I like horror games and horror movies as well. The games I like most of all are FPS Horror games, because you get a greater inmersion in the game's world and thus the fear is even bigger. I also like Death Metal and I'm the vocalist of at least 3 bands in my city, also I'm learning to play bass. I'm also a English-Spanish translator, my current finished proyects are Cry of Fear (still working on it), Grey and Kraven Manor (corrected many typos and "Google Translator lines"). If you want to translate your game's subtitles, PM me and I'll be glad to help you.

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Mr.Grindor Mar 4 2014, 5:15pm says:

Upvoted you guys, looking forward for it's release.

+2 votes     article: Kraven Manor is now on Steam Greenlight!
Mr.Grindor Jan 14 2014, 4:26pm says:

I found a fix for NH2 in a thread on Steam. Haven't tested it but you might give it a try.


+1 vote     mod: Nightmare House 2
Mr.Grindor Jan 8 2014, 12:30pm says:

Will the character speed be faster than in the demo? Because it looks like I'm playing in the role of a gigantic snail due to how slow it moves. I mean, yeah, maybe you made it that way to prevent the player from finishing the demo too fast, but that speed for the character its just... ridiculous.

Other than that, congrats on nailing the Silent Hill atmosphere on this mod.

+3 votes     mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
Mr.Grindor Jan 8 2014, 12:20pm says:

Thanks for the invite. I've played all the Silent Hill games for PS2 and, of course, Silent Hill for the PSX.

Any opinions about the HL2 mod Silent Hill: Alchemilla?

+3 votes     group: Fans of Silent Hill
Mr.Grindor Dec 19 2013, 12:02pm says:

Why are you guys replying to Mitchtroll777? Remember, don't feed the trolls.

On a side note, anybody knows how's the AI Programmer quest going? Have the devs found someone?

+4 votes     game: Faceless
Mr.Grindor Dec 6 2013, 4:21pm says:

Well, I'm looking forward for this one. I'll be tracking it. I hope this one suffice for AAMFP, since that one, while being a great game, doen't scare as much as the first one.

+3 votes     mod: Closure
Mr.Grindor Dec 4 2013, 12:08am says:

In case anyone here gets to play Half-Life instead of Afraid of Monsters after installing this, just open your console and write down "map intro" and the game will start.

+1 vote     download: Trinity Render: Custom Edition for AOM
Mr.Grindor Nov 16 2013, 12:15am replied:

Yeah, I found a torrent for Grey 1.1 before the update and I tested the gameinfo.txt file. It crashes while loading, showing a "model not precached" error. Oh well, nothing more to do.

You should really consider Grey going Steam Greenlight. It might save you from this kind of troubles in the future (if Valve ***** up HL2 and EP2 in the future).

+1 vote     mod: Grey
Mr.Grindor Nov 15 2013, 12:31am replied:

Hmm, I see. I was wondering if this works for Grey:


The devs noted that this can be applied to any mod, but I can't test it with Grey because I uninstalled it (stupid me xD)

Who knows? it might work, since it's for the SteamPipe update

+1 vote     mod: Grey
Mr.Grindor Nov 13 2013, 2:12pm replied:

Now that you comment this, it sounds like a great idea. I hope the team considers Greenlight release as an option. It would save them from the many errors that the mod gets after every Steam Update related with Half-Life 2.

+4 votes     download: Grey v1.1 Exe (Steam Pipe Fix - November 6th 2013)
Mr.Grindor Nov 13 2013, 10:35am replied:

It's good to know you were able to fix it, but what kind of "fix" was applied to increase the file's size to almost double of it's original size?

Nevermind, as long as it's fixed, I can't complain.

0 votes     mod: Grey
Mr.Grindor Nov 11 2013, 10:53am says:

Well, Valve is doing to HL2 Mods what Google Plus is doing to YouTube. It's a shame they don't think of the modding community that HL2 has before updating the games engines.

Good work Valve, breaking awesome stuff, 1 update at a time.

0 votes     mod: Grey
Mr.Grindor Nov 7 2013, 12:29am says:

Does somebody knows how can I change the numbers of waves in the mod? is stuck on SHORT.

+1 vote     mod: KF Dead Space
Mr.Grindor Nov 5 2013, 2:40am replied:

Make sure you have Source SDK and EP2 with the SteamPipe beta selected. That might solve the errors.

+1 vote     mod: Grey
Mr.Grindor Oct 18 2013, 3:33am says:

Isn't there really any AI Programmer willing to help on this? Are all those people turning their backs because it's a Slender-based game? Does that really matter?

