Ive been mapping for various games since Timesplitters up to Far Cry 2. I ran the UNS Clan and 3 24/7 servers for FC2. Our servers were known for their high-quality maps and zero-tolerance policy for cheaters. FC2 began to die out so we shut down - rather than cling to a dying game, we bowed out with dignity. I decided that simply creating MP maps just wasnt enough anymore. I could have gone to Call of Juarez BB, or even made maps for TF2 (which I am actually doing as a side project) but I felt that moving on to Modding was the way to go.

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agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 6:01pm replied:

Oh he did it a few months ago, back when its was just me.

I deleted his comment and reply, but he claimed he never did that and then pretended he didnt remember linking me screenshots and saying that NovaCor looked just like about 5 different games and Mods. He seems to have a passion for insinuating that I am ripping a number of games off when it comes to level design. This is the 3rd occasion in the past 12 months he has popped up, saying I stole assests, ripped off design etc. Im just going to delete his future comments from now on, until he can realize that I welcome constructive criticsm, but will not tolerate destructive, berating comments. No matter how politely put...its like telling someone they are fat and stupid with a smile: its still an insult and meant to degrade, no matter how nice it looks.

+2 votes     media: First Look
agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 5:05pm replied:

Some people have to try; others, its just comes naturally.

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 4:34pm says:

Mkilbride, Ive told you once before that constantly comparing this mod to and and every other game/mods design is something that I will no longer tolerate.

You went through great strides in the past to say that this Mod is not original in design. You even twice accused me of stealing assets from other Mods, and once suggested that I was using code from another Mod with no basis for that at all.

I will promptly delete any more comparasins you make to other Mods.

The design is mine and mine alone. It is sci fi, and there is a basic design scheme employed by every single sci fi mod and game out there. Certain shapes and schemes are the very base of defining science fiction.

So give it up. Find someone else to harass. You know I do not appreciate it, and you continue, and somehow think you are not a troll.

I hate to break it to you, but you are a troll, plain and simple.

+3 votes     media: First Look
agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 3:30pm replied:

Yes, I am using existing textures atm. Eventually, I will create textures specifically for these levels. I will, however, be keeping it darker and ominous :)

+2 votes     media: First Look
agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 3:00pm replied:

Thats part of the problem with the negaivity in this news post...all these guys see is 'I want to enjoy some of my free time playing games too, not just making them'.

I, like every other person who mods, has every right in the world to spend his or her free time as they choose. Should I choose to spend 100% of my free time Modding, thats fine. Should I choose to spend 65% of it Modding, whats the difference? Im still working on a project with little to no prospect of pay. Theres no difference between me camping or fishing or hiking in the summer as there is in me deciding to take it easy for a couple months to relax and enjoy myself with a game.

I simply thought it might be nice to inform the players who actually care about the Mod what exactly I was doing with my time, as a courtesy. I wasnt looking for approval, much less for those few who rarely if ever post anything good, and instead troll about, waiting for the opportunity to pump ther egos up by telling someone else that they are doing something wrong.

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 11:40am replied:

And this is what happens when you reach into every Mod you can find and berate it.

People stop liking you.

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 11:33am replied:

You have to realize you guys are telling us that we should not do anything other than work on the Mod. This is so very ridiculous. Do I enjoy Modding? Of course. Thats why I do it. I also happen to enjoy playing games. I didnt play anything for 15 months straight, and rarely did anything with friends.
Where does it end? Should I not watch movies either, because that time could have been spent working on the project? Maybe I should not take the dog for walks, because I enjoy that too, and he does have a big backyard. Maybe I should quit camping and fishing, because those are recreational activities too, and would be taking away valuble Modding time.

How do you think people who Mod got into it? They enjoyed playing games first. Thats not something that just goes away.

What gets me most is you guys thinking you are in a position to tell me how I should run MY life and MY project. Who the **** do you think you are? STFU and GTFO if you dont like it.

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 2:01am replied:

Personal Insults?

Thats how the Pros do it.

You sir, are pure genius.

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agent00kevin Feb 27 2012, 12:50am replied:

Im guessing Joker's reply is what set most of it off. Ill honestly say that with the experience I had with you before, I didnt exactly take it as a joke...but the I read Joker's post, and the sh!tstorm ensued.

+1 vote     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 6:37pm replied:

Thank you sir, Ive worked on that for a long time. i was finally pushed to finish it when I actually got a small team together, and they needed a test build for their side of development.

+1 vote     media: Updated Main Menu
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 6:35pm replied:

Thank you :)

I am astounded at the turn this post has taken, but I suppose it does bring to light an interesting question: How much dedication is required for a free product? When do you take a break, if ever?

