I'm a fan of Horror games and movies. The games I like most of all are FPS Horror games, because you get a greater inmersion in the game's world and thus the fear is even bigger. I'm also a English-Spanish translator, my current finished proyects are Cry of Fear, Grey and Kraven Manor (for KM I corrected many typos and "Google Translator lines"). If you want to translate your game's subtitles, PM me and I'll be glad to help you.

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Silent Hill

Game review - 2 agree

One of the greatest and scariest games ever released for the PSX and the reason why most gamers have become fans of horror games.
It's a shame to see that horror games nowadays has become nothing but screamers. While my personal favorite game is Silent Hill 2, this one is way scarier than the rest, even to this date.



Mod review - 1 agree

-Immersion is almost instant
-Great atmosphere
-Maps are really detailed
-Supplies must be searched instead of hoping to find them everywhere (more immersion)
-Replay Value with the Hardcore Difficulty, Bonus map and Challenge maps
-Had fun searching for Anita's dolls
-Enemies are scary at moments
-Great voice acting (DragonNOR did it once more)
-Failed reload at moments
-No inventory (more immersion and atmosphere)

-Really hard for unexperienced players
-Maps were extremely dark even with the max bright on
-Most of the enemies appear with a scream, which is scary at first but gets annoying in time.
-Melee weapons are more useful for breaking boxes rather than killing enemies
-Takes you almost a full handugn clip to kill an enemy in Hardcore difficulty, preventing you from saving ammo for future encounters
-The game can be confusing at moments as to where to go and what to do
-Pick-up animation gets boring in time, but this is just me

-Game balance is awful. You find more enemies than weapons, ammo or health, but at the same time it makes you fells really scared and prepared for whatever is to come. I enjoyed it, but it frustrated me at the same time.


1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg

Game review - 2 agree

Games about World War have been around for quite a long time now. Medal of Honor and Call of Duty are both notorious examples which (sadly) have been decaying over the years. Many of us have at least played one of these. Who wasn't happy being a soldier batling in WW1 or WW2, shooting down airplanes, tanks and many enemies soldiers? Well, these games are now the same stuff, but just with better graphics, thinking that'll make a new game, that and the realism factor of these games. Why haven't the games companies thought of something more "suitable" on the realism of these games? Why make it look like a stroll in the enemies-infested streets, when we know that in reality it wasn't?

Wasn't time for us to really fell the horror, the pain, the insanity and the senselessness of war?

1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg is a WW1 theme based horror FPS game, in which you use a German soldier who's taken cover in the trenches, his only escape being a ladder, located on the other side of the trenches.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, no.

The trenches are a maze and you can get lost quickly. Besides, you're not alone in there, as you're being constantly chased by enemies. Not enemy soldiers, but Mechanic Dinosaurs. No, it's not a joke, and yes, it doesn't make absolute sense, but war never maked any sense, so why the enemies must? The Dinosaurs being a metaphor of Death around every corner.

For those who played MoH and/or CoD, you can forget about winning this game by shooting the Dinosaurs. This is a survival horror experience, not some "shoot 'em up" war game. You're not fighting for your country using some well-top-form soldier, You're batling for your life, fatigued both phisically and mentally. Your perception is distorted and your hands are shaking with fear in this lonely, hopeless atmosphere the WW1 was.

A real masterpiece of a WW1 based game, a must-play for those who like horror games, since it captures war as it was; Senseless. I wish more games like this were made.


Cry of Fear

Game review may contain spoilers

Forget what you know about horror games and FPS games, because Cry of Fear is unlike ANYTHING you haver EVER played. A game filled with horror, nightmares and a depressive story that is not far from reality itself.

Although the game uses a quite old engine (GoldSrc), the visuals made with it are outstanding, pushing the engine to its limits. I could complain about them, but it would be stupid of me to do that, for the visuals are just a small part of the magnificent work put in this game. The voice acting is nice, not too much to say about that, every actor voiced its character according to the emotions needed.

The weapons in this game are made to keep a realistic survival horror feeling, and you will not be able to carry every item you find, for the inventory is very limited (6 slots). The music is also a nice implement in this game as well and they suit the game's atmosphere.

The best part of the game itself its the story, dealing with the depression and insanity the main character suffers from. Some of the choices in the game influence the ending and thus, the fate of the main charracter and those around him.

A truly horror masterpiece, surpassing the team's previous work (Afraid of Monsters: DC) and many other horror games.


White Night

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

- New storyline.
- New map.
- New inventory layout.
- New items (Flashlight? Hell yeah!!).
- Custom enemies and characters.
- References to Silent Hill and Penumbra.
- Long, entertaining and full of suspense.

- Not too many scares for an Amnesia mod (not too important).
- Story is quite hard to understand (at least for me).
- Excessive supply of batteries and morphine.
- Game is sometimes confusing in what to do, where to go and items locations.
- Unsatisfying conclusion (at least for me).
- Bad voice acting (really important).
- Some puzzles are annoying (the most being the one in which you must throw bricks to discover the way)

Despite the flaws I cited, White Night is an entertaining adventure, but I can't help but ask "What the hell happened to David?". Seriously, I played and finished this around 5 times, read every note, heard every dialog, but I still can't completely understand the story.

Despite that, if you enjoy Amnesia's custom maps like La Caza, The Great Work and others, give this a try.

You won't regret it.


Resident Evil : Cold Blood

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Amazing mod, captures the fear and insecurity sensation you had when you played the first games, unlike RE5 or RE6. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Resident Evil is about. Not tons of ammo, not overpowered guns, but instead saving your ammo for dangerous enemies, without knowing what to expect on the next corner. This brings memories of when I played RE2 and RE3. But this mod could be better, 9/10.


Slender: The Eight Pages

Game review - 3 agree

This game has a simple, yet effective formula, meant to scare even the bravest man in the world. This game is great (nor excellent neither epic. Just great. And not even close to "Best Scary Game Evah!"), but it's so overrated and already boring to play it doesn't make sense to play this anymore. After you get the last page, you lose your motivation to play Slender again.

Yes, the graphics are a little bad, but who cares anyways. Still, it made me jump many times and the atmosphere absorbs the player instantly.

For an experiment, it worked quite well.


Haunted Memories

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

First of all, yeah, there were plenty of Slender games by the time this was released, but this game is different for the following reasons:

1. It proved that even a basic idea such as collecting pages while being chased by Slenderman could've been made with a more professional quality and a little (but still important) background story.

2. They improved many aspects that the original one lacked or didn't had (the main being adding the savegame feature and the unlockables and photos) and created a different and scarier Slenderman (which actually MOVES towards you instead of standing there like an idiot).

3. Being able to actually READ the notes to understand the story, so you can understand what chases you (the menu were you read the notes doesn't stop the game, so be careful when reading the notes).

4. A new story instead of the typical Slender and adding some jumpscares and enemies only visible with the U-Vision.

Still, the games has some flaws, such as Slenderman standing still sometimes and the player can run towards him and pass through his side unharmed. But if you can ignore these little flaws, you'll enjoy this game from beginning to end.

And the best of all... IT'S FREE! Get it now!!

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