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Ekonk Sep 22 2012, 9:27am replied:

"Didn't read the books, didn't play any games, only watched the movies, didn't like 'em, therefore books and games must be gay."

Go **** yourself.

+19 votes   article: MERP news letter
Ekonk Sep 10 2012, 8:31am says:

But this is based on the books, right? Warner Brothers only has claim to the movies.

I signed the petition though, obviously.

+4 votes   mod: MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project
Ekonk Jun 28 2012, 2:50pm says:

I don't know if this is my own fault or an issue that needs rebalancing, but I still feel like mentioning it.

- I'm playing as Isengard
- Rohan is almost destroyed, I'm currently at war with Gondor.
- I find the One Ring.
- After a while, Sauron commands me to bring it to the Black Gate.
- I'm a good slave and set off immediately.
- I don't want the Ring to fall in the hands of Rohan or Gondor, so I take a detour through newly annexed Mordor territory.
- The closer I get to the Black Gate, the more movement points my general loses.
- The general is in Dagorlad, taking ridiculously long for short distances when the deadline expires.
- Mordor, Harad, Rhûn, Orcs of Misty Mountains and Gundabad instantly declare war on me.

I brought the Ring as fast as I could and I get excommunicated and destroyed for my trouble. Might want to look into that.

+1 vote   mod: Third Age - Total War
Ekonk May 31 2012, 11:22am says:

The most frustrating game ever. It's glorious. No handholding, no balanced difficulties or scripted encounters, and of course permadeath.

Everything that happens to you is unique; the product of the world and its players. This makes everything a lot more meaningful.

It's the zombie game you've always wanted.

+6 votes   mod: DayZ
Ekonk Mar 1 2012, 1:23pm replied:

Use the launcher in your HalfLife/CryOfFear folder instead of launching it from steam. Worked for me.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 27 2012, 6:47pm replied:

Whatever dude, he's just reporting a bug now. Leave him alone unless he starts being a ****.

+7 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 24 2012, 9:39am says:

I'd just like to say that, with all these bug and puzzle related comments, that I absolutely love it. It's scary as **** and the atmosphere is just amazing. All those horrible little, pale-lighted back-alleys where it's easy to imagine **** like this happening on a daily basis. You could look out the window and see a Cry of Fear location.

Also the music is rrrrrreally good. Silent Hill quality.

I literally cannot believe how close it is to what would be my "perfect" horror game. Cheers!

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 22 2012, 5:40pm replied:

Why yes I do.

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Ekonk Feb 22 2012, 5:17pm replied:


+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 22 2012, 5:01pm says:

Is this kind of comment chaos normal for release dates?

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 22 2012, 4:57pm says:


+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 22 2012, 1:41pm replied:

y so srs?

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 22 2012, 12:49pm replied:

You may just be the worst troll ever. Whatever passes the time for you I guess.

+4 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 22 2012, 11:55am replied:


I'm trying not to get excited as long as I'm not sure when but you're not exactly makin it easy bro.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 22 2012, 7:44am replied:


+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 20 2012, 4:20am says:

Oh lawd it's so close yet suddenly the twentysecond seems so far away!

Not that I'll ever get to finish it, what with me being a massive pussy and all. I'm a sucker for horror atmosphere, but not actually brave enough for the actual scares. We'll see, I guess. IN TWO DAYS!!

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 10 2012, 10:07am says:

Man. I had some real fun with this game back in the day, but I'm not gonna play it again because I don't want to deal with the inevitable realization that it's ****.

+7 votes   game: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
Ekonk Feb 4 2012, 11:44am says:

Hi. I'm Dutch. This map is incorrect. Before the 1500's most of the west of Holland was below sea level and covered with water. Only in the late middle ages/early renaissance did people start building dykes and draining the land.
This is how Holland would look like if everything that was below sea level was actually below the sea:

Keep up the great work!

+2 votes   media: The Netherlands
Ekonk Dec 24 2011, 9:05pm says:

Hey guys, just popped in to say that I think this game is great. Sure there are flaws (and many of them), chief amongst them being a steep learning curve, overwhelming amounts options, and not a lot of explanation. The levels feel a bit empty sometimes and I find it hard to get absorbed in the story. But beneath all that beats the fiery and ambitious heart of a great and unique game. Seriously, you guys are awesome and I hope you continue to make games. With a bit more cash and experience you could do truly great things.

