Ive been mapping for various games since Timesplitters up to Far Cry 2. I ran the UNS Clan and 3 24/7 servers for FC2. Our servers were known for their high-quality maps and zero-tolerance policy for cheaters. FC2 began to die out so we shut down - rather than cling to a dying game, we bowed out with dignity. I decided that simply creating MP maps just wasnt enough anymore. I could have gone to Call of Juarez BB, or even made maps for TF2 (which I am actually doing as a side project) but I felt that moving on to Modding was the way to go.

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agent00kevin Jul 29 2013, 10:28pm replied:

I am actually fiddling with SDK 2013 right now. It seems there is still no option to do a standalone mod with it though.

+1 vote   mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Mar 27 2013, 10:49pm replied:

Ive had quite a busy winter with work; much busier than normal. however, Ive been retooling the gameplay and such so there has been more progress behind the scenes that got done. :)

+1 vote   media: Still Going
agent00kevin Mar 25 2013, 12:37am says:

I dont even know wtf you are talking about

0 votes   member: agent00kevin
agent00kevin Mar 18 2013, 9:36pm replied:

I have done the same thing a few times myself. It seems like no matter how motivated you are, at some point you just need to back off for a while and relax. This is why I have never set release dates...you never know when the downtime will strike :)

In any event, this looks really good and Ill definitely be pointing my kids to it as well as playing it myself.

+1 vote   mod: Half Life 2: Deep Down
agent00kevin Mar 18 2013, 9:34pm replied:

I have heard in the past that deals have been worked out that allow a license to be granted with zero up front cash. Not that Im even going to pursue it with NovaCor, but it has happened in the past. Details are few and far between as it involves a non disclosure agreement.

+1 vote   media: Onward and Upward
agent00kevin Jan 29 2013, 10:53pm says:

I like the white too; it kind of makes the guns seem like they are made of a space age polymer :P It definitely fits the clean, sci fi theme.

+3 votes   media: Cypress 9mm Update!
agent00kevin Jan 15 2013, 6:31pm says:

If it were identical, show me an Aliens movie with a plasticy white PR.

That said, my comment from 2 weeks ago addresses that. The rifle IS the rifle from Aliens. Its an awesome looking weapon and we were going to use it, then changed our minds sometime mid 2012.

Lil late to the party bro :P

+1 vote   mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Jan 7 2013, 1:36am says:

Glad to see this Mod is progressing well. The mapping really seems to reflect the atmosphere and mood bXmMusic has set.

This is one of the few I will actually play. not to say others I have tracked were not worthy, but my time is at a premium with my own work and real life.

Definitely looking forward to release :)

+2 votes   mod: Inquietude
agent00kevin Jan 7 2013, 1:30am says:

Im excited for all of them :)

+3 votes   article: What would you like to see next?
agent00kevin Jan 7 2013, 1:29am replied:

Ahh its probably all the screens with that rifle in it still on the main description :P

But no, its not like that. The pacing is similar to HL2, where you have intense battles and periods inbetween where you must solve puzzles. You also fight two styles of enemies: Soldiers and Zombies. So yeah...if I had to compare it playstyle-wise, I would say HL2.

Theme-wise, its all original yet full of the good old Cliche's we've come to love.

+1 vote   mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Jan 7 2013, 1:26am replied:

Haha :)

If only we could be so lucky. Perhaps with Steam Greenlight it would be possible, but right now, we are doing this for fun :)

+1 vote   media: Onward and Upward
agent00kevin Jan 7 2013, 1:24am says:

Yeah im REALLY happy with that weapon. Not only is it good, but it fits NovaCor very nicely.

+2 votes   media: Introducing the Cypress 9mm!
agent00kevin Jan 2 2013, 12:55am replied:

I get that a lot :)

+1 vote   media: Moar Screenz
agent00kevin Dec 29 2012, 12:29pm says:

Not only have I widened the corridors and shortened them, but redesigned the ceiling. The old support models will still be used in some specific areas, but will be reskinned so they wont be pure white any more.

Im also working on ensuring there is more variance to the levels in terms of elevation - the old Lab Maps were very 'flat' and took place mostly on one horizontal plane. In the redesigned/rebuilt maps you will use much more vertical space.

Lastly, not only is the lighting just thrown in to get some initial screens, but there are a lot of textures that need properly aligned. Dont worry, everything will be neat and tidy when its all said and done :)

+6 votes   media: Onward and Upward
agent00kevin Dec 24 2012, 1:49am replied:

Yeah, Im reworking the layout and some of the aesthetics. Its looking better than before so far :)

+2 votes   article: Dec 2012 Update
agent00kevin Dec 18 2012, 9:49am replied:

I agree; I had no idea changing my OS would do it. It may have happened when I copied the old Hard Drive to the new one; I dont know. Nothing else seems corrupted though.

Im actually excited to rebuild :) I spent last night pulling chunks of the old maps out and putting them into 'new' maps, cleaning up the brushes and optimizing a lot better than before. I was surprised at just how sloppy and wasteful it was once I started digging into things.

Things will indeed go much quicker now, especially since a lot of my time was spent making models and textures. I dont have to do all that now, though obviously there will still be some new models and textures to do.

Im really hoping to get some new screens of the rebuild up by Jan 1 2013. I go on vacation at the end of this week, so its a pretty good chance that it will happen!

+2 votes   article: Dec 2012 Update
agent00kevin Dec 17 2012, 11:05pm says:

How are the tools? Are they just like Far Cry 2's?

+1 vote   mod: Into Dust
agent00kevin Oct 14 2012, 12:28pm says:

I think its important to develop a character you can relate to or at very least feel empathy for. If you played a faceless, nameless character, then it detracts from the experience.

