We are a group of Right-Wing advocates of freedom & liberty, freespeech and net neutrality, right to own and carry firearms, anti-globalist (capitalism without open borders and free trade), free & fair elections, freedom of association, enforcing natural rights for the workplace and consumers, constitutional limits on taxes/regulations/budget deficits, constitutional amendment for transparency eg labeling all GMO's in food, drink and medicine, nationalized banks by reforming monetary policy based on sound money & not debt based (and abolishing the federal reserve), preservation of western culture, Christianity and the white European race against egalitarianism, feminism, Islam (Islamisation), corporatism, communism and political correctness. For those on Mod DB if you're a traditional conservative, white European christian, identitarian libertarian (New Right), protectionist, nationalist, alt-right or ethno-nationalist for US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or European nations please join us to help defeat progressive liberals.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

A explanation of what these policies may entail and literature on these subjects will be posted overtime, a vague outline is given on the pro-capitalist page.


see Matthew Spalding's lecture " A New American Fusionism: Recovering Principles in Our Politics. "

How to Think about Modern Conservativism: Heritage.org

Origins: Heritage.org


the Alt-right.


2 important lessons that should be taught that help project the conservative mindset:

Evil exists so we must guard our society against all of its forms (moral), and nature is harsh so we must plan for the future (fiscal). Refusing to acknowledge evil led to pacifism (this decreased male sexual market value to potential wives) and now it leads to multiculturalism, political correctness, feminism and globalism. In the past failing to plan ahead led to starvation and today it leads to welfare and intergenerational poverty (single motherhood being the biggest predictor of that).

Those that share that mindset?

Mainly white Protestants but Catholic Orthodoxy and Eastern Orthodoxy have been important for upholding traditionalism ie people from British Isles but you can extend that to any white Christian country with a Graeco-Roman & Teutonic legacy, they will have the mindset of a freedom loving (few taxes/regulations, no welfare policies, some protectionism and support for freespeech, freedom to practice Christianity), skeptical of gov authority and of the media (logic, reason & scientody), preserving the family unit and western culture (marriage & strict border control). Understanding that the smallest gov possible, high level of checks and balances on political authority and a strong military is required to uphold that. Hence why America was founded as a biracial society of 90% white Protestants and a subset of west Africans. Basically the American revolution was a Protestant war for freedom from tyranny, monarchy and later the threat reappeared with communism, and now under globalism (the cultural threat being feminism, multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism).

Housewives are happier than feminists, and happier than women in any other occupation which fundamentally contradicts the feminist view of promoting competition between men and women. We have different roles and we like different subjects, we are also physically and biologically different.


Fox news is controlled opposition. Their role is to sell the lie that the establishment candidate is "closely tied in the polls" with the anti-establishment candidate, upping their lead towards the final few months to set up false expectations to convince you not to go out and vote. Its called gaslighting.
When in fact the polls are rigged, the exit polls are also run by the same mainstream media and are designed to "match up" with previous polls and the rigged voting system. Polls are rigged by loading it up with democrats, labeling democrats as independents or calling previous people that say they voted democrat regardless of what their outdated party registration is. Exit polls are conducted by private media corporations (National Election Pool) as are the companies behind the E-voting machines (DIEBOLD/PES, Dominion Voting and H.I.G Capital) connected to the establishment candidate. The exit polls portray a picture that the anti-establishment is losing in order to dissuade people from going out to vote (thats how its really won, because rigging EVERY state and municipality is difficult).
Theres also registering immigrants & illegal voters (people who reliably vote left), and striking down voter ID laws so that people vote multiple times.
Mainly this is done in the biggest swing states ie around 10-11 in the US. Stopthesteal.org


It's about time blacks started thinking for themselves about the benefits of firearms in law abiding hands since its used to stop crime, and not succumbing to the racist 'good blacks don't have guns' stereotype pushed by the gun control lobby. States with the strictest gun-control have some of the highest violent crime and murder rates, and countries with the strictest gun-control have the highest violent crime.

All the gun control laws we see being pushed today were originally created to keep blacks disarmed and helpless in the Jim Crow South.

A fact the gun control lobby tries to sweep under the rug.

The only opposition to the 13th, 14th, 15th amendment and Eisenhower's 1957 Civil Rights act was by the liberal democrats. Southern strategy is a myth or the 'big switch'. For a full history lesson read Mugged by Ann Coulter, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party by Dinesh D'Souza and see 'Hillarys America' for a look at democratic vote buying tactics.

