason to collect all those meaningless trinkets and complete the game, well, completely). It's like Black Flag, gameplay is expanded, this time with side quests, and more in-depth exploration is demanded to gain good loot and XP.

Can't miss buying property and making a profit on it, it was cool, but it was game-breaking, you could get all the equipment without even trying. AC Origins forces you to raid tombs, explore locations, wreak a fiery havoc on military camps. Can't say it's an AC game or not an AC game, every AC game seems to undergo a heavy experimentation process, and almost no two AC games are identical to date. (Well, maybe except for Brotherhood and Revelations, and Black Flag and Rogue, which shared almost every game mechanic, in quite the same way.)

Oh, and you need a powerful PC to play it comfortably. Many people had performance issues due to the draconian DRM implemented in the game.

So far, the favourite AC game.


Minor Factions Revenge

Mod review - 1 agree

A great campaign mod. Makes Empire: Total War shine again. The post-installation guide seems to be quite confusing though.


The Sims 4

Game review

Sims from this installment of the series look really good, quite unlike the fuglies of TS3.

Besides, Kastrenzo (who rated the game 1/10) is kinda right, the game is heavily stripped of features, but the devs, nonetheless, managed to add content patches (YES, patches that add new content) over the years, something rarely done for AAA games, so it's forgivable.

Untested, dumbed-down and limited expansion packs and DLC (compared to TS3 x-packs) are much less excusable. None of the "expansion packs" feels like a big content pack. Yet again, Maxis managed to fix some of the more annoying bugs from the un-QA-ed x-packs that made them nearly unplayable or plain broken... yet... still no money for attesters to properly test the latest dlc packs, Mr Elephant in the Room aka EA, eh? "Best to save money that was to be spent on testers, let the devs sort bugs out" is the latest EA motto.

Overall, a good game, becoming better and better somehow thanks to Maxis, but really bad downsized DLC and extremely bad corporate policies, the latter, quite obviously, thanks to EA.


Beasts and Bumpkins

Game review - 1 agree

Quite cool back in the day. Played it so many years ago.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Game review

Decently refined with its potential brought out to maximum, unlike its predecessors Witcher 1 and Witcher 2, W1 that had clunky combat and roaming, and extremely linear W2 with quite an awkward level design (that climbing a ladder hurdle of W2!) and heavily limited exploration options, W3 really rises to the occasion.

Super fluid, rich in quests, monsterhunt contracts and open world roaming, multiple story endings and choices without being condemned to W2 linearity, this gem is the only good game in the Witcher series and probably one of the greatest RPGs out there and possibly even open world games in general.


Tis For Thee Mod

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