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 6:09pm replied:

I think most if not all of it was aimed at Joker. Although I might add, Mkilbride does indeed have a reputation here for degrading people in a 'nice' way. I didnt take it as a joke either; its kind of like saying someone is fat and ugly and stupid with a smile on your face. Its still an insult, and still meant to be degrading.

And while I appreciate your support, calling them names is worse than anything any of them did here; you saw it, recognized it was wrong, then did it yourself too.

Please guys, I think we all know where we stand with those two, lets not turn my news post into a flame war. I never thought the news would take such a turn - I was genuinely surprised to see Mkibride and Joker here flaming me and my team for relxing a little bit.

+1 vote     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 2:58pm replied:

Thanks for your support! We are still doing things, just less of it within the SDK. Really, looking at the time spent inbetween the two, Skyrim only has 1.9 hours over SDK anyway. Thats not much; its close enough to call it even. Especially given the fact that Ive been modelling, writing the story and doing layouts on graph paper. So, sure Im not giving 100% of my PC time to the Mod, but its not like we just totally shut down to play Skyrim :D We are humans, and enjoy a good game. Thats part of what makes us want to Mod.

+1 vote     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 10:54am says:

Now that Ive responded to the comments, id like to point out that things are indeed still getting done. While time in the SDK is down, you dont do everything in the SDK. The majority of SDK time is spent solely on mapping, which is a small fraction of what all goes into making a Mod and/or game.

So please, before anyone else rants, read the entire news post, and realize that we are indeed still progressing. The majority of the work we do is actually outside of the SDK. In the grand scheme of the project, mapping time vs time spent doing everything else will always be lower - you just dont write your story in the SDK, you dont model in the SDK, you dont compile within the SDK, you dont texture, code, skin, script in the SDK.

We have more things to show, and in reality, the only thing that is down on production is mapping. Why? As the news post states, layouts and storyline really need to be completed - in their entirety - before you make all of the maps. Now that Ive got the general theme and aesthetics down, its time to dig in and work on the story and 'what-happens-where' aspect of the Mod.

So please, calm down, read the news, soak it up, and realize that the amount of progress getting done is pretty much the same as before, its just in different areas.

Thank you,

Kevin M

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 10:43am replied:

Thank you. Its amazing to see such ranting about what I do with my free time, and just as refreshing to see others who understand the difference between Modding and Professional Game Development.

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 10:42am replied:

Says the teen who has no clue what its like to have to maintain a 5 person household and keep your head in YOUR FULL TIME JOB NOT A ******* FREE MOD.

Ahem. Sorry about that.

Seriously - we arent professional developers, we dont set deadlines, and we dont put food on our table with this project.

If this was my full time job, it would see the type of commitment and dedication that I apply and am well known for at my real world job. I am their go to guy, I never turn down work, I do the very best I can and have worked 20 hour days numerous time for them. If I were getting paid for this and did not have to worry about my current career, things would be 100% different.

But this is NOT my full time job. I do not feed my family with this, and I most likely will never, ever see any income from this project.

+8 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 10:26am replied:

I hadnt planned any teamwork with the crabbot, but it actually wouldnt be hard to add a mission involving one...thats a good idea and you may see it in the final product. :D

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 10:25am replied:

Thank you. I wont quit, and Im thankful that some people understand :D

+2 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 26 2012, 10:20am replied:

We are not professionals, and we have lives that include school and full time jobs. We cant be 'all work all the time'. If developing games was my full time job, I would still come home and play Skyrim. If I could spend 8,10 or even 12 hours a day on my Mod and still have time to play my favorite commercial titles, I would. But I am an adult. I have a full time job that may keep me out of the house for 12 or 14 hours a day. I need to have fun like everyone else.

Developing games is NOT my full time job. So what little free time I have after taking care of the household is split between Modding, family activities, and yes, once in a while, I like to actually play a game.

I dont think you guys understand being 31 years old with a full time career and family to take care of, and all the odds and ends that need to get done inbetween. Im not some teenager who has all the time in the world to spare; my free time is at a premium and hard to come by.

So, I am developing a Mod. Does that mean I am not allowed to play games; that I must work 10 or 12 hour days at my RW career, then come home and instantly start plugging away on NovaCor until bedtime?

Think about what you are saying here. You are telling me that I am not supposed to play games now, only develop. And what happens when summertime rolls around? Should I not take the family on camping trips or go fishing because its something recreational and not including working on a FREE MOD for you to play?

I think enjoying myself by playing one of the best titles out there is a great reason to not have made progress. I am not a machine, and I am not getting paid for any of this. I am a human being, and sometimes, I like to just have fun.

+6 votes     article: Still Going
agent00kevin Feb 25 2012, 9:35pm says:

He does great work, and is a little modest about it!

