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90% of all Interracial Crimes committed in the US are Blacks on Whites
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TheUnbeholden Author

– FACT: Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit around half of homicides in the United States. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides, compared to 45% of homicides committed by whites.
More up to date FBI statistics tell a similar story. In 2013, black criminals carried out 38% of murders, compared to 31.1% for whites, again despite the fact that there are five times more white people in the U.S.
– FACT: From 2011 to 2013, 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black. This figure is three times higher than the 13% black population figure. When you account for the fact that black males aged 15-34, who account for around 3% of the population, are responsible for the vast majority of these crimes, the figures are even more staggering.
– FACT: Despite the fact that black people commit an equal or greater number of violent crimes than whites, whites are almost TWICE as likely to be killed by police officers.

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TheUnbeholden Author

Here is one aspect of the US black community which is often overlooked: The epidemic of fatherlessness and lack of non-criminal role models --
• 70% of all black children are born out of wedlock.
• 65% of never-married black women have children, double that for white women.
• 22% of never-married black women with incomes over $75,000 have children, 10 times that of white women.
• 62% of black families with children are headed by a single parent.
• 85% of black children do not live in a home with their fathers.
• Only 15-20% of black children born today will grow up with 2 parents until age 16.
• Over 80% of long-term child poverty occurs in broken or never-married homes.
• 70% of [black] boys in the criminal justice system come from single-parent homes. Web.archive.org

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TheUnbeholden Author

Creating a victim culture HURTS BLACKS. In order to help them, we must END VICTIM CULTURE. A final point I can make to the problem of the Black community is Single-motherhood.

Since this can be mixed in with rape culture, my question for rape culture is: who encourages rape? Most rapists grow up in a home raised by Single Mothers. The ones that would make the biggest impact in "rape culture" is women themselves. The fact that a larger percent of people within the African-American community is likely to commit rape than people within the white community, along with the fact that children in the African-American community are more likely to be raised by divorced parents/ single mothers shows that women have a larger role in "rape culture" than men. Living in a home with single mothers is more damaging to children's education achievement than even poverty. This can be seen because there are more Asians in the US living in poverty than whites, yet they achieve better in school, controlling for environment. Oh and in 2010, men and women were sexually abused by the opposite gender at the SAME RATE. Check the statistics on how many African-American men rape White women, and how many White men rape African-American women. The numbers do not compare. Single victim Rape; White Women raped by black men, 33%. Black women raped by White men, 0%. The likelihood for a woman wanting to divorce increases ENORMOUSLY by how many non-marital sex partners she has had, despite people supporting sexual liberty. A woman's non-marital sexual partners also ENORMOUSLY reduces the likelihood of stability in her marriage. The more a woman has had non-marital sexual partners makes her a lot more likely to have an ABORTION, and half as likely to be(outside of marriage) personally happy. While I don't personally believe in "**** shaming", the facts point out that the more a woman has sex, the less happier she will be. Rampant sex-culture and promiscuity hurts women the most. This is a fact. Therefore pro-family environment has to be high on the priority list of things to encourage.

Look at the facts because they have set up a belief that sex can do no harm. In short, excessive sex is one of the driving forces of Single Motherhood. Single Motherhood is one of the things most powerfully affecting the Black community. If we want to prevent Single Motherhood in the black community, we should avoid encouraging promiscuity, especially in black communities as having illegitimate children HURTS them the most out of ANY ethnic group. That is a fact.

So, what is the best way to help the African-American community you ask? It is to be compassionate enough to look at the facts, studies, and statistics to help them!! You will NOT help them if you ignore reality!






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TheUnbeholden Author

Funny how all they ever say is "white people are all racist" when we show concern at the grossly disproportionate black crime problem. Some facts about black crime in America:

Blacks commit 53% of all murder, despite being only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database

Blacks make up 56.2% of all serial killers, despite being only 12% of the population. Source: Radford University Serial Killer Database

Despite making up less than 7% of the US population, and only 12% of the male population, black males commit 1 in every 3 rapes. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database

Blacks commit 56% of all robbery, despite being only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database
Young black men kill 14X more than young white men. Source: Time Magazine

African Americans commit 1 in 3 aggravated assaults, despite being only 12% of the population.
Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database

African Americans commit 41% of all prostitution offenses, despite being only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database

African Americans commit 1 in 3 burglaries, arson crimes, fraud crimes and offenses against family/children, despite being only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database

Blacks accounted for a notable 42 percent of all cop killers in 2013. Source: FBI 2013 Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

Blacks make up more than 50% of all homicide victims. Source: US Department of Justice

Blacks victims of homicide are 93% of the time killed by other blacks. Source: US Department of Justice

In 2006, blacks made up nearly 40% of the total prison population, despite being only 12% of the general population. Source: Bureau of Justice

Of course, merely point out these facts makes a person a racist and we should just pretend there's nothing wrong here! There is no problem with black culture, its the white people who are constantly oppressing the blacks because of slavery that must be blamed. Its just white people keeping black people poor right?

