We are a group of Right-Wing advocates of freedom & liberty, freespeech & net neutrality, right to own and carry firearms, freedom of association, anti-globalist (oppose open borders, international finance and free trade), the right to life, isolationism, regionalism, permaculture, deep ecology, trade with non-European countries restricted to food barter, constitutional limits on taxes/regulations/budget deficits, constitutional amendment on transparency eg labeling all GMO's on products, nationalized banks by reforming monetary policy based on sound money, ending copyright & limited liability, preservation of western civilization, religions and the white European race against egalitarianism, feminism, Islam (Islamisation), jewry/zionism/neo-cons, communism and political correctness. For those on Mod DB if you're a social conservative, neo-reactionary (NRx), traditionalist, absolutist, environmentalist, Christian Catholic or Orthodoxy, Dharmic religions like European Pagan/Hindu, Alt-Right, nationalist or New Right for; US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Armenia, Rhodesia, South Africa or European nations please join us to help defeat progressive liberals & proxies.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

A explanation of what these policies may entail and literature on these subjects will be posted overtime, a outline is given on the pro-capitalist page.


see; Matthew Spalding's lecture " A New American Fusionism: Recovering Principles in Our Politics. "

How to Think about Modern Conservativism

Origins of the Modern Conservative Movement

The Traditionalist Mindset

Introduction to The Alt-Right

More useful sites:
WeSearchr.com Counter.fund Rootbocks.com Hatreon.us


2 important lessons that should be taught that help project the conservative mindset:

Falsehood exists so we must guard our society against all of its forms (moral) and nature is harsh so we must plan for the future (fiscal). Refusing to acknowledge the laws of nature led to pacifism (this decreased male sexual market value to potential wives) and now it leads to accepting the falsehood of multiculturalism, moral relativism, political correctness, nihilism, feminism and globalism i.e materialist. In the past failing to plan ahead led to starvation and today it leads to welfare and inter-generational poverty (single motherhood being the biggest predictor of that). Whatever saps the spiritual, mental & physical health is the enemy.

Those that share that mindset?

Protestants founded it but Asatru, Hinduism, Catholic orthodox & Eastern Orthodoxy have been important for upholding tradition i.e any white European majority country with a Graeco-Roman & Teutonic legacy. We uphold virtues of will, strength, courage, determination, perseverance & to truth/justice/honesty, freedom, family & honor, to uphold them in action you must have wholeness and luck. You require experience in order to gain practical wisdom (action over abstraction, accomplishment over acquisition, self-knowledge over self-satisfaction & passion, excellence & consistency over complacency i.e nobility) to climb higher, being skeptical of govt authority, international finance and of the media (logic, reason & scientody i.e western civilization ideal), preserving the family unit (virgin marriage, gender roles, ethnocentrism, zero tolerance for homosexuality) and ethnic European cultures (pagan germanic/anglo-saxon/celtic, hellenic, baltic, indo-iranian, armenian, albanian, teutons, slavic, latin traditions i.e ethnic ideal). A racial ideal is a pride in our position in the social order, in the inter-generational goals that we participate in, and in the women we care for. England, Australia & NZ being Anglo-Saxon & Celtic. Understanding that to achieve this a optimal size of govt is needed for border control, maintaining health, checks & balances on political authority and a strong military tradition is required to uphold that. Basically the American revolution was a Protestant war for a European outpost & freedom from British rule, later the threat reappeared with communism and now under globalism (the cultural threat being progressivism; feminism, gender inversion, diversity, multiculturalism and SJWism - underlined by materialism). Idealism is the alternative in the form of personal, family, ethnicity, race, gender, humanity, civilization ideals and divine law, natural law or Dharma.

Matthew 6:24 "You cannot serve God and money."


Trivium, Rote learning and Mnemonics, Integral learning: read the same thing three times in three days i.e 3 in 3 neural mapping, Flow Chart & mindmap's segmented, Analogy & Teach others or explain it to yourself - TRIMFAT.
Always double-check.


Housewives are happier than feminists and happier than women in any other occupation which fundamentally contradicts the feminist view of promoting competition between men & women. The most secure families are where both the male and female are married virgins. We have different roles and we like different subjects, we are also physically & biologically different. Currently the largest threat to family is alimony & no-fault divorce where women win 97% of alimony cases & child custody w/o having to prove anything. Therefore we must encourage women to become mothers, encourage men to protect & provide for their family and discourage birth control.


