Zombie Mod is the most played server mod for Counter-Strike: Source and has quite the reputation among PC gamers. With a new version of their mod on the horizon, I got a chance to chat with project leader Jay about the upcoming release.

Posted by MasterChopChop on Nov 9th, 2007

Zombie Mod is the most played server mod for CounterStrike: Source and has quite the reputation among PC gamers. With a new version of their mod on the horizon, I got a chance to chat with project leader Jay about the upcoming release.

Don't think zombies like fire...

Don't think zombies like fire...

Can you please tell me about your mod?

Well, it's a plug-in for retail CounterStrike: Source, which can be installed on any vanilla Source Dedicated Server installation. The beauty of this is that clients don't need to install anything before connecting to a server. It's a--yet another--Zombie based game, but it has been around the longest of all the current ones available.

It's a survival game from the outset: the map starts dark and you can only buy a small amount of weapons. Your job is to pick somewhere to try and hold out while building barricades and the like. Then, one random player is turned into a zombie. Playing as a zombie, you can only use your knife, you can run faster, can see in the dark and have a wider field of vision. You "zombify" other players by slashing them once with your 'claws of death' and then they too become a zombie. The round ends either with the annihilation of the humans or when the humans kill all of the zombies.

How big is your team and how long have you guys been working on the mod?

I am the only member of the development team, but I have a web admin and PR rep named James. When I say I'm the only member of the dev team, that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of development involved. The first few months were 12 hour days, three times a week, with a lot of progress. I started the mod in December, about a year ago. I released the first beta to the public by about March. A lot of development went until August last year and then it went dormant 'till Christmas. Since then, I've had a beta of 2.0 going around privately and it's like a completely new mod with all of the new additions.

Shoot them down, set them free.

Shoot them down, set them free.

There have been a number of different zombie games released over the years. What distinguishes Zombie Mod from the crowd?

Well, first off, Zombie Mod was the first and only Zombie modification for CounterStrike: Source way before I took over the development. Fysh was the original creator and after a while he posted the source online and just disappeared. Secondly, the amount of configuration available to each server admin makes a significant difference. No two servers are ever the same experience to play on. And lastly, the end user experience is one of the best by far, as players will confirm. I've spent a lot of time perfecting the project, and seeing as I'm the sole developer, architect, designer and release manager, the project is a lot tidier than most. It might have taken me over a year to come this far, but in the words of a great D.J., "We've come a long way, baby."

How long was it until you took over the Zombie Mod project? What are the most notable changes since Fysh's version?

I took over in December, 20 months ago. It had minimal functionality, 95 percent of the functionality now is my own. It had to be completely rewritten from the ground up once I'd taken over. A lot of Fysh's methods had been disabled by Valve, via updates, since its initial release. I think he decided to stop development because of the headaches each CounterStrike: Source update brought. Even the models in the original Zombie Mod didn't have animations!

What has been changed with the CounterStrike: Source weapons? Are there any additional guns or equipment?

The only modification so far to the weapons is unlimited ammo. Version 2.0 will have additional weapon types for humans, such as inflammatory grenades--but I don't want to give too much away yet.

In Zombie Mod, you can make barricades to block the zombies.

In Zombie Mod, you can make barricades to block the zombies.

Tell us about the abilities zombies have...Does it play similar to knife fights in CounterStrike: Source?

With 2.0, there are multiple types of zombies, fully configurable by the server admin. The things that vary between them are speed, jump height, knock back and health. Generally, these are all better than humans, but some classes are a lot slower, with very low jump height and a lot of health. So, it's zombies using their "claws" against humans with unlimited ammo. Most of the time, you are just trying to avoid being shot to pieces by the humans who generally bunch together in hopes of repelling the advancing hordes of zombies.

Are all the classes set by the server admin only or does the zombie player have any way of gaining experience to unlock these abilities?

In the final 2.0 release there will be extra additional abilities for zombies to earn, but at the moment, it's all set by the server admin. I'm hoping to add a couple of weapons for the zombies also. However, they will not be too powerful--just enough to give them an edge.

Can you give us some hints about the weapons?