I can speak for many people in here when I say that it's ridiculous to just reject (to help on) a game because it's based of another one. I'm sure most of those who complain also played Haunted Memories and didn't even complained about the use of Slenderman in that game (which is really great because it moves instead of appearing all of a sudden). Not to mention the ridiculous amount of clones about Slender, like Slenderman's Shadow (which is a commercial release and it's just the same as the first Slender).

This game has a great potential and looks trememndously promising, but without an AI Programmer, this ideas will go totally to waste. I'm not sure if they don't wanna help or if they're busy, but I still can't believe that after a long time of development, including being Greenlit, the team hasn't been able to find a goddamn AI Programmer.

Besides, face it, you all wanna record this when it comes out, like you did with Slender: The Eight Pages.

+4 votes     game: Faceless
Mr.Grindor Sep 28 2013, 3:10am replied:

I assure you I ain't the only one. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of the Half-Life series. Because, let's be honest, people buy those games for the mods now.

I downloaded BMS, haven't played it that much, but it looks extremely awesome and the amount of work put on the characters and details is astounding. This would be the only Half-Life game that I would play more than once.

0 votes     mod: Black Mesa
Mr.Grindor Sep 27 2013, 10:42pm replied:

I have never played this mod before. That's why I'm still thinking if I should wait for the whole mod to be finished so I can play it.

0 votes     mod: Black Mesa
Mr.Grindor Sep 27 2013, 2:45am says:

Not sure if I should play this mod now or wait for the Xen chapter to be released...

+2 votes     mod: Black Mesa
Mr.Grindor Sep 16 2013, 1:55am replied:

You must have Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Source SDK 2007 to play Grey.

+1 vote     mod: Grey
Mr.Grindor Sep 15 2013, 11:07pm says:

Hey, people. I'm making a playthrough (with no commentary) of Korsakovia. It includescaptions for people to know what the characters say. Here's the link: Youtube.com

Before you vote this down (because I know you will), I'm telling you that I do not plan to make this to get some youtube fame. It's just to show people how great this mod is. I'll see when I upload part 2. See ya!

+3 votes     mod: Korsakovia
Mr.Grindor Sep 13 2013, 5:23pm says:

Good luck with this, guys! Looking forward to the Beta!

+8 votes     article: New Developers Wanted! (+New Info)
Mr.Grindor Aug 27 2013, 5:22am replied:

The Dropbox link isn't working D:

+1 vote     mod: Korsakovia
Mr.Grindor Aug 13 2013, 10:07pm says:

I'm somehow glad that this Mod hasn't been released by now. Not because I despise this, as I totally support this mod, but I say it due to the SteamPipe update made to HL2.
I mean, I can imagine the ModDB page of Faceless swarming with people asking for a solution if this had been released early.

+8 votes     game: Faceless
Mr.Grindor Aug 13 2013, 4:30am replied:

You're not alone mate, I tend to forget the intro and scare myself for that.

+1 vote     mod: Grey
Mr.Grindor Aug 11 2013, 7:43pm replied:

In that you're right.

+2 votes     game: Cry of Fear
Mr.Grindor Aug 11 2013, 4:26pm replied:

As far as I know, it isn't fixed yet. But you can always use the Steam Voice Chat (which I find more comfortable).

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
Mr.Grindor Aug 9 2013, 12:35am replied:

Strange. Anyways, the only thing you have to do is to go to the mod folder, find the gameinfo.txt and edit the following:


Edit it so it says:

AdditionalContentID 420

Thechineseroom, I DEMAND that this mod goes on Steam for free!! Maybe that would solve the main trouble that this mod has; Being unplayable.

+2 votes     mod: Korsakovia
Mr.Grindor Aug 6 2013, 4:50pm says:


Ahora incluye la traducción de la campaña coop MANHUNT y ya no es necesario cambiar el idioma de los subtitulos para que estos salgan en español.

+2 votes     download: Cry of Fear traducción español.
Mr.Grindor Jul 30 2013, 5:23pm replied:

Actualizare la traducción de tal forma que no será necesario activar los subtitulos en el menú, pero para eso tendras que esperar a que salga esa actualizacion.

+3 votes     download: Cry of Fear traducción español.
Mr.Grindor Jul 29 2013, 4:26pm says:

Hell yeah, can't wait to play this!!

+4 votes     article: Announcing demo!
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