This is a group for those who have broken their mental chains of religion, as well as those who have never been bound by them in the first place. There being no way to prove the existence of deities, nor anything of superstition, anything anyone says about any such superstitious notion is a guess and your guess is as good as mine.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

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Debates, Discussions, & Presentations

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A collection of the debates, discussions, and presentations of well renowned outspoken Atheists.

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Collection of Quotes

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Share quotes that you find interesting, effective, hilarious, and so on. Feel free to edit the article and add your own, leave one in the comment section...



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If you are easily offended avoid this article like the plague.



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Adjective hijackers, professional victims, and a sexist's idea of an 'equality' movement. As the saying goes in the Imperium, "Heresy grows from idleness...

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VR Missions Public Test 0.2 Now Live

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Islamic Terrorist attack in Dusseldorf Germany got foiled:

Hopefully they won't try to cover this one up like the last one:

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I think this fine place needs a background so it can look good along with being good , too

I cannot believe that this place contains so much religion talk but i admit i enjoyed it and admit that most of it is true
This is a far better place than the Christians group on this site where totalitarism is practiced there by some person that owns it

Being just downvoted but discussed with , disagreed or not with , is much more preferable than someone that puts a gun in your face-like to accept the Antichrist joke in a serious way , in the guise of Christ that the imperials of nowadays , some of them , love to shove in your face that i hate the guts of this fact
Not much far from muslim extremism in a sense
It does say that if you fight someone long enough you begin to become like them

I also think this place likes to deal with sarcasm a lot , laughing at others or laughing at impersonal stuff , politics , irony and again sarcasm
All of this is fun but it becomes the opposite if it's exaggerated beyond the point where only this is practiced

So ahh , just like Lara was coming on the other group and mentioning stuff how about i do the same here Just 4 the lulz and for the sarcasm hahah

IMO Atheism is good on these points :

1 . That it stands up to blind obedience practiced by mainstream religions
2 . That it encourages critical thinking and observation
3 . That it has a sense of humor
4 . That it tries to care about the simple things in life that do matter
5 . That promotes the right of not accepting something you don't want to accept just because everyone else does it

Atheism has it wrong on the following that i'd like to explain about

1 . Not all religions are bad but it seems that only few got to survive and rule the world . What if there was a battle of religions and only Christianity , Islam and others that are dominant now have won . We might have had a whole 'nother world if another had won

2 . Believing is not bad . Maybe someone is not satisfied with believing only in TV ( really bad choice to believe in ) , and Slender , perhaps someone wants to believe in more than themselves or what the system throws at them . Is a complete legit right and should ever remain so to believe in anything the F you want and not be judged , hated or wronged by it

3 . Maybe some people do not have such a big sense of humor and/or are taking offense to uncalled for sarcasm and jokes at the unproper time . Having no sense of humor is really bad , but is same as bad to only have a sense of humor and never be able to be serious , as well

4 . Evolution is not the answer . Is as flawed as the mainstream religions creationist theories . There is much more than these at hand undiscovered yet . Same for the orgy xxx name theory about the universe that i could laugh at without getting tired . Progress did not begin with our current world , it began countless times ago with countless civilizations and it will ever be so . There is decline , progress , golden ages , decadence , destruction and all over again

5 . Knowledge and being informed is very important . Ignorance and hiding behind sunglasses or under the pillow can get you killed , if not physically , in other ways . I'd suggest Atheism to work the most on this one . Promoting blindness , " See no evil , hear no evil , speak no evil " and wasting time with useless things when one can inform themselves is as wrong as imposing a strict religious doctrine

Just dropping down some opinions and also because i am bored and thought i should share my thoughts here
Not looking for anyone's approval , nor disproval

Much love !(:

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"Believing is not bad... believe in anything the F you want and not be judged , hated or wronged by it."

We all have the right to openly criticize other beliefs which means being judged and possibly hated. We all have the right to be offended :) The problem with beliefs is that people tend to act on those beliefs. eg Islamists tend to support big govt.

"Evolution is not the answer . Is as flawed as the mainstream religions creationist theories "

It is where the evidence is pointing towards. Unless you have access to knowledge we don't.

