Explore the island of Vvardenfell as you never have before, with a world built anew to be both alien and familiar to the Morrowind you knew before. New adventures await, with new exciting areas to see and explore, and new artifacts just waiting to be discovered. This is a complete overhaul for Morrowind, adding countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do. Experience the world of Morrowind in a new light, try out Morrowind Rebirth today!

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**** off,
this brilliant mod is Awesome
I dont need to justify anything moddb^^

It's great to come back to one of the best crpg's ever created. Thanks to this mod and it's subtle changes you can enjoy and discover Vvanderfell once again, having a feeling that game world has changed/evolved/lived through that eleven years from its beginning. Working great with another big projects like MGSO, popular mods(MCA) is big advantage. I'm looking forward for more content and further updates, keep up great work!

How could one not give this labour of love a 10! Back in the day, I played Morrowind to death. Now I've sunk another 100+ hours into this much enhanced and carefully rebalanced Morrowind (further beautified with the aid of MGSO 3.0), which entirely retains all the quirky charm, depth and atmosphere of the original.

I think Trancemaster deserves huge kudos for the massive amount of landscape fixes alone. But let's not forget the expanded towns with extra buildings, loot, traders and NPCs, all the neat new creatures and enemies, and the innumerable tweaks and fixes to weapons, armors, potions, and other items.

It's a fantastic effort that breathes new life into one of my all-time favourite games. And, yes, I've played Oblivion and Skyrim to death as well - but Morrowind is just something else.

Simply amazing. The cities are actually cities now, not some backwater village they call Balmora. You can feel how much work the author put into this project and I can say that this mod is my "favourite" and "can't play without" mod and the best there is bar none.

Just Amazing , I still Love This Game And Play It Everyday.

subtle changes making Morrowind a completely fresh experience
I wandered around for a short while, not having played the game for years and I couldn't quite put my finger on it; but it just felt as if though the whole game-world had changed

simply amazing accomplishment

With all the great memory's made in Morrowind, revisiting it with something new would be a wonder. And with luck, Morrowind Rebirth relights that spark you once had when you first started. With a large and extensive amount of content; from new areas, weapons, enemies, music, and much more. With a refreshed world that never reaches too far from the looks and feel of the original. Added with its steady updates and patches. Morrowind Rebirth easily gives you many hours of enjoyable play.

Amazing Project. With MGSO, Less Generic and Morrowind Comes Alive probably the fullest experience of Morrowind ever. I love this mod man.

When I try to think about when I played for the first time Morrowind, I cannot shake off that sensation that almost makes me cry, that sensation that you feel when you know that you can't replay that game for the first time, again.

My support goes to the author of this mod. Face it, Oblivion nor Skyrim can beat Morrowind.

Awesome work, still in development. It's like a full remastered version of Morrowind.