MSM sell the lie the establishment candidate is "closely tied in the polls" with the anti-establishment candidate, upping their lead towards the final few months to set up false expectations to convince you not to go out and vote. Its called gaslighting.
When in fact the polls are rigged, the exit polls are also run by the same mainstream media and are designed to "match up" with previous polls and the rigged voting system. Polls are rigged by loading it up with democrats, labeling democrats as independents or calling previous people that say they voted democrat regardless of what their outdated party registration is. Exit polls are conducted by private media corporations (National Election Pool) as are the companies behind the E-voting machines (DIEBOLD/PES, Dominion Voting and H.I.G Capital) connected to the establishment candidate. The exit polls portray a picture that the anti-establishment is losing in order to dissuade people from going out to vote (thats how its really won, because rigging EVERY state and municipality is difficult).
This is done in the biggest swing states. Theres also registering immigrants & illegal voters (people who reliably vote left), & striking down voter ID laws so that people vote multiple times. The Govt also gives welfare to illegals, when we should refuse them welfare, health & education services.


Fire arms are used to stop crime. It's about time democrats/liberals started thinking for themselves about the benefits of firearms in law abiding hands. States with the strictest gun-control have some of the highest violent crime and murder rates, and countries with the strictest gun-control have the highest violent crime.

The only opposition to the 13th, 14th, 15th amendment and Eisenhower's 1957 Civil Rights act was by the liberal democrats. Southern strategy is a myth or the 'big switch'. For a full history lesson read Mugged by Ann Coulter, 'Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party' by Dinesh D'Souza and 'Hillarys America' film.

The leftist racial segregation laws where removed & the Civil Rights Act was instituted thanks to 80% support from the Republicans. In the 1860's there was 100% Republican support for the 13th amendment while 70% of Democrats opposed it. 94% Republican support for 14th amendment with 100% opposition from Democrats. The Democrats also opposed the 15th amendment. There was 11 Democrats that switched over to the Republican side, thousands of these Democrats retired as Democrats. The Act would not have gone through if Republicans where blocked from both houses of congress since 3 times as many Democrats opposed the Act, neither would the Voting Rights Act and Fair Housing Act.


The main votebuying tactic has been the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Its about importing votes, third world immigrants/illegals that reliably vote left.

Are white Europeans and Christians to blame for high crime rate in America? Simply put, no.
The Color of Crime by Edwin S. Rubenstein: Amren.com
more on this here.
That report of the demographics of crime in US, reveals crime is predominantly in the black community. A assessment of self-reported crime also reveals a strong correlation between race and crime, especially for blacks. Its damn near impossible to find the media to even mention race crime rate. A book that talks about the return of racial violence to the US called 'White Girl Bleed A Lot' by Colin Faherty.

For those who argue against race being a valid scientific criteria or claim it is a social construct or just skin colour, you will have to disprove Rushton John Philippe - 'Is race a valid taxonomic construct?'.

The Biggest Lie of the New Century
IQ and Immigration (low IQ of hispanics): Scribd.com
Raven's Progressive Matrices provides a simple way to show race related differences in IQ.
Race Differences in Intelligence (amren) - Youtube.com
The IQs of Races in the United States are remarkably stable across time for all cognitive tests, and large racial differences regarding single-parenting rates showing much more low-investment parenting among blacks & mestizo's. ie IQ is a buffer against social and cultural subversion.

'Out of Africa' myth is officially debunked.
Freedom of association was ended with Brown v Board of Education.
Fiscal Cost of amnesty which has a detrimental effect on the economy due to increase govt spending and inflation.
Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the Numbers: We’re All Victims
John Oliver Wants YOU to Take in Syrian Refugees!
Basically most refugees are young men of military age, commit vastly more crime (particularly interracial rape), are illiterate, don't work & go on welfare.

Does diversity have a real benefit, like to the cohesion and moral standards of a society?
Its long been toted but rarely does anyone make evidence based claims to support it.

Putnam, Robert. 2007. 'E Pluribus Unum : Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century'
The results of Robert Putnam’s 'Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community' has been duplicated across the world, as has 'Freakanomics'. Diversity dissolves social cohesion, and with it cooperation, civic engagement, happiness & growth of the capitalist class. More importantly, whites are becoming a minority in their own societies.

If its fostering division and distrust ie is a irreconcilable conflict with any society that relies on high social trust creating massive cultural, economic & political unrest, anxiety, ethnic violence etc then why is it being pushed by Democrats so strongly?