I don't think I should discuss them until they are finalized, in case some don't make it to the final cut.

I will give some hints, though: I'm thinking concussion, fire and stun.

Zombie Vision.

Zombie Vision.

Do all the maps originate from CounterStrike: Source or are there original Zombie Mod maps?

That's the beauty of the Zombie Mod community: we have a very large amount of map makers and currently there are over 65 additional maps. All the Zombie Mod maps are identified with a "zm_" prefix. Most have no objective as the mod does all that for them. It also strips the hostages and bombs from regular CounterStrike: Source maps so that the round doesn't end prematurely.

With the amount of custom Zombie Mod maps, will there be any that are officially bundled with the mod files?

There will be a couple, but the selection hasn't even started. I think a competition will be the order of the day. The package is already nearing 10mb and one of the things I've tried to do is keep it small and simple. If I add some maps, the more inexperienced server admins may get lost.

So what else can we expect in this upcoming release?

So far, I've given server admins the ability to completely change the gameplay to their own liking. There are now zombie classes, where the admin can define variables for a variety of zombie types which can then be chosen via a client menu, all with different abilities and special traits. We have a new overlay for zombies, so it now gives an even better feeling of immersion for the player. There is health regeneration for the zombies and a built in stats system as well. In the old versions, your health was never displayed because it can be as high as 5000hp--that's now fixed. There are also a lot of bug fixes and new models, too.

The world is turning...

The world is turning...

Were you surprised to see that the community supported your mod so much?

Yes and no. I mean, I personally don't play it ever and if I do it's only to test on my own machine against bots. I actually started it as a paid for project, as a guy from the CSSMC clan paid me to start it and I had it as a private project for about a month. He then decided it was good enough for the community and we released it to phenomenal support. So seeing as I don't like the game personally, yes, it was surprising. Listening to what the community had to say for the duration of the project was something I knew would help it on its way.

How close is the latest version to being released?

It has a current stable release that's been available for about eight months now, but the beta I'm hoping could be finished by the end of the month, provided that all things go well. One thing I've learned from the past is to avoid giving solid deadlines for a release, because if you miss it the community feels betrayed.

What are your plans for after Zombie Mod 2.0 is released?

I'm going to see about creating more optional components: power-ups in module format so they can be downloaded separately and used to create a few different flavors of the game. Hopefully there will be additional models as well.

Thank you for your time.

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gettoclown Oct 11 2007, 4:31am says:

whers the the best free zombie games at

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Lucífer Jul 30 2007, 10:40am says:

I find it funny when you have things like.
'I got to have a chat with the project leader'
Like they're REALLY busy and dont really want an interview or something.. :P

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Houck Jul 24 2007, 10:25am says:

Hope V2 will bring more to an already great mod.

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christensenct Jul 23 2007, 7:32pm says:

Why the hell did they waste their time with looking into Zombie Mod? It's just a half-assed plugin...They did a bit on Zombie Master, a REAL zombie mod, the other day and they shouldn't even bother with this after seeing a zombie mod of such quality.

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smoochy666 Jul 28 2007, 5:40am says:

This mod looks interesting, maybe I'll download it.
But I have to make 1 remark; you say the Zombie Mod maps "are identified with a "zm_" prefix", the problem is; Zombie Master maps have the same prefix...

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stringed_Evil Jul 29 2007, 8:47pm says:

Looks like a good mod.. I played for an hour or so a while back, on a really poor map though.. It had unlimited ammo and no reloads, I tried to like it but ended up feeling like a ghost buster blasting at unpenetrable slime, not real fun. The game play seemed ok but I was just too frustrated to continue checking it out, it seemed completely pointless. I'm really blaming the map not the mod, or maybe it was the mod too..hmm. I usually give things a chance, but the whole experience felt like a total waste of time. I guess if I was on a more popular map my whole opinion would of been different. My cousin loves this mod, but he's only 14.

Either way really glad someone is making these kind of mods, I really love shooting zombies when I have time :D.