For instance, a ship's cook thrust into the middle of a war can make the things he does pretty epic, being he is not a trained military commando. In my own Mod, the forst couple maps develop the character whose perspective you are playing from. It turns the game/mod into a sort of interactive story IMO.

+1 vote   article: Rant 1 - Game Overviews
agent00kevin Oct 12 2012, 10:26pm replied:

The apts are pretty small. Its about scale to places I have lived in the past :P

+1 vote   media: Small amount of progress
agent00kevin Oct 12 2012, 10:25pm replied:

Lol, I actually brought that up to The Joker. (How they are similar) He didnt like it much :P

The Mod is still on the backburner as I continue work on NovaCor: The Fringe. I do have backup though - I already lost a portion of this Mod once!

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life 2: Retribution
agent00kevin Oct 11 2012, 3:53pm replied:

I have removed the comments posted by Shaowflar due to a very immature exchange of PMs here. Rest assured, I addressed him/her respectfully and professionally, yet was still met with hostility, insults, and overall childish behavior.

+4 votes   media: Weapons!
agent00kevin Oct 10 2012, 8:42pm replied:

I did flip through some screens of SS2 a while back and Im in agreement with you on that. However, I didnt actually play the game, and it may just be something about the 'vibe' it gives people as opposed to the actual style. :D

+2 votes   mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Oct 8 2012, 7:18pm replied:

Yes :) That is what we are going to try to do. TRY being the key word!

+2 votes   media: Weapons!
agent00kevin Oct 8 2012, 7:15pm says:

The Mod in itself is not meant to be realistic in any way. Everything from the storyline down to the textures are meant to never let you forget you are playing a game.

If you think these weapons arent up to your realism standards, then you are in for a shock later. We are going to have a pulse shotty thats completely ridiculous and obviously very cumbersome and unwieldly. Many of our weapons are going to be quite unconventional, so brace yourself!

This Mod has hovering forklifts, plasma injectors not unlike the warp core from Star Trek, force fields, etc etc. The guns need not have room for springs, bolts, lever, hammers or even a slide. One of our pistols doesnt even have a slide. Why? Because it doesnt operate on blowback. It doesnt even fire conventional rounds.

As for the detail - I specifically requested we keep the models low poly. I told him that we could add a lot of the fine detail with a good skin and bumpmap, which is completely doable and has been done in the past - most notably, with Half Life 2. This is the theme of the entire Mod - a somewhat blocky, low poly yet still detailed Mod.

Shadowflar3, this is a Sci Fi Mod, packed with cliches. Nothing about it is realistic, and we dont care. We dont want it to be realistic. This Mod is about having fun, not impressing people with our attention to detail...that only a handful of players would actually even notice, and much less care about.

We appreciate your opinions, however, enough is enough. I will promptly remove any more on the subject of realism. That is not what we are doing with this Mod, so the point is moot anyway.

+2 votes   media: Weapons!
agent00kevin Sep 13 2012, 11:44pm says:

Yes :D I wish I had more to show, but work has been going good lately, which means less time for modding. Winter is when we'll see an explosion of development again.

+1 vote   media: Moar Screenz
agent00kevin Sep 13 2012, 12:11am replied:

I am still torn between releasing a demo and not. The mission structure and map progression would make it tough to do that and encompass all of the gameplay aspects. That would lead to an incomplete first impression, and I dont want that. Some maps are combat oriented and others are mostly puzzles. Including one or the other would not do the Mod justice overall. than you have the fact that Id be releasing many of my models, textures and NPCs to the public; and many would surely pop up on sites such as Gamebanana...something I also want to avoid. At least, until the project is complete. I have already been asked for my Infected NPCs in the past and I really do not want to release them to anyone until the Mod is done.

That said, its not completely out of the question :)

It will play more like a cross between Perfect Dark and half Life 2, so don't get your hopes up for a System Shock 2 style Mod. Ive drawn a lot of comparasin to it in the past, and while I appreciate it, I dont want people to feel 'let down' when the game isnt a whole lot like SS2. I never played it and thought I had an original, almost old-school look; so nothing in NovaCor is modeled after System Shock 2. Hopefully I will still create a fun and engaging Mod for all those SS2 fans to play :D

+1 vote   mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Jul 30 2012, 11:45pm replied:

Actually I did not know this until I checked the update on G-String, then scrolled through the comments and saw someone posted you were back.

I are happys nao. I check your site about once per week and post now and then. Good to see its back :D

+2 votes   group: PlanetPhillip.Com
agent00kevin Jul 13 2012, 3:46pm says:

Im glad to see you have taken what the community said and are making changes and improvements. Putting together a Mod is a lot of work. making it great is an epic amount of work :)

+5 votes   mod: The Forgotten Ones
agent00kevin Jul 9 2012, 10:10pm says:

Hi Philip.

Im disappointed your website closed its doors. I always looked forward to checking out the new content and Mods. Your site was a great service to the community, and for that, I thank you.

+3 votes   group: PlanetPhillip.Com
agent00kevin Jul 1 2012, 9:37pm replied:

Actually, you are right; Its been more like 18 months. I looked at my screens and the oldest one I have of 'NovaCor' is Dec 2010. There was a time when this was called 'Old Skool' and it had a completely different theme.

There was a lot of wasted time on stuff that is far below my current abilities and standards, which amounts to about 6 months of time in development that produced nothing but better skills and understanding of the SDK. Id say about 12-15 months of real progress and a 3-6 month period where I was still coming to grips with Hammer and the overall design. Then there was the time before that when I had the old theme, setting, story, etc.

I really started working on this with just a basic idea of what I was going to do - which was a BAD idea. I then went back to the drawing board, and got organized. I roughed out the story and locales, then started redesihning the entire look and feel of the Mod.