Practicing individualism will mean that your going to get racially, culturally and materially out-competed by groups who do employ in-group preferences: Jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk


US/European globalist strategy of countering Nationalism:

Group Polarization & The Fad of Ethnomasochism by Hugh Macdonald - Tinyurl.com

Cloward-Piven Strategy - Obama File - Theobamafile.com

Europe migrant crisis & the strategy of the EU for countering Nationalism:

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe - Freetexthost.com

NWO Commandments - Rense.com

Social Media PsyOp, A Guide To HASBARA TROLLS - Whitewraithe.wordpress.com

Who Controls America? - Thezog.info



I'm skeptical of any Muslim's public interpretation of the Koran due to the fact of Al-Taqiyya, the practice of Islamic lying to non-Muslims about their beliefs & intentions, as well Muslim oppression of other religions (death to apostates & taxes on non-Muslims called Jizya).

Red flags about ISIS: Moddb.com

Globalists have a tendency to spread disinfo, rename themselves & reverse reality rhetorically to fit their vision. Many of the organisations that try & push a globalist anti-white liberal views is zionist organisations. This is the most difficult red pill to swallow, the Jewish Question. See this site by Kevin McDonald for the most comprehensive books on the subject & most comprehensive information on government corruption sources.

Multiculturalism & tolerance is used to herd incompatible people together (whether its taking jobs, undercutting wages or terrorism) to trigger violence & justify the removal of freedoms. The elite have admitted they want a unaware and compliant citizenry.


Is climate change consensus true? No, the 97% consensus myth has been debunked. There is better evidence to support global cooling or natural cycles.

We live in a strange world with an increasingly clear battle-line separating:

1. Political powers and consensus ‘scientists' adjusting experimental data on one side.

2. A benevolent creator and sustainer of every atom, life and world on the other side.

Side 1 directs society to UN's Agenda 21: Habitat.igc.org

Side 2 directs society to a much Higher Power: Dl.dropboxusercontent.com

Evidence against CO2 cause.


The spirit of anti-humanism lives on only if people do not fight for virtue, freedom and truth.

One main method of control is through debt slavery. They control the US through the money supply and taxes.

"I place the economy among the first and most important greatest virtues... and public debt as the great danger to be feared. To preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. " ~Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson - Debt as The Great Danger


Recommended conservative news sites:

Natural News and NewsTarget

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Conduct fit for a Higher Man in the Modern world

Conduct fit for a Higher Man in the Modern world

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This is for people new to the group but see it as merely their own playground devoid of purpose.

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Obama (edited)

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The Current American Situation

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Update one

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Well ive been thinking of starting this group for a while, but what made meactualy start it was Headhunter128s stupidity and insults he thinks Obama is...

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Although it pains me to post on this site since it was subverted about a year ago with "alt-right" propaganda, this was the closest thing to an appropriate forum so I thought I would post here anyway and see if the truth gets censored.

Fake Jews in a fake Israel whose existence depends on a fake war crime kill defenseless protesters and then bomb neighboring Syria unprovoked based on a fake gas attack carried out by fake rebels funded by Saudi Arabia while puppet NATO nations demand "regime change" in lock step with their bankster overlords. Unpayable national debts, terminal birth rates, unchecked immigrant invasion, increasingly vile perversion everywhere, and in the end total destruction. This is what happens when you allow Zionists and Jesuits to infiltrate and totally run your countries for a hundred years. Marching down the chute to the slaughterhouse while they hear the screams and smell the blood, the scoffers still won't wake up until they are locked into the stall themselves and the killing hammer finally shatters their delusions. But everybody should just keep playing with their smart phones and watching sodomite tv programming while patting themselves on the back for being progressive since surely nothing bad could happen right? An RFID chip Beast system isn't horrific enough for you...how about a nuclear war?

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MalfistheMerciless Creator

We recommend loads of reading material dude, I'd say this is fringe right, culture war, metapolitical and traditionalist readings rather than hard right per say. Recommended readings are:

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth,
Myth of the Blood (not in print yet),
The Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism, Bow and Club (not in print yet),
Real Right Returns, Daniel Friberg
Suprahumanism, Daniel Forrest
Why We Fight, Guillaume Fay
North American New Right, Harold Covington
March of the Titans & Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World, by Arthur Kemp
Identity Rising, Langness
White Power, GRL
The Camp of the Saints, Jean Raspail

Reply Good karma+3 votes
TheUnbeholden Creator

I would recommend Recognition's and Revelation: A Return to Virtue. The Bow and Club was released recently.


