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Fairness vs Self-interest
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Now I'm all for procedural fairness in law, in that sense a system that attempts to treat people equally when deciding matters of punishment (which even in that pursuit does not escape human psychology to make biased decision) but I'm not for it in political or moral argumentation, rather I would place it low in the hierarchy of ethics because there is no solid standard of what is fair & leads itself to a slippery slope of justifications.

We keep touching around the edges of it by saying “life isn’t fair” and things like that, but I think we all project the concept of fairness onto our lives and, if we are good people, attempt to be fair. But fairness is not real. Attempting to be fair will simply allow you to get screwed over. This is why it’s very rare nowadays to do well by being fair. We like to think about fairness, but you can never get ahead by being fair.

In fact, its unfairness, sometimes even blatant, rampant, unapologetic unfairness, that wins the day. Pushing the boundaries, doing things that are ethically edgy, having an unfair advantage, are things you want and need.

Let’s banish all thoughts of fairness. Stop thinking that life should be fair and take it at face value. If life is unfair, and will never be, how would you live your live? What kind of changes would you make to the direction that you are moving in, if you realized that there is no such thing as fairness?

Equal treatment before the law, equal human rights and such symbolic fairness is fine but lets all focus on how we can appeal to everyone's sense of self-interest instead.

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