The leftist racial segregation laws where removed & the Civil Rights Act was instituted thanks to 80% support from the Republicans. In the 1860's there was 100% Republican support for the 13th amendment while 70% of Democrats opposed it. 94% Republican support for 14th amendment with 100% opposition from Democrats. The Democrats also opposed the 15th amendment. There was 11 Democrats that switched over to the Republican side, thousands of these Democrats retired as Democrats. The Act would not have gone through if Republicans where blocked from both houses of congress since 3 times as many Democrats opposed the Act, neither would the Voting Rights Act and Fair Housing Act.

The main votebuying tactic has been the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Its about importing votes, third world immigrants/illegals that reliably vote left.


Are white Europeans and Christians to blame for high crime rate in America? Simply put, no.
The Color of Crime by Edwin S. Rubenstein: Amren.com
and this page: En.metapedia.org
That report of the demographics of crime in US, reveals crime is predominantly in the black community. A assessment of self-reported crime also reveals a strong correlation between race and crime, especially for blacks. Its damn near impossible to find the media to even mention race crime rate. A book that talks about the return of racial violence to the US called 'White Girl Bleed A Lot' by Colin Faherty.

For those who argue against race being a valid scientific criteria or claim it is a social construct or just skin colour, you will have to disprove Rushton John Philippe - 'Is race a valid taxonomic construct ?', no one has.

The Biggest Lie of the New Century (about cultural and racial integration).
IQ and Immigration (low IQ of hispanics, problems with integration): Scribd.com
Raven's Progressive Matrices provides a simple way to show race related differences in IQ.
Race Differences in Intelligence (amren) - Youtube.com
The IQs of Races in the United States are remarkably stable across time for all cognitive tests, and large racial differences regarding single-parenting rates showing much more low-investment parenting among blacks and hispanics. ie IQ is a buffer against social and cultural subversion.

Fiscal Cost of amnesty which has a detrimental effect on the economy due to increase govt spending and inflation.
Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the Numbers: We’re All Victims
John Oliver Wants YOU to Take in Syrian Refugees! | Debunking Last Week Tonight
Basically most refugees are young men of military age, commit vastly more crime (particularly interracial rape), are illiterate, do not work & go on welfare.

Does diversity have a real benefit, like to the cohesion and moral standards of a society?
Its long been toted but rarely does anyone make evidence based claims to support it.

Putnam, Robert. 2007. 'E Pluribus Unum : Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century' - Aimlessgromar.com

The results of Robert Putnam’s 'Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community' has been duplicated across the world. Diversity dissolves social cohesion, and with it trade, happiness & growth of the capitalist class. More importantly, whites are becoming a minority in their own societies.

If its fostering division and distrust ie is a irreconcilable conflict with any society that relies on high social trust creating massive social unrest, segregation, political unrest, ethnic violence etc then why is it being pushed by Democrats so strongly?

Practicing individualism will mean that your going to get racially and materially out-competed by groups who do employ in-group preferences. Jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk


US/European globalist strategy of countering Nationalism:

Group Polarization & The Fad of Ethnomasochism by Hugh Macdonald - Moddb.com

Cloward-Piven Strategy - Obama File - Theobamafile.com

Europe migrant crisis & the strategy of the EU for countering Nationalism:

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe - Westernspring.co.uk

NWO Commandments - Rense.com

Social Media PsyOp, A Guide To HASBARA TROLLS - Whitewraithe.wordpress.com



I'm skeptical of any Muslim's public interpretation of the Koran due to the fact of Al-Taqiyya, the practice of Islamic lying to non-Muslims about their beliefs & intentions, as well Muslim oppression of other religions (death to apostates & taxes on non-Muslims called Jizya).

Red flags about ISIS:

Globalists have a tendency to spread disinfo, rename themselves and reverse arguments to fit their vision. Many of the organisations that try and push a globalist anti-white liberal views is zionist organisations. This is the most difficult red pill to swallow, answering the Jewish Question. See this site by Kevin McDonald for the most comprehensive books on the subject & most comprehensive information on government corruption sources.

Multiculturalism & tolerance is used to herd incompatible people together (whether its taking jobs, undercutting wages or terrorism) to trigger violence & justify the removal of freedoms. The elite have admitted they want a unaware and compliant citizenry.


Is climate change consensus true? No, the 97% consensus myth has been debunked. There is better evidence to support global cooling or natural cycles.

