Underhell is a Source Engine game developed by the Underhell Team in collaboration with We Create Stuff. Underhell Chapter 1 requires ONLY Source SDK Base 2007 installed. No Source game is required.

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Underhell is one of those mods that comes along every so often, that makes you look at retail and remember when they used to make good games like this...and saddens you a little that the industry can't turn out gold like this these days.

In a world of MMO's, Call of Duty FPS's, we get a classic game with a good story, incredible atmosphere, and depth to boot. Fun gameplay on top of that?

This is a lovechild, and that is what makes it amazing. This is the result of someones vision come to life. They didn't do what's popular, or what could make them money, they made what their vision was...and it is glorious. So often these days you see a promising game, turned into a ****** game due to this, like Alan Wake, for mere profit. Developers used to take risks, but now they have franchises...that make them easy money, so why take risks, why innovate?

This is the first game to have genuinely creeped me out since I played Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is the scariest game ever.

The atmosphere is so amazing I got lost in the world, I felt like I was exploring my own house. Level design for "The House" is top tier. It does not get better than this, basically, it is at a level where few games go, especially retail games.

The action part of the game, while not as good, surprised me. I thought I'd get sick of it fast.

I did not. It was intense, tactical, it felt like Swat 4 gameplay meets Counter-Strike...it had a feel that I couldn't run and gun, but I could be a badass. Which I like. No regenerating health either, so it makes you play the game more scared. Checkpoint system, so no save, reload, save reload, ect.

Also, console commands are mostly locked, so cheating, noclipping, anything really is hard to do, which helps preserve the majesty of the world that has been crafted.

Overall, I want more games like this to be produced, and I am eagerly awaiting the episodes to come.

One of the best mod's ever done.
The House is one of the most scary places I've ever played, there is an amazing work on various action packed sequences, it has a good replayibility, an interesting and ambitious story.

What can I say after that? Nothing. Just wait for the next chapter.


That's only the prologue?!

Seriously, just THAT prologue was far better than 90% of the mods out there. The voice acting is great, the level design is excellent and good-looking in all places (there are a few under-detailled areas, though), and the house system is neat.

My only complaint is that it seems to suffer from a lack of optimization, especially in the house... too much overdraw for a weak GPU, I guess?

Awesome sauce. can't wait for the full release !

Well done survival horror, nice action, great atmosphere, and an engaging story.

This mod is truly a gem. It combines a great emotional story with deep psychological terror and pulls both of them off beautiful .suspense and deep mental illness both add to this games artistic polish, this combined with a fast paced secondary campaign complete with custom weapons textures npcs voices left me blown away. i havent had this depth in a gaming experience since i first played half life two. great work, im eager to see where your talent takes you in the future

It's a blend of horror and action, and it does a good job of keeping
the player immersed.
Some good weapons and models overhaul, make it look like a new game.
Be sure to keep it on your gameslist for future episodes

Get one of the copies here: Moddb.com

Epic nuff said...!


sirmastercombat says

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Voice acting was extremely good, level design also was great. Using console commands not usually used for gameplay such as the "ent_fire Display_Objective Trigger" command (Yes, I was looking in the CFG files) to show what is your mission was great idea, plus the skip cutscene button was really needed becuase can't really pay attention to long scenes. What really gave you a 10/10 from me was the fact you used SMod in a way rarely anyone has done. Long story short, you are just skillful and I hope for the next part of the series to come will be just as great.