So its hard to judge exactly when NovaCor as it is now started, which is why I based it on the earliest screen of anything that was NovaCor. You'd have to flip forward some more to find any maps being used, and even then they have been drastically redesigned and improved since then.

+1 vote   article: June 2012 Update
agent00kevin Jun 17 2012, 5:09pm replied:

It wont be as big as I wanted from the start, but there will be a fair amount of content. I was aiming for 12-15 hours of gameplay, but I think that was too lofty. The new estimate is 4ish hours of gameplay. That could always change of course. It really depends on how much of the story I edit during development and how many maps make it in. Also, most of the map screens Ive shown to this point are still unfinished maps. The Labwork maps are the closest to being done, with only one map being mostly complete at this point.

As far as your application goes, there is a long waiting list. But Im confident you will be accepted. Just make sure to pack a breathing mask, a stun prod and some type of bite/claw resistant suit. Things will get rough there after a while, and weapons are not allowed for anyone but security.

+2 votes   media: Still Mapping
agent00kevin May 22 2012, 8:53pm replied:

Lol...I suppose they would be hexagonal but the sides arent equal do maybe just classified as a polygon?

+1 vote   media: Small Mapping Update
agent00kevin May 3 2012, 11:47pm says:

The player will be manning a cannon trying to fend them off; and probably wont get inside one of these. They are larger than a one man fighter, but much smaller than a cruiser or destroyer. Think small crews, but definitely not one man crafts.

There arent many real details as they will be only seen in motion, and from a moderate distance. What detail I do add will probably be in the final skin and not in the model itself, to save on vertices that arent really neccesary. I will probably have the cannon also incorporate a tracking device to give the player a HUD target to shoot at, but not auto aim or auto lock on. That way the player can see them better in the dimly lit environment.

The main 'enemy' in this planned sequence are heavy missiles, but the attack craft will be targeting the player as he/she mans the cannon. The ultimate goal will be to shoot the missiles down, but you also must shoot the fighter craft to survive and be able to finish the level.

+1 vote   media: NCTF Attack Wing
agent00kevin Apr 26 2012, 3:46pm says:

The white square is a 'leak'; the area is not really in place yet. I cordon - compiled it for performance testing and general feedback. The floor texture is actually a few textures layered on a 2 piece floor...it has the center tile, two pieces of glass on either side then the main floor underneath. It seems to really add some depth to the floor and make you feel like you are somewhere special instead of having the same flat one piece floors like in the corridors :)

+1 vote   media: Tech
agent00kevin Apr 26 2012, 3:37pm says:

Yes you did mention that :P I will give on this one and make some real light fixture models.

And yes, there is a glass plate over the floor, creating shadows. I was going to just make it one texture on a single surface but the effect is so much better in layering the floor brushes.

+1 vote   media: Tech
agent00kevin Apr 22 2012, 11:15am replied:

This map wont have many Infected. Most of the enemies encountered will be NovaCor Soldiers as they took control of this area early in the Infection. The bodies are mainly comprised of uninfected crewman who were slaughtered by NovaCor during the occupation. A surprise Infected crewman may pop out once in a while, but this map is heavy on the NovaCor soldiers and puzzles, with less emphasis on Infected Crewmen.

+1 vote   media: Tech Updates: Lighting
agent00kevin Mar 23 2012, 12:42pm replied:

The glass will probably be breakable, but I wont promise it just yet. That depends on how much entity data I use in the end.

All of the railings can be fired through, no invisible walls here! That was something that annoyed me all the time too. That has to do with making very simple collision models, and I am taking the time to make the collision models realistic. Even HL2 had some metal truss textures that couldnt be shot through, and I found it very annoying, especially from a game such as HL2.

+1 vote   media: New Grate texture, some mapping progress
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 10:26am replied:

I hadnt planned any teamwork with the crabbot, but it actually wouldnt be hard to add a mission involving one...thats a good idea and you may see it in the final product. :D

+2 votes   article: Still Going
agent00kevin Jan 20 2012, 3:36am replied:

Yes, I agree. I've been retexturing thses maps the last couple days; and this is one area I need to address.

+1 vote   media: Mapping Screens
agent00kevin Jan 5 2012, 2:40am says:

Im not sure about hiding it and having it pop up every time you do something, but I definitely wont say its out of the question. Ive learned that taking suggestions from the community is always a good idea, but also that the minute you change something to make one group happy, another wants something different than that. So, i will keep paying attention to the feedback and go from there in the future. there will also be alternate HUD styles that can be downloaded and installed anyway, which should appease everyone and let them customize their game just a little.

+1 vote   media: Weapon Previews
agent00kevin Jan 4 2012, 10:56am says:

There will be custom crosshairs in the future, and I will probably include an alternate HUD for those who prefer something closer to the HL2 Hud. I had a few people say it wasnt to their liking, so I have no problem accomodating that ;)

+1 vote   media: Weapons in-game
agent00kevin Jan 2 2012, 10:09pm replied:


+1 vote   media: 2011: 1200 hours in SDK
agent00kevin Dec 29 2011, 12:34am replied:

That is one of the greatest suggestions I have had so far! Ive got tons of design documents to use.

+1 vote   media: New Models etc
agent00kevin Dec 21 2011, 9:52am says:

Just poke your head inside there, it wont hurt. Promise.

+5 votes   media: Random props
agent00kevin Dec 18 2011, 5:45pm says:

Im sure after a map or two your mind will be trained to instantly pick these out :)

+2 votes   media: Boom goes the... Whats in these anyways...?
agent00kevin Dec 14 2011, 7:53pm replied:

What happened to the SDK?

+1 vote   media: New Models etc
agent00kevin Dec 14 2011, 3:37pm says:

Ive still got some specific alignments to do but these show the general scheme.