We live in a strange world with an increasingly clear battle-line separating:

1. Political powers and consensus ‘scientists' adjusting experimental data on one side.

2. A benevolent creator and sustainer of every atom, life and world on the other side.

Side 1 directs society to UN's Agenda 21: Habitat.igc.org

Side 2 directs society to a much Higher Power: Dl.dropboxusercontent.com


The spirit of anti-humanism lives on only if people do not fight for virtue, freedom and truth.

One main method is control through debt slavery (such as by the Rothchilds). They control the US through the money supply.

"I place the economy among the first and most important greatest virtues... and public debt as the great danger to be feared. To preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. " ~Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson - Debt as The Great Danger


Recommended conservative news sites:


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Obama (edited)

Obama (edited)

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So then Barack Obama has declaered "I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with...

The Current American Situation

The Current American Situation

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Hello. Many Americans today can agree that our situation is horrible and is worse than when we had Bush.

Update one

Update one

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Well ive been thinking of starting this group for a while, but what made meactualy start it was Headhunter128s stupidity and insults he thinks Obama is...

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I joined this a while ago but left it after it became inactive. Thanks for inviting me to it again now that it's active. I'm a nationalist, monarchist, traditionalist, conservative Lutheran.

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Good to see more people here. Remember, our time has come and we are gonna grab the globalist bull by its balls

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Not sure why I was invited...

"We are a group of Right-Wing advocates"
I'm pretty left-leaning (I really think that this whole right/left thing is nonsensical and at best tracks highly localized political identifiers).

"advocates of freedom & liberty"
I'm a supporter of "freedom and liberty", I'm pretty sure most people of most political persuasions are?

"right to own and carry firearms (for non-criminals)"
I don't support the American Second Amendment.

"freespeech and net neutrality"
I support free speech and net neutrality.

"free local markets & anti-globalist (capitalism without open borders and free trade)"
I'm pro-globalism.

"enforcing natural rights on businesses (workers rights to freespeech, engage in unions & political activism)"
I don't believe in natural rights for various philosophical reasons, but I suppose I'm generally anti-union in developed industrial nations with a set of effective democratic levers.

"free & fair elections"
I support free and fair elections, in so far as I support democracy (I prefer epistocracy, but that's another story). Of course, the question is who doesn't? I suspect the devil is in the details.

"restrictions that prevent corruption"
I also support restrictions that prevent corruption, but that's a pretty nebulous idea- I'm pretty sure everyone in principle supports that idea. At the same time, I do believe that it's nigh impossible to run a system that's entirely uncorrupt, and that at some point those restrictions become more trouble than they're worth.

"budget deficits or govt spending on illegitimate purposes"
I'm fine with govts. running a deficit sometimes depending on the circumstances. I suppose I support the other part, but I suspect we disagree on what the legitimate purpose would be.

"nationalized banks by reforming monetary policy based on sound money & not debt based (and abolishing the federal reserve)"

"preservation of western culture"
Don't much care for this, and am sceptical that there is such a thing to be preserved.

"Christianity and the white European race against Islamic extremism"
I'm an atheist/anti-theist, and I'm not white or European. I'm also not in support of Christianity or some white nationalism. I'll agree that Islam has its problems, and that one of the problems we face is Islamic extremism, though. But it's relatively minor in comparison to other issues (e.g. global warming, animal rights).

Assuming that this is referring to crony capitalism or some trend towards corporate statehood- sure I'm against corporatism.

I'm against this, I guess? Although I'm sceptical that you really know what communism is, at least as a philosophical programme.

"and political correctness"
I'll admit that political correctness can veer into problematic territory quite often (and people will sometimes call be out on PC grounds), on a balance its better to have PC than not.

"For those on Mod DB if you're a traditional conservative, European protestant, identitarian libertarian, protectionist, nationalist, alt-right or ethno-nationalist"
I have no idea how you guys can have a movement or something if you have so many contradictions... seriously libertarians+protectionaists+protestants+"traditional conservative"?

"US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or European nations please join."
I'm Canadian, so at least that resonates with me lol.

Basically, my relevant political beliefs, are more often than not in conflict with your beliefs. No idea why I was invited, maybe because I'm Canadian and these are blanket invites? Who knows. Also you guys might want to try to use less nebulous or loaded terms (e.g. "freedom and liberty" or "fair and free elections"), which clearly mean more than their literal meaning might imply. Anyways... I despise your movement and think its incoherent- but all the best and a Happy New Year.