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Wraiyth Jul 26 2007, 4:49am says:

Quote:If you hate zombie mod, then why did you read this in the first place? Also, if you call zombie mod half-assed i swear i would punch you in the face if you said that to me. This guy has been working his *** off and you flame him ffs. Zombie mod is hit and miss, just accept it. Plus, if you say the zombie mod community is crappy you probably shouldnt be playing around four or five o'clock when you should be working and the only people playing are dumass kids.

This really ***** me. There was minimal flaming going on - there was bit of criticism, but if you can't come to accept people disliking what you make then you'll never make it in the mod industry. Not everyone is obliged to love everything that everyone creates. I'm sure you've disliked things, and publically voiced your dislike about them.

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c0ldfyr3 Jul 27 2007, 7:45am says:

Quote:This really ***** me. There was minimal flaming going on - there was bit of criticism, but if you can't come to accept people disliking what you make then you'll never make it in the mod industry. Not everyone is obliged to love everything that everyone creates. I'm sure you've disliked things, and publically voiced your dislike about them.

He is not a member of the ZombieMod team so I don't agree with your angle on that. I am open to critisicm, it's one of the fastest way to imrpove a project so please don't direct hostility towards me or my team over some random persons comments.

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DESTROYER Jul 24 2007, 6:53pm says:

ewww, i don't like the idea of health regeneration on the zombies, as they're already hard enough to kill

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kmarvell125 Jul 24 2007, 8:52pm says:

I like this mod but still prefer zombie horde since most zm servers run custom maps which I REALLY don't want to spend half the play time downloading, even though I understand they're to make the gameplay more enjoyable (spread out spawns).

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lcpuche Aug 8 2007, 4:48pm says:

you type too much :P, believe me its a compliment

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TKAzA Staff
TKAzA Jul 23 2007, 11:48am says:

woot 1st comment, fun mod looking forward to v2

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briguy992 Jul 26 2007, 4:58pm says:

I'll wait for Left 4 Dead. :)

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trippinhobbit Jul 29 2007, 6:33pm says:

I hate and love zombie mod equally, so i'm ok with it ;)

it can sure be bloody hell fun.
but it's extremely repetitive gameplay gets boring after a while.

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HaloStrike Jul 23 2007, 1:06pm says:

Bah, I hate zombie mod. It doesent suck, but I hate it. Zombie Horde was much better because the zombies were all bots which made them stupid like movie zombies, and they sometimes walk. Plus you couldent turn into a zombie unless you join the other team. Its much more fun that way, watch you get 'eaten' alive and the horde turn on their next victim. There was usually about 20 or more zombies and 10-20 humans and it was great fun. Zombie Horde gametype is dead now becasue of Zombie Mod and I am 'ang-weeee' :P

Zombie Mod is alright, but it isent exactly my thing anymore. I kind of understand why the creator doesent exactly play it either.

But dont let this comment from stopping you, many of you will love it. And many of you will when you try it. So go give it a try I garantee you'll love Zombie Mod.

Since theres a new update I might give it a go again....maybe....

Hey someone should make zombie mod for Insurgency. ;)

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flameknight7 Jul 23 2007, 8:04pm says:

This mod is awesome if you love the quick and fast action of a zombie game. If you hate the people on mics then turn off your speakers. Or can a mute system like in zombie master be implimented?

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r4scal Jul 28 2007, 7:55pm says:

Since a friend of mine introduced me to that mod we have been playing this for weeks now! I am totally addicted to that mod and i love it!!

2 Things i wanna mention though that are really annoying:

First of all, yes there are a lot of maps for this mod and some are really great. Other are just ******** though and are an outrage to the mappers who really spent a lot of time making their maps. The problem is that many servers have all these maps in their cycle and when the vote shows up (i play on 50 slot server) everybody just presses "1". So the next map is actually always "1", nomatter how crappy it is. Serverowners should start making a selection and give crappy maps the boot!

Second, being stuck on stuff is serriously annoying and it happens all the ******* time. Your only chance to get free from "stuff" that you are stuck with is pressing the use button or (if you are not a zombie) try shooting it. But since this happens so often you often die or become a zombie simply because you are stuck so often.

