What if one day, you wake up as a patient in a hospital, without any memory of yourself? What are you going to believe? Or... Who are you going to believe?...

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Inspired heavily by the shady atmospheres of psychological juggernauts of various pedigree, but perhaps no more so than by Session 9 or Jacob’s Ladder/Silent Hill, is an Amnesia total conversion mod titled White Night of which I had the pleasure of playing for the better part of the last two evenings for a total of about 3.5-4 hours of game play.

White Night has a palpable atmosphere that makes you realize fully the depths of the human mind, and of the shadows hanging over us in our subconscious. Tanshaydar has tapped into the same fountain of knowledge that writers such as Mark Z. Danielewski or contemporary mod creator Rumpel, of Afraid of Monsters and Cry of Fear fame.

Surrounded by asylum bars, rusted iron, gritty vents and vaulted, groined archways of pseudo modern architecture you will trudge through a thoughtful array of puzzles. Some of them, I admit, are actually kind of irritating. (Navigating a room of obstacles, tubs, half walls and uneven terrain to spin *really* tiny knobs on *really* thin piping was kind of annoying.) Nonetheless, all of this has been expertly realized and lovingly built among the hardships of simply one modder, Tanshaydar, whose accomplishments here are polarizing given the short development cycle (Only 10 months).

This is the best mod for Amnesia out there right now, and it is my contender for the best story of the year in Moddb’s upcoming contests. Well done to everyone involved, bumps and all, this is one hell of an experience.

If I had to update my review without changing the score, I will say that the recently circulated notion that White Night is almost uncannily like Korsokovia is correct, and worth noting. Many people find it impeccable in similarity, almost as a remake or re imagining. I am neutral on the subject, but having played both, it is a substantial similarity.

its Scary original and very penumbra like. i love it it obviously had alot of work put into it and im impressed. best mod i have played


A_Tricky_Carnie says

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Very well made mod, very polished. I enjoyed how it was distanced from Amnesia, and it felt like a completely different game, and not just a mod for Amnesia. I enjoyed the Penumbra references with Clarence and Phillip. I found the ending a bit confusing, but that just means a second playthrough some other time so I can pay more attention to the story, which I must say, was really good. The voice acting was great, and so was the music.

Good Amnesia Mod! I really liked the Penumbra references too. The voice acting was somewhat mediocre but it is a good mod nonetheless.


Very well made. I am full of myself, and I will say most of the game is better than anything I've ever made with the editor. Awesome job.


InterAirplay says

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What makes a game scary? Frictional Games proved that more often than not, the best way to scare your audience is to set up a creepy, tense, unsettling and dangerous atmosphere. Do this, and your audience will scare themselves to death, no matter what they find.

White Night captures this spirit neatly. Despite whatever crticisms I have for this mod, I have to say it now: this is one of the best third-party addons for a game I have ever seen, simply because Tanshaydar knows exactly how to nail the atmosphere.

At every turn you will be plagued by terrors that exist only within your own imagination. You round the corner or turn the lights on, and there's nothing there. But that doesn't stop you from approaching the next unknown like you would a psychotic bengal tiger.

Tanshaydar knows exactly how to stimulate the part of our imagination that insists on seeing threatening shapes in empty, darkened rooms, much like the Frictional Games team does. The sounds, the environments, the creepy mindrape that permeates every hour of play - all of it creating that creeping, crawling fear that comes from the anticipation of horror, making the monster encounters so much worse

Of course, there are very few monsters in it. Not that it matters - as far as your subconcious is concerned, there are monsters everywhere until it is proven otherwise, and even then, some of the sneaky tricks Tanshaydar employs will leave you with your heart in your mouth. The monsters scenes, the hallucinations - these aren't scary alone. But thanks to the care and attention of the creator, the ever-crucial atmosphere is spot on, and everything turns from mildly creepy to unbearably terrifying because of it.

Oh, but it gets LESS scary as it progresses, as if the final third of the game was just one huge rush to wrap up the story, and it shows.

Tanshaydar should also have gotten a native english speaker to write the notes, and the voice acting/effects were incredibly shoddy.

Otherwise? A SUBLIME mod.

Great mod, and with greatness comes more harsh criticism (and even a effort to write a review that is well deserved).

A full conversion that gives a whole new experience to one of my favourite horror games of all time. So first I will like to thank the people who made it possible to give me free extra game time! Quality game time I must say, especially the beginning of With Night. So to make this review short and easy to read;

+Very good atmosphere (It is nice to see the Silent Hill inspiration)
+Creatures were very well developed
+No more battery means you are going to die, I loved the pressure.
+The shock value was very impressive
+Nice texture

-The voice acting did not measure the rest of the game's quality
-If the chance exist you run out of batteries, there is no continue
although I have to say, that gives you this nice pressure to.
-The ending of the game seemed a bit rushed and the shock value was
lacking in my opinion. Also I thought the later rooms could use
more work, I know you guys can do that :)

Actually you guys deserve a 8.5 and I will return again someday to play With Night. Thank you very much!

Very well done and the best Amnesia mod I've played! The lighting (or lack of, in some areas) adds to the fear. The story is well-written even if it can be confusing at times, but that's okay because it is worth playing through again.

This is AMAZING WORK! I actually believe you should work with Frictional Games as this type of work wasn't made by a rookie... it was made by a PROFESSIONAL.

Amazing work man, keep it up. I do see you having a future as a game creator as well :P :)

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