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TheUnbeholden Creator

You haven't really explained the contradictions? Identitarian libertarins are not quite the same as regular ones, being pro-protectionist is fine as well but not required! Peter Schiff made a very good argument on the problems of unilateral trade that produces large trade deficits: Youtube.com
as such certain economic regulations are necessary when it comes to limiting international or interstate competition, ie your own family & livelihood has to come first, not that of foreign families and businesses which is what happens when a substantial amount of money goes overseas while we have difficulty competing. Where also against egalitarianism and feminism. Basically the latter two are the only main contradiction hence why the group is geared towards reforming the mistaken ideology that led to political correctness, feminism, corporatism and globalism or open borders, ethnic conflict, decaying social cohesion and degeneracy!

"I support free and fair elections, in so far as I support democracy (I prefer epistocracy, but that's another story). Of course, the question is who doesn't? I suspect the devil is in the details."

"I also support restrictions that prevent corruption, but that's a pretty nebulous idea- I'm pretty sure everyone in principle supports that idea. At the same time, I do believe that it's nigh impossible to run a system that's entirely uncorrupt, and that at some point those restrictions become more trouble than they're worth."

Thats explained in more detail on pro-capitalism page. Things like transparency and preventing people with dual citizenship taking public office because it produces inherent conflict of interest between serving the interests of citizens and that of foreign nations.


I'm fine with debates on the problems with democracy! Thats something these alternative movements do alot actually.

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TheUnbeholden Creator

When I say those 2 stances are a contradiction I mean with 'mainstream' conservatism, civic nationalism and libertarianism. Though libertarianism was never meant to be a complete ideology, it was about minarchism, then freemarket anarchist or anarcho-capitalist (an-cap), then a few conservative thinkers developed the neoreactionary movement (Dark Enlightenment or NRx) but they didn't know what to replace liberalism with, recently the ancaps have turned to cultural libertarians, and finally the New Right (though both that term and the alt-right where almost hijacked by civic nationalists) basically its a nationalistic strand described as identitarian libertarianism. Its a rejection of the idea that all men (or women) are created equal. It wishes to remove programs that take on impossible or utopian ideals forcing different cultures and races to be equal through immigration, migrant 'reintegration' programs or 'diversification' housing/college programs, ending poverty or attaining economic equality, making gays/transsexuals/pedophiles equal to heterosexual couples, ending drug use through punishment, ending global warming etc

None of that can be achieved, it just results in 60% of policies doing nothing but wasting 80% of money. The few that do alleviate the problem are not sufficient to justify the 99% that don't.

The Alt-right is the newest incarnation but its fundamentally different because its a decentralized movement, it thrives on opposition and subversion, focuses on white identity and uses meme magic. I found this which describes the reasoning behind it with humor:


One of the points that I always bring up is that nobody respects someone who denies their identity & nobody wants to become a minority in their country.

The reason why I want mainstream conservatives/libertarians to join is because I believe its unhealthy to be surrounded solely by people that we always agree with. I also believe in creating a truce with alternative movements like Anarchists & Democratic Socialists to defeat the liberal progressives (whom we can better describe as social democrats)!

Just to be clear about something that arises frequently. Bernie Sanders claimed to be a Democratic Socialist (which is not the same as Marxist-Leninist) but really he was a social democrat (something progressive liberals adopted to trick the working class to join them) with expanded social programs, welfare, taxes & minimum wage which would further increase debt, inflation, and put people out of work.

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This is so cool. Thank you for inviting me ^_^

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Hello there. I'm not very active in ModDB anymore so I was wondering, have I been invited to this group for any reason in particular?

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TheUnbeholden Creator

I see. I thought you where a patriot!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I certainly am, as well as a capitalist, right-wing, christian, European, pro-western culture, against political correctness, etc. But I'm also catholic, not protestant; I'm pro-globalization (but anti-globalism), I'm against worker unions, I like the world's financial system as it is, not a nationalist (nor a multiculturalist either), etc. I only identify with about half of the group's description so I'm afraid I don't really belong here. Good luck with the group though!

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TheUnbeholden Creator

Yeah catholic orthodox is fine, in fact thats why I mentioned traditionalist conservatives since they are ALOT like Catholic Orthodox! Its just protestants generally are for small governments hence why they've been the historically preferred migrants. Thank you for pointing that out. I think I'll have to clarify on that.

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