Also dead maker of this mod, i would really be interested where you get these kickass playermodels + skins from? Could you tell me that? I m a skinner and if you could need any help i would be glad to help you out anytime. :)

Oh here is a pic of a scene from yesterday that was just awesome: Img528.imageshack.us :D

Regards, rascal

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Benzin Jul 23 2007, 6:05pm says:

I don't blame the creator for never playing the game online with the community surrounding zombie mod.

All of them are 12 years old, or 20 years old. No matter the age, they are immature and all they do is talk about smoking weed or some stupid ****.


After the first time I played zombie mod I stopped.

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tkblade8 Jul 27 2007, 2:05am says:


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battelboy Jul 28 2007, 3:14am says:

i play this mod alot its fun as hell shotguns are the best for it tho

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Arsenic43204 Jul 30 2007, 9:02am says:

well, to the guy up top whos talking about the mic thing. theres a little button called MUTE. Second, i love zombie mod. I play it b4 it crashed and they had to rewrite it. I thought it was more fun b4 they came out with this plugin. First, there was only 1 server, which i found by accident. 2, No1 knew about it, so the same people were coming, they wernt all litle kids, but more mature. Three, the zombie maps back then ruled. the maps today seem too weak with not enough objects to barricade with. maps like OfficeRampage6-10 and officeattack1-2. i go onto zombie mod servers now, and i dont even see those classic maps anymore. It makes me sad to see the map makers not put enough objects to block with. Like some1 else said, now every1 is playing it, but its not the same anymore.

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TKAzA Staff
TKAzA Jul 24 2007, 1:23am says:

Watch the flaming guys it won’t be tolerated!

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flipperthepriest Jul 24 2007, 1:53am says:

If you hate zombie mod, then why did you read this in the first place? Also, if you call zombie mod half-assed i swear i would punch you in the face if you said that to me. This guy has been working his *** off and you flame him ffs. Zombie mod is hit and miss, just accept it. Plus, if you say the zombie mod community is crappy you probably shouldnt be playing around four or five o'clock when you should be working and the only people playing are dumass kids. Also, you cant compare zombie mod to zombie master or zombie horde, as they are completely different gameplay experiences. Finally, zombie mod is awesome when combined with gungame and WC3 ;)

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lcpuche Aug 1 2007, 11:25am says:

zombie mod isn't that great i dont understand why it is that full. everyone is just vent camping all the time. most maps are just horrible specially lila maps they are leaked and fullbright texturing is horrible. sorry but im just dissapointed

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Sandfly Aug 2 2007, 7:54pm says:

You know, most of the critcism of Zombie Mod is directed at things like change, difference in what ppl are used to, and their perceived lack of quality in mapping.
It's very typical for peopel to criticise something new, or something hey think is taking away from what was before, but lemme give those people a little wake up call ... it's called PROGRESS! :eek:

I thank goodness for Jayson (c0ldfyre) and his skill in bringing to the table a formula that I and many thousands of people consider to be the pre-eminent mod to CS:S, and you bet that it brings a lot more fun, variation in gameplay and strategy etc etc.

How sad for most of the critics in here that they cannot see past their confort zones to recognise what a terrific mod that Zombie Mod is, and what tremendous potential is offers to the community. We here at ICANNT.org feature our UltimateZombie server, complete with over 98 current maps (out of a total of now over 510 maps on offer for Zombie Mod), and we also have Gun Game, Death Match, 2 x Break the Floor, Beach Hut and GMOD servers in our amoury ... guess what is by FAR the most popular?
You could add up all the otehr server number at any given time, even in peak times here in Australia, and still not come close to the numbers both playing, and wanting to get into our UltimateZombie server

We are one of the beta test servers for Jayson and Zombie Mod .. we are not so blind as to limit our choices to one server type alone, but it speaks volumes that with classic CS:S, Death Match and all the above, that people love the fun, the difference and the variety of Zombie Mod, and vote with their involvement, rather than some archaic idea of 'It was good then so it will be good always' notion. If that were the case, we'd all still be playing CS 1.6 :(

The variety and quality of Zombie Mod mapping has certainly jumped massively in quality, both in terms of map ideas and layout, as well as optimising. Early Zombie Mod maps were, like the early initial CS:S maps, a mix of good and not so good.
But now, with time under their belt and more to work with in terms of getting used to the Zombie Mod options and server admin flexibility, map developers are really on top of their game, and offer such variety that we're now seeing different theme style maps, like Escape maps, we're teams *have* to co-operate to get the best outcomes .... this leads to some of he best gameplay I've ever seen available in any game or mod.