+1 vote   media: Retextured Tech Maps
agent00kevin Dec 11 2011, 7:39pm replied:

Sure is. I tend to change things 100 times before Im happy with it so dont expect this to last :P

+3 votes   media: New Main Menu
agent00kevin Dec 6 2011, 4:12pm replied:

Probably the angle AND position. I moved them a little with the new models and changed the angle just a little bit. I think the solid pieces made it look more precarious too. :)

+1 vote   media: Updated Table
agent00kevin Dec 6 2011, 3:54pm replied:

Yes I can use as many types as I want to :) I wont take all of the older crates out; just replace many of them with the newer ones. I have lots of different styles made so it should be pretty diverse.

+2 votes   media: New Crates
agent00kevin Nov 29 2011, 10:51pm says:

For the most part, your textures were great already. I liked a lot of the previous design too, though I obviously didnt see the whole layout.

Hopefully we will see some of the old stuff work its way in with the new stuff :)

Hopefully you kept the hammer autosave files...? Its never good to just outright delete weeks or months of work. It can always be revamped and reworked to a higher level of quality. Just flip through all the Labwork screens I have up. That chapter has been going through major changes for months now :)

+1 vote   article: LATE UPDATE 29/11/11
agent00kevin Nov 28 2011, 9:07pm replied:

I had used the originals (with all the colors) as the skybox, so, yes. I didnt like them so I will be using one of the colors in this pack, either red or the green pictured in the thumbnail :)

+1 vote   download: NovaCor_Wallpapers.rar
agent00kevin Nov 28 2011, 3:07am replied:

I might be replacing it, though it is pretty nice. I have some custom weapons modellers intersted now :)

0 votes   media: Texture Art Progress
agent00kevin Nov 26 2011, 1:50pm says:

I can appreciate the HUD design, but not so much in this Mod. Id stick that HUD in something more cartoony and fun and probably go with something a little more Tecchy for this Mod.

-1 votes   media: Hoverdrone
agent00kevin Nov 12 2011, 2:00am says:

effing WIN.

+1 vote   media: NEW LOGO
agent00kevin Nov 3 2011, 8:27am says:

After reading Mr Walrus' comment, it was like a light bulb got turned on. Makes total sense....Id have to smear the walls and floors in blood, which would probably be done with textures instead of hundreds of decals.

But Im not going that route. I will reskin them again and just add some touches of blood here and there. It might make more sense if I had certain areas with a mauled body and gore everywhere, but I dont. Even then, only the models in the immediate area would work.

I didnt expect such a rapid response from so many people :) It is greatly appreciated!

+3 votes   media: Updated Textures, New Infected Model
agent00kevin Oct 18 2011, 10:47pm says:

Hehe yeah. I figured Isd sneak it in there. I turned it into an oil painting for the picture. Theres several different ones as well; most are pictures of nature but I figured Id throw in the desktop background too :)

+1 vote   media: Employee Quarters
agent00kevin Sep 5 2011, 3:43pm says:

Actually, there will be shufflers too. Those will be greater in numbers than the runners, but still not as many as in say L4D. The NovaCor soldiers have gotten the station partially under control, so there arent many areas with large numbers of zombies. The real threat comes from the soldiers, and the zombies are more of a secondary threat. That said, there are a few sequences reminescent of horde battles in L4D. Its just not a zombie slaughter Mod in its entirety.

+1 vote   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Aug 31 2011, 7:14pm says:

Yeah its most likely the angle. Ill still add a base and a top to it so it looks better :)

+3 votes   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Aug 31 2011, 12:41pm says:

You can go this way, you just have to extinguish the fires first...one of the puzzles :) Blocked areas are usually sealed with locked doors or emergency bulkheads. I never liked running into stuff that would stop me in game and think 'well I could climb over that in real life'

+1 vote   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Aug 31 2011, 12:31pm says:

There is a stairwell to get to the upper level. Its not in the same room; which was a hard design choice. I prefer multi level rooms to have stairs in the same room, but it would have required a redesign. (which still isnt out of the question) You dont need to go upstairs to progress, but you can if you like to explore and look for items. And thank you Raqvenblood!

+1 vote   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Aug 27 2011, 9:13am says:

I made the floor by taking a 1600x1200 picture of a plastic board I use to test concrete on, which is all scratched up from use. I added a bit of color, bumpmapped it in my photo software then added some shadow/light highlights. Finally, I scaled it down to 1024x1024, then adjusted the color a few times to make some variations. Luckily, I work in construction and have access to all kinds of concrete, asphalt and metal surfaces to take pictures of for starting points :)

+2 votes   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Aug 27 2011, 1:28am says:

I actually have 3 versions of this saved, all with different textures. I had started with it all metallic textures that went with the theme, then made these and stuck them in to see what it looked like. While it looks better this way, it is agreed its not spacey. The textures here kind of give it a more detailed feel and actually make it feel more closed in, but the metallic textures match more. The problem with those is that this area just feels kind of emptier with them...and I dont want to overdo the pipes.

+1 vote   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Aug 23 2011, 11:24am says:

Good idea. I could add some wrist and ankle clamps to restrain the subjects. The 'pile' must be a funky looking blood decal, because of the angle. as for some equipment, ill work on modelling something with an adjustable arm that hangs over the bed :)

+1 vote   media: Labwork_2 map progress
agent00kevin Aug 8 2011, 6:12pm says:

The lighting was just thrown in to get the screens up...it will be much better when its done. I also considered making it a whiter light instead of green because of all the green stuff in there. Right now all the lights in the Tech maps are tinted green but that may very well change since the textures and skins are already predominantly green :)

+1 vote   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Aug 8 2011, 6:07pm says:

There are 2 stairwells on either side of the room, one at each end. I wanted to stay away from ladders in battle situations to give the player more freedom in how to accomplish the task, instead of forcing them into a position thats difficult to fight in.