+1 vote     media: pulse rifle
agent00kevin Feb 22 2012, 12:21am replied:

Not really pushing; but kind of forcing mapping progress at times. Other aspects, no, definitely not. We will have it done when we are ready :)

+2 votes     mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Feb 21 2012, 8:27pm replied:

Yes, I as well have been uber-busy, but I am in hammer right now. Its actually nice to take a breather; Ive been sitting in front of the PC for about 15 months now, solid. Every day after work, every weekend spent working...it wears on you. Ive been relaxing a bit and enjoying some gaming again, not pushing so hard to make progress. I thought I wasnt pushing things so much before, but now that Ive taken a step back I can see how hard I was pushing things.

Today I continued retexturing one of the Tech maps, did a little more mapping on the new crew quarters level, and did some storyline work.

Breaks are good; we can all come back fresh after some R&R :D

+2 votes     mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Feb 13 2012, 4:56pm says:

Quick update in lieu of news for now:

I am still going over the overall story and how it progresses, reworking a lot of the older maps and what happens in each one. New areas are also being designed, both on good old graph paper and concept work in the SDK.

This is definitely a neccesary step at this point to ensure everything is in order and as seamless as possible. Also, the older maps really need reworking and in some cases almost completely redoing as they were nowhere near the quality of the newest maps.

I am also anticipating the animations for our newest customn weapon, the Assault Rifle to be complete sometime on the near future. Our animator has school and that must come before doing things for a Mod. I myself have also been extremely busy at work, especially given this time of year in the midwest should leave me more then ample free time. Fortunately for my personal finances and unfortunately for Mod progress, this winter has been unseasonably mild and I have been working much more than any other winter before.

Fear not, we are still progressing albeit slowly. I still do some work on this Mod every day, though it may be something small.

+2 votes     mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Feb 9 2012, 12:33pm says:

This very same thing happened to my first mod, HL2: Retribution. I did have a few files floating around on an older HDD, but it wasnt nearly enough to start over on.

So, what I did was take a few of the VMFs I still had that were suitable to my 2nd Mod, and retexture/rebuild them for NovaCor.

So maybe you could use some parts of whatever you find lurking and use that as a jumping off point for your next Mod.

For now, Id say just enjoy some gaming and think about what comes next. You obviously have a passion for the work and are able to produce; it would be a shame to see that wasted.

+1 vote     article: Downfall
agent00kevin Feb 6 2012, 5:26pm says:


I was worried that Aliens had abducted you again. Good to hear from you; and as always, real life before modding. We will be here when you are ready to continue :)

+2 votes     mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Feb 6 2012, 5:25pm replied:

No struggles: im pretty much relying on animations this time around. (for news)

Ive been working on some new layouts and redesigning several of the older maps, so theres not much to show as far as that goes. I will definitely inform people as to whats going on with the maps though...I have to pretty much go back and redo everything Ive done up until the Labs took on their new look. If I dont, then there will be an obvious 'quality gap' from maps made recently to maps made 15 months ago.

+1 vote     mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Jan 29 2012, 12:26am replied:

Im going to go with later next week, unless I get some video of animations tomorrow. Ill try and see what our animator is up to and if he has enough to make a demonstration video. Thats about the biggest things we'll have to show; besides some models for the Engineering/Power Supply decks Ive been working on lately.

+2 votes     mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
agent00kevin Jan 25 2012, 10:42pm says:

Also be aware I am not part of GString; this is all just to help a very good Mod out. I really like the story and design.

+2 votes     mod: G String
agent00kevin Jan 25 2012, 10:31pm says:

I have determined that the Headcrabs arent precached by the SDK Base; changing the App IDs to mount HL2 Ep2 might help, but Im unsure if that will fix the problem. (App ID 420, this is done in the gameinfo.txt file)

Also if you try this be sure to not what the original one was so you can restore it should there be problems.

Im also working on tracking down the problem; or rather a solution to is as I know what the problem is but not how to fix it without coding. I have a few ideas that still must be tried out, and Ive been unusually busy with work lately. Its supposed to be winter; and since I work outside its supposed to be slow. Not the case this year in my part of the country. Little precip; warmer than usual temps :(

+2 votes     mod: G String
agent00kevin Jan 25 2012, 10:13pm says:

We are going to do a news post soon; I think most of the team has come down with a case of Skyrim. I personally have Skyrim and a light case of Team Fortress 2 again...but I did take 15 months off of gaming to work out the Mod, so Ive got some catching up to do.

Also, as I always say, I am not forcing development. Two of us have school and I have work, which is full time. I also have been having a really busy winter, which is unheard of in my part of the USA. We are having an extremely mild and dry winter compared to usual and its seriously cutting in to my game time!

+2 votes     mod: NovaCor: The Fringe
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