Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve's début title blends action and adventure with award-winning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

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GordonFreeguy says

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Run. Think. Shoot. Live.In Half-Life, players assume the role of the protagonist, Dr. Gordon Freeman, a recent MIT graduate in theoretical physics, and also a recent employee at Black Mesa. After an experiment that goes horribly awry when an unexpected Resonance Cascade (an apparently completely fictitious occurrence) rips dimensional seams that devastate the facility, Gordon must fight to escape the now alien-infested facility as creatures from another world — known as Xen — subsequently enter through these dimensional seams. The game is set during May 200- in a remote area of New Mexico, USA at the Black Mesa Research Facility; a fictional complex that bears many similarities to both the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Area 51. As Freeman tries to make his way out of the ruined facility to find help for the injured, he soon discovers he is caught between two sides: the hostile aliens, and the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, a military force dispatched to cover up the incident — including eliminating Freeman and the rest of the Black Mesa Science Team. Throughout the game, a mysterious figure known as the the G-Man regularly appears, apparently monitoring Freeman's progress. Ultimately, Gordon uses the cooperation of surviving scientists and security officers to work his way to the mysterious Lambda Complex, where a team of scientists teleport him to the alien world Xen, where he must destroy the Nihilanth, the creature keeping Xen's side of the dimensional rift open. Overall the game is a 10/10.And should be played more.

Cool game!!!

Fantastic game. Better than HL2

Revolutionized FPS.

this game was absolutly amazing!
it has a great story line as a scientist working inside of a underground facility in new mexico when all of a sudden a accident happens and aliens are teleported to earth and you find your self fighting aliens, marines, and even zombies!
i acculy got scared from climing into dark air vents where head crabs lurk waiting to surprise you!
The excitement never stops in this combat puzzle game!

you can even go online and play deathmatches with people online using the same weapons you used in the game!
thats not all, check out the awesome mods that they have for this game like: the specialist or Earths Special forces!


NickL4D2 says

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Half-Life is a great game,the game have levls who you cant stop play,you discover new enemies in your progress.
That game already win a game of the year award,you are Gordon Freeman,a scientist who can save the world,now play the game to know more.
The game is amazing,you fight zombies,soldiers,monsters,and....,leeches.
Graphics is good for 1998,that game is great,PLAY IT!


Bro, it's Half-Life.

best fps ever!