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks but I don't need to do any further reading on the "alt-right" movement to understand it better. The "alt-right" movement is a cynical program which is funded & controlled by Globalists and is mainly designed to fool historically ignorant or morally ambivalent people into believing that fascism & racism is conservative. If this site wants to call itself "alt-right" or "new-right" then its certainly free to do so, but since conservatism & nationalism presumes a desire for one's own nation & people to thrive, its an oxymoron to include them together with the "alt-right" label. Although the "alt-right" movement was designed to superficially mimic conservatism & nationalism, its actual purpose is to subvert and destroy them both.

But people can call their sites whatever they like and I didn't come here to argue about labels anyway. I only came here to post the truth while our own governments spew out nothing but lies and laugh as they attempt to provoke war for their Globalist masters.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

No one here's declared this group is Alt-Right, and certainly Moddb itself can't be tied to such. It is impossible to stuff everything into the alt-right label. Only about 5% of the members here are Alt-Right I'd wager, if even that.

Also quite ironic that you claim to oppose Globalism, and (if this is the same guest, Zionism), but have decried Fascism and the sentiments that the media calls Racism.

You've got lots of reading to do indeed.

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MalfistheMerciless Creator

Since this group caters to Christianity, I found the best version of the bible: Thekolbrin.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I wouldn't say that. A whole panoply of complexities and false attributions arise when one tries to tie religion into politics. I personally am not Christian.

If anything, Christianity and churches cater to the left-wing nowadays. Take a look at Pope Francis for example.

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What a terrible time to be alive, with a commie pope on the heels.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheUnbeholden Creator

I would call it a functional separation at best in a religious, spiritual, Dharmic nation.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
TheUnbeholden Creator

Churchianity isn't Christianity. The only Christians are orthodox i.e early christians which are Orthodoxy and Catholic, the second Vatican council don't abide by the doctrines or correct interpretations but are more marxian/progressive & humanitarian. Christianity doesn't "cater" to a political side, they cater to divine revelation i.e truth. Also according to radical traditionalists we also believe that there a close connection between religion and state, the state serves the spirit and the upper class are (supposed to be) warrior and spiritual/priestly men initiated into esoteric religious orders. Only in so far as we have freedom to believe and worship in any religion but the two are connected & the state should encourage living a spiritual and wholesome life & discourage atheism.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Excuse me, I don't want to be rude. I'm not an expert, but I find some ideas on the hard-right to be deeply philosophical: by that standard are not radical traditionalists ideological twins of Zionism? I mean, on that point of view, it is all about power, be it physical/state related or spiritual/religious related. It melts down to the concept of "culture", which seems to me the base of all power (or "truth", the source of social cohesion).

That said, Christianity or any other religion (at least Abrahamic ones) can only be political (even for the early type) if you understad that politics and polis work together. This means religions are tools for power, whatever the color you put in.

That is why I cannot understand how a pope can be "Marxian" (religion does not have adjectives, if you will). Francis is clearly an humanitarian and drives from the Peronist agenda, but that is basically melting catholicism with social democracy (all Socialist Parties in Europe, for instance, are built up from catholicism, not from Marxian ideologies. This was the post-WW2 power consensus, which deemd marxian thinking to be totalitarian, aka "beyond cluster of power" or beyond "power in a liberal sense").

There is, to me, a contradiction in «Christinity doesn't "cater" to a political side [...]». Even the so called "left" Christians (you've implied that yourself, I think) are tided up to a Theology of Liberation (rather than of Revelation, alright, I give you that). Ultimately it promotes a certain type of cohesive force (liberal culture) around a political horizon (liberal state power). Zionism and traditionalists are no different, they just want a cohesive force (ideology/culture) around a Ethno-state power (and it fits the liberal definition of power, if you take multiple nations in a world).