Likewise with the optimising of the maps .. one example out of many is zm_panic, which on our 40 slot UltimateZombie server runs at 120fps with a 40/40 100% ratio, on top of being a tremendous map, that sort of performance is astounding.

Also available are game based Zombie Mod maps, like Resident Evil 2, which promises great things as well. :thumbup:

SO really, before criticizing because you do not liek to see a mod like Zombie Mod take over from your existing idea of what should be the best or should attract the most people, or worse still, because you might not have even played it yet or are judging by only a few mapsgive it another go, and experience and enjoy it for what it is meant to be - a complimentary mod to CS:S, and the best one by far that there is.

P.S. For the person who reckons Zombie Master can compete .. PLEASE, give me a break. Zombie Master has 6 maps .. Zombie Mod has over 500. Zombie Master aso names its maps with the precursor zm .. knowing full well that Zombie Mod has had that precursor for well over the last 2 years. I think it is both miselading and very ordinary to seek to start up another mod like Zombie Master, and rely on the popularity that Zombie Mod has generated to cheaply ride on the back of Zombie Mod for recognition. Anyway, cheers and enjoy the delights that Zombie Mod can bring to you and your players.

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Xylemon Aug 5 2007, 11:37pm says:

I love this mod for css :)

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mac89 Aug 6 2007, 10:26am says:

Wow, Sandfly, that was the lamest rant Ive ever seen. Zombie Master is quite different from this mod and people can have theyre own opinions btw, how can they step away from what was before?! There was no before to begin with, if a map sucks itll stay that way cause the mapmaker will probably be done with it.

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Sandfly Aug 8 2007, 6:49am says:

Well mac89, looks like I'll have to say it r e a l slow just for you eh? I am not saying people cannot have their own opinions - where did I ever say that?? .. hell, if you're going to make a point, at least have some semi-solid ground to do it or you just end up looking like the fool you've made yourself look like here.
Insofar as zombie master stepping away from what was before, unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last 2 years (which is entirely possible given the scope and weight of your post), Zombie Mod - the original ZM - has been around for the last 2 1/2 years.

My point about zombie master 'borrowing' the already well established ZM precursor for their maps they load onto such sites as fps, is entirely valid.
Why not zombie master using something like zmstr_<their mapname> rather than deliberately and knowingly using what was already in existence?
Do yourself a bit of a favour and you might also inherit a bit of a clue while you're at it - go have a look at some of the zombie master maps on fps and read the comments ... even long term regulars are confused by their use of the Zombie Mod ZM map descriptor.

It's a pathetic attempt to try to boost their fledgling dev by piggybacking off the well established Zombie Mod ZM precursor, although thankfully, albeit unneccessarily, most people on most map hosting sites eventually become wise to what zombie master maps are, and leave the appropriate comments to the devs there where deserved.

And mac89, if you can't see that, or won't see that, then it's not my post that is lame, rather, it's your inability to comprehend and accept the truth which is the casualty here.

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Finly Aug 11 2007, 8:51pm says:

its true but i think everyone on css talks about smoking weed and a majority of the other people are 12

hell prolly 30% of them are 12 year old potheads.

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Amez Aug 11 2007, 11:50pm says:

Hmm zombie mod is extremely fun, I used to play it but after those little 12 year old kids started getting on and just spamming the mic. I just quit playing it after that. So after playing zombie mod I went back to Scoutsknives. Though 2.0 should be fun! Goodluck!

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Amez Aug 11 2007, 11:57pm says:

Oh and yeah most of the maps for zm REALLY suck. The mappers are just plainly horrible, the lila maps are crap. Damn the mappers who even thought about lila maps. I'm sorry but the mappers should really quit using hammer. The vents should all be removed or place a camping limit so if someone camps too long they are automaticly turned into a zombie.

