"Conservatism holds that these first principles—proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and promulgated by the United States Constitution—define us as a country and inspire us as a people. Conservatives believe that the original structure of America's carefully written constitution and its enduring framework of limited government is the best mechanism for securing national independence, providing economic opportunity, establishing religious liberty, and maintaining a flourishing society of republican self-government. Conservatives believe that the change we need, the change that is consistent with the American idea, is not movement away from but toward our principles—which are both the fixed goal and the unchanging ground of our ever-changing experience."

see Matthew Spalding's lecture " A New American Fusionism: Recovering Principles in Our Politics. "

How to Think about Modern Conservativism: Heritage.org

Origins: Heritage.org

^Heresey, lies I tell you

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Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News

Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News

News 2 comments

Thanks to Michael Nunez from Gizmodo. We've known this for awhile but now its official. This is what happens when you get collectivism, what the democrats...

Obama (edited)

Obama (edited)

News 29 comments

So then Barack Obama has declaered "I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with...

The Current American Situation

The Current American Situation

News 23 comments

Hello. Many Americans today can agree that our situation is horrible and is worse than when we had Bush.

Update one

Update one

News 19 comments

Well ive been thinking of starting this group for a while, but what made meactualy start it was Headhunter128s stupidity and insults he thinks Obama is...

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Hi !

I think people that like the government and wants it to have more power are lazy people that want others to do everything for them and they to not move a muscle
They are people without ambitions , without goals in life , without a clue about what they really want and so on

People that dislike government and want government to not have much power and to not interfere in their lives are people with talents , qualities , ambition in life , clear goals about what they want and are usually the people that love doing stuff for others

It might be a rough observation but i think things are actually this way

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Wow! You're pretty accurate.

Correct me if I'm wrong but when I first came here, weren't you posting all these pro-socialist/communist pictures?

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Yup i am communist/socialist J.C.D.
Sorry about that if you don't like it

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Nah it's okay, I'm just surprised right now because what you've posted here doesn't seem to match up with either Communism or socialism ideology.

what you said matches more with American Conservatism, fitting since you posted it in this group lol

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Could not see that coming (:
I thought what i said will actually **** off a conservatist lol

I'll put it in other words and say that i am not at all into government having more than enough power
They should do their job but my personal life is not their business at all and i also think the secret services should be kept under check because they should not be above the law
This should sum things up J.C.D (:

Btw nice new avatar you got

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Maybe you're leaning more away from socialism than you think, heheh. :b

Yeah, I agree. For the United States specifically, the FEDERAL Government should be keeping the country safe from foreign threats and making sure the states can commerce between each other and with the world, and not much else.

Liberty thrives when government is small. I want a government so small I can barely see it.

If a STATE wants to establish a socialist government for itself where you get massive taxes to fund all that entitlement and free government programs and stuff that seems to be so popular, they can do that, but the Federal Government should never be that kind of government.

And thanks! You ever played Minecraft?

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To be honest i don't even know what's the best political system i would be comfortable with..

I like it how you said it " I want a government so small i can barely see it "
' Hi there little government ! " LOL
But in real life is the other way around , we the people are kinda small to them and this gives them incentive to do anything they feel with us , which enrages me

But dang it would be so good for that to be real
Maybe one day , but unsure if that will happen without a big war all over the place
Radical changes come through painful processes unfortunately
Let's hope you and me will be safe and everyone else from here if that comes

I know about it sure but never played nope
All i know is that it can build stuff like buildings even , using its blocks , i even found Age of Empires 2 buildings done in Minecraft which is really cool

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This group is kinda dead, isn't it?

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Semper Invictus
Semper Invictus


If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor! I LIED!

- Barack Obama

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"If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare!"

-- Barack Obama

And also...

Obama on gun control: "If there is one step we can take to save even one child, we must take that step.

Obama on Planned Parenthood: Nevermind.

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