Religion is power. It paves road to State power. Religion is Ideology, and Ideology is a mindset for power. Therefore, Religion is political, it is "polis"-related: bound to someone's particular belief (when you equate truth with revelation, you set up your mindset for power already, but you are not saying anything else than proposing a world view amognst many others). In today's poligonal world, or multipolar as some of you call, none of these views can be, necessarily, the "truth", they can only be forms or expressions of a type of power (Marxian power is a no-thing, in this terms, once is deemed to "totalitarian" or extra multipolar worldviews: in short, what Francis is proposing is not the Marxist world, but more worlds inside the Liberal agenda).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It sounds to me that your first claim is that Religion and Politics go hand in hand, and thus the entire Right-Wing ideology and Zionism tie together as well. I maintain that nothing could be further from the truth. Zionism uses a false religious justification and attribution to push a political agenda, which has resulted in decades bloodshed throughout the Middle East on behalf of Israel at the expense of every Western and Middle Eastern country. Whether one recognizes it or not, that is not a good or productive way of governance. While few Right-wing forms of government have ever caused such mass chaos.

I would like to take Fascist Italy into particular example here; wherein Mussolini himself and high ranking members of his Fascist party were secular, thus having an effective traditionalist government without religion. When Religion is Political, you tend to have disaster. There is a very good reason why ancient Greco-Roman governments did not mix their religious ideas with their way of governance; knowing that doing such would hinder effective governance. Mixing the two is almost purely an Abrahamic idea, and it's never worked, which is why I do not see the sense behind it's promotion.

The tenants of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are designed to become political and state law, but actually should not become such at all.

As for your other point, Marxism as it is spelled properly, has influenced modern Liberalism to where there is literally not a difference except in rhetoric between the two. Liberals in fact, use terms coined by Marxists or other far-left figures such as Trotsky to decry political adversaries. Now the Pope and many other members of the Christian Church, Roman Catholic or otherwise, are indeed in favor of mixing their religion with politics. The tenants of Christianity can tie in easily with Marxist/Left-wing agendas, and as a result, you have individuals such as the Pope who supports continued mass immigration into Europe, suppression of personal freedom of speech, and more.

Churches in the United States and in Europe are both beginning to support homosexuality and worse. As I have pointed out above, religion added onto politics, or politics added onto religion can only lead to disaster. Abrahamic religions offer no real cultural connections to any nation they have taken root in, and instead will wipe the original culture of a civilization away. As a result, it isn't hard to imagine why the Pope would cater to a political idea which also happens to strip away culture and history.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

First, I'm looking for a sane/meaningful conversation, where we can exchange some information out of it. Thank you for being polite so far.

1.Alright, so I guess this sums up a very importatnt idea: Traditionalism is secular in nature. Period. That is why you underline the pre christian european state (Ancient Republican Rome - what about the Empire period?) and secular Italy (especially Fascist Period, since the latter was meant to be the re-emergence of the first).

Allow me to correct one point: I was not envisioning the whole right wing spectrum to be Zionist however, I was trying to figure out what kind of relations there are in there in terms of power-logic, not power-practice (and I assumed a traditionalist, like yourself, would understand "spirit over matter" in this aspect - it's ok to diverge in ideas anyways).

«The tenants of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are designed to become political and state law, but actually should not become such at all.» That is precisely where I wanted to touch as well: Religion is Power and a high-way to state power, whatever the color you put in.

2. While it is absolutely true that Trotskism and Liberalism are tied up (at least, historically, since 1968), they are not what Marxism (the doctrin applied in 1917-1956 Soviet Union for instance) and Marxian thought (the collected work of late or mature Marx and part of early Engles material - this is important to notice nonetheless) represent. What I mean with this phrase is that people on the Left usually try to see, from afar, right as a whole. But you just did the same with us. I'm pointing out here that Marxists, in essence, have the same concerns as you do (already said that the Soviet Union had borders and walls. Also, what was it but a federation of Ethno-states?) and actively try to dismantle any trotsky-ist organization, their ties with liberal or bourgeois thinking and so on (this is basic ML thinking, btw: trotstkysm is betrayal of Marxist principles, as you also pointed that out when you equated them with Liberal thinking). If you have doubts about it, see what the current and previous Angola gvt has to say to Portuguese Far-Left opposition, what the links are to be made, and ultimately, what they have tried to implement in Angola since 1976. Also notice who is opposed to this Far-Left groups: the communists. If you can't see the Mercader logic behind it, you did not yet come to understand the fractures on the left (this is also important for rethorical purposes). There are more historical events such as this (1956 Prague; Maoism vs Deng-Xiaoping; Solidarnosc movement against ML; a whole bunch of literature on the Liberal foundation of current Far-Left, especially the economic relations between freedom of small enterprise backed up with Locke's Two Treatises and A. Smith's "Robinson" economic principles; etc.).

