Nali Weapons 3 is a new weapon pack for Unreal Tournament, containing 17 new weapons, new pickups, ultra gore, nukes and more.

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Totally awesome and mind bowing.

In years I didn't have so much fun playing Unreal Tournament as I had with Nali Weapons 3. It's a masterpiece. Functionality, gameplay and graphics are beyond imaginable.


PS: Whoever gave it a 7 should be ashamed.

A well crafted, gorgeous and "Giblicious" mod, featuring bot the .umod format and the .zip format, which is good since it appears that I cannot open .umod files for some reason; this mod yells "chaos" all time long, assuring you almost endless nuclear-powered mahyem fun

Probably the BEST weapons mod I've played on UT99 (if there are better ones please inform me ;))

This mod is a true innovation on the UT99 engine, and is the most up-to-date mod ever created for this spectacular game, making it that much better. I Thank Feralidragon for spending the amount of time that this mod must have required, especially using the ancient and difficult editing tools that work with the UT engine. Thanks for continuing UT99!

Amazing effects and highly customizable this mod lets you do many things in many different ways. Also the large amount of weapons lets you finish your enemies in many different ways be it a shot to the head, freezing them, or wiping an entire team clear off the map. One of the best mods of all time and must play.

THE best UT weapon pack has finally come!


Best mods period.


I always keep UT99 on the PC I have I have been playing this game since I was a kid but lately I do not play it as much but this mod really brought me back to playing UT99 again because its really in my opinion the best mod for a UT99 fan as the weapons fit really well in UT99 and do not feel out of place they feel like a natural part of the game rather then a mod. The new weapons are creative that allow you create new tactics such as the weapon that shoots ice that allows you to create floating ice platforms in liquid surfaces such as acid, water and even lava I also love the new detailed gore almost making this like a brutal UT99 but the real highlight of the mod are what I like to call are the galaxy destroying weapons that replace the redeemer weapon these weapons effects have to be seen to be believed words cannot do justice to how much in awe I was to see the beautiful visual effects of the ultima protos weapon ripping apart chunks of the level as it creates a massive explosion I must admit I have not tried all the super weapon effects yet but I am really surprised that how all of these effects are able to run on such a old game engine hats off to the developers for making this mod after playing this mod I feel I will be playing UT and this mod till my old age as even though I am not sure if this mod can be played in multi-player (as of this writing UT99 still has players online) I have played UT99 all my life with bots so for me it is no trouble.


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A very impressive mod for UT99.

Very will done really professional made and just as much fun as the original weapons.