This QuakeWorld-based engine powered some of the most critically acclaimed engine's of it's day, like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and many more.

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this engine is known all around the world... This was, is and it will still be half-life

Not very difficult to mod, great engine to learn on. It's fantastic.

The forerunner of Source and a modded id tech. This engine is old and only cover a few valve titles, but it's still an awesome engine because so far I haven't encountered any issues with it. Only good games uses it, and it's mod friendly.


One of the best engines. Created for modding, it gave an variety of famous games like Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress.

Today, unfortunately, its community and its modding scene is still unknown, mainly bbecause scattered in a lot of small websites. I think we should create a facebook group to gather this community. The content can be uploaded on ModDB, on a wiki, and a lot of other things. It just has to be well organized.

We have already that:

And a lot of other websites.


GoldSrc is everlasting game engine. Great for modding and gaming too!

Goldsource is the best engine forever!

great engine even if it's aged it really is good for modding and other stuff




Amazing piece if software just think about all the mods this engine made.