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lcpuche Aug 13 2007, 9:18pm says:

thank you XXghostkillxx im glad someone here know how horrible the maps are and that the servers do nothing about it

+1 vote     reply to comment
lcpuche Aug 13 2007, 9:20pm says:

the only problem with this mod are the servers not the mod itself. if the servers had a standard of map quality and banned or kicked mic spammers it would simply be perfect

+1 vote     reply to comment
PureWinrar Aug 14 2007, 12:00am says:

I concur with Icpuche, But what really keeps a server full is It's People and mostly everyone votes to play the funnest maps for zombiemod, and one of them being overrated is lila panic the fact that it is one of the simplistic smoothest easiest map to play on zombiemod but thats up to the map voters, there are tons good/fun zombie maps out their but again it is up to the people playing it to vote for it...

Also If anyone is considering playing zombiemod, Make sure you join populated servers 30+ so you wont find annoying kids spamming up the server..


I've been playing regular counter-strike for more than 3/4 years and I'll tell you Zombie Mod definitely has MORE ACTION 24/7

+1 vote     reply to comment
lcpuche Aug 14 2007, 10:17am says:

then we go to mapping lila maps the look and texturing suck but with a bit of more work fixing the leaks and everything adding detail dark spots would be good, the author(s) were just too lazy to fix leaks and texturing and they just said as an excuse, that the map had good performance but an full-bright map is NOT a done map and even worse more and more servers are taking them just because "its fun" and the makers are getting lazier and bragging about their mapping "skills".

+1 vote     reply to comment
lcpuche Aug 14 2007, 10:25am says:

"Likewise with the optimising of the maps .. one example out of many is zm_panic, which on our 40 slot UltimateZombie server runs at 120fps with a 40/40 100% ratio, on top of being a tremendous map, that sort of performance is astounding."
here is an example of server ignorance calling the map tremendous and well performing but ignoring how lazily it was mapped he probably does not have a clue about compiling with vis, rad, and bsp im not saying that i am very good just that i know whats the difference between a done map and an incomplete leaked, fullbright box

+1 vote     reply to comment
lcpuche Aug 15 2007, 8:35am says:

im not judging zm_panic i havent played it just the rest of his sentence

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spunkster21 Aug 24 2007, 9:46pm says:

I see a lot of negative comments directed toward Zombie Mod but the funny thing is most of the comments are actually about things beyond the mods control. Such as:

1. Poorly managed servers
2. MIC spam
3. Bad map choices
4. Bad mappers
5. Childish behaviour on the server

What do any of the above have to do with the mod?

Anyway, I run a very sucessfull ZM server currently ranked, on Gametracker.com, as the 10th most played CS:S server in the world Gametracker.com and ranked 21st on Game-monitor.com Game-monitor.com

This ranking was achieved in < 5 weeks due to the unbelievable popularity of this mod. For those lamenting ZH or zombie master, I can't even find any of those servers to play on they are so unpopular. Besides, if I wanted to headshot dumb bots I'd just start up a private server, lock it and put 30 bots in so I could camp all day long. How boring, that's what Zombie Horde is and that's why no one plays it - it sucked.

Out of the top 15 CS:S servers played in the world 1/3 are Zombie Mod servers. So at the end of the day the ranks show that Zombie Mod is a phenominal success.

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pvt.Johnson Aug 31 2007, 6:20am says:

me and a friend tried two zombie mod servers, it was not fun at all..... the people camp and the zombies just run around lke retards. it has its fun points but i would like to play a mod thats actually challenging or fun, but i guess thats hard when you have all the retarded CSS players online. lol the mic is annoying as hell, the nerd voices still haunt me...... =/

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mensaap Aug 31 2007, 9:49am says:

i'm running the 2.0.0 beta on my server and its pretty nice, although the defauld classes kinda suck (but I created my own)

The 12 year old kids thing isn't that true, there are some, but they dont stay long on my server if I'm around (voice is disabled anyways so)

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mensaap Aug 31 2007, 9:51am says:

One last thing, if you happen to stumble on a server filled with newbs

just find another one, I have the luck to be in a great community, newbs usualy leave because they cant win, so it's just a matter of patients and the you'll notice that the plugin is challaging and fun to play!