+1 vote   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Aug 1 2011, 8:02pm says:

Id add an orange glow from the fire, and will we see some fresh graffitti decals? These are used in so many HL2 mods (and HL2) that they get old quick. That nitpicking aside, its pretty good :)

+1 vote   media: The Streets Chapter
agent00kevin Jul 27 2011, 6:13pm says:

Not much except for the explosive ones...just detail and cover for the most part.

+1 vote   media: UberNerdGames
agent00kevin Jul 25 2011, 12:36am replied:

Wait til you see whats in some of the cells...

+1 vote   media: The Brig
agent00kevin Jul 24 2011, 1:49pm replied:

I dont know about 2006, but I had that problem with 2007. I map in 2009 for now, in hopes that they will release the SDK for 2009 soon. (at least before my Mod is done). I do know that on the Source SDK Steam Discussion forums there was some sort of fix for the 2006 at least, but I dont recall if there was one for 2007 or not.

+1 vote   media: More Tech Screens
agent00kevin Jul 20 2011, 9:41pm says:

Ha yes I didnt like them the old way...i may still change them a little but this is the design that will stay. I just may change the shade of green a little and the metal texture around it.

+1 vote   media: NovaCor Tech
agent00kevin Jul 11 2011, 9:12pm says:

Yeah we had a heat index of 105 - 110 here today...and I happen to work outside. Not fun :(

+1 vote   media: NovaCor Tech
agent00kevin Jul 10 2011, 11:13am says:

Yeah, Ive already changed the lights to a greenish-blue instead of the same blue from the Labs. Im going to change the texture on the strips, but it will still be a green light. As for soundscapes, I agree. Each Chapter (consisting of 3 maps each) will have its own distinct background noise in addition to the various localized sounds.

+1 vote   media: More Screens!
agent00kevin Jul 7 2011, 12:47am says:

Ah - all of the monitors are indeed transparent. You can even shoot through them. They are holographic displays :). As for the floors, not all are grids. It does help while I work to have the reference though. There are and will be many different styles; but the grid pattern will be the dominant style since most floors that arent carpet are laid in squares like that. (even some types of commercial carpet come in squares) A lot of the actual textures will be reworked later, after I build more...I just dont like using dev textures.

+1 vote   media: New Screens
agent00kevin Jul 2 2011, 5:37pm says:

Yes. This Mod is meant to be playable on some of the oldest GPUs availible. In the end I am hoping to have acceptable and playable framerates on even a 6600 GT...though that may be pushing it. I do want this to be fully playable with no issues even on a GPU with only 256mb of onboard memory. Performance and playability are the focus (outside of the fun factor) of this Mod, not graphical 'wow'. Fun and playability on even the oldest of rigs is what Im shooting for with this first Mod. Later, when I make my next Mod, I will have a team and be able to focus more intently on each individual aspect. For this Mod, I am alone in this effort and have to balance each aspect with the most important factor of gaming: fun.

+1 vote   media: New Screens
agent00kevin Jul 1 2011, 11:07pm says:

Thats with everything but the AA maxed out. AA is set to 4x or 8x , I dont remember which. Im really trying to keep the models low-poly but skin them in such a way as to add enough detail so they dont look TOO cheap. I also keep the world geometry pretty simple and make anything complicated a model or func_detail. Most textures are pretty simple and have a 512x512 resolution with a few exceptions. All of that coupled with proper optimizing should allow even older gaming rigs to run this smoothly. These screens were taken on a Core2Duo 3.2 ghz/9800 1gb/ machine with only 2 gigs of RAM. I also have two other rigs to test on, both of which have lesser specs except for RAM.

+1 vote   media: New Screens
agent00kevin Jun 28 2011, 12:04pm says:

I like the US supply crate design...its quite similar (but also quite different in some ways) as the large supply crates I designed in my Mod. Theres something about that style that just screams 'scifi' :) Looks like the Mod is coming along nicely. (i would suggest removing the cars you put in though and designing some more futuristic vehicles) And breaking up the huge view cone was a very good decision! If you made the staircase a model then some occlusion brushes would eliminate that whole headache. You could do it with Propper, which would allow you to just export it right out of Hammer, which would save the time of rebuiling it in your modelling software. In any event, keep up the good work. I just cant get enough sci fi games to play :)

+1 vote   article: Red Planet - Crates, guns and maps
agent00kevin Jun 9 2011, 7:13am says:

Perhaps a weapon icon will work...there are things you'll have to shoot occasionally which are already using the crosshair/target icon, so that particular one is out. I'll see what a weapon looks like, and that would actually fit the 'ammo resupplier' guys better too.

BTW the icons will also see some minor revisions; Im not too sure about the border on them; I might remove it so its just a key, fist (or weapon) or first aid icon without the 'frame' to it. I think that would look better.

+1 vote   article: New Features!
agent00kevin Jun 9 2011, 12:24am says:

If she is a truly loving girlfriend, she will support you in your efforts :)

Im married (ugh) and the wife understands my obsession with making my Mod. (as long as I dont stay up until 3am every night working on it)

+2 votes   article: A REAL Update!
agent00kevin Jun 7 2011, 10:01am says:

Ive actually set many of the props up in such a way that if you were to play the level more than once, the chances are pretty good that the debris wont always be in the same place in the same orientation. Its probably one of those minor details that wont be noticed by many players, but I like to add that stuff. While mapping for Far Cry 2 I was asked a few times why I wasted time on details that hardly anyone noticed. Its because for those that DO notice, the little things are big. So basically, that box doesnt just look like it fell there - it actually did.