Some of you are bold enough to think Zionism and far-left. I have no idea why you don't understand that this is called POSTMODERNITY. We have been talking about it for decades now. I recommend you read some of A. Duguin's works on the matter, if you don't want to read or ML already said about it. I guess this demonstrates not only a cleavage in the left but the existence of an entirely whole Left (Communists) against liberals and leftists. In this way of thinking, I beleive that we have to open discuss with you (Traditionalists), once we realize some of our goals are exactly the same (dismantle worldwide finance cartel, destroy Liberal ideology, achieve principles for higher co-existence and development outside the paradigm of "world war against terror", protect the people and make they conscious of their inherent collective strenght).


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

3. Again, sorry for insisting on this point, I can see a Pope embracing Liberal values, but these are not Marxists (nor Marxian) values. Support for individual "phenomenological" dispositions is not anywhere in ML theory. In fact, Marxists (since II Internationale) demand these Liberal constructs (born in English Liberal revolutions for LAND - you will see the point later) to be simply destroyed in the new society (Communism). So, what does this mean? Tatoo's, piercings, sexual "alternative lifestyles", crime, using drugs, cursing, religious practice and so on, are litteraly forbidden by Socialist State Law and authority. There would be much more to say about it, if you want to engage in that discussion (as I would love to know more about Fascist Legal mindset for instance).

All this to say, and finishing this "comment", that what lurks in Marxist theory is ECONOMICS, not cultural reformation, relativism or revolution. This means that Marxism is concern to build up a world after wiping out the Economic Liberal system that supports or "determines" the current cultural momentum or "consciousness" (once you realize that, as a materialis: "It is not consciousness that determines life, but rather life that determines consciousness."). So the major abyss and not simply cleavage between ML and leftism is around the principle of economical determinism (this is why, we continue to criticize and highly oppose Post modern thinking, as a confederacy of Neo-Gramscian and Neo-Trotsky views - what was coined as, and you actually call "Cultural Marxism". Adorno and Horkheimer were deeply into Heidegger mixed with Lukacs; Habbermas is a studier of both adorno and horkheimer; Marcuse is influenced by the Situationists; Derrida nonsense in an impulsive dadaism collecting everything pre-marxist AND Stirnerean thinking).

See how complex this is? I hope this points out what I initially had in mind, and possibly you can start thinking a bit outside the box (not seeing us from that far off). Sorry for my English.

I leave you with the first guy I think is in the Right track to understand these things, he is a "Conservative" I think, whatever this means. He fails, however to make distinction of ML and Post-modernity. Youtube.com

4.This is important for two reasons:

A. you deliver yourself an important question: what is Modernity? And you will end up realizing that Traditionalists are inherentely against it. Why? Because both Marxist thinking and Liberal thinking are both born from the ideals of Revolutionary France, the cradle to Modernity.

B. What is then postmodernity? This is where it gets interesting, as you become mastering some ideas that lurk in Fascist and even NS ideology (let us be frank here, you are what you are, you just have not the power yet to say it) as well as ML against the new expression of Liberal thinking, which combines post 1968 Epistemology and Philosophy with Classical Cultural Liberalism (in short, this is what you call "Cultural Marxism" and we call Far-Left. They are indeed the same, they are not, in any way, Marxists. ).

See now why I said that a Pope Marxist is a contradiction in terms? Again: in short, what Francis is proposing is not the Marxist world, but more worlds inside the Liberal agenda.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

(In reply to both posts),

1. I would like to first point out that you have come to several odd assumptions about Conservatism and Traditionalism. One assumption is that Traditionalism is secular whereas Conservatism is not. That is false because both Conservative and Traditionalist values relate to previous culture and state ethics/morals, and not particularly religious values. I can see why you might be confused however, as most Conservatives and Traditionalists around the world do happen to be ardent religionists, and yet despite that fact, the basic concepts surrounding both as I said, relate to state and cultural values. One could very easily become confused at the difference between Conservatism and a religious "right-wing", if you will. When we speak about religion in this regard, we're talking about Christianity. More and more traditionalists and Conservatives are actually realizing that Christianity and the Church is hurting their cause more than helping. Furthermore, to say that I have no spiritual values if I am not Christian is a dangerous assumption at best, and foolish at the worst. My spiritual values are simply not Abrahamic. The root of Western Civilization was Pagan, not Christian, and as such, I do not see why it might be assumed Traditionalists/Conservatives/Nationalists would always be followers of an Abrahamic religion.