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karlmatienzo Sep 2 2007, 8:24pm says:

tell me if zombie mod is free plz help me lol

+1 vote     reply to comment
D3@DM4N Sep 3 2007, 1:44am says:

i read this because i thought it was a new Zombie Mod, like not ZM on CS:S but something entirely different, but since were on the Subject ZM is bad im sorry dude i know you worked hard on it, by yourself thats really cool man good job, but spawn camping, no admins, tube camping, no clip servers, superspeed, disgusting porn sprays, and all that other stuff just destroyed the mod after about a week i was damn near ready to throw up from the sprays and had a splitting headache from the twelve year olds just playing retarded music and making weird noises into the mic. NEVER EVER DOWNLOAD THIS MOD UNLESS YOU ARE AN ******* AND ONLY FEEL WELCOME WITH OTHER ********.

+1 vote     reply to comment
D3@DM4N Sep 3 2007, 1:47am says:

yea you want a decent zombie mod that is really hard to do all that stuff i complained about in? Zombie Master. Zombie-master.org for downloads and details also wait a month for Brainbread Source, or if you are reallly patient go buy Left4Dead when it comes out.

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nubblecakes Sep 4 2007, 7:02pm says:

We all have our opinions.

I actually think a lot of people get the wrong idea about the community as a whole. It is not anything like that. If you want a mass community, then go play zombie survival for Garrysmod (I like ZS, but the people are dicks).

The server I hand out at is nothing like what people have described. If someone is talking **** on their mic and nothing is being done about it, the server you are playing at is ****** then. There needs to be almost constant observation over a huge public server in Zombie Mod. I usually don't play with more than 24 people anyway. Anything at like 32 or 48 is over-doing it for me. Too much **** to watch.

Anyway, I think if you guys just find a good clan server that is public, full of members and regulars, then you will be better off. That's what I've come to see at least.

An example of a server that I USED to play at would be the |TAG|=> zombie infection server. NO OFFENSE TO TAG AT ALL!, but nowadays, most of the regulars are little kids who whine about every damn thing. They get picked on by other clients, and in turn, they buy their own admin and abuse the **** out of it. It's a growing problem in a lot of servers as a matter of fact.

The server I always stop by at is usually monitored. Map change isn't abused, admin is NEVER abused, and rarely anyone hacks there. All the regulars I see are not **** wads. Some times on occasion new people come in and act like pricks (abusing traps in escape maps). They are usually dealt with though.

All in all, the servers that have ZM running on them define how well the gameplay is. In any mod or plugin, for that matter. Don't judge the mod by the server is all I can say.

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BobbyOfDoom Sep 14 2007, 7:55pm says:

Guys I can't wait for this freaking awsome mod, Love the first one so i'll really love this one.
The screenshots shots look ****** sweet. Keep making em!!!!

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gettoclown Oct 11 2007, 4:32am says:

and how do you play the mods

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PzK Oct 3 2007, 7:42am says:

well last time i played this mod it wasnt too great. Its fun if you like cs:s gameplay and want zombies. But if dont like cs:s and want a zombie mod go to zombie master. And no there isnt just 6 maps, theres loads now.

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homerliew Oct 5 2007, 4:16am says:

anyone here in philippines in mawaque pampanga borrow me the counter-strike source I like this game but to download it nids to w8 because size is 1gb but plz I nid that game if u borrow me we could play together hehe in our internet cafe but plz someone really nid this game its nice game.:confused::confused:

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homerliew Oct 5 2007, 9:32pm says:

borrow me the css plzz in mawaque pampanga 5th street that have internet cafe plzzz. To all pilipinos Sana pahiram nyo ako ng css cd o dvd plzz naman kasi kalingan mag hintay ng ilang days para matapos 1gb kasi eh pero plzz pahiram lang...

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