+2 votes   media: 6-6-2011
agent00kevin Jun 7 2011, 9:11am says:

Ah. you first enter the laser test lab, then see a screen showing the current charge. you activate the laser and see with the current charge it can blast through one test panel. you grab a keycard from the room and get into the puzzle room to fully charge the laser. when you get back into the laser test room, you'll see that the charge is now 100% and a warning about safety parameters on the terminal. Activate the laser again, and you get to not only see it happpen but actuallly make it happen. In all, this one puzzle took about 6 days to make between the models, layout and mechanics. However, the models will be used later and you'll even get to man one of these lasers in a space battle later :)

+2 votes   media: 6-6-2011
agent00kevin May 30 2011, 10:40pm replied:

Lol I know, I am going to have to change the sequence after the vid - or not show it at all.

I agree about the console. I didnt like it there, but I wanted it in a place where you could see the plasma rise and fall in each chamber. The original design had the panels on the wall, but then you cant see the plasma move, which is key to figuring out the sequence. Without seeing each chamber, it will be nearly impossible to figure out the order in which you must activate each cell.

I think I could make a better console, but it pretty much has to be in clear view of those plasma chambers. I could possibly make them a little bigger and mount the panels that are on the console on each chamber, which would solve the problem too.

+1 vote   media: new models, puzzle
agent00kevin May 30 2011, 8:35pm says:

The rock is a bit pointy and basic...id chop it up so more :)

+1 vote   media: Nova Prospekt Courtyard
agent00kevin May 26 2011, 9:17pm replied:

Actually, as I said earlier, most of them are tipped over so the top is actually the side, providing cover :P

+1 vote   media: Models, Mapping
agent00kevin May 26 2011, 10:09am says:

Thats how the engine splattered it; theres nothing I can do to change it :(.

+1 vote   media: Models, Mapping
agent00kevin May 11 2011, 8:06pm replied:

Exactly. This is one of the Labs where an employee is holding out. He has sealed himself in and so far, NovaCor Militia havent been able to get in. That also means it was spared the chaos that ensued when the infection spread, then was quelled by the first wave of Militia.

So, not in this particular room. Josef (the guy in the background) has a few supply crates stacked around but his Lab is in pretty good shape. In this instance, you are tasked with rescuing him before NovaCor finally gets into his Lab to 'decontaminate' it.

+1 vote   media: Updated Models
agent00kevin May 11 2011, 9:46am replied:

I sure do, performance is very important because of that exact reason! I get around 120 FPS at its low points and around 250 FPS at its high points right now. And thats with the optimizing not fully dont yet. i just have the areaportals in place, which are the most important IMO, but nothing else is done. The way Ive built it helps too - all those arches are models and all of the world geometry is pretty simple. The desktop I develop on isnt a high end gaming rig either; Id say its mid grade. I expect anything that can run a Source game wont have trouble playing this :)

+1 vote   media: Updated Models
agent00kevin May 7 2011, 1:28pm says:

Lol yeah and check out screenshot #3: It says Point Blank with a scope zooming in on a guy. Thats definitely the exact opposite of Point Blank.

+1 vote   mod: Point Blank
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 9:45pm says:

Yeah, I have to make one upside-down since you cant rotate decals; they have a fixed orientaion. Ill do that when I put a border on it. I wasnt originally going to have paper and pens, with the lack of availible wood in space being the reason, but that would deny me the paper debris decals and stuff. I decided to have paper since its such a basic necessity and would be a very minor detail in th story anyway. So yes - paper and pens will be coming. I am actually working on a clipboard right now :P

+1 vote   media: Few new screens
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 12:43pm replied:

agreed :) and an easy fix...probably 10 minutes work.

+1 vote   media: Few new screens
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 2:04am says:


+2 votes   media: Basic Level Construction
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 2:04am says:


+2 votes   media: Basic Level Construction
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 2:03am says:


+2 votes   media: Basic Level Construction
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 1:59am says:

I have made my wn pipes now, these are from wayy back before I started modelling :)

+2 votes   media: Retextured areas
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 1:57am says:

Everything back this far will be changed a lot; better models as I have gottn better at it since I did these, some better textures, etc, though the basic layout will remain the same.

+2 votes   media: Mapping progress, new props
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 1:55am replied:

LMAO :) Its going to have a different screen (like the DataTab overlays are) but same general style.

+2 votes   media: New Models, Mapping Progress
agent00kevin May 5 2011, 1:51am says:

Thx :) The textures will be changed in the future, but the color scheme and layot will remain the same.

+2 votes   media: Latest Labwork Screens
agent00kevin Apr 29 2011, 9:33pm says:

I happen to know the guys who made that P90 and I am going to contact them RIGHT NOW.

+1 vote   media: Leaked beach assault picture
agent00kevin Apr 28 2011, 6:59pm replied:

Honestly I dont know, I never did GoldSrc. I would explore the materials folders (assuming the file system is similar) and see if there are some textures you can modify in the VGUI or similar folders. I wouldnt know where to begin guessing as to what they would be named; it took me forever to find the corners in Source.

+1 vote   article: HUD Panel Customization - No Coding
agent00kevin Apr 28 2011, 12:57am says:

Oh and for the trackers: I should have just waited for the news update to get authorized. I wanted to get those screens up though; I hope you forgive me for a little 'update spam' now and then. I have a few screens of models Ive been working on but I'll go ahead and hold off on those for now.


+1 vote   article: Massive Redesign
agent00kevin Apr 27 2011, 2:18pm says:

Thanks a lot! I was hoping for a vast improvement :) Now, I have to go and rework all the stuff I did in the very early screens, in the engineering areas. The quality of that stuff and this contrasts too much; but it will undoubtably lead to a much higher quality Mod in he end.

