Portal is a first-person puzzle game. Players must solve physical challenges by opening portals to maneuver objects, and themselves, through the enigmatic Aperture Science Laboratories.

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Straightforward gameplay, and not too hard or too easy. Once you figure it out, its really fun.


Great game of all times!


This is the only game i can play any time.

Great Puzzle Game ever!

Cool game!

Best game everrrrrr!!!!

By far the biggest surprise of the entire decade, and easily the best game I've played in years.


newnowmusic says

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What can one say about Portal that has not been said before? It's a game that has almost redefined the FPS /puzzle as we now know it and has paved the way in innovation for many games since.
Built off the backs and scraps of half-life and set within its universe, Portal follows the path of Chell as 'volunteer' test participant at Aperture Science Laboratories, who is guided through a series of test chambers by the omnipresent voice of GLaDOS, your host and possible captor.
Using the unique ASHPD you create interconnected, inter-dimensional portals, linked in order for you to past instantaneously from one point in space to another. The premise is difficult to describe but so simple and enjoyable you'll be flinging yourself around the cold, clinical chambers in no time.
The unique and unnerving tie between Chell and GlaDOS, the quirky puzzle-***-shooter nature of the game and the cute yet dangerous claustrophobia of the environment have made Portal an instant success and has allowed to companion cube to replace the hearts of many now hardened fans of the game.
Portals success comes mainly from its unique perspective and gameplay, its quirky and lovable characters (if you don't feel a minor pang as a turret dies and confesses "I don't blame you" then you may very well be an android) and it's surprisingly immersive storyline - which at little over four hours of solid play time - claims a fuller and more thoughtful plot than most Hollywood movies.
Fans of Half-life with spot the odd minor nod and essentially Chell plays like a pacifistic Gordan Freeman, both being dropped into bizarre scenarios and plowing through their environments uncovering their own story as they go.
Couple all this with the loving dedication of fans who have provided us with a myriad of mods to extend the Portal game life and the imminent arrival of Portal 2, you really need to get aboard this game as soon as soon as is humanly possible and get ready to fffling yourself...fling into space.

Another fantastic game from Valve, using portals as a means to solve puzzles. It's fun, it has humor, it's pretty to look at, and it's innovative.