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MalfistheMerciless Author

Here is some reasons why libertarianism could never get its moment: Therightstuff.biz

You see that ignoring race or not tackling it head has to rely on bizarre ideas of "sacrosanct" property rights or out-right anarchism. I'm fine if people choose anarchism. But holding free association and restore muh property rights isn't going to be entirely convincing and its not going to stop the race problem from getting worse. Even if people are allowed to not serve black people in shops or you stop giving out handouts to fund black ghetto's, stop giving hispanic farmers green cards who send all the money back home via a huge drain on the economy called remittances and if we stop funding Islamic rape gangs in Europe... You ultimately cannot remove black/hispanic/islamic identity, its tied to race & a deep sense of spiritual and traditional ties and commitments. Even if you could they would still lash out in violence significantly more than whites and you'd get the identity diluting effect & increased tensions as a result of diversity, which that research about diversity + proximity = conflict is about. All of that stuff about psychological problems and lower IQ from race-mixing isn't the largest problem, like some have suggested previously but a cautionary tale.

I'm not like most people that we see these days. I think the greatest threat is not some new variant of communism coming around although we are seeing that happen, not just liberals, but negative idols. What I mean by that is Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Ariane Grande, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cirus... those are the biggest enemies we have because they reach hundreds of millions of female minds and turn them into selfish whores. Watching porn, taking drugs, absorbing hollywood and watching mainstream news that makes men into degenerates (reverse psychology and agitprop), and modern society that turns men into weaklings.

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MalfistheMerciless Author

The problem with feminism, giving women all these rights to basically become workers instead of mothers or turn them into entitled, spoiled and manipulative mothers is that it opens the door for communism. It leaves a crack open for it to slip in - and it did e.g Frankfurt school. I predicted that ages ago. As does ignoring race - which allows all the races to come pouring in to allow crime and tensions to become the new status quo. A lack of principle on any such matters is quite literally a death sentence. I don't care if takes me a hundred years I will nail this point until everyones *** is raw.

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here- Youtube.com
I think all that stuff about demographic changes or turning our countries into the third world is good rhetoric and stats but it isn't as important as showing that people don't actually accept diversity in practice for their neighborhoods & schools, and pointing out the anti-white double standard.
A Conversation about Race: Youtube.com

Income Inequality: The Debate Ignores Race: Youtube.com

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