+1 vote   media: Massive Redesign Update
agent00kevin Apr 20 2011, 9:11am says:

Pretty cool twist on the Zombie theme :)

+1 vote   mod: Help! Zombies!
agent00kevin Apr 17 2011, 2:20am says:

Yes, in-game. Each one will have a different piece of the story and some will have door codes :)Simply picking one up will activate whatever it is supposed to display for you. Putting it down returns your screen to normal.

+1 vote   media: HUD, DataTab Update
agent00kevin Apr 16 2011, 7:13pm says:

No, its horrible. Its a collection of models from other Mods shoehorned into hastily constructed maps. The main menu is an atrocity - the title doesnt even show up correctly for lack of changing the font, and its a HL2 background map. The chapter previews are not present; the engine just chose some portal ones for me.

Seriously, you know the file system enough to put this...this...THIS together, so why not learn to map or join a team or do something other than ...this. Shooting through walls? Great unless you cant SEE through walls too. Then its just useless...well, beyond useless. WORSE than useless.

And I seriously doubt you have permission from every single modeller and skinner to use their work.

Work on your mapping and do something for real. Not this.

And yes, I know you'll just delete this comment like every other negative review/post you got.

+1 vote   download: Mystery Combat Man full version
agent00kevin Mar 11 2011, 11:40pm says:

Lol posting at the same time :P

Yeah I am using these as placeholders for now. They are resinned, recompiled, re-AI'd Citizen Models. I am hoping in the future to either locate some fitting models I am permitted to use, or recruit a modeller/animator.

I cant do NPC/Player models yet, nor the animations. Same goes for weapons. Thats about the only thing Im going to need help with, unless I decide to learn how to do that too :)

+1 vote   media: Models, lighting work
agent00kevin Mar 10 2011, 9:36am says:

I do it all myself :) Its a LOT of work too!

+2 votes   media: New Models, Enemies (kinda new enemies)
agent00kevin Mar 8 2011, 8:42pm says:


Sure I have fraps and I could use in game screencaps, but how would I get them on Xfire?

+1 vote   media: New Models, Enemies (kinda new enemies)
agent00kevin Mar 8 2011, 8:40pm says:

Expect update screens of this area in the near future :) Lights have changed, crappy blood decals gone, not so empty.

+1 vote   media: Lab Work
agent00kevin Mar 8 2011, 3:30pm says:

Yes :) Im going for a very acessible game for people with both low-end Pcs and high end. The collision models are VERY simple, and the vertices are low. (also, the textures are pretty basic, and usually 512x512)

Thank you!

+1 vote   media: New Models, Enemies (kinda new enemies)
agent00kevin Mar 6 2011, 9:54pm replied:

Its 'Cry Some Moar'

-3 votes   media: SHOTGUN - SPAS 12
agent00kevin Mar 4 2011, 11:39pm says:

Dude you should use this: Moddb.com

Its about the most valuble tool I have for Modding - and CFoust supports it on the Steam Forums :) It turns Hammer brushes into Models - right from Hammer! You can scale the Models too, so your table will look much more round.

+1 vote   media: Apartment
agent00kevin Feb 17 2011, 9:20pm says:

Oh its a sweet font, dont get me wrong. Thats why I recognized it right away. Id use it in my titles if I could, but I havent been able to find it as a download :(

I guess if you really wanted to, you could download your own picture back from PB and make it a texture in the game, and make it your start screen image.

+1 vote   media: Title
agent00kevin Feb 12 2011, 5:09pm says:

Odd, it should be there. I made it with Xfire and HTML coded it in.

Time to investigate...

+1 vote   article: Functioning DataTab Demo
agent00kevin Feb 11 2011, 9:15am says:

Its concrete

+2 votes   media: Chapter 8
agent00kevin Feb 9 2011, 9:19pm says:

Oh yes, it was very demotivating. It did turn out good though, because my other Mod was born out of the void, and inbetween now and then I learned a LOT about creating textures and models. Id be pretty devastated if I lost all my music, but that I did have on both HDDs. Since then, I have been sticking everything from textures to maps on a USB stick for added protection :)

+1 vote   article: Good News
agent00kevin Feb 1 2011, 5:05pm says:

For some reason it reminds me of Deus Ex, maybe its the blue. But, thats not a bad thing. looks great!

+1 vote   media: DCI's Laboratory
agent00kevin Jan 30 2011, 6:15pm says:

Yeah I bumped the birghtness down on the plasma transformers...I had them set at 200; now they are at 70 which is still a nice glow but not so overpowering.

+1 vote   media: Mapping progress
agent00kevin Jan 27 2011, 6:03pm says:

It happens - he's excited to be a member of the team. I dig the catch phrase though!

+1 vote   media: "The Athmosphere Machine" Promo Concept
agent00kevin Jan 25 2011, 11:30pm says:

You know what - I totally agree. I thought I'd use the same texturing as the data pad, but it just doesnt look right on the larger items. I also agree on the healthkit - it kinda reminds me of a pizza box. Ill add some syringes or something on the outside, and maybe put a bevel on the edges, making it not quite curved but not quite squared either.

And Ive seen you posting in other Mods; I dont take your crticism badly, because I see you are quite mature about it and dont seem to be just out mod-bashing :) You are one of the few whose input I actually value, because its constructive.

+1 vote   media: Medkit Models and More!
agent00kevin Jan 25 2011, 8:24am replied:

"thats source?" the most uneducated comment ever. Source can look great, but since its easy to use you get Modders who dont actually know what they are doing and dont use it to its full potential. Its not the engine, its the users :)

+6 votes   media: Winter
agent00kevin Jan 24 2011, 9:33pm says:

Oh - and those are Hammer screens FYI.