" Promoting blindness , " See no evil , hear no evil , speak no evil " and wasting time with useless things when one can inform themselves is as wrong as imposing a strict religious doctrine "

This is the fault of there not being any mainstream secular ethics, mainly because there are not alot of atheists. The few times there have been the atheists have turned to big government like Communism (or the failed third wave Socialism), and now with Regressive leftists calling for Socialism and open borders. This is due to public education system being heavily pro-government. If your paycheck comes from a giant monolithic structure then of course there isn't going to be alot of balanced and open discussion (many teachers admit they don't know much about free market alternatives to the narrative they are tasked with).

Tax being about forcing people to pay for the welfare state, military industrial complex, (in the US this includes providing welfare to illegals & their children) and while at the same time printing huge amount of money (that comes in the form of inflation for later generations) which is revealed in govt junk bonds (deferred spending which is future tax increases) and delay inflation by artificially lowering the interest rates, rising national debt and unfunded liabilities.. until it becomes unsustainable and you have to default on the debt. In bankrupting states you see them turn to "austerity" measures when that happens. Only with fiat currency would you see madness like negative interest rates.
Over time you get more and more people on welfare dependency rather than getting employed, learning new skills, and moving on to higher paying jobs a year or two later to innovate. This is why when government expenditure rises there is a drop in average household income and life expectancy. The poverty rate stops dropping shortly after the welfare state comes into power. You also get less tax payers. The govt try to hide impoverishment by either providing in Socialist low skilled public service jobs or in the US by not taking into account people who have stopped looking for work in the unemployment rate & including part-time jobs.

Basically the problems with atheism are the problems with any people that lose their sense of culture or false idealogy keeping their people together, instead of accepting logic, reason and evidence while building secular ethics (like peaceful parenting, NAP, free market principles, humanism and universally preferable behavior and perhaps not the cynical secularist thought like nihilism) they turn to the centralization of power as the answer to their new found problems. The govt being the father for all those children raised by single moms, the beacon of light for the cheap labor immigrants taking away all of the low skilled jobs, the creator of disastrous trade deals that ship off manufacturing overseas, and a rise in taxes to pay for costly wars & a growing welfare state that the govt started of its own volition. I think the best way to present the political spectrum is individualism as maximizing freedom (eg libertarian) and collectivism as greater centralization of power (eg communism).

There is a site that explains it well:
The guy behind it has these sites too:

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I think this right should be abolished , the right to pick on and criticize someone else's beliefs that do not correspond with ours or getting hated for simply not being in someone's team mwahaha !
Nah ! Just kidding . Let it be but some just abuse of it , is all

Thx but a small page does not mean any evidence
I found tons of evidence i read about that points exactly towards Creationism , the Ancient Astronaut theory and more
If you wanna see it yourself check my group Polytheism , where reality is dominant not fairy tales
I had to be mean here a bit hihih
Sorry for that ...or not

Evolution is just a very dumb lie to me and i'm ashamed humanity fell for it . " Nuff said

I understand how you put it but still everyone has a mind to think and decide to inform themselves , despite what they are
I'm sad to hear about those problems , so this means atheism is infact a dumbing down weapon of the government for people to have no clue in what world they live in , a stripping of education ..yeah makes sense to me but I am not surprised hahah

So , is all a political thing huh
A political movement

Thanks for explaining to me nonetheless
I cannot respond en par with you because i'm the domain of far different things and not so informed on the topics you point out but will surely check those sites out

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Evolution has incredible amount of evidence from many different scientific disciplines that came to the exact same point independently.

We KNOW evolution happened. We don't know the entire evolutional tree and we are definitely wrong at many of it's branches but the tree is there.

Evolution is observable, and is capable of making predictions.
As it did many times before. (Tiktaalik, dinosaurs like microraptor and their genes in chicken etc.)

You can surely decide if you want to believe on evolution or not but as Neil DeGrasse Tyson said "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."

And as a person who had evolution as a hobby since I was a kid it seems a little bit disrespectful to call proper scientific theory accepted by overwhelming majority of scientists "dumb lie" considering that thousands of people dedicated their entire lives finding just a one small piece of evidence for one tiny part of geology, genetics, biology or whatever.