2. Let's get two things straight first and foremost before I reply to this; it is a common rhetorical attack tactic to try and attribute your mistakes to someone else, which is exactly what you did when you claim I am doing the same as the left in making broad generalizations. I did not make the generalization that the entire right-wing is religious. Furthermore, when you claim that Marxists have the same concerns I do, that is again, attributing your own fallacies to mine. Marxists, both current and prior, believe the entirety of the right-wing is little more than a horde of religious zealots with no variance in their ideology, which is a mistake you have made as well. The Soviet Union destroyed churches partially based on the idea that a right-wing could assemble against the state in religious circles. I do not mean any sort of personal attack here, but I am wondering whether or not you are fluent in even reading English, since you have come to several conclusions and brought up new topics that do not match what I said in my first comment. I merely used Trotsky and Marxism in the same sentence, not in the same context. Were you able to fully understand my first post, there would be no need for you to take the matter so far out of the original point. We aren't discussing economics, and we aren't discussing the many fractures in the broad spectrum of Leftist ideology, which is a topic I have written 12-24 page essays on in the past. The point of the paragraph I wrote discussing Marxism what to highlight that modern Liberals, Leftists, Communists, or whoever else, even centre-rightists often use terms coined by Trotsky, such as "racist", and use the same terms and concepts Marxists both current and prior are beholden to. That is all.

3.Now allow me to get this straight, you've just made up a new euphemism for Globalism, and you're calling it "Post-Modernity", that sounds almost like something straight from a CNN news room. Zionism works with the Left-wing in Europe and America to achieve a common goal, that is, the Globalist goal, and that is no conspiracy theory. The bank transactions of figures from Israel, as well as political figures in the United States show that Far-Leftists here will financially support Israel and the cause of Zionism by proxy. Recently, it was discovered that Left-wing Hollywood celebrities were donating millions at annual events to Israel. So you have no need to try and hide the ultimate goal of these deeds with a term such as "Post-Modernity". The ultimate goal is Globalism. Post-Modernity is merely a societarian status, which refers to Western civilization after modernization. I again, must call into question your understanding of English terminology. I would not attempt to debate in Russian for example, if I did not have a full understanding of Russian.

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True Nationalists and Traditionalists cannot, will not, are unwilling to work with Zionists. Conservatives who believe in Zionism and work with Zionists ultimately end up working toward the same horrid results as Liberals who deal with the Zionists. If you are a Zionist, as the tense and grammar used in your typing seems to suggest, then I want you to know that I personally have no desire or wish to work with a Zionist. Your goals are many light-years and countless parsecs away from mine. My goal is to preserve Western Culture and the White Race for the ultimate benefit of all races and future generations. Your goal, as a Zionist, is you create a super-state for Israel that would dominate all other states and tax them for the sake of the Jewish ethno-religion. Also, Zionists are very much in support world financial control, provided that their representatives are in charge of such. You would only truly support a collapse of the world financial cartel if gentiles were in charge of it. If you posted in this group expecting friendship and solidarity with Zionists, then you must be sorely disappointed. If you are indeed correct, and the Nationalist and Conservative members in this group do have wish to work with you as a Zionist, then I would take my leave of it. Zionism is a philosophy and political idea wrought purely out of greed and hatred, and one which uses an already false religious concept to support itself.

4. Again, Modernity is simply the term to describe our modern state as a cultural, or at least the path to post-Modernity. It isn't an ideology per say. If it were, that would be the same as a Roman citizen of antiquity being an "Ironist".

5. As far as the Pope goes once again, he supports Marxist and Far-Left causes, but you are correct, because calling him a Marxist is in truth, a mere euphemism for what he actually is. Anti-White.

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ok, thank you for 1. and 2. While I myself do not use the term racist, homophobic and the likes anymore (precisely to get away from the SJW imaginary, and that was my point in 2.: Communists are against PC and the likes) I see your position and it is valid. Also, I tried to get information from within, to understand more what is a Traditionalist (how much does it mean Fascist btw?)

3. I'm not a zionist. I despise them/it. We (ML) support Palestine against the Jewish State. We do not beleive in Religious states. About the far left: it is their problem and strategy to find a solution to Global Finance within it. It will never work.

3.1. Post modernity is not a figure of speech. It was coined back in the 50's, precisely in US universities. It is more efficient and more realistic to talk about Post-modernity to explain the current world than bring in ethnicity, conspiracies about genocide and world domination and so forth (not a personal attack, just an opinion).