Bumpmapping doesnt show up there anyway.

+1 vote   article: Models Progress and some Concept 'Art'
agent00kevin Jan 24 2011, 5:43am says:

How about the Horseless Headless Horseman?

+2 votes   article: Exodus is now dead, but...
agent00kevin Jan 16 2011, 5:36pm says:

although credit goes to "razorfinnish"

^^ this. I was around when the first editor mods came out.

+1 vote   mod: Far Cry 2: Reloaded
agent00kevin Jan 14 2011, 11:25pm says:

You're going to get lots of criticism posting WIPs, thats just the way it is. Sometimes they have helpful tips though - even if they are being @$$e$ about it. Being able to handle criticsm is just as important as being able to compose music, or make maps, or design textures. Its all part of the business, like it or not.

Not that Im downing your work - in the first two screens I can see the beginnings of some interesting mapping.

That said, the columns in the first two screens should go all the way up - and also have crossmembers underneath the slabs that go from the columns to the wall. Theres generally also a truss at the egde of the elevated slab for support as well. (I happen to be a Construction Inspector IRL) Same goes for the roof. I'll leave the tips to basic construction though, since this is a WIP.

+1 vote   article: Music, Screenshots, and Information!
agent00kevin Jan 12 2011, 8:28am says:

I cant say I disagree; I was considering chaging the texture on the walls to a similar one, but it has a red stripe down the middle of each panel. That would break up some of the monotony - but at this point I dont know what else to do with the colors.

I want it to maintain a certain look and feel, but at the same time I dont want it to be boring. I guess Ill play around with some textures later and see if I can find another color to use as a bit more accent.

And yes, I am adding bumpmapping later. VTFedit can easily generate a bumpmap - so its only a matter of minutes to edit the filenames and add a bumpmap.

+1 vote   media: Finally, something other than corridors screens :)
agent00kevin Jan 7 2011, 9:06pm says:

Ive darkened it up a bit; it WAS too bright :)

+1 vote   media: New Suit, couple other screens
agent00kevin Jan 7 2011, 7:01am says:


FC2 Map Making Forum

+1 vote   download: New stuff
agent00kevin Dec 30 2010, 9:27am replied:

Lol :P Thanks!

+1 vote   media: Props/Reskins
agent00kevin Dec 7 2010, 7:42pm says:

Very funny you two! :)

+1 vote   article: Just a little more done
agent00kevin Dec 3 2010, 3:06am says:

This looks pretty good so far. I think Ill go ahead and track it!

+1 vote   mod: CALL IN
agent00kevin Nov 11 2010, 9:04am says:

Oh but Im sure any Source game stuff is ok, because its Valve's engine anyway, so any Valve developed game should be ok. Any non-Valve developed game even on source is a no-no.

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
agent00kevin Nov 6 2010, 5:42pm says:

Just a building in a testing cube, nothing special.

+1 vote   media: Small amount of progress
agent00kevin Nov 6 2010, 12:59am says:

LOL yes I did, and didnt care since the building is in a big 'test box' anyway.

+1 vote   media: Small amount of progress
agent00kevin Sep 9 2010, 10:23pm says:

I dig it, Great representation of a water treatment plant (or something similar).

+2 votes   media: Alone We Travel - In Games Images
agent00kevin Aug 27 2010, 12:54am says:

Um, I said its not a CAR in the description. (i own 4 BTW)

Its a small 'utility' vehicle INSPIRED by the Gators, Mules and other off-road SMALL construcion site/farm vehicles.

BTW not all cars look like a sissy *** Toyota Prius. My suburban looks like a giant brick. So many other vehicles in the US are NOT round and look loike UFOs. Id suggest YOU look at a few cars. (though that doesnt even apply here since they are not based on cars anyway)

Also, I havent seen a round ambulance or fire truck yet. Please show me some pics of one :) Thx bye now.

0 votes   media: Updated Models - almost finished
agent00kevin Aug 26 2010, 6:02pm says:

Even if I didnt model it in Hammer (which I did, and discussed in another post)it would still be blocky. (Ive never seen a round ambulance, but I guess Ive never seen one that hovered either) OK, so not THAT blocky, but Im not building toyota Prius's here. (closer to Scion actually...)

And no, its not done. The end result will still be blocky but not so much. Maybe if I really feel like shelling out some bucks Ill et Blender or Milkhape registered and use one of those progs. This Mod has a LONG way to go anyway. Until you see 'Beta Release' think of the crap you see as unfinished placeholders.

+1 vote   media: Updated Models - almost finished
agent00kevin Aug 25 2010, 7:48pm says:

Thank you Tharapiti :) I havent gotten to the fine tuning yet but rest assured that will be done. Also, I wll add the frame as I have done with chain-link doors (gates I guess) later.

+1 vote   media: 8-10-2010 Early Level Design
agent00kevin Aug 1 2010, 9:42pm says:

Thanks for the good words :) Ill have to look up AirEx and see what thats all about!

+1 vote   media: 7-28-2010 Update
agent00kevin Jul 29 2010, 2:00am says:

Yes, I wanted to put some along the ceiling, and possibly behind the fencing on the wall. Eventually I will have it worked into a new map. Until then, the machine (which is a futuristic forklift, but you cant see the front from this angle) will be appearing in the map Im working on now. Thanks :)

+1 vote   media: 'Scrapped Level'
agent00kevin Jul 8 2010, 12:19am says:

Scaling the same would look better, but either would work just fine. Aother option is since the wall texs are diff then make the hallway a different floor AND put something down. Same as any house, when you transtion from carpet to tie for example. I like the lights though, sleek and slim :)

+1 vote   media: WiP
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