I wonder what kind of evidence you read that points towards creatonism. All the evidence for creatonism I read so far was either written by people who had no idea what they are talking about and had no understanding of even basic principles of evolution or people whose arguments were basically "this part we don't kno,w therefore it's all wrong" or "this evolution branch was wrong, therefore the entire evolution is not true"
Creationists were incredibly happy when scientists found that Tiktaalik was not direct ancestor of tetrapods and creationists were written articles with titles like "another punch to evolution" like it was actually disproving something. Tiktaalik was just moved from one branch to another.

Antient astronaut is a hypothesis, not a theory. Which is why it it generally not accepted among scientists as a valid explenation of the origins of Earth.

If you are interested about evidence for evolution I could name tons of them. There are also many good books doing far better job than me as I am by no means expert. For example "Why Evolution Is True" by Jerry A. Coyne.

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It seems like most Amerikan Christians put their neo-liberalism first over their Christian beliefs.

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Black nationalistic groups and Islamic Salafi Wahhbism seems to be able to be as anti-western or anti-white as they want and 'hate speech' laws apparently don't apply to them. The Democrats have been taken over by SJW fascists, socialists/communists and Islam. I think its about time that we started to become Nationalist like Japan or South Korea ie secure borders & limited immigration. Instead have adjacent countries to failed states accept the refugees. Christians have been marginalised by the growth of the left. Most Christians are right-wing.

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French Nationalist Presidential candidate Marie Le Penn arrested over "hate speech" comments from 5 years ago.
Parliament speech against mass migration and the EU representative:
The speech she made after the Paris islamic terrorist attack:

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Her father was a well-known politican too. Both of them are members of the far right-wing in their country (know to be racist and xenophobic).
Nationialism is the root of every war this last century. Don't spread ignorance and hate. You're not european and you don't know what is going on there. I am and I can tell they tend to over-react to the situation but for sure, the European Union wants to diktat the mass migration, it is true. Swiss have voted against it and are now being targeted as fascist by leftists but we don't care. We live in a real semi-direct democracy, not the diktat of Bruxelles.
European Union is corrupted. They should clean it before wanting us to obey blindly.
Marine Le Penn is a very bad example of good policy, she's fit for making shoking statements and being at edge of hate spreading.
That's not what France needs, not what people need.
Don't mistake stupid and racist nationalism with solution for the future. That's how you make imperialist and fascist state.

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Wow. How dare you not jerk off to arbitrary stupid ideas of race and lineage? Don't you understand that's important?

Oh by the way, social ills in society are totally not because of the material conditions created by our current capitalist system that's existed for the past 200 years- NO it's because of I M M I G R A N T S and... CULTURAL MARXISM.. AND WHIATE GENOCIDE


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Good point,man.
As an european too,I find the rise of nationalism to be rather threatening. A healthy dose of patriotism is always good,but toxic nationalism and xenophobia are ******. Now,I can't help but think that the European Union will eventually collapse,it's only a matter of when this might happen. The "big guys" will always take charge and dictate their policies on the smaller states,under the guise of "cooperation and prosperity". Sure,there are advantages and all that,but it seems there are many states that wish to leave and retain their independence.
Also,try to ignore the **** posts around here. Political debacles seem interesting topics for some individuals..

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Thank you mate. λpone warned me.
I like too talk about some politics but hate the spreading ******** and non-sense some non-european people are talking about the Old Continent. (Sometimes they don't know **** and talk like geo-political specialist... damn I'm too implicated)
Like you, I think the EU will collapse if and only if some pillar country like the UK leave it (let's be realistic here, Germany, France and Italy will never leave their creation). They're trying to build a giant state in Europe but it is obviously not working when countries need to abandonn their independance, laws and their democratic rights. You can add the fact that USA makes so many intrusion in european business, it makes people angry and suspicious about the real purpose of the European Union (last fact was the Obama's speech to the UK people against the referendum about leaving the EU. Again american imperialism at its finest).
Yes, a healthy dose of patriotism makes people working togheter for the greater good of the society. But it tends to be over-used by right wing parties sometimes. There is good too take from both wings, people doesn't understand that most of the time.

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