3.2. «If you are a Zionist, as the tense and grammar used in your typing seems to suggest [...]». Can I just be Portuguese? What do you mean?

4. «[...]Modernity is simply the term to describe our modern state as a cultural, or at least the path to post-Modernity [...]». It is not, sorry for antagonizing. Modern values are dead (reason, scientific inquiry, refusal of religious beliefs, democratic debate, republican parliamentary imaginary, etc.). We live in post-modern times (any truth is true, anything flows, there is diversity even within yourself, cynicism is character, displacement and no-centered thinking is the new paradigm, etc.). It is not fancy intelectualism. It is here. You belong to a Pre-Modern way of thinking, we (ML) to Modern thinking, and current Liberal/far-left/Zionist/post-colonization/3rd wave feminism/NWO or whatever you want to place in is Post-modern.

4. You can only adress these issues knowing what Post modern is, not enganging in motos that have no intrinsic value such as "Marxism is code for anti-white" and others such as "white genocide" and the likes (no personal attack here).

A. My point was, and it still is, that to talk about things in this world, in this era, you cannot simply go back to "tradition" in order to solve them. A pope being black or blue does not change what it stands for and represent: a brunch of Christianity. To understand what the Church is, you have to realize that it is composed of multiple ideologies, some are contradictory within the cluster. You can only see this, once you get what Post-Modern is. That is why I keep saying it is beyond that little narrative of opposites anymore (white/black; right/left; zion/axe; democrat/republican; West/east; etc).

B. In the mindset of opposition or contrast, everything was easier (Pre-Modern and Modern times). It is not anymore. It Is easy to say that this pope is a commie or the previous was a nazi. It is easy to say that this is anti-white, while the other was pro-white. This has no meaning outside the Racial discourse. Things are more complex now and part of what was certain is no more (white is no more the sense of pure, black is no more an equivalent for evil, g.e.). Understanding this ((((Postmodern Ethos)))) is a step closer to overcome it. Again, read A. Duguin, a Traditionalist from Russia. he certainly is not a CNN friend.

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«[Postmodernity...] isn't an ideology per say. If it were, that would be the same as a Roman citizen of antiquity being an "Ironist"»
Or in the greek ancient time calling someone a sophist.
The problem with that analysis, although not enitrely incorrect, is the fact that an ironist or a shophist were people with no experience in life lecturing others what life was about (especially the case of the shophist). Today, Post-modern is real. It started as a theory for post-fordism (look it up if you need to), and in the 60's became a thought experiment in universities. Today all "Cultural Studies" are anchored in Lyotard, Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze (after Habbermas, Horkheimer and Marcuse for instance). It was not simply a shift in intelectual tone, it was a turnover of the cultural position. It has nothing to do with race or religion, it has to do with anarchistic methodology, that is how cultural revolutions take place. The more you talk about race or tradition the further you'll be from this debate. That can be a strategy for liberal overcoming, but so far it hasn't worked that good in US (as I thought it would be). Sure that borders are controlled more (some countreis in Europe, I mean) but that is compatible with the EU altogether. In time, race and tradition will be a no subject to talk about. Not certainly the "jew", even (most people use it with no references to anything, blantantly calling a jew to anything that is not fascist, like the fascist-jew calls everything not jew fascist or the far-left calls fascist to anything not related to their mindset).

One thing to think about: Post modern is not equivalent to the ancient "ironist" or "sophist" but, curiously, it is equivalant for "neo-cynicism" if you will. They are to fulfill the transvaluation of all values Nietzsche talked about. That is the point here! The Pope question, the Jewish question, the Gender question, the Capitalist question can only be understood within this Post-modern culture, because we live in it.

Do you follow? Words shift in meaning, from time to time (ancient cynicism, cynicism in vulgar terms, post-modern revolutionary cynicism are all different things). That is the core of Liberal cultural ideology today. Not the Jew, or the white man, nor the green eggs, not cultural marxism, not anything in that regard. To fight Zionism you must understand its cultural roots. To overcome Liberal and far-left ideologies and what they stand for, you must understand them first. You can't just try to figure out the puzzle with a traditionalist mindset: this is not photomaton anymore, this is digital! (please see the irony in here).

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Finally a conservative speaking against Zionism. A dying breed,to be sure.
Also notice how many Jews are pushing for immigration in Europe yet are opposed to it happening in their own state. Oy vey!
"America First" is a ******' joke.

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And now...

*"Coca-cola ist wunderbar, Amerika!"*

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