1) Blacks have a higher violent crime rate than both whites and Asians across socioeconomic lines. I.imgur.com
Blacks with a household income of over $85,000 have a higher homicide rate than the lowest socioeconomic strata of whites and Asians, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice.
2) Crime rates in the US have a startling correlation of 0.81 to the percentage of population that is black. I.imgur.com
Much higher than socioeconomic factors. This is vastly higher than the correlation between crime and poverty (0.36), unemployment (0.35) and lack of education (0.37). Source: FBI Color of Crime, 2005
3) Other groups with an even lower socioeconomic status (such as immigrant groups from Asia) don't have anywhere near the crime rates of blacks in America.
4) The link between the two isn't even that particularly strong.
For the years 2006-2011, the Census-ACS provides estimates of the Mean Income, Median Income, and Poverty Rates for each urban center, allowing us to look at the correlations between crime, income and race. The correlations between the Mean Income and Median Income leves and the various crime categories generally fall in the range of -0.30 to -0.60, being moderately rather than strongly negative, usually well below our racial figures:


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TheUnbeholden Author

Blacks are only 2.7 times as likely to be in poverty. If you were to create a nation wide crime/poverty index, in which crime rates are adjusted for poverty across states, they would still be way more likely to commit crime.


There are almost twice the number of white people below the poverty line as black people in the US. Using the numbers found on Wikipedia, there are about 9.6 million black Americans below the poverty line and 19.2 million white Americans below the poverty line. So it was true that (irrespective of race) poverty caused violence, then whites would be committing violence at a pace twice that of blacks. But they don't.


Poverty rates are insufficient to explain the differences in crime rate. There are more whites than blacks at every level of income (in absolute numbers), there are twice as many whites in poverty as blacks and yet blacks commit more murders than whites (in absolute numbers).

So we can say with relative certainty that when it comes to crimes like rape and murder which are not committed for economic gain that poverty is not a sufficient explanation.

This is why when we look at places like Kentucky, home to a population that has the second highest white poverty rate in the nation (yet a violent crime rate that is 40 percent lower than the national average)


Appalachia is almost entirely white and the poorest region in the country. We see horrible rates of poverty, yet the crime that plagues Detroit, Norfolk, Richmond, Baltimore, St. Louis, Atlanta, Memphis isn't found.

The 10 U.S. counties with the lowest annual median household incomes are:
1.Owsley County, Ky. – $21,177
2.Zavala County, Texas – $21,843
3.Clay County, Ky. – $22,255
4.Knox County, Ky. -$22,493
5.Wilcox County, Ala. – $22,611
6.Quitman County, Miss. – $22,625
7.Sumter County, Ala. – $22,857
8.McCreary County, Ky. – $23,163
‘Yet, The violent crime rate for Appalachia in 2010 was lower than the national violent crime rate average by 56.76%’

Anybody who still believes that there is no problem with black culture in America, and that its all the white devil keeping them down while they are doing nothing wrong and are being opressed by the man (the president of the country is literally black), needs to seriously look at the facts and consider why they are so incongruent with that narrative. Turn on BET and watch a random 5 minute clip while you think about it.

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shieeet, we wuz kangs, its becoz racyzsm and shiet.

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Source: Bjs.gov [US DOJ - Data Collection: National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) 2015]

320'000 whites are the victims of black violence.

Blacks are, if anything, underrepresented in the prison population, they commit 90% of interracial violent crime, most rapists, aggravated assault and robberies are by blacks. When adjusted for population size they commit 25x more violent assault, 200 times more aggravated assault & they commit 13 times higher murder rates for CDC 2007 rates and account for 46% of all violent crime against police officers over the past 10 years, yet make up only 40% of the prison population.

Black Criminals, White Victims, and White Guilt - Aim.org
90% non-white Violent crime rate (FBI in 2014 UCR tried to hide it by merging white and hispanic criminals, but even there 3x as many black criminals rape as whites/hispanics combined) - Newobserveronline.com

Facts about racial disparity - Reddit.com
New DOJ states on Race and Violent Crime [hispanics in a separate category for the first time] - Amren.com
Color of Crime [six major findings] - Scribd.com

Poor Blacks are Four Times as likely to commit crime as Poor Whites -

Whites where slaves too - Revisionisthistory.org

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