+8 votes   game: E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
Ekonk Jul 7 2011, 7:27pm says:

Just poppin' in to say that I can't wait to play this.

While wearing diapers, of course.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Jul 7 2011, 7:25pm replied:

Well if you download the realistic weapons addon there is also a tremendous (and I mean tremendous) boon to gameplay. It's visceral and exciting when you deal and take huge amounts of damage - much more is at stake in a firefight.

But this mod doesn't focus on graphics IMO - although graphics certainly are a huge part of it - it focuses more on atmosphere, just like the base game.

And it does a very good job at it. Seriously. I wouldn't even consider playing Stalker without this mod anymore.

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
Ekonk Apr 18 2011, 11:17am replied:

The only thing this has in common with Assassin's Creed is that that knight looks just like one of AC's Templars.

+3 votes   article: Developer Blog #1 - Hit Detection
Ekonk Mar 16 2011, 4:51pm replied:

What kind of stupid hipster comment is that? "Oh if you really cared about this game you would have been tracking a long time ago"

**** off.

+3 votes   media: E.Y.E
Ekonk Mar 16 2011, 4:48pm says:

It looks like the Neotokyo that never was... The one with actual fun gameplay.

I liked Neotokyo's artstyle better though, but that's just me. The Warhammer 40k thing just isn't working for me.

Will still be checking it out though.

+1 vote   game: E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
Ekonk Mar 7 2011, 2:06pm says:

Still listen to the music every day...

Revive this, developers. Revamp this. 2.0. Do it.

0 votes   mod: NEOTOKYO°
Ekonk Mar 1 2011, 5:14pm says:


Don't you realize you'll be the next Postal 2, used by the enemies of videogames against us?

+1 vote   mod: School Shooter: North American Tour 2012
Ekonk Feb 28 2011, 1:46pm says:

Nice going giving the anti-game dickheads ammunition.

+3 votes   mod: School Shooter: North American Tour 2012
Ekonk Feb 22 2011, 10:43am says:

I don't check this page for about a month and the next thing I know is there's trolls everywhere.

Anyhoo, keep up the good work guys, I can't wait.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Ekonk Feb 18 2011, 3:35pm says:

Guys I have one question about the retail re-release.

Will it be... on Steam?

0 votes   mod: Dear Esther
Ekonk Feb 18 2011, 3:33pm says:

Walking with Dinosaurs scarred me for life with this thing.

+1 vote   article: Prehistoric creature update: Liopleurodon
Ekonk Nov 2 2010, 1:28am says:

Hurray, a big-*** update! Keep up the good work folks. Can't wait to play this.

+1 vote   article: NMRiH Halloween Update 2010
Ekonk Sep 16 2010, 2:09am says:

That is some sweet music. Especially the fight and Mordor music. Really quality work chaps, looking forward to this one.

+1 vote   article: Mid-September MERP Update
Ekonk Aug 20 2010, 5:22am says:

1 or 3. They are nice and spider-like. The others are kinda fat. (or 6, he's fat in a malevolent way)

+1 vote   article: "The Crag" Reveal
Ekonk Jul 4 2010, 6:34am says:

Those towers look great, but in the distance they become slightly repetitative. So many identical towers, all in the same angle, all the same size, regulary next to each other. It looks slightly unnatural, or at the very least more modern than the 'time' in which the Lord Of The Rings is situated.

Anyway, I've been scrolling through these screenshots and most of it looks utterly amazing. I'm looking forward to Mordor. It would basically be a huge Oblivion, right?

+1 vote   media: Pelargir WIP
Ekonk May 14 2010, 8:32pm says:

From what I'm seeing: it could be a very fresh, interesting mod. Or it could be a bag of pretentious ****. Then again, I loved Dear Esther and Korsakovia - pretentious according to some - so I suppose I'll be able to handle it.

+1 vote   mod: Canvas
Ekonk Sep 20 2009, 7:00am says:

Yes! Finally!

+2 votes   article: Korsakovia released
Ekonk Aug 24 2009, 7:36pm says:

Bioshock music? Awesome.

+1 vote   media: Teaser Trailer 3 of 4
Ekonk Aug 15 2009, 5:50pm says:


+4 votes   media: Eye Raytracing
Ekonk Dec 18 2008, 12:20pm says:

Hmm. I think the hand needs some idle animations like moving it's fingers or checking it's nails or something. But that's just polishing up. The main element is there, and good, too.

+1 vote   media: Door-key gameplay elements in Curse
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