Pick up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people, people he cares about, are counting on him.

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newnowmusic says

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Sadly it never ends for Gordon Freeman, he is gaming worlds Jack Bauer, consistently going from one bad day to the next.
No sooner have you blown up the head of the Xenian Nihilanth and discussed career prospects with the mysterious G-Man than he tosses you in the mix again. Another train ride another mysterious situation leaving Gordon (and you the gamer) none the wiser, but thats what we like about the Half-life series and all it's canonical universe, Valve will always give you a Palm d'or plot which reveals itself to you as you play.
From the first moment of play you see Valve's hard work at play, 6 years have been very kind to this game and the blocky characters ad textures of the game-changing Half-life are gone, replaced with realistic motion-capture characters and real world textures which will make you retract any bad words said about the franchise.
Where Half-life was good little has changed, game play and environments are still vast, thoughtful and extremely gripping, but my word how it has grown. The world of City 17 - the Eastern-European dystopia you find yourself in - is a rich landscape of glaring sunlight, gloomy alleys and gravity. Yes, gravity, the work Valve put in one the physics engine is through the roof, even employing you to use your knowledge of the real world to solve problems of weight and balance.
The game still holds it's ground in the FPS revelry we knew and loved from its predecessor but your new enemies 'the combine' have given you a whole new arsenal.
You'll follow Gordon's story as an almost messiah figure to the downtrodden and controlled human population around him while joining the human resistance to destroy Dr Breen and unpick the combine occupation from the inside.
The half-life saga continues with a new razor sharp set of teeth and a malleable world to sink them into.

one of my farvorite games

No point. If you dont own this game, You dont know what a pc game is yet.

Мой бог!!! И что еще можно сказать?!

Another sequel to the good ol school HalfLife on this world , if HalfLife 1 was good you think that they do it like EA and F**K up this one. NONONO NO ! They did a even better job on this one than the previous one.

Graphics : 9.5
Sound : 9
Gameplay : 10
Story : 8.9
Editor : OVER 9000

Overall 10


거의 가장 완벽한 게임

Absolute Perfection.

UT3 and HL2 of which modern modding wouldn't exist in it's current form. The game itself, standing out on it's own genre defying own, is a blend of RPG and FPS, but with so much of it's own that is neither. If you boiled HL2 down to it's esssential parts you could call it a FPS, but that would be doing the engine, the people and the numeruous mods that have sprung up around the source engine a huge injustice. HL-2 is without a doubt the one game every gamer worth his/her salt should have in thier catelog.

This game is AWESOME. Superb graphics (even after 6(?) years.. The fact that it's able to run on nearly every computer and it's a heavily editable to make all kind of mods make this game a real KILLER!
This game contains great single-player campaign with a great variety of guns and monsters. GREAT atmosphere.. : 'Very creepy' environments (Ravenholm), 'Dead, sci-fi' places, oh, I like that.
Also contains a multi-player, it's fun, but I prefer playing the single-player. I like the multiplayer, but it's like a rush for the legendary COLT or BAZOOKA's which are imho overpowered. Ohh, I forgot to mention that you can use the gravity gun in multiplayer, which is so COOL!

Valve, thanks for this great game!